Why 3BHK Houses are Preferable Than Conventional 2BHK Houses

Why 3BHK Houses Are Preferable Than Conventional 2BHK Houses


Times have changed now, and everybody realizes the importance of doing some research before spending loads of money on properties. Staying in your home makes the world of difference to your life for sure. The most prominent dilemma that many people face at this point is the decision of buying a 2 BHK house or a 3 BHK house. Which one's better? We would say buying a 3 BHK is more preferable than investing in conventional 2 BHK houses. Here are the reasons:

1) The timeless beauty of luxurious space:

We have to agree that the biggest advantage of buying a 3 BHK home is that extra room you have. If you are a couple, you probably might argue that 2 bedrooms would more than adequate for a comfortable living experience. You would feel so initially until there are some guests at home or when your relatives come for a visit. So buying a 3 BHK means getting access to that extra room and this fact makes all the difference.

2) No pain of going through paperwork:

There are many people who buy a 2 BHK and later would want to shift to a 3 BHK due to the space crisis faced at home. These people are often seen running from one government office to another in order to get all the documents and finish the entire documentation process at ease. This occurs mainly because there is a different set of formalities and legalities for 3 BHK when compared to 2 BHK homes. You can avoid all such future contingencies by simply investing in the 3 BHK in the first place. Because the space crisis is most likely to occur to most families.

3) Serves the purposes of family expansion:

Right now, maybe it's just the two of you who want to move into a new house. But if you have any plans for future family expansion, the best thing to do is to buy a 3 BHK. You're only investing a little extra than what you would when you buy a 2 BHK, and this will give you great satisfaction and peace of mind. If you later fall short of space and want to shift to a 3 BHK, the rates of houses might have exponentially increased! So why take a risk when you know that you're going to expand your family in a year or a two or five? Make a wise decision!

These were some of the reasons why we say that buying a 3 BHK is a smarter decision than buying a conventional 2 BHK house. At the end of the day, note that it is your income inflow and outflow that's going to count the most here. If you cannot bear the extra amount of cash outflow which you might incur if you decide to switch your decision from 2 BHK to 3 BHK, then you shouldn't get into it at all! So, weigh your priorities before taking a final call!

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