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How to determine the Fair Market Value of a property?

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, one of the first questions that come to mind is, what is the fair market value of a home?

In order to answer the question, you first need to understand what the meaning of fair market price is.

The fair market price is the valuation of a property based on the prevailing condition in the market. It depends on various factors such as the current trends in the market, the appraisal value of the property, and the assessment of the price of the current property in the market.

One of the key determinants of the fair value price of a home is the size of the home. The price of the home is calculated according to the square feet of the home, its interiors, and surrounding assets.

The fair market value of a home has a huge role to play when it comes to the buying and selling of a home. It determines the listing price of the home - when a homeowner puts it up in the market. It also determines the home insurance fees that the owner will pay when he buys the home, as well as the ease at which the home buyer will be able to secure a mortgage from the bank.

The purpose of Fair Market Value

The fair market value price of a home determines many factors when it comes to the valuation of a home and the processes that involve buying or selling it. In this section, we look at some of the purposes of the fair value price of a home.

Fair market value price determines the price of a home

This is one of the first factors of a home in the market, that the Fair market value price determines. In this case, one of the difficult things that homeowner must do when selling his home is determining the price of his property based on the price of other homes in the same market. However, he must do this without undervaluing his own home and the assets it contains. It is important to remember that the actual value of a home depends very much on the supply and demand of homes in that area. For this reason, the Fair market value price of a home may vary from the actual value of the home, as the open market determines the value of a property.

Securing a loan

For most home buyers, the loan is the most important step taken in the process of buying a home. Fair market value price plays a huge role in determining the loan mortgage that a bank is willing to give a home buyer. By knowing the Fair market value price of a home, the bank is able to determine the future value of a home. In this way, the bank is able to give a loan that does not overshoot the actual value of the property. The bank gives a loan after it factors in the listing price of the property as well as the appraisal price of the property in the future.

Insurance claims

The quotes and rates of an insurance policy are determined according to the Fair market value price of the home. Loan providers evaluate the price of properties according to the market they belong to every year. This way the loan provider is able to determine the appreciation or depreciation of the property every year. Homeowners with high fair market value prices homes are expected to pay more premium for their home insurance.

How is the fair market value price of a home determined

The Fair market value price of a home is determined by these factors

1. Home appraisal value

Every year, the price of a home in the market may fluctuate according to the open market and supply or demand of property. The home appraisal value is a key factor in determining the Fair market value price of a home. The appraisal of a home is determined by a licensed home appraiser. He is able to determine the appraisal of a home-based on the open market and the assets of a home. An appraisal is done taking into consideration factors such as comparative properties, location and land surveys.

2. The state of the market

By using an approach known as the “Sales Comparison Approach” a professional appraiser is able to determine the Fair market value price of a property. The approach uses a comparative market study of the property and determines its Fair market value price. The process is done by comparing the price at which other properties of its class were sold in the same geographic market. Next, factors such as the market condition, home assets, and location are taken into consideration and the final Fair market value price of the property is determined.

3. Square footage

When determining the Fair market value price, the size and square footage of the property take precedence. The Fair market value price of a home is determined by the value of square footage of properties in that area. This variable is then multiplied by the number of Square feet in your property, to determine the Fair market value price.

When you buy a 2BHK apartment or a 3BHK flat, one of the first and foremost things to keep in mind is to invest with a reputed builder. When you are buying your flat from a well-known developer, you can rest assured that you are paying the fair market value, and not a penny more.


What Happens to a Home Loan if the Borrower Dies Before Clearing the Loan?

If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything, it is the absolute fragility of life. Though it is an unfortunate lesson, it was a much-needed one and it has opened our eyes to the harsh realities of mortality. And as a new homeowner high on the joy of owning a property to your name, unfortunate events surrounding death are perhaps the last thing on your mind. However, as someone responsible for your family’s well being, it is important that you factor in all kinds of situations, unprecedented events included. So, the big question: What happens to a home loan if the borrower dies before closing the loan?

The emotional toll

It is sufficient to say that the death of a family member is tragic enough for their family; but if the member were a property owner, that complicates the situation a lot more. The problem becomes more financially stressful for their family if they were the sole earning member of the family. The family is ultimately faced with a lot of questions. How will the family manage to pay the loan EMI? Will the bank repossess the home for non-payment?


The SARFAESI Act or the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (SARFAESI Act, 2002) was passed by the Supreme Courts specifically for events of non-payment. AMong other things, the SARFAESI Act allows another person to stake claim on a defaulted borrower and pay their loan.

Though banks can repossess the property on non-payment and sell it to recover their losses, it is the last option for a financial institution. THe prime business of a bank is to lend money and earn profits from interests, and selling off a property goes against the core of their business. In fact, repossession and sale of a property is a huge loss for a financial institution financially speaking and it is why banks go all the way in creating win-win situations for themselves and the borrower before taking drastic steps.

Home loan insurance

Life insurance is always one of the biggest safety nets a person can offer their family. Enough has been said in the financial world about the virtues of life insurance. Another form of insurance that is gaining popularity in recent times is Home Loan Insurance. The home loan insurance offers borrowers a cover for their home loan in case of their untimely demise. It allows for financial institutions to recover the pending home loan amount directly from the insurer when a borrower passes. Most banks encourage home loan borrowers to apply for one during the home application process. Though a life insurance can cover the home loan amount, a home loan insurance leaves the family free from the burden of repayment in the absence of their dear one. It allows the family to continue to feel secure in their home with their loved one gone.

In the event of death of the borrower, the insurer scrutinizes the events of death and releases the insurance amount directly to the bank. The insurance does not cover events like natural death, death from illness, and accidental death. However, the home loan insurance does not cover death by suicide, death by alchohol abuse, death by STDs, and murder by a beneficiary.

It is important to note that financial institutions do not offer a home loan and home insurance to the same person. Typically, you will end up borrowing a home loan from one institution and get your home insurance cover from another. It will take several days for your home loan insurer to release funds in the event of death. It is the beneficiary’s responsibility to negotiate with the lender for time until they receive the home loan insurance cover.

Joint home loans

If the home loan was taken jointly, the responsibility of paying the home loan falls directly on the co-borrower or co-applicant. Joint home loans are granted to co-borrowers and co-applicants. A co-applicant may or may not be an earning member. Even if the co-applicant is a non earning person, it is up to them to repay the loan. In many places of employment, on the passing of the earning member of the family, a qualified next of kin os offered a job. This gives sufficient leeway for members of the family to repay the loan though it may leave them feeling financially constricted.

Guarantor or legal heir

If the borrower doesn’t have a home loan insurance cover, the bank looks for the next source for repayment. This can either be the legal heir of the property or the guarantor. In such cases, the bank draws a new loan contract with the guarantor or the heir taking into account their paying capacity, CIBIL score, credit profile, and financial standing. The bank considers repossession and selling of the poetry only when these steps turn out futile.

That said, banks cannot force the next of kin to repay the loan amount. However, the legal heir can claim their right to the property only after repaying the home loan amount.

What’s next for banks?

In the event of non-payment due to death, the banks will first approach the co-applicant, next the legal heir to the property, and the closest family members of the deceased. The bank then offers them options to reduce the EMI and increase tenure or reduce tenure with a higher EMI. As a final resort the bank will consider selling off the property to cover its losses.

All said and done, the importance of home loan insurance cannot be overstated and it is perhaps the safest and best way to go for a home loan borrower.


All You Need to Know About Preparing Your Property for Rental Market

Your home is your pride and joy, you’ve lived in it for some time and have to rent it out now for reasons. Or you are probably renting the home you purchased as an investment. In India, many homeowners are not able to occupy their homes due to the nature of their professions. Either way, renting out a property is a complicated journey that needs a fair amount of preparation. You worry if the tenant will take care of your home the way you would. From hygiene and cleanliness to keeping the tiles and switches damage-free, a landlord’s worries can be many. That said, preparing your property cosmetically and keeping all the documents you may need ready could go a long way in keeping the entire process hassle-free. Here are some steps to follow through before you put up that ‘To-let’ sign on your property to attract good tenants and enjoy a smooth way forward.

Conduct repairs if any Conduct a thorough inspection of your home when it is empty. Leaky faucets, taps, creaky doors, leaky roofs, pest infestation if any are all things you need to check thoroughly before renting out your property. Take a good look at electrical outlets, plug points, and other appliances if they work well.

Is your home safe for your tenant? Safety should be on the top of your mind whether you occupy it or a tenant does. If you are renting out a portion of your home, then make sure to separate your home from the rental portion securely. Install gates, check locks, ensure your doors are installed properly and cover open areas if any on the property. Note that a safe home is easier to rent out and your tenants will feel safe and more at ease in your property.

Clean up before renting This is a no-brainer, yet not a lot of landlords take note of it: clean your home before a potential tenant comes to look at the property. No matter how beautiful your home is, or however desirable its location, a dirty home turns off tenants very fast. Make your home look presentable with clean floors, doors, windows, and shelves. Ensure that your previous tenant has cleared out clutter from lofts and other cupboards. Invest in a cleaning service to brighten up bathrooms and kitchen for a sparkly new home that everyone will want to live in.

Take a good look at your furnishing If you are renting out your property on a semi-furnished or fully-furnished basis, make sure the furnishing and appliance you are leaving behind are spic and span. Curtains, beds, carpets, sofas, and other upholstery you leave for rent need to be clean to attract premium tenants. Appliances like geysers, chimneys, fans, and lights can experience wear and tear from continuous use. So make sure all the appliances in your property are clean and in good working condition.

Consider getting a landlord insurance Landlord insurance will help put you at ease during the tenancy period. Landlord insurance, a relatively less known cover, is a great way to recover any minor or major mishaps in your rental property. Natural disasters, injuries, accidents, etc. are liabilities that the landlord insurance can cover. Some landlord insurance policies cover damage and repairs that you may incur when a tenant vacates your property. The landlord insurance cost depends on the size of the property, its geographical location, climate conditions of the area, etc. The security systems you have installed on your property like burglar alarms, CCTV cameras also factor in when you opt for landlord insurance.

Getting a rent agreement ready A rent agreement is a legal document that details specifics of the tenancy like names of the tenant and the landlord, addresses of both parties, the monthly rent for the property, the duration of the tenancy, penalties if any on rent default, and maintenance of property if applicable. A rent agreement is an important document for both the tenant and the landlord in case any dispute arises between the two. Some of the reasons that may lead to disputes are if the tenant tries to sublet your property, the landlord increases the rent without notice, the tenant sets up a commercial business in a residential property, or if there are issues in the receipt or return of the security deposit. Rental agreements also come in handy for landlords if a tenant causes damage to the property.

Decide the rent and security deposit To decide the rent you want to charge for your home, you need to first dig deep and do your homework. First, inquire about the rental cost in your locality. Factor in the size of your property and the amenities you provide to your tenant if your home is a semi-furnished or fully furnished home. Most homeowners add the maintenance cost of the property to the rent too. Additional charges may include electricity, water, etc. Arrive at a final cost and check with other landlords in your locality if that is price tenants are willing to pay.

When you think your home is ready to be rented out, take your time to screen tenants who approach you. Hand over the keys to your home only after you make sure of the credibility of your tenant. After all, renting out a property isn’t just for its monetary returns. Your home is still yours and finding the best tenant who will treat your home like theirs is important too.


How is jointly owned property taxed?

Homebuyers can jointly own or co-own a property for various reasons like sharing a loan, smooth succession, funding, and other reasons. In Indian families where both spouses work, a joint home loan is the most preferred. The same case applies to siblings in many families. Though the joint purchase of a residential property isn’t very different from single ownership, their taxation is slightly more complicated. Taxes can be applied on any profit that an owner may be gaining from their property either through rent or sale. Similarly, tax benefits that come with home loans can be claimed by co-borrowers.

Co-ownership/joint ownership vs co-applicant

Co-owner and joint owner of a property are interchangeable terms. However, a co-applicant or co-borrower of a home need not necessarily be a co-owner of the property. Taxation of a jointly owned property comes with its own advantages. And only a co-borrower and a co-owner of the property can enjoy the tax benefits of a home loan.

What is Hindu Unit Family(HUF)?

Under the Hindu Law, a Hindu Unit Family or a HUF is a family consisting of members lineally descended from a common ancestor including wives and unmarried daughters. A HUF cannot be ‘created’ under contracts, but can only be created naturally. Though Jain and Sikh families aren’t governed by the Hindu Law, they are treated as HUFs under the Act. The Income Tax Act issues clear directives for the taxation of HUFs.

The Income Tax Act

The Indian Income Tax Act directs that all single owners of a property may be taxed as an ‘individual’. However, for jointly owned properties, the owners are categorized as:

1. An association of persons

2. A body of individuals

3. A partnership firm

In the case of a jointly owned property, Section 26 of the Income Tax Act lays down clear guidelines for the taxation of the co-owners of the property. The income from a property is either the rental income gained from it or the capital income from the sale of the said property. Section 26 of the Act clearly directs that if the share of each of the joint owners is specifically defined and is ascertainable, then the share of each owner is considered taxable as an individual owner and not as AOP (Association of Persons) or BOI (Body of Individuals). In the case of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), the property is not considered jointly owned. The income gained through such HUF shall be taxable as a single-owned property and not apportioned among the family members.

How is the ownership share of a co-owned property determined?

When co-owners of a property is added to a will, they may have varying shares of the property. At times, more co-owners are added to the will for various reasons like a smooth succession of the property. It is important to note that the respective share of the co-owners of the property will be corresponding to the ratio of their contribution towards the purchase of the property.

The contribution of the co-owner towards the purchase of the property may be in the way of downpayment, or their share of the home loan taken. The cost each owner incurred during or after the purchase of the property can be ascertained from bank statements. But, if a co-owner hasn’t contributed towards the purchase of the property, then for income tax purposes, they will not be considered a co-owner and this applies even if their name is included as a co-owner in the deed. This could happen when the co-owner is added only for the sake of clear succession and not for loan repayment.

Taxation of the rent received from a jointly owned property

For a jointly owned property that has been rented out, the rent received is to be apportioned as per the ownership ratio. The rent divided is considered the annual value of the property, of which 30% of the rent value is deducted to arrive at the taxable rent value. In addition to the standard 30%, co-owners can also deduct any cost they may incur in the way of construction, repair, renovation, etc.

Taxation of the profit from selling the co-owned property

Taxes can be applied on the profit owners make after a sale. In the case of profits co-owners may arrive at after selling their jointly owned property, taxes are applied to individual owners and their share of profits, and not on the property as a whole. The apportionment of the profit from selling the property is ascertained at the ‘sale consideration’ and ‘cost of acquisition’ stages. This is again determined from their share of the home loan and contribution towards the purchase of the property.

Taxes and finances can seem complicated, especially when it comes to joint ownership. But like a lot of other advantages that come with joint homeownership, taxation procedures pertaining to jointly owned property can also come as a huge relief to co-owners of a property.


Ideas to illuminate your home with ceiling lights

The very basics of home interior design begin with lighting. Lighting is the key to beautifying a home. It doesn’t matter how luxurious the interiors, or how contemporary the designs and decor, without good lighting, your home interiors cannot exude the charm you expect. Lighting is also the designers’ secret tool that helps make any compact space look spacious.

Natural light aside, ceiling lights are now a key to home interior design. Ceiling lights are either directly installed into the ceiling or to a false ceiling. White tube lights have long been on their way out and ceiling lights have made a permanent stay in homes. They add a special touch to various rooms when used the right way. For instance, recessed ceiling lights can help create an atmosphere of calm. Recessed lights are extensively used in living rooms and bedrooms for the restful ambiance they create. On the other hand, chandeliers can add spark, create an energetic mood in the room and grab eyeballs for all the right reasons. Dining areas lit by pendant lights are ideal for cozy family conversations and create a warm and loving environment. To use ceiling lights to your advantage in the different parts of your home, let us look in detail at the types and how you can hack them to create beautiful home interiors.

Is a false ceiling necessary to install ceiling lights?

Ceiling lights like pendant lights, chandeliers, and strips can be installed directly onto the ceiling. However, the right false ceiling can enhance the lighting, create the right shadow play, and increase the impact of the illumination. Recessed lights and cove lights, which are recent favourites, can only be installed on false ceilings.

Types of ceiling lights

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the oldest ceiling lights to be created. Before even electricity was discovered, chandeliers were illuminated by candles and oil to create an effect of grandeur and awe. They were and still are centerpieces of many homes. Though the traditional chandelier has taken on many more shapes and forms, the charm of the chandelier remains unchallenged. Chandeliers installed on false ceilings bolstered by recessed lights are a look that can leave guests talking for years to come. One thing to remember when installing chandeliers is that your ceiling should at least be 10 feet high for the right lighting and also to avoid any contact.

2. Flush lights

Flush lights are perhaps the safest ceiling lights there are and are also suitable for all parts of the home. Flush lights are also widely used in offices where too many design elements are not preferred. They are perfect for homes and spaces with low ceilings. A huge advantage that flush lights are the unbelievable arrays of varieties they come with. From material to design, flush lights can be suited to any decor or theme. CFLs, LEDs, and halogen bulbs can be installed within flush light fixtures and they can come in many materials including copper and plastic. Semi-flush lights are another type that is a cross between pendant lights and flush lights. They can dangle at 3 to 8 inches from the ceiling and are great lobbies and rooms that need a little extra than flush lights, but where chandeliers or pendant lights are not suited.

3. Pendant lights

The hanging pendant light is a minimalist take on the chandelier, and their versatility doesn’t hurt either. Pendant lights suit every part of the house and can come in a range of designs, varieties, heights, and sizes. They instantly lift any space and can be quite easy on the eye. A stylish pendant light in the living room can serve as a centerpiece. In the dining room, pendant lights can bring about chatter and jor.

4. Track lights

Track lights use 3W to 9W bulbs and are used exclusively when you need to highlight a particular piece of decor or display. A painting, a picture, or even a textured wall can be further enhanced by track lights installed above it. Track lights installed above dressers can be a fashionista’s best friend. Other alternatives to track lights are focus lights, directional, and rail lights.

5. Recessed lights

Recessed lights or downward lights are considered a novelty in the design world and are pretty much like spotlights or broad floodlights. Recessed lights are placed within holes of a false ceiling and create luxurious ambient lighting. They are a minimalist way of lighting up the room without too much clutter. They shine down on a limited circumference from where they are installed but can offer complete room coverage when properly arranged, unlike other ceiling lights that can diminish with increasing room area. It is best when recessed lights are an added accessory or layer to an existing ceiling light like a chandelier or pendant.

6. Cove lights

Like recessed lights, cove lights are often used as an added source of light in the room. Cove lights are softer and exude a gentle glow as they are placed within the recess of a false ceiling. Cove lights add charm, luxury, and warmth to any room they are installed. However, they are ideal for hallways and entryways.

For many, home interiors are the final touch to creating their dream home. Lights play a crucial role in creating the ideal home and going the extra mile in finding the right for your home is important. Find the right ceiling light for your dream home and you will give yourself a pat on the back for it.


Most Common Home Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Home loans are long-term investments for most home buyers. Depending on the buyer, the tenure of the loan can be anywhere between 10 to 30 years. Considering that for most homebuyers, a home loan can seem like a life-long commitment. Also, compromising on the loan amount is not something many homebuyers would be willing to do, because making compromises with the loan amount means buying a home that isn’t perfect for them. So applying for a home loan is a process that doesn’t have much margin for mistakes. Wrong choices and mistakes can affect the loan approval process and the amount that can be sanctioned to the applicant. Home loan mistakes can also affect the repayment of the loan. It is crucial that home loan applicants be extra careful during their loan application process and educate themselves about any possible mistakes they can make. We have put together some of the most common home loan mistakes applicants tend to make so you can avoid them while you buy your dream home.

1. Not planning funds properly

Perhaps the most common home loan mistake that applicants make is not taking out the time to create an investment plan. An investment plan details how an applicant will spread out their funds including an emergency fund, home loan, investments, expenses, and savings. Not making a plan can lead to confusion about how much you can actually put aside for your home loan EMI. An improper plan can put undue pressure on your entire home loan journey and make homeownership an unpleasant experience. It can also lead to a situation where you are left with no savings for emergencies and contingencies. Put aside time to create an investment plan for yourself so you enter risk-free homeownership.

2. Not availing a home loan insurance cover

Many home loan applicants blatantly overlook taking a home loan insurance cover. Even if you have a life insurance cover, a home loan insurance cover helps tick all checkboxes and ensures peace of mind to you and your family. A life insurance policy will definitely prove to be useful during unfortunate circumstances, but may only cover the basics your family may need in your absence. However, a home loan insurance policy ensures that your home loan is paid off in the unfortunate event of illness or death.

3. Not putting aside enough for the downpayment

The RBI dictates that banks and other lenders can finance 75 to 90% of a home loan to buyers depending on the loan amount. The bank can decide the final downpayment vs home ratio after a credit risk analysis of the borrower. However, most home loan applicants end up making at least a 10% downpayment on their home loan. One of the mistakes most home loan borrowers make is not accumulating or saving enough money for their down payment. A higher down payment means an increased success of home loan approval and chances of a lower rate of interest on home loan EMI. Many loan borrowers are unaware of this and end up applying for larger loan amounts which can, in turn, affect their EMIs negatively. Make good use of down payment finance options like down payment loans, gold loans, and personal loans. Though a big down payment may seem impossible at first, the hassle is totally worth it.

4. Not paying attention to credit score

Home loan applicants with a CIBIL score of 750+ are more likely to receive their loan. Not paying close and frequent attention to your credit score can lead to a drop in your score making loan sanctions a difficult and tedious process. Before applying for a home loan, the applicant should make sure their credit score is in the 750 range. If not, loan applicants must undertake corrective measures like closing pre-existing loans to improve their scores to better their chances of getting a home loan.

5. Not comparing home loan offers

Every bank, financial institution, and lender offers different home loan policies, interest rates, processing charges, and loan tenures. The loan to value ratio (LTV) also varies from bank to bank. All home loan applicants need to thoroughly evaluate their options, study loan policies, and decide what is best for them before applying for a loan.

6. Not asking the right questions

Home loan application, especially for first-timers, can be an intimidating process. The paperwork can seem too complicated, the financial nitty-gritty can be intimidating, and you may have too many questions on your mind. But the complexity of the process should not stop loan applicants from asking the right questions to the right people. From questions that may seem silly to seemingly important questions, never hesitate to speak out and clear your doubts, you will thank yourself later for it.

7. Not staying updated with the home loan news

Homeowners can pay dearly if they don’t stay up to date with their lender’s policies and home loan policies in general. Lenders frequently change their loan interest rates based on various factors and it is important for borrowers to know these changes to make sure they get the best possible offer.

Owning a home is a prolonged journey that doesn’t just end with registration. To be able to enjoy it and take pride in homeownership, home loan applicants should make sure they are treading the right tracks. Before you buy a home, make sure you educate yourself on these possible mistakes you could make so your homeownership is as beautiful as you dreamt of.


The 5 biggest Smart Home trends

While traditional homes were designed for ownership pride, safety, and investment, smart homes are banking on one aspect of homeownership more than the others - comfort. If the location of the home is a comfort factor, the intelligence of the home unit is also one. The ability to control one’s home from anywhere, whether at the office or a vacation destination, has empowered homeowners like never before. To be able to tune our home to our preferences and to make it an extension of our technological lives is an enticing proposal to all.

The smart home segment has faced science-fiction-like innovation in the past few years, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. With nearly 175 million smart homes in the world currently, the smart home device market is expected to reach $174 billion in 2024 from a meager $55 billion in 2016. This curve is expected to steadily rise over the next decade and is set to be the next big technological advancement after smart homes.

It is safe to say that smart homes are the domestic version of the Internet of Things that is only starting to evolve faster and take on more powerful forms. Starting with the domestic favourite TV, we have begun connecting everyday devices to smart devices. The air conditioning, refrigerators, security systems, etc. have all got a cutting-edge facelift and the home automation technology is only expected to grow. It is now only a matter of time before artificial intelligence gives us smarter, innovative, and intuitive home assistants who make our lives easier. With the technology underpinning the smart home revolution developing faster than ever, let us take a look at some of the trends that are set to rule the smart home segment in the coming years.

1. One size fits all standardization

Connectivity is the heart of smart home appliances. But a headache all smart home manufacturers have to deal with is putting together a home with a competing range of standards and technology platforms. Top smart home service providers like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung have a varied customer base. An interested home buyer may not be in favor of the technology provider, jeopardizing all the parties involved. They may fear being ‘tied’ to one service provider who may not be compatible with the devices they own. Also, homeowners may end up needing a whole set of apps to control the various devices in their homes and that could be a hassle. Relying on different platforms for different needs also causes security vulnerabilities. Technology giants recognized this as a real problem and have come together to create a holistic set of standards that make smart homes safer and simpler. This trend towards standardization will not just be an improvement in the smart home sector, but will also improve their adoption among the masses.

2. A smart home that is actually alive

The ‘smart’ in smart homes is only at its primitive stages now. Automatic window blinds, automatic temperature control, smart-phone controlled lights, etc. may have seemed like a big step a couple of years ago. But they are obsolete technologies now considering what is to come. Smart homes are set to become living and breathing extensions of their homeowners, thanks to machine learning. Refrigerators that can ‘see’ its contents, smart thermostat systems that ‘train’ themselves to the habits of the home dwellers, facial recognition-based security systems are all just some of the technological advancements in the smart home sector. The analytics derived from these technologies are aimed at improving our living standards. For instance, homeowners can gauge energy wastage if any, and shift their focus to a more sustainable lifestyle. Smart refrigerators can send timely reminders for groceries based on their contents and can also be trained to order in replacements.

3. Robotic assistants at home

Though humanoid robots are still a distant future away, robotic assistants are already a reality in many homes. Robotic vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers are growing in popularity and are replacing domestic help in many homes. Artificial intelligence is evolving at a rapid rate and is set to provide robotic assistants who can cook meals, clean the house, provide companionship and healthcare if need be. Robotic home assistants can carry out day-to-day tasks freeing us from chores and helping us spend time more valuably. For the elderly dwellers, robotic assistants could provide much-needed healthcare or call for health services in case of emergencies. Like smartphones, robots, and smart home technology, in general, is expected to become more affordable with time. In the coming decade, mobile robots that can act autonomously will become more affordable, common, and wanted.

4. Smart in-home healthcare

Smartwatches from tech giants already provide a range of healthcare services. From monitoring sleep to carrying out Electrocardiograms (ECGs), smartwatches have helped wearers monitor their health more closely. In fact, smartwatches can even alert wearers about an oncoming heart issue based on their heart activity. These functions can be extended to smart home devices too. For instance, smart in-home healthcare devices can help us connect to h healthcare providers remotely, diagnose illnesses by means of symptoms, give us timely reminders, and call for help if an elderly person suffers a fall. Smart homes can provide useful insights into a resident’s lifestyle, eating habits, and sleep habits when there is a need for the data.

5. The impact of faster network

With the launch of the 5G network and WiFi6 technology, the internet is set to take a leap globally. Faster networks will finally be able to keep up with an increasing number of data-hungry devices and appliances. Smart homes will get more cutting-edge as all devices start working synchronously and at the same fast speeds. Faster networks pave the way for larger and more sophisticated home devices to work seamlessly. Smart homes are set to only get smarter with the rollout of faster internet technology.

Homebuyers have been limited to buying apartments and villas and the options have only stretched to the number of bedrooms. But things are about to get more exciting, thanks to the advent of smart homes. Before you buy a home, explore your options in the smart home sector and ready yourself for a technologically better lifestyle.


How to plan your home loan EMIs?

For many of us, after buying a home EMIs could be the biggest expense of the month. Home loans are usually repaid over a 20 to 30 years period. Planning a home loan EMI for such a long duration may seem daunting and impossible at first. But with a little planning and wisdom, you can lead a financially stable and comfortable life through your repayment period.

Defaulting on your home loan may lead you to incur penalties and a steep increase in the interest cost. The trick to planning home loan EMIs lies in being ready for contingency situations related to your health or employment. That said, let us look at some tips and pointers that will come in handy when planning your home loan EMIs.

Chart out your investment plan first

Before applying for a home loan, it is important that you sit down and create a monthly investment plan. The investment plan must include an emergency contingency fund that you will add to every month, your home loan, expenses, and investment or savings. Many new-age homebuyers invest their savings money with mutual funds, shares, and other investment plans that could give them an interest.

Also, it is the advice of many top finance gurus that you schedule your home loan EMI within the first week of receiving your salary. This helps avoid any non-payment instances that are viewed seriously. Penalties don’t just put you back a few steps in your repayment schedule, but they can also negatively affect your CIBIL score.

Choose and change your home loan plan

It is always best to find a home loan plan to suit your monthly budget as the options available for home loan interests are many. The interest rates and plans vary from one lender to another. Take your time to research, study, and compare between various banks and financial institutions and find what will work for you best. Choose between floating and fixed interest rates and get advice from experienced homeowners on what will work best for you. You can ask for the home loan EMI calculator to gauge your home loan repayment.

Also, take your time to periodically update yourself on policy and interest changes of various banks and financial institutions. Various banks offer varying interest rates that can change from time to time. Information about any changes can help you make the right decision and reduce your interest expense significantly.

Make prepayments to reduce your EMI burden

A loan prepayment is a lump sum settlement of an EMI before the due date. A prepayment can be one month’s worth of EMI or more as and when you have a surplus of funds with you. Many experts suggest making one EMI prepayment extra per year. Take advantage of the no-penalty policy for home loan prepayment and put aside a little every month for a yearly prepayment. Though it may seem like a lot, a little effort can go a long way in your loan repayment and can in fact, reduce your loan tenure by a good couple of years.

Increase your loan rate of interest

Did you know? Many home buyers pay nearly 60% of the loan amount in interest. Though a lower rate of interest may seem more affordable to you, in the long run, low-interest rates can actually end up costing you a lot more than higher interest rates. A higher interest rate means a shorter duration, and a lower rate of interest could mean that you are paying back nearly 1.5 times the cost of your home. Take the time to ask the right questions with your loan officers and find out the best plan and interest rate for you.

Things to do before applying for a home loan

Here are some of the other things you can do before applying for a loan to enjoy a smooth home loan borrowing and repayment cycle.

-A good CIBIL score can help you get a higher loan amount at lower rates of interest. You can improve your CIBIL score by clearing out existing loans.

-Increase your repayment capacity by clearing existing debts and improve your debt to income ratio.

-Educate yourself about the down payment, down payment loans, and the pros and cons that go with them.

Planning your home loan EMIs is crucial to enjoying a hassle-free homeownership experience. Taking the time to understand the nuances of a home loan, and sitting down with your loan officer can go a long way. Be patient with loan officers to answer any questions they may have about your loan history as it will be beneficial to both parties.


What is an occupancy certificate and how is it important?

Buying a home is a dream come true moment for most of us. The hard-earned money, the time spent searching for your perfect home can all be in vain if you are not careful enough about the Occupancy Certificate. The absence of this single paper could even result in your eviction. Since most of the apartments/villas are owned by first time owners, the chances of them being aware of such intricacies are less which in turn might cost them in future.

What is an Occupancy Certificate?

A legal document issued by the local municipal authority or the building proposal department, upon the completion of the residential project deeming the property fit for living is called an Occupancy Certificate. In other words, until and unless you obtain an Occupancy Certificate, living in your dream home would be illegal.

Things you need to know regarding the Occupancy Certificate

1. In the absence of an Occupancy Certificate, the local authorities have the right to evict you from your house and demolish it.

2. People often confuse Occupancy Certificate with Completion Certificate, which is another document that is in regard with the structural completion of your building, whereas Occupancy Certificate is about your home as a whole.

3. The Occupancy Certificate includes a list of pros including the local bodies to provide all the basic amenities like electricity, water, sanitation etc.

4. If there arises a situation where the builder can’t provide you with the Occupancy Certificate, then you have the right to approach the consumer court and file a petition.

5. RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) has pointed out that until and unless the buyer is handed over their Occupancy Certificate the possession of the residential property will not be complete.

6. If the payment schedule is linked with the possession of the project, then you have the right to withhold the final payment till the builder can provide you with an Occupancy Certificate.

7. It is also vital to know that one can’t register their brand new home without an Occupancy Certificate.

8. There is another confusion regarding the term ‘Temporal Occupancy Certificate’ however, there is no such thing in existence in any rule books’. But there are ‘Partial Completion Certificate’ that certifies the builder to complete tower-wise construction.

Buyers need to know that the lifespan of such sanctions is only valid for 5 years, which at best can be extended for two more years with a fine.

How to get an Occupancy Certificate?

To acquire your Occupancy Certificate, you need to fill the Occupancy Certificate application with the list of documents given below at your local municipal body.

1. Commencement Certificate

2. Completion Certificate

3. Built & Section Plan

4. NOC for Fire & Pollution

5. Area Calculation sheet of floor signed by an authorized architect

6. Photographs of the completed project

7. Tax assessment paid receipt

8. Photographs of rain harvesting & solar panels

9. Copy of sanctioned plan

Once the application is submitted along with the documents, the concerned authorities will inspect within 30 days and if the papers submitted complies with the legal norms, your Occupancy Certificate shall be issued. One can also check the status of their Occupancy Certificate through the web portal of RERA (concerned state’s).

The authorities issue an Occupancy Certificate once they have ensured that all the requirements are met for the property to be habitable. Only upon issuing the Occupancy Certificate can a property become ready for possession.

The dream called home should be a thing of joy, not tension and hassles. When you join hands with a builder like Victoria Realtors, you can be sure of the promises we keep and the approach we take to make your experience as smooth as possible.


5 Tips to Use Mirrors to Your Advantage in Home Decor

Mirrors have held the undivided attention of humans ever since they were invented. They are the well-kept secret weapon of every decorator. Mirrors are used to enhance a space, increase ventilation, bring an element of drama, and can change the perception of space with interesting frame views. Your home is no exception to the enchanting effects a mirror can bring. Before we delve into how you can use them, let us see why mirrors make an important part of our homes.

Mirrors and the mind

Other than making your home appear bigger and amplifying light mirrors have an innate connection with the human mind. Though mirrors are connected with vanity, they play a bigger role than we realize in our emotional and psychological functioning.

Mirrors help reduce instances of social anxiety, make us less socially awkward, and improve our confidence during social presence. Studying our reflection helps us sync with our emotions and ground us in our bodies. The face-to-face feedback we receive from our reflections offers a sense of comfort even if it may not be palpable.

Mirrors can give us a sense of perspective that we may haven’t had for a long time. Many psychological experiments using mirrors demonstrate that we gain perspective about ourselves, ultimately resulting in a boost in confidence.

Mirrors help us develop a sense of self Our reflections remind us of our sense of individuality that needs to be nourished and nurtured.

Mirrors and their usage in our homes have evolved. We have come a long way from using polished metallic surfaces to using mirrors in creating breathtaking living spaces. Mirrors aren’t just easy to install, but they are extremely budget-friendly ways to create beautiful homes. A willingness to experiment and boundless creativity can help transform your home into a piece of paradise with a few mirrors. Take a look at some of the interesting ways mirrors can give your home a facelift.

1. Make your room appear better

A cleverly placed mirror can make your room appear larger, brighter, and better. Mirrors can serve a lot of purposes when you use them right, here are some:

a. Brightens the space

Mirrors double any source of light in a room. To light up a large space, simply place a mirror opposite a window or door. You can also place a mirror close to a lamp to effectively receive twice the brightness cost-effectively. No matter how cloudy it is outside, a mirror can harness the light it receives making your space instantly brighter. Mirrors are especially great when you want to open up space without having to make major renovations or redesigns.

b. Light up dark corners

Mirrors can help light up even the darkest corners of your home that lack natural ventilation. Place a mirror above or behind a switched-on lamp to create a well-lit corner in any part of your home. Using slim mirrors at the end of long narrow hallways and passages that receive little light can make the space appear larger.

c. Enhance

To use a mirror effectively, all you need is a little creative thinking. Did you know? Mirrors placed in visitors’ rooms lift the spirits of the occupants by tricking the mind into thinking that there are more people in the room. There are well-known stories of businesses increasing walk-ins by the mere installation of mirrors. Mirrors can enhance your space by either drawing focus to a particular point in the room or deflecting attention when not needed.

d. Double the space

Using a mirror strategically doubles the existing space in your room. A small storage space or an alcove can be converted into a functional space by installing a mirror on the wall. Narrow living spaces can be transformed into appearing more lively with mounted mirrors. Small kitchens can also benefit from mirrors. Mirrors installed along the backsplash can make your kitchen appear larger and roomier.

2. Create focal points with mirrors

In rooms that don’t have a central mantelpiece or a focal point, mirrors can help dictate the center of the room. You can place furniture and carpets based on the space the mirror occupies. And in homes that already have a centerpiece, mirrors can be used to exaggerate the beauty of the space. Mirrors with ornate frames in living rooms can very well replace paintings.

3. Multifunctional mirrors

Mirrors don’t just have to be decor pieces at your home. They can serve functions of storage too. Choose mirrors with frames that offer vertical storage if space is a constraint at your home. Decorative mirrors that appear like windows are great for homes with rustic decor. Traditional window frames applied on mirrors create beautiful separated window-like mirrors that can beautify your home instantly.

4. Experiment with shapes

A rectangular or circular mirror is passe now. Experiment and switch things up with differently shaped mirrors. Study your room and choose shapes that would bring in a flood of light and create intense drama. If your room has many geometric elements, break the monotony with a not-so-traditional-shaped mirror. That said, the placement of the mirror still takes precedence.

5. Outdoor mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for the indoors anymore. Mirrors can help liven up dull basements, covered courtyards, and north-facing terraces. Mirrors are great for semi-open garden spaces; they multiply greenery and sustain a calm. Windows can also be installed with mirror glasses for a stylish outer facade.

Feeling inspired already? Before you go mirror shopping, just remember to explore the many frames available in the market. From terracotta and jute to brass and PU plastic, the options are exhaustive, and each of them is worth looking at.


Budget Friendly Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

When you come home after a long and tiring day, the one place you would want to relax and unwind in is your bedroom. However, when you think about decorating your home, bedrooms come almost last on the list. Our living rooms and patios take precedence over bedrooms as they are frequented the most by visitors. Also, the fact that you are pretty much done with everything else when you hit the bed doesn’t help the cause. Though bedrooms are not privy to visitors, there is no reason to not have your bedroom look and feel luxurious as the rest of your home. After all, bedrooms are where you go to recover from the strain of the day and recharge for the next day. Fortunately, it is easier than you think to create a luxurious-looking bedroom on a shoestring budget.

Ways to make your bedroom luxurious on a budget

1. Invest in a good wallpaper


A good wallpaper can do miracles for your home when you are on a limited budget. The advancements in printing and installation techniques make wallpapers great alternatives to wall paint. Wallpapers also break the limits you may face with painting. You can choose from a range of patterns, textures, and sizes. Floral, abstract, geometric, mural, tropical, retro, etc. are some themes you can set for your bedroom through wallpapers.


2. Pay attention to the details


When it comes to making a space luxurious, small details can bring about big differences. Curtain rods, doorknobs, handles of wardrobes, etc. can set your bedroom apart on a budget. For instance, crystal pull ons on drawers can instantly give your bedroom a facelift. Though it may seem like a minor thing that could get missed, the sum of small changes can bring elegant opulence to your bedroom.


3. Dress your pillows


Run a simple internet search for luxury bedrooms and notice how every image has throw pillows in it. Throw pillows are a simple and budget-friendly way to make your bedroom look more luxurious. Find pillow covers that match the decor and theme of your room. Good throw pillows can tie bedroom decors together in an elegant way. It is why most hotels invest in throw pillows so their guests can have a restful and memorable experience. Use less conspicuous pillows against stand-out throw pillows and you will have a luxurious-looking bed in no time.


4. Bedsheets matter


Now that the pillows are out of the way, time to focus on the bedsheets. A soft and comfortable bed sheet is an absolute must-have for every bedroom. Make sure to choose bed sheets to choose the current theme of your bedroom for a collected finish. However, duvets and comforters are big investments that you may not be able to make too often. In such cases, choose a nice and chunky throw blanket that you can place at the foot of the bed so the focus is drawn towards instead of your tired bed sheets or duvets.


5.Play with textures


Mixing textures and creating an artistic finish can render a luxurious touch to your bedroom, especially when you are on a budget. This allows you to use what you may already have at home. A chunky rug against a brass-finish stool could create an interesting mix of textures that would also look great. Get creative and bring in texture through materials like rattan and copper. You can also add a dash of fun with embellishments.


6. Get a fun nightstand


Nightstands don’t have to be boring and color-coordinated to your bed anymore. Your nightstand could become your statement centerpiece of the bedroom with a few tweaks. Chalk painting your existing nightstand to an exciting color can transform your bedroom. Keep the things on your nightstand to a bare minimum and regularly clear it off any junk. You can also use your nightstand to display plants, a nice lamp, or family pictures.


7. Mirror your style


Mirrors are a must-have in all bedrooms; they open up space and can make your room appear bigger and brighter. So use the mirror in your bedroom to your style advantage. Do away with the boring mirror and add luxury to your bedroom with a statement mirror. Mirrors studded with crystals, or an ornate metallic frame can bring in an element of luxury to your bedroom. If you are vested in choosing decor items with functionality, then choose dressers that come with vertical storage options alongside mirrors. These can very well fit in your budget with the many options for cost-effective materials and styles available in the market now.


8. Lighting is everything


Good lighting can instantly make any room appear larger and more luxurious. Pay attention to how much light you let into your bedroom. At the same time, it is important to remember that too much light can interfere with your sleep. Put to work large curtains that can control the light in the room effectively.

Though you may have plenty of natural light in the room, lamps are a great way to introduce an element of luxury in the bedroom on a small budget. Invest in a lamp that ties in the design elements of the bedroom, and they might as well be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Pretty pendant lamps hung towards the center of the room can grab the focus away from everything else.


9. Bring art into the bedroom


Another sure shot way to make your bedroom appear luxurious on a budget is to invest in statement art pieces. A good frame can make a piece of art look like a luxurious add-on to your room.

Transforming your bedroom into a luxurious space shouldn’t cost too much as long as you don’t bring in too many elements. Ensure that most pieces of decor you choose serve a functional purpose for an elegant room that you would return to every night.


7 Smart tips for furniture shopping for your home

Whether you are purchasing furniture for your new apartment or you just want to buy new furniture for your home, furniture shopping can quickly get complicated without a little planning. The options when it comes to furniture shopping are so many that you could end up spending a lot more than you originally planned on. Considering that furniture is a semi-permanent fixture of your home, it only makes sense that you would want only the best of the best. So here we have compiled 7 great tips for you when you go furniture shopping for your apartment.

1. Make an account of what you already have

It is easy to lose sight of the great things you already have when you are focused on buying new items for your home. Be it furniture, clothes, or accessories, there’s always something usable lying in the house that you can take advantage of. Though you may need new furniture, take a good look at everything you already have. The corner table, the carpets, cushions, or bookcases that you think you need to replace could be in good condition. Sometimes, you could give some furniture a new lease of life with just a fresh coat of paint or minor repairs. It is not only economical, but it is also a sustainable practice.

2. Decide on a budget and stick to it

Shopping on a budget is always a wise thing to do. It is easy to get carried away by the many options available in the market. To set a budget, first, visualize how you want your finished home to look like. Stick to minimalist decor themes with few but attention-grabbing focal pieces. That way every spend you make feels like an investment. Take into account other expenses that come with furniture shopping like transport, installation, and maintenance. You may also want to take into consideration the yearly maintenance your furniture may cost you. For instance, certain materials of upholstery may need yearly cleaning and maintenance for durability.

That said, not all beautiful homes are decorated based on themes. A theme may come in handy to create a framework for your budget.

3. Do not compromise on ventilation

No matter how well furnished the home, if it lacks ventilation, then it’s still not perfect. When furniture shopping, give the ventilation in your home the priority. If you end up buying furniture pieces that block out light and air, they are not worth it in the end. Large bookcases that could block light, tables that take up more space than needed, and kitchen furniture that leave no space for you to move around freely are just not worth the cost.

4. Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture arrives close on the heels of the importance of ventilation. Multi-purpose furniture is a smart way to invest in essential pieces of furniture that serve more than just one function. Pull out beds, coffee tables with seats, pull out dining tables and work desks, sofa cum beds are all great options for multipurpose furniture. With the variety and exhaustive options of furniture available in the market, you don’t have to make any compromise with the look of your room either.

5. Dig deep into organizers

It isn’t just enough to buy nice furniture to have an organized home. This is especially true for kitchens, wardrobes, and workspaces. Organizers are accessories that, well, help you keep your possessions in a simpler and more organized way. They make everyday life easier by drastically reducing the time you need to sort and clean your cupboards. With organizers, you can easily reach the things you need without toppling other clothes or spice jars in the way. Before you buy furniture, take a look at the many organizers available online and in stores. See which organizer would suit your purpose and be compatible with the furniture you intend to buy.

6. Furnishing the kitchen

They say the kitchen of home grows with the family. As the needs of the family change and grow, the kitchen is expected to accommodate them too. Unfortunately, buildings don’t grow. When it comes to furnishing the kitchen, less is more. For example, a sturdy and expandable dining table would do you a lot more good than a breakfast bar. This rule also extends to the accessories in the kitchen. Also, when buying electronic gadgets for the kitchen, think long term. A smaller fridge or dishwasher may seem right now, but you may end up changing it within the next five years for a bigger one. Cut losses by planning when it comes to the capacity of your electronics.

Make comfort your mantra

All said and done, finding comfortable and sturdy furniture should be the foremost of your priorities. Check for various wood options available, and steer clear of cheap and light wood. Invest in furniture with soft seating options, furniture that improves posture, and are kids friendly. Look for furniture that grows with your children, like height-adjustable tables and chairs. Always opt for upholstery fabric that is durable and can withstand wear and tear.

When buying furniture, it would always be good to keep an eye out for offers and deals. Go for exchange offers if you would like to trade in your old furniture for new ones. And, if you are shopping online for furniture, make sure you go through reviews of previous customers. Lastly, always ask the seller, whether online or offline, for a warranty on your furniture. Good luck!


Points to consider while booking a tour to a sample Villa

A sample villa is a model villa constructed by the builder according to the floor plans they offer. The sample flat offers potential home buyers a chance to picturize the home they could be buying. Sample flats are usually fully decorated and equipped to give home buyers a visual idea of where they may live eventually. The sample villa tour It is part of the marketing activity that helps the builder showcase their construction quality, interior decor prowess, and the lifestyle they offer.

Visiting the sample villa is one of the first steps a home buyer could be making towards buying their home. A sample villa can either help bring you closer to your dream home or throw you off the track a bit depending on various factors. Some builders could carefully craft their sample villa for better sales, but may not follow through when it comes to the final delivery. And some builders may actually hand over a better home than your first impression from the model home. As it carries a lot of weightage, the sample villa tour or walkthrough needs to be carefully planned. So, here we offer you a few points to keep in mind before you head out for a sample villa tour.

Note down your expectations

It may be nice to go on a sample home tour with an open mind. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t keep a realistic idea of what you want in the first place. You may already have a basic set of expectations, like the configuration of your home, the size, and location. Aside from these, it would be good to have an idea of what would be a right home for you. It is important that the project you are visiting meets these expectations. This is important because sample villa walkthroughs can sway you if you don’t already have an idea yourself.

Do your research

Before you go for a sample villa tour, do your research about the builder, the project, their past projects, and their construction quality. You can find more about the builder from their website. Go through their portfolio completely to gauge your buying experience from them. If possible, talk to other home buyers investing in the project you have chosen. Also, most sample villas are made to cater to the most popular floor plans. But what if this doesn’t meet your expectations? A little research can help you find the answers to these questions too. You may also want to check if the builder would be willing to customize your villa if need be.

Ask to look at an undecorated sample flat

Sample flat tours are designed to impress; they could be designed to oversell. At the same time, a villa that could meet your expectations could be disguised in decor that you don’t identify with. To avoid disappointment either way,ask to visit an undecorate sample flat for a more honest idea of what you may be getting into.

Inspect construction quality

The sample flat tour isn’t just a look-see activity. It is an opportunity for you to get a closer look at the builder. With the model house you can gauge the builder’s construction quality, flooring, design skills, and their commitment to building good homes.

Ask questions (a lot!)

Ask as many questions as you can during your sample flat tour. We’ve put together a few queries you may want answered for a clearer picture of the home you could later live in.

1. Other available floor plans

Request the builder to show you the other floor plans too. If one floor plan doesn’t suit your expectations, then another one may be just right for you.

2. Find the actual price of your home

The final cost of a villa is the sum of the base cost along with the price you would be paying for the amenities, utilities, maintenance, interior decorations, and furnishing. So get a clear and final picture of what you may be paying.

3. Enquire about the possession and handover

If you are visiting a simple flat, then you are probably considering booking your home in an under-construction home. It is crucial to enquire about the possession date of your villa with the builder.

Explore the location

Take the time to drive around the locality of the construction site. Enquire with the locals about the proximity of schools, hospitals, and other leisure infrastructure. This can help you understand better if the location of the project will be convenient to you.

At the end of the day, trust your gut when it comes to booking a villa based on your model house tour. Take time to observe how the builder’s team interacts with you among other factors. Whether or not you book a villa right away, take time to explore and learn from your sample house tour experience.


6 Benefits of buying a new home over a resale

Buying a new home is never an easy decision. Most people buying their first home have a lot of questions and confusion about the location, price, loan procedure, and more. But one of the first questions soon-to-be homeowners ask themselves is whether to buy a newly constructed home or a resale property. The question can throw home buyers off their track completely because of the many options available in the market. To be confident in one’s decision to buy a new or a resale property is important.

However, any expert in the real estate industry will tell you how it is always a safer and better option to invest in a newly-constructed home over a resale property. We have put together 6 key benefits of buying a new home that any real estate expert will be happy to tell you.

1. Make no compromise in buying your home

From considerable factors like your preferred location to seemingly smaller preferences like the paint, when you buy a new villa you can enjoy a no-compromise purchase. When buying a newly constructed villa you also get to cherry-pick the right home for you. Your idea of a dream home is a very personal one, and only you can find the right home for yourself and your family.

Every homebuyer has a list of preferences that they would want their new home to meet. So finding a home unique to your priorities is possible when investing in a new home. For instance, if you are someone that likes to work out, it only makes sense that you want a home with a gym, a swimming pool, and running tracks. These are some of the things that many homeowners later ‘wish’ they had considered before they bought the property. The same applies to kids’ play zones and recreational amenities, location, the neighbourhood, and more. This is especially important learning that the pandemic has taught us - that you should live in a place that you like!

2. Customization options

Every home buyer’s preferences for their home could be different, and this especially holds true for the interiors. Home interior customizations are welcome by almost all builders at under-construction villas, and you can be involved in designing your home from the very beginning. Even villas with the same dimensions and square foot area can have very different looking homes based on the homeowners’ preference. Houses with two smaller bedrooms can be customized to have one large bedroom instead, and the interior decor can be done to your taste too. Customizing your home to your preference at the construction stage is a more economic and hassle-free thing to do than remodelling a resale property.

3. Easier to maintain

A resale property almost always comes with a host of repairs, reconstruction, and remodelling needs. Not only would you be altering the house to suit your style, but you could be spending almost half the cost of the home on repairs. Major issues like leaks could cost you lakhs before you finally settle into your new home. On the other hand, a newly-constructed home comes virtually maintenance-free. With brand new fittings and modern construction techniques, your newly constructed home is bound to be maintenance-free for a long time.

4. Better energy savings

There is a growing awareness surrounding energy conservation and the need to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This conversation has especially gained momentum since the pandemic confined us all to our homes. Running our gadgets all day has awoken us to the criticality of how much energy every house consumes. As mentioned in point 3, in a newly purchased home, you will hardly need any repairs. This is especially true for electrical fittings and connections. Your chances of saving energy, and living a more sustainable life are higher in a new house. Latest designs and architecture promote ventilation; this combined with more up to date electrical fittings, you are bound to save a lot on the electricity bills.

5. Simpler Loan Process

The loan process is a complicated one for any first-time homebuyer. But, it may come as a surprise that the loan application process for a resale property is furthermore complicated. For anyone who is looking to buy a home without going through the hassle of complicated loan processes, a newly constructed home should be a no-brainer.

6. Contemporary construction

All said and done, a newly constructed home is the smart way for a new homebuyer to invest their hard-earned money in.


All You Need to Know About Composting in Your Balcony

If you can have a prosperous garden growing out of your tiny 5x5ft balcony, then you may as well have a balcony compost. Composting in an apartment balcony is very much a reality that is being executed by enthusiastic gardeners around the world. The lack of space hasn’t deterred those seeking urban sufficiency. In fact, forest apartments are fast becoming a trend in major cities across the world.

Composting is the process of turning organic matter into manure for plants. The final product of composting is humus-like organic fertilizer that improves plant produce. With gardeners raising the most exotic and difficult to raise plants in their balcony, their search for healthy manure for their plants is a constant need. Managing waste in an apartment is no joke. Most urban apartments are compact and waste build up is a serious problem in most kitchens. To get rid of waste while benefiting your garden is an irresistible opportunity many apartment gardeners are jumping at.

How to begin composting in your balcony

Composting in apartment takes little effort, a few materials, and a whole lot of patience. With the right materials, you can get started right away. Some of the must-have items to start composting are:


Composting containers can be plastic buckets, terracotta pots, traditional terracotta khambas, or any container from your home. The ideal balcony composting container is 3x3x3 feet, a dimension that promotes aeration and turning of compost. It would be good to have a few containers that you can rotate the compost from one to another during different stages of composting.

2. Leaves from your garden

Composting is a messy business and it shouldn’t end up becoming a problem for you or your neighbours. Composting can create foul odour that can be bothersome. The foul odour is a result of excessive nitrogen that is released during decomposition of organic waste matter. To prevent odour, you may need to frequently add a layer of garden waste like leaves and small twigs. The carbon of the garden waste balances out the nitrogen of the compost for an odour-free result.


The role of microbes in a compost is very important. One can purchase mircobe powders or starter kits available in stores to speed up composting. However, the simplest way to add good microbes to your compost is by adding a little curd to the container every day. The good bacteria in curd promote faster decomposition and produce healthier manure. However, remember that too much curd can attract pests and cause foul odour.


It is important to add garden soil to your compost every few days so the end result isn’t just mush. Add a couple handfuls of soil to your compost bin every day for the perfect compost.


Rakes and gloves are other miscellaneous items that would come handy when using your compost bin.

Ventilation and drainage: the two pillars of balcony composting Composting is an aerobic process, meaning the presence of air is essential through the process. So a compost container or bin with perforations is necessary to start composting. Ventilation allows for the microbes, and other organisms involved in the composting process to breathe and thrive.

Water and other liquid is an essential part of kitchen waste, so choose compost bins that allow drainage. Drainage helps create a final compost that is moist, but not wet, and healthy.

Foods that can go into the compost

You may be tempted to dump all kitchen waste into the compost bin, but that is not always a great idea. Your compost is an attractive target for pests, so what goes into your compost shouldn’t bring you trouble. So we’ve put together a list of items that are good for your DIY apartment compost and that aren’t.

Yay for compost Nay for compost
1. Manure of cows and goats 1. Wood chips, toothpicks and sawdust can take a long time to decompose
2. Paper and paper towels 2. Meat, whole eggs, fish can cause odour problems
3. Coffee grounds 3. Dairy products can attract pests
4. Filtered off tea 4. Oils and fats
5. Crushed eggshells (not eggs) 5. Garden waste treated with pesticides can affect microbes in the compost
6. Cooked food waste 6. Pet wastes
7. Kitchen vegetable and fruit peels 7. Ashes
8. Nut shells
9. Leaves and other garden waste
10. Washed seaweed without salt

Why turn compost frequently

As you add new kitchen refuse to your compost bin every day, compost gets formed at the base of the bin. To speeden up the composting process and to allow for the compost material to stay balanced it is important to turn the compost every few days. Use a rake to mix the contents of your compost bin well for better aeration too.

Given that you allow your compost to process in the right conditions, you could be reaping manure in about 1.5 to 2 months.


Indoor Plants Do's and Don'ts

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, many cities in India saw a sudden spike in hobbyists taking up gardening, thanks to the back to back lockdowns. People are all too aware of the need for plants in their homes. With most urban homes being flats and apartments, indoor gardens and plants make more sense. Some of the top reasons why indoor plants have gained popularity during recent times are:

  • They are virtually maintenance-free; house plants need less watering.

  • They beautify indoor spaces and add colour.

  • They purify air, breathe out oxygen, and help you breathe better indoors.

  • They make for low-maintenance pets!

  • Some indoor plants like mint and basil have proven to repel pests for their medicinal properties.

  • They help manage stress caused by work and everyday monotony brought on lockdowns.

  • They give people a sense of purpose and offer a distraction from the news.

There is no denying that indoor house plants bring a much-needed vigour and colour through tough times, and they are needed now more than ever.

That said, though taking care of indoor plants is easy and they require less maintenance, there are certain do’s and don’ts to raising them; let us discuss them in detail.

The do’s of indoor plants

Understand the watering needs of your house plant.

First, read up on the plant's nutritional needs like water and manure. Every plant is unique and the needs of your various house plants may vary from one another. This is especially important when it comes to watering indoor plants. Most indoor plants don’t need constant watering. However, look out for not-so-direct signs of underwatering like dry tips. One of the easiest ways to recognize if the houseplant needs water is by sticking your finger one to two inches into the soil. If the soil feels dry, then your plant may need water.

Know the ideal conditions for your houseplant

including temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Most house plants thrive in temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 deg F and need less watering. However, good airflow is important for indoor plants to grow well as they cannot withstand condensation. Dust buildup is also a well-known enemy to houseplants. Check the leaves of indoor plants frequently to know their health status.

Does your indoor plant get enough light?

The light required by houseplants to thrive changes from one variety to another. So it is important to know beforehand what would be ideal for your plant. Most houseplants except for cacti and succulents grow well in indirect light conditions. For instance, a houseplant placed near a west-facing window grows better than when placed near east-facing walls or windows. Some signs of over or under lit plants are blackening or yellowing of leaves.

Use the right soil type and container for your houseplant.

When you buy a houseplant, they probably arrive in small containers. It is important to change the container on time to allow for roots to develop properly. One would also need to take the time to research the right soil mix for houseplants. Most succulents need loose soil to grow well. Many houseplants are capable of thriving in just water. In such cases, change water frequently to avoid odours or mosquito breeding. If you want to make use of fancy plant holders, then make sure there is a proper drainage system to get rid of excess water from the container. It would be best to invest in self-watering containers. There are many DIY tutorials available to make self-watering containers from waste that you can get a look at.

Reward your plants from time to time with fertilizers.

Most indoor flowering plants may need manure, fertilizers and added nutrition for better yield. Even the non-flowering plants look prettier and produce more attractive leaves when you feed them with fertilizers, enzymes, and other nutrients. This is especially important because houseplants are severely restricted from getting nutrients, unlike outdoor plants. Rains, bio-waste, and better-rooting systems allow outdoor plants to source their nutritional needs. But houseplants are disadvantaged in this case, which is why it is important to feed your plant pets healthily now and then.

The don’ts of indoor plants

Don’t over-water or under-water your houseplant.

If you cannot keep up with watering plants regularly, go for drought-resistant plants like cacti and succulents that can withstand low-water conditions.

Don’t leave a plant at the same place for a long time.

House plants need to be moved around the house time and again for better light and air. If not, you may need to move your plant at least for cleaning the spot better.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by buying a lot of houseplants at the same time.

Start small and spread out slowly only after you make sure you are ready for the commitment.

Don’t go for plants that may need extensive care initially.

Indoor flowering plants need more care than their outdoor counterparts. So learn the ropes before taking big steps.

Taking care of indoor plants is an art and a healthy mental exercise that needs dedication, patience and care, but one with beautiful returns. Indoor plants are a welcome distraction in these difficult times, and there is nothing quite like waking up to your colourful little paradise in the comfort of your home.


4 Tips to Declutter Your Home During Covid

The world as we know it has changed since the CoVid-19 pandemic. From education to weddings, there is a sudden and drastic change in the way we have known life. From one lockdown to another, we have all learned a lot, and most importantly, unlearned a lot too. The threat of imminent danger has given us a whole new perspective on life including materialism. It is safe to say that the pandemic has shown people what is more important, and what isn’t. An unexpected outcome of the shift in perspective has helped bring an important everyday aspect of our lives to the fore: clutter.

With the onset of the first wave, India, like the rest of the world, witnessed a massive spike in stockpiling. What began as ‘storing for rainy days’ quickly devolved into hoarding. The world witnessed record toilet paper sales. In India, creative new ways to disinfect everything from vegetables to groceries for long-term storage were discovered. Blinded by the fear of uncertainty, clutter has become a semi-permanent guest in all our households. At the same time, the longer we are at home, the more we realize how cluttered our homes are. Even after the pandemic, working from home could become a standardized work culture. So getting rid of clutter won’t just be a virtuous weekend activity, but it would also become essential for a stress-free life.


Decluttering has become quite the trend since working from home became the new normal. People took it up because they spent a lot more time at home, staring at the same spaces, walls, and storage spaces. In countries like the USA where professional decluttering services are offered, decluttering companies witnessed a 70% surge in demand. With popular social media phenomena like Konmari and Minimalism picking up pace, the former actively promoted by author and professional declutterer Marie Kondo, there is more awareness than ever. Minimalism is also promoted as a pillar for happiness, and long term stress beater. All these factors have helped people realize the importance of decluttering and its role in a calmer lifestyle.

Why declutter now of all times?

  • Decluttering makes disinfection and cleaning easier.

  • A decluttered workspace, whether at the office or at home, helps improve focus.

  • A decluttered home and home office can help promote productivity.

  • Getting rid of clutter can help improve mood by reducing stress and rendering a sense of accomplishment.

  • Decluttering the home can help save money by giving us a truthful account of what is needed and what isn’t.

  • Decluttering also gives us the opportunity to look back and cherish old memories that have long been forgotten in the attic or a cupboard.

  • An interesting outcome of decluttering is better sleep. All the aforementioned reasons indirectly contribute to deeper zzzs.

    • Precautions to take when decluttering

      1. As recreational and relieving decluttering is, it is equally important to match your enthusiasm with safety

      2. Wear masks and gloves throughout the time you take to declutter.

      3.Make sure you stay away from dust and dirt as even harmless colds could hit false alarms during these times.

      4. Take extra care when dumping or passing on the clutter.

      4 tips to declutter your home during COVID

      The art of tidying up is a tedious one without the right precautions. Here we give you 4 important tips to remember before you begin decluttering, especially during the pandemic:

      1. Start small

      Work feels a lot more like ‘work’ when professionals are tied to their desks at home. With the never-ending chores, the endless pile of dirty dishes, laundry that is begging to be folded and put away, decluttering shouldn’t become another chore pressing on you during an already hectic day. So before you make the leap, pick a less busy day. Spend just 30 minutes a day and take baby steps.

      2. Declutter small sections

      Decluttering can quickly become an overwhelming process for many. It is a process that can tire you mentally and physically. This is perhaps the reason why most decluttering ideas revolve around starting with small sections. Pick a cupboard on the first day, and then proceed towards bigger spaces.

      3. Use the three-box system

      The three-box system involves categorizing the clutter into three distinct categories, viz., throw away, put away and give away. The throw-away category is for the stuff that won’t benefit you or others; they need to be disposed of. The put-away category of clutter is to keep for yourself. You may need them later, so you could store them safely until the next time you need them. The give away pile is what you could donate to the needy, or people actively looking for hand downs. The three-box system is an effective way to declutter that many people swear by.

      4. Clean up after decluttering

      Take time to clean the spaces you declutter as soon as you can. This is one of the reasons to start small as cleaning big spaces after decluttering isn’t viable. Cleaning out decluttered space is important to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt.

      Do remember to disinfect and sanitize all the stuff you look to donate and dispose of. If you are donating some of your items, make sure to inform the receiving party to sanitize them before using them. The same rule applies to the items you dispose of as you never know whose hands they may end up in.

      In these gloomy times, it is important to pursue anything that may lift your spirit. And if decluttering feels like your soul’s calling, then so be it. Happy decluttering!


5 Reasons to Choose a Home Close to Your Workplace

Are you searching for a perfect location to buy a house? You would find hundreds of listings in your city, but how to find the right location that meets all your needs? While it is difficult to satisfy all the conditions, you can certainly look for the most convenient locality offering easy access to your work location. Living in a house just 5 minutes away from your office sounds like a dream, isn't it? It lets you save commute time and fuel expenses. You don’t have to drive for long hours in traffic and spend your energy on travel. Thankfully, builders now consider these aspects while planning to launch new projects. You can find various housing projects located near major IT parks, government offices and reputed educational institutions. The demand for housing near these landmarks is always high. Choosing to live close to your office has numerous benefits.

Let us see what are the major advantages of living close to where you work.

1.Save Time & Fuel Cost

2.More Personal Time

3.Enhanced Productivity

4.Good Work-Life Balance

5.Improved Health

1. Save Time & Fuel Cost

Commuting for long hours in traffic every day will take away a lot of your precious time. The longer the journey, the more time you will be wasting. When you stay next to your workplace, the travel time and the cost of transportation gets reduced. Thus by opting to live in a house near your work, you can save your time as well as fuel cost. You can forget the hassles caused by traffic jams during peak office hours and reach your office right on time.

2. More Personal Time

As already mentioned, living near your office can help you save a lot of time. This means that you can enjoy more quality time with your family and loved ones after work hours. Reaching back from work early gives you an opportunity to unwind and engage in some of your hobby activities. Investing time for self-care is very crucial for every individual’s personal development. Working parents can enjoy more time bonding with their kids and make life more meaningful.

3. Enhanced Productivity

It may sound surprising but it’s proven that having your home near to the office helps you to be a better employee. There are many factors that can directly impact your productivity and travel time to your office is one of them. Living a few blocks away from your office gives you the convenience of reporting to work despite bad weather conditions and roadblocks. You can also volunteer to work for a few hours on a holiday or a weekend in case of an urgent work requirement at the office. When you are available during critical times, the company will consider you as a reliable and valuable resource.

4. Good Work-Life Balance

It is not easy to strike a good balance between work life and personal life. Often we tend to get stressed when we don’t get enough time to relax and talk to our family. Work and family can go hand in hand if you are living near to your office. In such a case, you don’t have to wake up early in the morning to leave for work and you get enough time to prepare your meals and take care of your children. Everything will fall in place when you have some extra time for your personal work. So without a doubt, living near your workplace makes your life smooth & hassle-free.

5. Improved Health

Last but not the least, nothing is as important as living a healthy lifestyle. Reducing your travel time and exposure to environmental pollution will have a positive impact on your body. For instance, if your office is at a walkable distance from your home, you can have a daily walk which gives the added benefit of exercise also. If you know cycling, that’s another option to travel to your office. All these physical movements will help you to stay fit and healthy. Walking and cycling also have proven benefits for your mental wellness also. It is a good way of beating stress and anxiety. Another major advantage is that you can also consider coming back home for lunch and avoid eating processed food from restaurants.

Now you know how beneficial it is to choose a home near your workplace. Always consider the location aspect when you are searching for a property. The gated community projects launched by Victoria Realtors offer easy access to major city landmarks like offices, schools, hospitals, etc making it easy for working professionals to commute to work. You can browse through our latest range of villa projects here.


Tips to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready

Rains bring great relief to the scorching summer heat and it's a much-awaited season for most of us. The smell of wet earth and refreshing greenery after a shower fills our hearts will joy. However, it’s a season which causes a lot of damage to our homes. Be it leakages, waterlogging, fungus or other structural defects, there are many challenges that homeowners encounter during the rainy season. Excess water and dampness can create a favourable environment for the growth of algae and mold inside the home. These can in turn cause many health problems like allergy, asthma, skin irritation, bronchitis, etc for you and your family. So it is better to be informed about the possible challenges so that you can take the necessary precautions before the season starts.

Whether you are living in your own home or a rental home, there are certain things you can do to minimize the damage caused by the rains. Here are some practical tips to make your home monsoon ready.

  • Inspect your drainage system and if you find any leakages, get them fixed immediately.

  • Ensure that all the doors and windows are closing properly without any gaps through which water may get inside.

  • Clear the debris from all drainage holes regularly to avoid water logging in areas like terrace and balconies. You can also make use of drain cleaning chemicals for this purpose.

  • If you notice dampness on the walls or ceiling, get professional help to find the cause and fix it immediately.

  • High moisture content in the atmosphere can damage your wooden furniture. You can apply a fresh coat of varnish to protect them during the monsoons.

  • Most of the wooden doors get swollen during the rainy season due to excess moisture absorbed by wood and this issue can be resolved by seeking help from a carpenter

  • Heavy floor carpets look beautiful in your room but during the rainy season it is not advisable to keep them as they absorb a lot of moisture and allergens. So roll up these carpets and store them away during the rainy season.

  • Inspect the electrical system of your house well in advance and make sure that the wires and sockets are properly insulated. If you find any damages, get help from an experienced electrician.

  • Protect your clothes from dampness by keeping camphor balls or moisture absorbing sachets inside the wardrobes.

  • Wipe off the mold and fungal growth from interior walls and cupboards regularly with a dry cotton cloth.

  • If you are planning to paint your house, choose a waterproof paint solution that can prevent water seepage. It is ideal to finish off the painting work prior to the onset of monsoons.

  • Inspect the roof of your house and if you find any cracks in plastering get it repaired without delay.

  • If you have a terrace garden, ensure that the drainage hole is clear and allows proper flow of water through the pipes. Water accumulation on the terrace can damage your house badly.

  • Consider installing shades for areas like balcony, verandah and windows to prevent excess rainwater from getting inside the house.

  • Consult an expert to carry out waterproofing for your house which can help you to save cost on repairs and maintenance works. It is better to prevent the damages than to pay a hefty amount of money for frequent repairs.

Listening to the sound of raindrops and watching the evergreen beauty of our land in the rainy season is a beautiful experience in itself. By taking the above precautions you can also make your home look welcoming and cozy even while it's pouring heavily. Moreover, it helps you to be prepared for the season change and save a lot of money in the long run. Sit back in your favourite place and enjoy the rains!


Why Thrissur Is The Best Place For Property Investment

Thrissur, also known as the cultural capital of Kerala, has emerged as a sought-after destination for real estate investments. The lush green ambiance, gorgeous rivers, year-round cultural events and historic landmarks make this city ideal for a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. It is also a popular tourist destination in Kerala which attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Thrissur Pooram, a world-famous temple festival, takes place in this city every year. Thrissur is a flourishing business hub housing various high-class shopping malls and other commercial establishments. With excellent infrastructure facilities and great connectivity, the demand for housing properties in Thrissur is witnessing exponential growth.

Here are the top reasons for buying a property in Thrissur.

Enjoy High ROI

A successful property investment is one that guarantees high returns in the future. Houses for sale in Thrissur are usually easy to buy and sell owing to their high demand in the market. These homes witness excellent value appreciation and promise higher profit for the buyers. The real estate market in Thrissur is rapidly growing and plenty of buyers are waiting to settle down in this city.

Great Connectivity

Thrissur lies in the central part of Kerala and it is almost equidistant from the Southern and Northern parts of the state. It is a connecting spot for people travelling from other cities in Kerala like Trivandrum, Kochi, Palakkad, Calicut, etc. Thrissur is just an hour’s drive away from Kochi, the economic capital of Kerala, making it an ideal location for IT professionals and businessmen. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport. Thrissur is a very commuter-friendly city with frequent bus and train services operating 24/7.

Scenic Surroundings

From lush green forests and hilltops to serene waterfalls and rivulets, Thrissur is surrounded by picturesque locations. It is a perfect home for nature lovers, especially those who want to stay away from the noise of the cities. Athirappilly waterfalls, Vilangan Hills, Snehatheeram Beach, Ezhattumugham Prakriti Gramam, Munakkal Beach, Chimmini Dam, etc are some of the beautiful places to visit in the Thrissur district. Living in a calm and laid-back environment gives you a chance to live tension-free.

Art, Culture & Traditions

Thrissur is a melting pot of art and culture where artists and art lovers unite. The city plays host to a variety of cultural festivals and art events such as theatres, traditional dance, cinema, Kathakali, & much more. It is an ideal place for cultural exchange and learning new art forms of Kerala. The Kerala Kalamandalam, the prestigious university of Art & Culture, is located in Thrissur district. The town is dotted by many historic museums, temples and palaces of the ancient era. Living in such a vibrant city.

Friendly Community

Thrissur is a town which is known for its friendly natives and their wonderful hospitality. A good neighbourhood is the most welcoming sign for a homebuyer. With community living being so popular in Kerala now, you can consider living in a gated villa project in Thrissur enjoying a joyful lifestyle with plenty of like-minded neighbours. Gated villas also give your children a happy & pleasant childhood experience, as they can make friends with children in the same community. Life becomes hassle-free when you have good neighbours who are just a call away. Considering the safety aspects, social life and emotional well-being, Thrissur is the most ideal location to call home.

Explore the new villa projects in Thrissur by Victoria Realtors, offering a modern living experience in a beautiful residential locality. Our homes are placed in some of the most well-connected spots in the city with easy access to schools, hospitals, bus stands & railway stations. You are welcome to visit our project site and find your dream home.


Tips For Styling a Small Guest Room in Your Home

Are you a great host who likes to have guests coming over? Do you have an extra room that can serve the purpose of a guest room? With some creative design ideas, you can also make the most of your space to create a dreamy guest room in your home. It doesn’t matter whether your room is small or large, but it all depends on how well you style it. If you like to make your guests feel at home and give them a cosy space to sleep over, then read on these tips for styling a small guest room.

Less is More

Stick to minimalism, especially if your room is small. Never clutter your guest room with unnecessary furniture and decorative items. Keep a minimalistic approach while choosing the furniture for your guest room. A cosy bed, a side table, a sleek wardrobe, and a comfy chair are the basic things that can go in. Overall, the room should look airy & spacious without accommodating too many things.

Add a Bookshelf

Nothing like a good book and a quiet place to relax after a tiring day. It’s a thoughtful gesture to keep some books & magazines in the guest room to let your visitors know that you really care about their comfort. Invest in a good bookshelf for the guest room so that you can stock up some of your favourite reads in there. Another alternative is to mount sturdy wall shelves to keep books and other small decor pieces that you like.

Play with Colors

The guest room is a place where you can play with your imagination and experiment with colours. Jazz up the space by creating an accent wall with bright wall colour or designer wallpaper. Consider having white or neutral colour wall paint, as these shades will make the room look larger and more spacious. Or maybe throw in some colourful pillows and cushions on the bed to create a contrast. You can even add beautiful designer curtains which will enhance the aesthetics of the guest room and make it look absolutely gorgeous. The options are endless; it is up to you to choose whatever satisfies your mind.

Refreshing Greens

Who wouldn’t stop to admire the beauty of plants inside a home? Woo your guests by placing some charming indoor plants inside the guest room. Ideally, you can choose from the vast variety of air-purifying plants such as snake plants, money plants, spider plant, Lucky bamboo, Chinese evergreen, Peace Lily, etc. Plants make any dull corner look beautiful and they instantly create a positive vibe to the atmosphere. For larger pots, you can use a wooden or metal plant stand.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider while designing a room for your guests. Mood lighting is in vogue nowadays as it sets a hotel-like ambience in the house. With a variety of lighting options available in the market, you can also make your visitors fall in love with your room. Bedside table lamps, sconces and wall lamps are great choices for guest rooms. Besides these, pendant lamps, chandeliers and false ceiling lights can also look great in your guest room.

Keep these tips in mind while decorating the guest room, and we can vouch that your guests will never feel like leaving your home. Thankfully, all these ideas are affordable and practically easy. So the good news is that, without burning a hole in your pocket, you can impress your visitors.

Liked these ideas? Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.


Tips to Achieve Perfect Work From Home Balance

Work from home has become the new normal ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now clear that working from home is going to be with us for a while. Achieving harmony between your work life and personal life is easier said than done. It is almost impossible to work without distractions when you are in a homely environment. Many factors like lack of proper workspace, limited or no social interaction, lack of routine, etc can severely affect your body & mind during this crisis.

Are you facing a lot of stress and anxiety while working from home? Are you having trouble maintaining good productivity at work? If you are someone who is trying to figure out ways to de-stress and achieve a good work-life balance, then the following tips are for you.

1. Define Boundaries

While you are at home, you end up doing too many things at one time and as a result, you may end up burned out. So it’s always good to define clear boundaries between your workspace and your family space. One way to make this happen is to have a dedicated workspace where you can sit alone and focus on your work. It is okay to keep the door closed while you are working. Also, try to work during the usual office hours even while working from home. This will allow you to unwind and spend some peaceful time with family. It may not be easy to do this at one go, but gradually you can achieve a fine balance.

2. Stick to a Routine

Managing a home along with a full-time work from home job definitely requires a lot of planning. It is not like the regular office routine where you get to work in a neat and organized office environment. People who are working from home have a tendency to postpone tasks, and completing them gets even more difficult later on. So experts say that it is crucial to stick to a set routine every day rather than doing things randomly. You can increase your productivity by creating and following a daily work schedule. Set your login and log out hours and try to complete your tasks within this timeline. Inform your colleagues and family members about your work schedule and it will help you achieve better work coordination.

3. Take Breaks Often

You may have a feeling that you are always in the comfort zone while you are working from home. But in reality, it is not true. You miss various aspects of your normal life, shopping, meeting friends, traveling and much more. While you are at home, you have no option to meet people and socialize. Remote work option has made our lives monotonous and uneventful. You keep moving on from one task to another and life goes on. With small children and aged parents at home, a majority of the working professionals are finding it difficult to cope with stress during the lockdown. A good solution to this growing concern is to have enough breaks. Just like working in an office, take short breaks from work and do things you enjoy such as reading, walking, listening to music, or gardening. Remember to give yourself time to reflect, recharge, and rejuvenate your mind & body.

4. Make Time for Exercise

Physical exercise has taken a back seat in our lives now owing to many reasons like lack of routine, laziness, depression, etc. We all are constantly on the go and hardly take time to care for our body. Exercise is an excellent way to achieve work-life balance while working from home. Exercise is not only important for our physical well-being but is also highly beneficial for our mental wellness. If you have been skipping your exercise routine all these days, it’s high time you restart it. Daily exercise can include any activity such as walking, running, yoga or cardio workout. Exercise results in the release of endorphins, which will relieve your stress and enhance your mood. You can even play your favourite sport every morning for a few minutes to feel energised for the day.

5. Eat Meals On Time

Work from home routine has given rise to unhealthy food habits for most people. With a variety of snacks and junk food available just a call away, you may even forget to have your lunch or dinner on a working day. Stick to a proper meal plan and try to avoid the consumption of fried snacks and fast food while working at home. Make a healthy meal plan for your family and yourself and try to follow it every day. Your work-life highly depends on the type of food you eat and the mealtime. Consider following your official lunch break and tea break hours for a healthy lifestyle. Also, remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

6. Communicate With People

Lack of support and understanding is the major problem that you may face while working remotely. With virtual meetings and phone conversations happening every day, we have almost forgotten how to interact with people. Lack of communication can cause a lot of issues at the work front as well in personal life. Keep some time to talk to your family members every day as it will help them understand you better. Also, interact more with your managers and co-workers to maintain a cordial relationship. Right communication is the key to achieving work from home harmony.

Remote work has its pros and cons, it is up to you to find that fine balance between both and make the job easier. The major benefit of working from home is that it gives you the freedom to manage your time and work. We hope these tips will help you stay productive and stress-free while working from home.


Best Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

Giving a fresh new look to your living room doesn’t mean you have to shell out a large amount of money and wait for weeks to get the renovation done. With some simple and thoughtful design tricks, you can perform an inexpensive living room makeover in a day or two.

Are you bored of seeing the same old living room every day when you wake up? Let’s get this sorted out in the easiest way possible. Monotony in life is real and it gets even worse when you live in the same place without much change happening around. We all love to have a change, but fear that it may require a lot of our effort and time. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to spruce up your living room without burning a hole in your pocket. Swap some furniture from other rooms, hang a new piece of art or repurpose antique articles to re-define the style of your home. Get ready to fall in love with your living room yet again.

Here are some super simple and creative ideas to refresh your living room.

Change the window treatments

Nothing like a fresh pair of curtains to make your living room come alive. Go with the seasonal trend and pick up a floral print or a soft cotton one in a pastel shade. The options are endless when it comes to restyling the window treatments. Apart from curtains, you can also try stylish blinds that are elegant and functional at the same time. Every living room is defined by the colors combinations that you choose. So make sure that you choose prints and patterns that compliment your room decor.

Roll out a stylish new rug

The easiest way to refresh any space is to bring a statement rug to adorn the floor. Be it near your sofa or the TV unit, a rug can add more warmth and cosiness to the room. So if you are longing to dress up your living room don’t hesitate to experiment with area rugs that come in different colors and patterns. Nowadays hand-woven rugs made of cotton and jute are in vogue. These materials are easy to manage and clean, unlike the traditional heavy carpets that we used to have in our homes.

Create an accent wall

Everyone likes to have some pops of colour when it comes to decorating the home. Creating an accent wall is one of the most widely used methods to jazz up the living room. An accent wall refers to a wall that is different color, design or material from the other walls around the room. And the best part is that you can do it yourself at a minimum cost. Apply a fresh coat of colorful paint and decorate the wall with artworks or photographs of your family and then you are good to go. Another simple method you can try is sticking designer wallpaper on one of the walls. Removable wallpapers of different size and patterns are easily available in the market at an affordable price.

Restyle the cushions & throws

Throws and cushions are essential elements that make a living room complete and perfect. Just like the curtains, you can consider changing the cushion covers and throws every few weeks to match your mood and season. Decorate your couch or sofa with cushions in vibrant shades like yellow, blue or red. While changing the covers, make sure that you pick up shades that match the sofa color. Throws are also a beautiful addition to your living room as they enhance the aesthetics of the space and make it look more welcoming.

Swap the furniture and decor

One of the easiest techniques to redecorate your home is to swap items from one room to another. And this applies to the living room as well. Be it the furniture, plants or decorative articles, you can experiment a lot with swapping stuff. For instance, shift some of the plants from your garden to your living room to bring a zen vibe. Or you can also create a relaxing reading nook for yourself with a floor seating and a low table. You can switch and swap the decor according to your mood and yes it will feel really good.

Repurposed Wall Art

What’s a living room without a touch of art? Get creative with old stuff lying useless in your home to create a dreamy living room. With so many DIY ideas available on the internet, you can try repurposing things like wicker baskets, ceramic plates or even discarded fabric. Convert old handwoven shawls or saree pieces to beautiful wall tapestries that create a sassy vibe to your space. Another idea is to make beautiful wall frames with your favourite quotes. You can even create a gallery wall with vintage movie posters or photographs. All these little additions will help you transform your living room to a place you always dreamt of.

The conclusion is that refreshing your living room doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of investment and time. All you need is a creative mind and some prior planning. You can keep the costs minimum by using the stuff you already have at home. Also, ensure that you don’t clutter your room with a lot of unwanted materials. So why wait? Try these out and make your room look as good as new.


5 Smart Tips for Designing Your Home Office

With working from home being part of the new normal, most of the people have now adapted to the home office model. If you are a working professional, you know how challenging it is to get your job done from the home environment.

Are you looking for some inspiration to create a WFH set up for yourself? That’s exactly what you will find here. Whether it is a separate office room or just a corner of your living room where you wish to set up a home office, you can easily get it done without much effort and extra investment. Having a neat and dedicated work space is something that you must never overlook. A well-organized and comfortable work station will help you stay motivated and concentrate on your tasks. Sitting on a couch near the TV with your office laptop may seem to be very relaxing but in the long run this practice will damage your body. We know that you need a little help to get started and so here are some practical tips to design your WFH space.

1. Find the Right Spot

First things first, go ahead and choose a comfortable location for your WFH area. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or large independent bungalow, choosing the ideal location is of utmost importance. Make sure that the spot serves the purpose and gives you enough space to place your work desk & chair. Choosing the spot depends on the nature of your work and your personal preferences. For example, if you need some extra privacy it is better to choose a room which is not frequently used by other members of your family. Whereas if you are a working mother and would like to keep an eye on your children, then place your home office accordingly.

2. Ensure Good lighting

Good lighting will not only help you see better but it will also give you some energy boost to work better. A well-ventilated space emanates so much positivity and good vibes. Try to position your home office near a window facing your garden to ensure maximum lighting and a good view. WFH gives you the flexibility to choose natural lighting or artificial lighting. If your room doesn’t bring in enough sunlight, then consider installing a ceiling light or a floor lamp to do the purpose. If you have a habit of working late into the night, then a good quality table lamp will be ideal.

3. Good posture matters


We know that you may often feel tempted to sit on the sofa or the bed with the laptop. But is that good for you? No it is not. We recommend you to choose a work desk which is wide enough to accommodate your PC or laptop and other accessories like printer, keyboard, etc. Choose a desk with at least 48-50 inches width and 28-30 inches height. An height adjustable office chair is something you must consider buying if you don’t have one at home. A good sitting posture will save you from chronic back and neck pain, spondylosis, spinal problems, etc.

4. Clear the clutter

Believe it or not, a clean and clutter-free workspace can enhance your work productivity. Wires hanging around your work space, papers, stationary, etc can make your home office look crowded and messy. Such a messy workspace will create more anxiety and will cause a lot of distractions while working. So get rid of all the unwanted stuff and tidy up your WFH station before you sit down to work. A few smart organizing hacks can help you reduce this clutter and create a welcoming work station in your home.

Consider adding smart storage shelves and cabinets near your work desk to keep books, files and other materials out of sight. Choose wireless devices like keyboard, mouse & router to reduce the number of wires. Accessories like grommet, cord tamer, storage racks, desk organizers, etc can be used to put things in place and reduce visual clutter.

5. Add a Touch of Personalization


One of the biggest perks of having a home office space is that you can design it the way you like it. You can introduce a touch of personalization by hanging good photographs, art works, your favourite quotes, your awards or anything you fancy. Such personal decorations not only creates positive vibes around you but will also motivate you to work better. If you are a plant lover, don’t hesitate to bring in some indoor plants because plants add a lot of freshness and calm to the environment. While you are at it, don’t overdo and stuff a lot of things to the WFH station. Keep it simple and minimal for a classy look.

Home offices can be large or small depending upon what type of property you are living in. If your home is large and spacious you have a great opportunity to design a dedicated office room for yourself. The key to choosing the right home office space depends a lot on your nature of work as we mentioned earlier. Whether you want to modify your existing workstation or create a new space, then go ahead and start implementing these tips we have shared. We hope that you will make the most of these ideas to create your dream work space at home.


How to create the perfect study room for your kids

With virtual learning and online classes being part of the new normal, life has become hectic and stressful for both parents and children alike. In most of the homes, kids are being confined to the four walls of the house while their parents are busy working. Creating a dedicated study room for children is the need of the hour and it is something many parents overlook. Young minds need a positive ambience at home conducive to learning. Every child deserves a neat and well-organized study room to attend classes and perform their routine learning activities. With some quick planning and restructuring, you can also create a perfect study room for your kids without much effort. If you are all set, follow these tips to create a room that your kids will fall in love with.

  • Pick the right furniture
  • Good lighting & ventilation
  • Colorful walls & decor
  • Keep it organized
  • Useful accessories

Pick the right furniture

Setting up a kids room starts with choosing the right furniture according to your child’s age. Instead of cluttering the room with heavy things, it is always ideal to pick only the most necessary things like a study table, chair, a cot and some storage cabinets. Nowadays you can find a lot of innovative and space-saving furniture models in the market such as a storage bed with drawers. While buying a study table and chair, ensure that it is the right height for your child. A straight and comfortable seating ensures the right posture for the child.

Good lighting and ventilation

Nothing is as important as the lighting in a study room. A well-lit space radiates positivity and creates an ideal environment for studying. While selecting a study room, always consider good ventilation and lighting. A room with many windows is ideal for children as it will ensure good air circulation and a healthy atmosphere. Bright lamps and lights are necessary for those little eyes to read and write comfortably. Studying and reading for long hours will create stress to their eyes. Consider placing a reading lamp on the table.

Colourful walls & decor

Light shades like pink, sky blue, off-white, etc are ideal for the walls of a kid’s room. You can also apply pastel shades which are soft on the eyes. Flashy and fluorescent shades are not suitable for little eyes. Introduce some pretty decorations like wall stickers, animal pictures, etc to jazz up the space. Temporary wallpapers and wall stickers are easily available in online stores nowadays. Consider placing some good photographs of the child to bring a touch of personalization.

Keep it organized

A messy room is synonymous with a messy mind. The more you organize, the more you feel good being in a space. Starting from a young age, children should be taught how to keep their room neat and organized. This will encourage them to continue this habit even when they are grown up. Having a clutter-free space motivates your child to learn without any distractions. Even if you do not have an entire room dedicated to your child, you can still make a study space in one corner of any other room. Get some desk organizers to keep the stationary in place. Store all the books neatly in book racks or shelves making it easy for your kids to find them.

Useful accessories

When you are almost done, don’t forget to add some useful learning accessories to the study room. Things like a whiteboard with marker, computer, pin-up boards, storage racks, etc are necessary for your growing champs. With the advent of online learning, gadgets like laptops and tablets have become indispensable for school children. Avoid giving children mobile phones and small-sized gadgets for learning. Instead, you can set up a desktop computer or a laptop with a widescreen for their online classes. Remember to keep the electrical outlets and wires out of children’s reach.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips were helpful for you and your family. Now that we have given you a good idea about how to create an ideal study room for kids, you can start implementing these at your home right away. A fun and lively study room will not only set the perfect mood for learning but will also make learning enjoyable for your little ones. A well-organized study room helps your children to develop a routine and daily habit of completing their assigned tasks. Give them the space that they deserve and you will see everything at home falling in place very soon.


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Compact House

With changing lifestyles and choices, compact houses are increasingly becoming popular among home buyers as they offer more flexibility and convenience.

Compact homes are back in trend in the real estate market as more people are now willing to compromise on size for a better location and attractive prices. Smaller homes in a well-connected locality are perfect for young millennials who are planning to buy their first home. Owing to today’s busy lifestyle, most of the working professionals are looking for homes with low maintenance and investment. Moreover, with the availability of small gated villas offering round-the-clock security, recreation spaces and other lifestyle amenities, you can now enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle without burning a hole in your pocket. While you may be wondering why compact homes are so trending now we have found some solid reasons that make it clear.

Let us now see what are the benefits of living in a compact house.

  • Smaller is affordable
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Better location
  • High rental demand

Smaller is affordable

It is always easier to start small when it comes to property investments. The major advantage of owning a smaller house is that you can cut down your investment burden. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time homebuyer or someone who is planning to make a second investment, a compact home is the best option as they are less pricey. People from lower and middle-income segments are always on the lookout for affordable homes. Owning a small budget-friendly home is better than paying monthly rent as you will get easy home loans with small EMIs. Realtors are now focusing more on the compact housing segment considering this growing demand.

Less maintenance

Living in a 2000 or 3000 square feet home can invite more expenses in terms of maintenance and repair as compared to small-sized homes. Whether it is the painting work, leakages or general upkeep, you will need to spend more money every time you call the service people. To be precise, a smaller home will have only fewer issues that you need to fix in the long run. So to save yourself from all these hassles it is better to invest in a good quality home with a lesser area. Compact villas are the best options as they also offer on the call maintenance services for the residents. Moreover, if you wish to have some modifications, the efforts will be minimal if it is a small home.

Easy to clean

The lesser the area of the house, the easier it is to manage the routine cleaning. We all know that house cleaning takes a lot of our time and energy. In smaller homes, you tend to store only the most necessary things due to limited space. Thus staying in a compact home saves you a lot of effort and helps you to effortlessly perform the decluttering. On the other hand, if you are living in a large house you will have more stuff stacked in your rooms and it becomes a menace to arrange everything neatly. This is the main reason why working professionals are preferring compact houses over larger houses.

Better location

Living in a spacious home in a remote location may sound very fascinating but when it comes to the practical side, smaller homes close to your workplace is always the most ideal choice. Especially if you are a nuclear family with small children living in a large independent house can become a disaster with a lack of social life and interaction with neighbours. Compact homes in a gated community are an ideal choice for small families as it promises an enjoyable lifestyle along with many like-minded neighbours. Both children and elders will feel more comfortable living in a secure gated community rather than in large secluded houses away from the city. Gated communities are strategically located near to day to day facilities like schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc ensuring maximum convenience for the residents.

High rental demand

Smaller homes in prime locations attract people looking for rental homes. Most of the tenants look for the convenience of travelling to work when they search for a rental home. There is a huge demand for homes or villas located close to offices, schools, hospitals and other landmarks. Investing in a small-sized house within the city will ensure you great returns in future as you can earn a good amount from the monthly rent. Smaller homes in a sought-after locality give you the flexibility to live or rent depending upon your choice.

Apart from these, other factors such as ease of getting a home loan, lower EMI burden and tax charges also encourage buyers to consider investing in a small house. With the growing demand in the compact housing segment, many realtors are introducing small homes at affordable prices. Being one of the largest villa developers in South India, Victoria Realtors offer a range of compact houses for sale in some of the best residential localities in Palakkad and Ottapalam. These gated villas are ideal investments for your future as they promise great resale value and value appreciation. If you are looking for a house below 1500 sq ft area, explore our various villa projects here.


Why the Best Time to Buy a House is Now?

With lowest home loan interest rates, affordable property prices and amazing festive discounts going on, it is as clear as day that now is the perfect time to invest in a new home.

Are you planning to purchase a new home with a home loan? If yes, then look no further as now is indeed the best time to do so. The prevailing economic crisis in India has brought about many changes in the real estate market. For example, this year, the home loan interest rates have touched a historic low for the first time in the last 15 years. Also, the property prices have become more affordable now, making home buying easier for common man. In addition to these favourable aspects, there are plenty of attractive festive offers and special discounts that buyers can take advantage of during this season.

Owning a home is a lifetime achievement and an important milestone in your life. So it is better to invest when the time is favourable than to keep your plans waiting for long.

We have listed below the top reasons why we say that now is the best time to buy a new home.

Lowest Home Loan Interest Rates

Almost all the leading banks in India have reduced their home loan interest rates during the COVID-19 season. The lower the interest rate the lower the interest to be paid and monthly EMI amount. For instance, Kotak Mahindra Bank has recently reduced the interest on home loan to 6.75 percent a year, probably the lowest rate currently available. State Bank of India is now offering home loans at interest rates as low as 6.9% starting for a loan amount of up to Rs 30 Lakhs. This is the historic low when compared to the rates in the last few years. HDFC Bank also has reduced interest rates to 6.95% for a loan amount of up to Rs 75 Lakhs. Apart from these banks various other nationalized banks are also attractive interest rates below 8%. So wait no further as this is the right time to avail a home loan for those who are dreaming about owning a home.

Availability of Affordable Housing

Experts say that property prices are now at the lowest and chances are less that it will get reduced any further than this. Buying a home has become more affordable than the previous years. The good news is that more and more realtors have recently come up with the concept of affordable housing to cater to the lower and middle income segments. With plenty of budget properties available for sale in Kerala, today home buying is not just reserved for the upper class people. Owning a home is a basic right for an individual and considering this need, developers like Victoria Realtors are offering affordable gated villa homes across many cities in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. You can even buy a 2 or 3 bedroom villa with modern amenities at prices as low as 30 lakhs. With home loan EMI facilities at affordable rates it makes sense to buy a new home than to stay in a rental home forever. Now most of the banks are offering 80-90% home loan financing meaning you will only have to pay 10-2-% down payment while buying a home.

Exciting Festive Offers & Subsidies

Another most attractive aspect for prospective home buyers is that they can swoop in on many exciting festive offers and discounts during this time. Many realtors are offering price offers, exciting gifts & much more. Ready-move-in homes can be booked with zero GST. All these will help you get a great deal of benefits while looking for houses for sale. Moreover, if you are a first-time home buyer from the Middle Income Segment I or II then you can avail interest subsidy of up to Rs 2.67 Lakhs under the PMAY scheme. It is a Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) by government under which middle income group - I (MIG -I) with income between Rs 6 lakh and Rs 12 lakh can avail interest subsidy of 4% and middle income group - II (MIG -II) with income between Rs 12 lakh and 18 lakh can get interest subsidy of 3%. The government has also reduced the stamp duty charges for the benefit of buyers.

The conclusion is that you do not have to wait anymore to start searching for your dream home. In these uncertain times, it is always safe to have a property of your own. You probably won’t get any better deal than this and we advise you to go ahead and find the perfect abode for you & your family. Whether you are planning an investment for the future or want to move to a bigger home you can make use of all the above-mentioned advantages now.


Kid-centric Homes: A Necessity of Urban Living

In this age of urban living, homes equipped with child-friendly amenities and spacious outdoors are more of a necessity than a luxury. Kids-centric homes ensure a safe and hygienic ambience for the growth and overall well-being of children. Hence while searching for a new home it is important to consider the need of your children also.

During the nationwide lockdown that happened due to COVID-19 pandemic, families living in small apartments struggled to manage kids staying indoors all the time. With no space or provisions to play outside or meet their friends, the kids were locked up for months without any entertainment or fun activity. In scenarios like this, living in a kid-centric home comes as a great advantage. Finding a kids-centric home is not that easy as it needs a lot of research and thought process. To make things easier for you let us take a look at the importance of choosing a kids-centric home and its distinguishing features.

Kids-centric homes: The need of the hour

Kid-centric projects is the latest emerging trend in the realty market which focuses on imparting a healthy atmosphere for child development. Most of the people staying in the cities have nuclear families with small children. Working parents are more worried about leaving their children at home while they are at work. Hence kid-centric homes with security and common play areas are the need of the hour as it allows children to step outside in a secure environment and enjoy their playtime. A happy childhood lays the foundation for a happy adulthood. Hence it is vital to provide a healthy and positive environment for children where they can participate in games and indulge in physical activities like cycling.

Features of Kids-centric homes:

Safety & security:

Safety is the first aspect that you need to consider while looking for a kid-centric home. Gated villas are ideal for families with small children as there will be round-the-clock security personnel and other safety measures like CCTV surveillance in place. Both kids and elderly people will feel comfortable and secure staying in gated villas as compared to independent homes. In a gated community, children can friendly neighbour families living next to their house.

Play & recreation:

Congested housing facilities and increased exposure to technology have made children stay away from games that involve physical activity. Popular games like cricket, football and basketball help in the mental and physical growth of children. However, when you are living in high rises chances are more your children get addicted to Television and gadgets. This is severely impacting their health as they are not getting enough daily exercise. Most of the children tend to eat a lot of junk food when they are inside the home watching cartoons and tv shows. If you are choosing to live in a gated villa community, your children can make use of the common play area and cycling tracks within the villa premises itself. Making friends of the same age group is also easy when your kids are part of a gated community.

Location near schools:

Another important feature of a kid-centric home is easy connectivity to schools and educational institutions. Dropping your kids to school and picking them up will go smooth and hassle-free if the distance between home and school is short. Also, travelling for a long distance every day will expose your kids to dust and pollution. So if you are out there looking for an ideal home, choosing a home near to reputed schools & colleges will make things easier for you and your kids. This is the reason why most of the realtors are now developing new villa projects with close proximity to schools.


Kids-centric homes are now trending in the real estate market and will soon be a big hit among home buyers. Investing in a home with tailor-made amenities for children is something that every parent should consider. Such homes meet the growing needs of the family with well-maintained premises, spacious outdoor play areas, strict security surveillance, pollution-free environment,etc. Living in a kid-centric villa makes a significant impact on the holistic wellness of your young ones. It helps to make life stress-life and joyful for kids as well as parents.

Being one of the largest villa developers in South India, Victoria Realtors has developed a range of kid-centric homes across various cities in Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Our residents enjoy a wholesome living environment with a perfect balance of work and leisure.


Smart Tips to Lower Your Home Loan Interest Rates in 2020

A home loan allows you to get closer to the biggest dream in life – owning a home. However, taking a home loan may involve a lot of stress and anxiety as you will be liable to pay the monthly instalments without fail.

Home loan EMIs can take a significant part of your monthly expenses. These EMIs can vary according to the amount of loan availed, loan tenure, etc. If not planned well, you may end up paying a big amount of money every month with added interest. Remember this is not for short term as repaying a home loan takes long years and it will definitely add on to your financial burden during this period. So are you a home loan buyer looking for ways to reduce your interest rates? We understand your concern and that’s why we are here to help you. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to take a new home loan or already availed a home loan. Here are some practical tips to reduce your home loan interest rates.

  • Choose Shorter Loan Tenures
  • Prepayment Facilities
  • Compare the Interest rates
  • Make a Higher Down Payment
  • Keep an Eye on the Offers
  • Refinance with another lender

Let us discuss each in detail now:

Choose Shorter Loan Tenures

One of the best ways to reduce home loan interest rate is to avail shorter loan tenure.

The interest payable will vary according to the loan tenure you are choosing. Even though longer tenures will help you cut down the monthly EMI, you will have to pay more interest if you are choosing 20 or 30 years of loan repayment tenure. You can make use of an online EMI calculator to check how much difference it makes when you are choosing a shorter-term i.e say 10 or 15 years. Consult a loan advisor if you need more clarity on this.

Avail Prepayment Facilities

Prepayment of loans will result in a substantial reduction of outstanding loan amount and also reduces the interest payable.

Pre-payment or foreclosure of home loan allows you to repay your loan either partially or fully before the completion of the loan tenure. If you have surplus money received from a bonus, term deposit or any other investments, you can use this money to make the loan repayment.

Most of the lenders or banks offer prepayment facilities with an additional charge in the case of fixed interest rate loans. However, if you have availed a home loan with floating interest rates, you will not have to pay any prepayment charges. So if you are planning to take a new home loan it is better to go for floating interest rate home loan so that you can avail prepayment facility at no charge.

Compare the Interest rates

In the age of the internet, finding the best interest rates has become much easier than before. All you have to do is check a reliable website such as bankbazaar.com which compares the home loan interest rates of different lenders. It is most important that you gain a clear understanding of the market rates before signing up for a home loan. You can either visit individual bank websites serving your location or visit third party websites. Moreover, you can also get an idea about the loan processing fee levied. Hence, before availing a home loan do thorough online research to check which lender offers you the lowest interest rates.

Make a Higher Down Payment

When it comes to home loans, most of the lenders will finance only up to 80-90 % of the total property value. The remaining 10 or 20% amount will be paid by the borrower as down payment. Most of the borrowers will tend to pay the minimum down payment because they think that it will take away all their savings. However, if you consider the interest rates you will pay in the long run, it is better to make a higher down payment which will reduce the total loan amount and associated interest. To be more precise, the higher the down payment, the lower will be the repayment amount & interest rate.

Keep an Eye on the Offers

Banks and financial institutions offer exciting festive offers and seasonal discounts for interest rates. As a home loan borrower, it is important that you keep track of the ongoing offers to grab the best interest deal.

For example, the PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana) scheme introduced by the government offers up to Rs. 2.67 Lakhs credit-linked interest subsidy for people from the Mid Income Segment I & II. Credit score plays a big role in determining the home loan interest rates. So if you have maintained a fairly good credit history and has a credit score above 800 you may be eligible to get a loan at lower interest rates from the lenders. Moreover, you can also negotiate with a lender if you had been their loyal customer for long and maintain a good rapport. Check with your trusted bank or financial advisor to know your eligibility. Another option is to take a home loan in the name of a female member in your family as banks give interest subsidies for women applicants.

Refinance with another lender

Changing the lender is the last option you can consider to reduce the interest rates. Suppose you have availed a home loan many years ago when the interest rates were considerably high. Now if rates are lower than that you can transfer the loan balance to another bank which offers reduced interest rates. Starting from April 2016, banks offer interest rates based on MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds Lending Rates) as per RBI norms. Unlike the base rate system, this scheme allows the banks to set their own MCLR based on their marginal cost of funds. Any change in the REPO rate will cause a major change in the marginal cost of funds. In short, with the introduction of MCLR scheme borrowers can get the benefits of rate cuts in real-time. Loan transfer can be initiated by contacting your current lender and submitting an application form.

We hope that these tips on how to reduce home loan interest rates were beneficial for you. If you need further assistance on home loans to buy a new house, feel free to get in touch with a property expert at Victoria Realtors.

Looking for an ideal home that fits your budget? You can consider buying a spacious house in Palakkad presented by Victoria Realtors at some of the most beautiful residential localities in Kerala.


9 Ways to Make Your Home Colorful Without Using Paint

Want to do a quick home makeover? We’ll tell you how to add some colours without picking up a paintbrush. Most of the people staying in rental houses will have limited options to redecorate the home as they are not allowed to change the existing wall colours or change the flooring. However, choosing the right decorative elements and furnishings can transform your dull home to a vibrant one. Incorporating bold colours also help to make a smaller space look bigger.

So if you are wondering how to add some vibrant hues to the boring white spaces, try out these simple and budget-friendly ideas shared by home décor experts.

Deck up the walls with large colorful art

A plain white wall in your living room or bedroom can look quite unappealing to the eyes. Bring some life to the walls with a large piece of art which defines your taste. It can be a work of art by your favorite artist or a replica of a popular painting which you admire.

Fill empty spaces with plants

Plants always help to bring freshness and charm to an empty space. Place beautiful indoor plants to redecorate your rooms with shades of green. Choose easy and low maintenance plants which also purify the air inside the home. You can consider using colourful planters as it enhances the beauty of the space.

Make use of temporary wallpapers

We know that sticking wallpaper isn’t an option when you are staying in a rental house. This is why we suggest you go for temporary wallpapers to spruce up your living space. Using peel-and-stick wallpapers available in the market you can create a bright accent wall with floral designs or geometric patterns. The major advantage is that they are easily removable.

Colorful tapestry for the walls

Tapestry refers to a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving colored weft threads. Installing bright and colorful tapestry on the walls is another great alternative to hanging artwork. Nowadays you get plenty of handmade tapestries for sale in home décor shops and online stores. Tapestries add a splash of color, texture and pattern to your rooms.

Introduce colorful lamps

Lighting is one of the most important factors that determine the beauty of your home. If you home features a neutral color tone, try to install vibrant colored pendant lamps or fabric patterned table lamps to brighten up the room. You can choose bright color tones such as turquoise, yellow or red to match with the furnishing.

Roll out a statement floor rug

Bored of seeing the same old flooring? Don’t worry! It’s time to introduce a designer floor rug to enhance the look and feel of your home. Rugs create a cozy and stylish ambiance to a rather boring living room or bedroom. Handloom rugs with geometric patterns and printed designs are trending now. Try to choose the right color that blends in well with other elements in your room.

Choose colorful cushions & pillows

When it comes to decorating your bedroom and living room spaces, cushions and pillows are unavoidable elements. While choosing the covers, don’t think of neutral color tones but rather choose vibrant hues like blue, orange, yellow or red. You can pair up a pastel-colored bedcover with bright, patterned cushions & pillows.

Go for accent furniture

Accent furniture is in vogue nowadays. So if you can’t paint the walls, go for bright painted furniture. If you are planning to buy new furniture, don’t go for the boring brown and beige tones. Investing in a new pair of accent chairs or a sofa for your living room is definitely worth it. This type of furniture not only adds pops of color but will create a contemporary look for your interiors. You can also consider painting your existing chairs or shelves with a bold color to have a quick home revamp.

Bright and Airy Curtains

Last but not the least; a home is incomplete without the right set of curtains that complement well with your furniture. Changing the curtains is a great way of breaking the monotony of a neutral space. Pick curtains made of bright and airy fabric that allows natural air and light to flow in. Curtains are available in all shapes and sizes or you can get them tailor-made for your home.

Revamping your home isn’t a big deal when you can rely on these pocket-friendly and simple home décor hacks. These are perfect for those who are looking for temporary styling techniques for the home. Instead of waiting for many years to change your wall paint go ahead and try the above-mentioned ideas. Following the above hacks gives you the flexibility to alter the setting every time you feel like having a fresh look. We hope that this article was insightful and informative for you.


Questions to Ask Before Buying a Villa in Coimbatore

Coimbatore also is known as ‘Kovai’ is a flourishing industrial hub in South India. The city offers a peaceful living experience with the provision of all modern facilities like shopping malls, premium restaurants, multiplexes, and cinema halls. With a pleasant climate and scenic localities, it is considered as one of the ideal cities in Tamil Nadu for long term living. The city’s rapid industrialization has resulted in a real estate boom over the last few years. Many renowned real estate brands have launched residential projects in the city to meet the growing demand for housing. You can find many luxury villa projects for sale in Coimbatore with state-of-the-art amenities that make life enjoyable and convenient.

Is the villa located in a prime locality?  

The first and foremost aspect to consider is the location of the villa. Whether you are planning to stay in your new villa or rent it out for others, you should make sure that you choose a prime locality in the city with good transport connectivity. If you live in a well-connected locality your life will be hassle-free and comfortable whereas if you choose a property in the suburbs, it will be difficult for you to move around. If you are a working professional then it is better to choose a place near to our workplace and save your travel time.

Are you choosing a reputed builder?  

The next important aspect is the reputation and reliability of the builder you have chosen. You can find a plethora of villa developers in Coimbatore but it is not easy to choose the right one. Always do a background study to understand the history of the brand to avoid any risk in the future. Choose a well-established and renowned builder with a good track record in real estate. You can also check with homebuyers who have previously bought a property from the builder to get genuine feedback.

Is the price of the villa affordable for you?  

Suppose you have zeroed in on a villa home but you are not sure whether you can afford it. This can be a confusing phase as financing is a crucial part of any investment. If you are not able to calculate the budget, you can seek help from a finance expert or a trusted property advisor to know how much money you can afford to invest.  You can also enquire about eligibility for a home loan. Do a comparison of costs with other similar projects to find the right home that fits your budget.

Does the villa come with good amenities?  

One of the major benefits of living in a villa is the provision of security and other complimentary amenities. So when you are choosing a villa home, check what are the amenities that they are offering at the community. Visit the project site to get a clear picture of the locality and the nearby facilities like shops, hospitals, and schools. Also, verify whether there is an uninterrupted supply of water and power to ensure a comfortable living.

Does the builder provide maintenance services?  

Most of the reputed builders are now offering home maintenance and repair services to the residents. This is an important factor to consider because once you move into the new home; you will get instant support if there is an urgent repair or maintenance needed for the property. A good villa developer will always ensure that their services are offered to their customers even after the home buying process is over. So choose wisely and compare various properties before you say yes to a deal.

Buying a villa will certainly be a life-changing experience for you and your family. So keep all these factors in mind while you are on the search for your dream villa. Explore our premium range of luxury villas in Perur featuring eco-friendly homes with world-class amenities made for nature lovers. We wish you good luck on finding your dream villa!


How to Protect Walls of Your Home This Monsoon?

Monsoon in Kerala is a season we all eagerly wait for. When the refreshing rains arrive after the scorching summer, it brings a lot of joy and bliss. It is a time when we enjoy watching the rains with a hot cup of coffee. The earthy smell, cool climate, and wonderful views of nature make us fall in love with this season.

However, monsoon is also a time when our homes need some extra care as excess water falling on the walls often causes issues like cracked walls, paint peeling off, damp patches, water seepage, etc. These damages can persist even after the season gets over. The growth of mold and fungus will also cause health issues in children and adults alike. All these monsoon spells can be prevented with a few simple precautionary measures.

Here are some useful tips to protect the walls of your home during monsoon:

Check for wall cracks

The first and foremost step you must take to prevent wall damages during monsoon season is to check for cracks on walls, ceilings, doors, or windows. Continuous rain can worsen these existing cracks leading to water leakage in the house. Water seepage occurs when there is damage in the internal plastering or painted surface. Smaller hairline cracks can be easily mended using filler or plastering material. However, if you find a bigger crack, it is always advisable to seek professional help to fix it. Gaps or cracks in the doors or windows can cause excess water to get inside your house. So it is recommended that you get these fixed as early as possible.

Choose Water Resistant Paint

Many homeowners do not give much importance to using good quality wall paints. Using poor quality paint on the house exterior surfaces can cause water seeping in through the concrete layers. This will lead to deterioration of the wall surfaces and will cause structural defects. So it is ideal to paint the exterior house walls with a good quality water-resistant paint prior to the onset of the monsoon season. Silicon-based waterproof paints available in the market are a good choice for this purpose. Waterproof paint can also help to avoid the formation of wall cracks and damages on plastering. Thus we recommend you invest in superior quality water-resistant paint for your home. Another important point to note is that painting your house wall during the rainy season is useless. It is ideal to get the walls painted during the summer season well before the onset of monsoon.

Waterproof the roof & walls

Water seepage from exterior walls and roofs can be prevented by applying waterproofing coats. This layer will provide extra protection during the rainy season and stop the absorption of water onto the walls. Damp walls are highly prone to damage and fungal growth. Similarly, if you are living in a villa or an independent house, the roof needs some extra care and protection as it is heavily exposed to rains. Ideally, you should get a waterproof coating done for the roof so that water does not seep in and cause leakage.

Use Wall Putty for Interiors

If you are wondering how to protect your interiors walls from the rains, here is what you can do. Wall putty or white cement is an excellent material that you can use to protect your walls from water damage. Wall putty is usually applied before the application of wall paint. It is ideal to use on interior walls to prevent water seepage as this material absorbs water without causing swelling. Wall putty provides an extra layer of protection for the walls. Applying wall putty also gives a good finish to the wall surface making it look smooth and attractive. Walls covered with wall putty will be more resistant to water damage and remains intact for a long time.

Ensure Proper Water Drainage

Improper functioning of the drainage system in your house can also lead to dampness on the walls. Check for leakage in drainage pipes and water tanks placed on the roof. These drainage pipes get overfilled with rainwater during this season. Hence if you notice any broken pipe or leakages, seal it immediately. To avoid the accumulation of water, regularly clean the drain holes that may get clogged with leaves and other debris.

If you need professional advice or assistance, feel free to get in touch with our experts. We hope that you found this information useful. Monsoon is a season to indulge in the beauty of Mother Nature. Let us all stay at home, be safe, and enjoy nature’s bounty.


Launch of IIT, BEML: Real Estate in Palakkad is All Set to Boom

Palakkad, the land of Palmyras and paddy fields was once celebrated as the ‘Granary of Kerala’. The town is surrounded by lofty mountains, streams and thick forests making it a beautiful and scenic location to live. It lies in the foothills of the Western Ghats range bordering the states Kerala and Tamil Nadu. With many major industrial developments happening in and around the city, Palakkad is rapidly transforming to become a hotspot for real estate business. Many reputed builders have launched gated villas in Palakkad in some of the most sought-after localities.

With a large number of new infrastructural developments and associated job opportunities coming up, Palakkad is all set to witness a real estate boom. In the wake of the ‘Make in India’ initiative put forward by the government, many large manufacturing units like BEML, Defence Park, etc have been established in Palakkad district. Kanjikode has become the 2largest industrial hub of Kerala which is located 12km away from Palakkad town. Many big companies like Indian Telephone Industries (ITI), Saint Gobain India Pvt Ltd, Pepsi, Marico, United breweries; etc have set up their production units here. An Integrated Textile Park housing many textile units were also set up by KINFRA in a 300-acre plot in Kanjikode. All these projects will provide employment to thousands of people directly or indirectly.

Let us now discuss some of the recent developments in Palakkad, making it a potential industrial destination.

IIT Palakkad

Palakkad offers excellent educational facilities for students as it houses many renowned schools and colleges. The town has started welcoming students from all parts of India with the launch of the IIT campus by the Central Government. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), an institution of national repute was established in 2015 at the temporary campus located in the Ahalia Integrated campus in Kozhippara, Palakkad. The Nila campus sprawled across 30 acres of land in Kanjikode started functioning in February 2019. The construction of phase I permanent campus in a 500-acre land is ongoing. Today, the institute has around 600 students and 60 faculty members. Victoria College, Government Medical College Palakkad, NSS College of Engineering, Government Engineering College, etc, are some of the other popular higher education providers in Palakkad. With these institutions offering best-in-class education opportunities, Palakkad has become a popular destination for academics and research studies.

BEML Limited

Another major industrial development in Palakkad was the establishment of the BEML manufacturing unit. BEML Limited, a Public Service Undertaking company is the biggest Defence, Mining & Construction and Rail Coach Manufacturer in India.  The manufacturing unit in Palakkad was inaugurated in May 2010 with a capacity to manufacture 300 rail coaches annually. This 260 crore worth project houses facilities required for the manufacturing of Rail coaches, other components for rail coaches, bogies, Trailer for tank transportation, Tatra trucks, Ground Support vehicles for Guided Missile programme, etc. The company has three major business verticals namely Mining & Construction, Rail & Metro and Defence. BEML also manufactures a wide range of products to meet the needs of mining, construction, power, irrigation, fertiliser, cement, steel and rail sectors. The earthmoving equipment includes bulldozers, dump trucks, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, rope shovels, walking draglines, motor graders and scrapers.

Defence Park

Following a proposal made by Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation as part of the ‘Make in Kerala’ initiative, the Union Government has chosen Ottapalam in Palakkad district to set up India’s first Defence Park. This major project which is estimated to cost around 231 crores is expected to bring a huge economic boost for the state. The park spread across 60 acres of land would manufacture a range of equipment such as parachutes, night vision equipment, flying suits, diving suits, and so on. The products manufactured in Defence Park will be exported to other parts of the world. Leading companies serving the defence and aerospace industries such as HAL and BEL are expected to set up their component manufacturing units in the park. 

Mega Food Park

KINFRA has established a Mega Food Park in Palakkad in accordance with the Mega Food Park Scheme (MFPS) of the Union ministry of food processing industries. This food park was set up with an aim to produce value-added products by sourcing various raw materials directly from the local farmers in the Palakkad region. The park is spread across 79.42 acres of land and the total project cost of Rs. 120 crore. The facilities include Cold storage, Ripening Chamber, Raw material warehouse, Finished Product Warehouse, Packing House, Spice processing facility, QC lab, etc. The park is expected to generate approximately 1500 direct employment opportunities and 5000 indirect job openings. 

With the launch of these big industrial projects, Palakkad is undergoing a major facelift and will soon be one of the top investment destinations for homebuyers and real estate companies alike. The rapid growth in job opportunities will directly cause a high demand in the housing sector. Invest in Palakkad today and you can be sure to receive great returns in future. 


Why It Is the Best Time to Invest in Coimbatore

Coimbatore or Kovai is a major industrial city in Tamil Nadu and the second-largest city in the state after Chennai. The city is referred to as the ‘Textile City of India’ and the ‘Manchester of South India’ due to the presence of flourishing textile industries.

Over the last few years, Coimbatore city has transformed into a popular industrial hub creating a large number of new job opportunities. Apart from the textile business, the economy of the city is influenced by many other industries like Manufacturing, Engineering, IT/ITES, Education, Commerce, and Healthcare. The city ranks 17th amongst the global outsourcing cities in the world. It is an ideal city in South India for real estate investments as these industrial developments have created a huge demand for housing facilities. You might be curious to know what makes Coimbatore an ideal investment destination. Here the top reasons why it is the best time to invest in Coimbatore.

Growing job opportunities

There is plenty of scope for real estate investments in Coimbatore as there is a steady growth in the job market. Coimbatore is home to a large number of small, medium, and large textile mills and textile research institutes like Meditech and InduTech. Some of the popular textile mills in Coimbatore include Lakshmi Mills, Kadri Mills, Premier Mills, Shiva Texyarn Ltd, Varadharaja Textile Mill, etc. Many reputed IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Bosch, Cognizant, etc have already opened their office spaces in Coimbatore. The IT/ITES industry in the city is expanding rapidly with the establishment of IT parks like SEZ-ELCOT, Tidel IT Park, KCT IT Park, etc. Kovai is also home to a large number of jewelry export businesses, yet another niche sector. Owing to these growing job opportunities, a large number of people are migrating to Coimbatore.

Best infrastructure facilities

Coimbatore is a city that boasts of excellent public infrastructure and civic amenities that make life easier and convenient. An efficient public transport system is in place which enables the residents to move around the city without any hassles. The city has all the necessary facilities like shopping malls, schools, colleges, and hospitals ensuring a seamless living experience for people. From big multiplexes and malls to reputed educational institutions and tech parks, Kovai has all the modern facilities that any homebuyer would be looking for. Some of the major shopping malls in the city include Brookefields Mall, Republic Mall, and Prozone Mall. The city offers excellent healthcare facilities and is home to many world-class medical institutions like PSG Hospital, Sree Ramakrishna Hospital, Kovai Medical Center, KG Hospital, etc.

Affordable living expenses

Despite the fact that Coimbatore offers a very modern lifestyle, living in the city is surprisingly very economical and pocket-friendly. There are plenty of affordable housing options available in the city. The living expenses in Coimbatore are less when compared to many other Tier-II cities in India. You can even find spacious villas for sale in Coimbatore at affordable prices in some of the best residential localities in Coimbatore.  For those who are looking for budget food and dining options, the city offers plenty of amazing options.

Popular education hub

Coimbatore is one of the most sought-after academic destinations in South India offering quality education across various schools and colleges. Many nationally recognized colleges and universities are present in the city, making it a popular hub for higher education. A few reputed technology institutions in the city are Coimbatore Institute of Technology, PSG College of Engineering, Karunya Institute of Technology, etc. Other popular courses offered here are nursing, pharmacy, medicine, law, and management. Kovai attracts a lot of students who wish to pursue medicine and healthcare courses as it houses many top-rated medical colleges in South India.

Pleasant weather

Unlike many other cities in Tamil Nadu, Kovai features a very pleasant climate. Even during summers, the temperature is not unbearable as the weather is mostly windy. Owing to its proximity to the mountains of the Western Ghats, Coimbatore has a favorable and neutral weather condition. Ooty, the famous hill station of Nilgiris is just a 3-hour drive away from the city. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India attracting hundreds of tourists every year. There are plenty of other cool weekend getaways within a short distance from the city, making it one of the ideal places to settle down and enjoy a relaxed life.

Great connectivity

Coimbatore is well connected to the neighboring states Kerala and Karnataka by road. Major cities like Mysore and Bengaluru are easily accessible from the city. Coimbatore International Airport operates flights to other major cities in India and abroad. With a strong public transport network, traveling within the city and to neighboring cities like Tirupur and Erode is a breeze. The state government has various proposed projects such as road widening, flyover construction, and the like which are aimed for the development of the city.

All these are added benefits for people who are planning to buy a new home in Coimbatore.

Location is one of the most important factors to consider while investing in real estate. Buying a new home in a wrong location can put your money at risk and cause huge losses. If you are searching for the right location to buy your dream home, look no further than Coimbatore city. You can explore our nature-friendly gated villas in Perur featuring state-of-the-art homes in a beautiful green locality in Kovai.


Checklist for Buying Villas in Palakkad

The reasons to buy a new villa in Palakkad are many. Be it the lush green landscapes, rich cultural heritage or the laid-back lifestyle offered here, Palakkad is a city that’s easy to fall in love with.  If you are searching for new independent houses for sale in Palakkad, a home buying checklist will help you to make the right choice. Referring to a checklist will also save you from the risk of getting into unexpected legal and financial hassles in future. 


Location is very important when buying a house as it determines the value of your investment. A good location refers to a place having easy access to all daily-life facilities like shops, schools, hospitals, transport hubs, etc. As buying a property involves a large amount of money, you should always choose localities that have high land value appreciation. Villa projects which are close to the town with proper road & rail connectivity will get good resale value in future. Also, check if the villa is located near factories or any other industries which can cause air & noise pollution. Living in a polluted locality can affect the well-being of you and your family members.

Click here to know why location is a very important factor to look out before buying a home.

Legal clearances

Before you finalize a purchase deal, make sure that the property has got all necessary legal clearances. The property must possess a RERA registration number which is made mandatory by the government. This registration is to protect your rights as a home buyer and verify the credibility of the builder. If the property falls under an agricultural zone, there should be a Conversion Certificate or NOC which is obtained from the government authority. This document permits the use of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes.

You must also verify the following important documents of a villa:

  • Building approval plan
  • Commencement certificate
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Tax receipts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Completion certificate

Brand reputation

Buying a home is a life-changing phase and that’s why you should be very careful while choosing the builder. Even though you may find many builders in Palakkad,you have to do some research and find out the most reliable real estate developers in the city. A good builder will always deliver projects on time and will go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. They will offer quality homes with best-in-class lifestyle amenities. Moreover choosing a reputed and experienced builder will save you from fraudulent transactions and other financial issues. Check the customer testimonials or find out their completed projects to get an idea about the builder’s reputation.

Water & Power Supply

While buying a villa in Palakkad, water & power supply are two factors that should be given top priority. You would not want to end up living in a house with limited water supply as it will affect your day-to-day living. So check with other residents or find out more about the locality from locals to gain insights about water supply during all seasons. Even though most of the modern villas will have power back-up facilities, it is recommended that you enquire about the availability of electricity throughout the day. Ensure that there is uninterrupted power supply in the locality to have a seamless living experience.


Modern villas offer unparalleled luxury and comfort for the residents with a range of in-house amenities. So while choosing a villa, ensure that it offers amenities like car parking, garden, round-the-clock security, etc. You & your family can enjoy a wholesome and social lifestyle while staying in a gated community.If you are planning to buy an under-construction project, consider paying a visit to the project location to get a real view. You may also visit the other project sites by the same builder to get a complete picture of the complimentary facilities.

We hope that you found this checklist informative and useful. Victoria Realtors, one of the leading gated villa developers in Kerala offers a range of luxury and budget villas in Palakkad at some of the most beautiful residential localities. You can read more about our ongoing villa projects here



Best aspects of living in Ottapalam

Looking for a nature-friendly living space in Kerala? Consider buying a house in Ottapalam, one of the most beautiful and scenic towns in Kerala. Also called the New Film City of Kerala, Ottapalam has become one of the most sought-after localities for real estate investors. The Kerala State Film Development Corporation has proposed to develop a film city spread across 4 acres of land in Ottapalam.

Owing to the natural charm of this region, it has always been a popular destination for movie shooting. Offering a laid-back lifestyle and tranquil living environment, this quaint town is attracting many prospective homebuyers. If you are someone who always wanted to enjoy a well-balanced life close to nature, Ottapalam is the best place to be. Wondering about how life will be like in Ottapalam? Here are some of the best aspects of living in Ottapalam.

Natural beauty:

Situated on the banks of the Bharathapuzha River, Ottapalam town is blessed with untouched natural beauty and offers a pleasant living experience to the residents. One can wake up to beautiful views of mountains, rivers and paddy fields while staying in this town. Ottapalam is a dream location for any nature lover as it gives you the opportunity to live in a pristine and unpolluted environment. Some of the famous tourist spots in India such as the Silent Valley national park, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Nelliyampathy Hills, etc are at a short distance away from Ottapalam. You can find many houses and villa projects in Ottapalam which offer breathtaking views of nature.

Low cost of living:

One of the best aspects of living in Ottapalam is the low cost of living. You can find spacious houses for sale in Ottapalam at affordable prices as compared to other major cities in Kerala. Food and groceries can be purchased at budget prices because of easy availability. A majority of the people in Palakkad district is into agriculture and farming. Public transport facilities in Ottapalam are convenient and provide easy commute thus allowing you to cut down on travel costs. Overall, you can enjoy a modern lifestyle here at an affordable monthly cost.

Great connectivity:

The town is served by the Ottapalam railway station which lies between Palakkad and Shoranur Junction. Ottapalam is well-connected to other major cities in Kerala via public transport. The Palakkad-Shoranur State Highway passes through Ottapalam town. Government and private bus services operate between Ottapalam town and other neighboring towns, such as Palakkad, Thrissur, Mannarkkad, Pattambi, Guruvayoor, etc. For those living in Ottapalam, it is also easy to travel to other neighboring states such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Friendly neighbourhood:

Living in a safe and friendly community is paramount as it defines the quality of your lifestyle. The natives of Palakkad district are known for their warm hospitality and welcoming attitude. If you choose to live in Ottapalam, you and your children will not find it difficult to get adjusted to the new environment. With plenty of helpful neighbors around, one can experience a very good social life in Ottapalam. There are plenty of natural and historic attractions in and around Ottapalam, making life enjoyable for people of all ages. Gated community villas are ideal for those who are looking for a safe haven with easy access to the town. These homes give you an opportunity to meet and interact with many like-minded individuals.

Modern facilities:

While maintaining a calm and peaceful environment, Ottapalam also has all modern facilities that make life easier for the residents. You can find many good hospitals, schools and shopping centers which are easily accessible from prime residential localities. Travelling from one place to another is a breeze with good road connectivity and frequent bus services in town. If you wish to stay away from the noise of the city yet have all facilities within easy reach, Ottapalam is your ideal choice.

Good appreciation value

Due to the fast growth and development, the land value for properties in Ottapalam is expected to steadily rise in the coming years. The upcoming projects like the film city will create an increased demand for housing and rental properties in Ottapalam. Whether you are looking for a good property investment or planning to settle down in Kerala, buying a property in Ottapalam will be a valuable asset for you.

While you can buy homes at affordable prices, now is the ideal time to invest in Ottapalam. If you are planning to settle down in Kerala, book a new villa from Victoria Realtors, one of the largest villa developers in South India. Choose from our two exclusive luxury villa projects in Ottapalam to experience a perfect blend of nature, luxury and comfort.


Villas in Akathethara: Live in Harmony with Nature

Searching for a new house to buy in Palakkad? You might be confused about choosing the right locality which is easily accessible and comfortable for you and your family. Although there are plenty of good and nature-friendly residential localities in Palakkad, Akathethara is a wonderful choice for nature lovers. Akathethara is a serene hamlet which is blessed with abundant natural beauty. A lot of families have chosen to settle down in this place owing to the tranquil lifestyle it offers. It is also a well-connected part of the town which is just 2 km away from Palakkad Junction Railway station. Akathethara is home to many tourist attractions and charming waterfalls such as Pappadi waterfall, Ayyappanchal waterfall, Bkb waterfall, Dhoni waterfalls. Malampuzha Dam & Gardens, one of the popular tourist spots in Palakkad is just a 10 minutes’ drive away from Akathethara. One can enjoy a perfect blend of nature and modern living in this neighbourhood. Many reputed CBSE & ICSE schools, colleges and hospitals are located in and around Akathethara, making it an ideal spot for families to buy a home. NSS Engineering College, one of the prominent engineering colleges in Kerala is located in this locality. If you are looking for an independent house or villas for sale in Akathethara, we recommend you to visit Chaithram villas, a premium gated villa project presented by Victoria Realtors.

Why Invest in Chaithram Villas?

Being one of the largest gated villa developers in Kerala, we are committed to offering state-of-the-art homes in choicest localities at affordable rates. With over 25 years of expertise in construction and real estate, we have won the trust of more than 1500 families. All our villa projects are meticulously designed by eminent architects who have many years of experience in the field. Chaithram Villas located near Akathethara is strategically located on the Puduppariyaram main road right next to the National Highway. It is a perfect abode for those looking for a modern lifestyle in sync with nature.

Moreover, these villas are priced at rates lesser than the rates of apartments in the same locality. Being very close to the NH and Palakkad town, these homes will have excellent appreciation value. Now you can book this 3 BHK luxury villa at an affordable price starting from just Rs. 37.5 lakhs. Pre-approved home loans are available from nationalized banks for those who wish to avail financing. Built across 5 cents of land, these villas have an area ranging from 1230-1500 sq ft. The villas are well-ventilated and feature top-quality fixtures and fittings to ensure a seamless living experience for the residents.

All essential facilities like shops, bus stations, railway station, hospitals and places of worship are easily accessible from this villa. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Cordova International School, BES Bharathi Tirtha Vidyalayam, etc are a reputed few schools located near this villa. Living in Chaithram Villas will give you an opportunity to be a part of an elite community. You can find many like-minded neighbours and enjoy socializing without stepping out of your comfort zone. Your children can have a happy childhood with plenty of friends around and spacious play areas.

Book your dream villa home now and experience living in harmony with nature.


Own a New Luxury Villa in the Heart of Ottapalam Town

Are you searching for an independent home in a beautiful, nature-friendly location in Palakkad? Then you can consider buying a gated luxury villa in Ottapalam as it is one of the most tranquil neighborhoods in Kerala to settle down and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. Located close to Palakkad, Ottapalam is well-connected to other major cities through railways and the National Highway. With lush green paddy fields and palm trees flanked by tall mountain ranges, one can enjoy the scenic views of nature while living in Ottapalam. Living in Ottapalam is also very cost-effective as the living expenses are less as compared to many other cities in Kerala.

Victoria Realtors have identified some of the best residential localities in Ottapalam to build a range of gated community villas. Geetham Villas is one of our signature villas projects in Ottapalam, offering a perfect blend of the modern and the countryside living experience. Featuring 3 bedroom independent houses close to Ottapalam town, this brand new villa is an ideal investment for your future.

Now let us see the major benefits of buying this villa in Ottapalam:

Great location:

Geetham Villas gives you a chance to stay close to nature while having all day to day facilities within easy reach. You and your family can live in a pollution-free locality away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. The railway station and proposed film city in Ottapalam are just a 5 minutes’ drive away from Geetham.

Walking distance to school:

Situated adjacent to Kendriya Vidyalaya in Ottapalam, a reputed school of national repute, the residents of this community can ensure high-quality education for their children. The villas are situated at a walking distance from the school.

Modern amenities:

Geetham villas promises a peaceful life for you and your loved ones in a secure neighbourhood with amenities like 24 hours security by HOA, uninterrupted power supply, spacious parking, etc. Each home is equipped with good quality fittings and fixtures to ensure a seamless living experience for the residents.

Well-designed interiors:

Each villa unit is designed to offer maximum comfort and is built over 4 cents of land with an area of 1550 sq ft. These spacious and well-ventilated homes are built in compliance with the principles of Vaastu.

Good connectivity:

Life at Geetham Villas will ensure ultimate convenience for the inmates as shopping centres, schools, hospitals and transport hubs are easily accessible from this location. Public transport and private bus services are available for travelling to nearby places or other cities.

Great appreciation value:

The demand for housing properties in Ottapalam is rising day by day owing to the rapid development. Due to the location advantages and facilities available in the town, villas will get high appreciation in the coming years. Whether you are planning to make a new investment or waiting to move into a bigger house, these villas are perfect options for you. Geetham Villa is a great blend of luxury and comfort available at a starting price of Rs.41 lakhs. This is the right opportunity to invest in your dream home at a great price. We invite you to be a part of this wonderful community in Ottapalam and experience a wholesome lifestyle.


Easy Ways to Keep Your House Germ-Free

While you are staying indoors during this lock down, you may think that your home is the safest place ever. But even your home is not safe if you don’t take efforts to keep it clean and germ-free. With the increasing number of disease-causing agents around us, living in a healthy environment is of high importance nowadays. By taking a few precautions at home, we can keep bacteria and viruses at the bay. Make the most of your time at home to develop a habit of cleaning and disinfecting your living space.

Here are some useful tips you can follow:

Kitchen :- Kitchen is an area which requires special attention as germs can easily spread through food substances. Clean the kitchen countertops stove and sink with a good quality disinfectant liquid.

Garbage bin:- Trash bins provide a favourable environment for the growth of microbes so make sure that you empty the bin daily by disposing of the garbage. Wash the bins thoroughly with cleaning liquid to prevent the spread of disease agents.

Cleaning materials:- We may not aware that cleaning sponges and cloths can host various types of germs and bacteria. So make sure that you wash the sponges, cleaning cloths and mops with disinfectant and hot water.

Refrigerator:- Clean the refrigerator shelves and trays weekly by wiping with soap water or disinfectant. Also, vegetables and fruits should be washed and rinsed with warm water and allowed to dry before storing them away.

Grocery bags:- If you want to reuse the grocery bags you got from a supermarket or vendor, soak them in soap water and dry them in the sun. If you don’t want to reuse just throw them away in the trash.

Door knobs:- Doorknobs or handles are germ hotspots are a regular touched item in the house so it is advised to disinfect door handles and taps weekly

Bathroom: Use a disinfectant cleaning liquid to clean the bathroom floor, washbasin and toilet seats. Do not forget to clear the bathroom trash bin daily.

Bath Towels: - Wet and used towels can harbor a lot of bacteria and germs. Regularly wash them with a good detergent and put them out in the sun to dry.

Laundry: Whenever you go out and return home put your clothes to wash using detergent and colour-safe bleach or peroxide. It is better if you can wash the clothes in warm water and let them dry in the sunlight.

Bedroom: Change the bed linen and pillow covers every week and wash them to remove harmful germs. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to keep the mattresses hygienic.

Household appliances: Use a wet cloth dipped in the disinfectant solution to wipe the surface of appliances like the Television, Microwave oven, Fridge, Washing machine, etc.

Footwear: Do not forget to wash or disinfect your footwear as they can bring in a lot of disease-causing agents to your home. Use waterproof sandals so that you can wash them regularly with soap water.

Buying disinfectants:

While buying disinfectants, you can choose from concentrated solutions, sprays or wipes. To meet the government safety instructions, you need to check for the mention of ‘disinfectant’ on the label and ensure that it has an EPA registration number.

Make your own disinfectant at home:

If you wish to make your own disinfectant at home, you can mix one tablespoon of bleach to 4 cups of water and use it as a surface cleaner. Allow this solution to remain on the surface for 3-4 minutes and rinse with water.


New Home Inspection Checklist for Home Buyers

A handy home inspection checklist can save you from unnecessary expenses in future and help you find a home without major defects.

In India, the concept of inspecting a home before purchasing it is often overlooked. Buying a home is a ‘dream come true’ occasion for most of us as it involves a lot of hard work, patience and money. While you are conducting walk-through visits to find that dream home, you must consider having a thorough inspection to find out possible structural defects, environmental issues, utilities, etc. Since you will be investing your hard-earned money in owning a new home, you must not take the aspect of a home inspection or property inspection lightly.

This new home inspection checklist is a must-follow for all the prospective home buyers out there.

New Home Inspection Checklist 2020

  • Check For Cracks – Interior and Exterior
  • Check For Leakages
  • Check The Plumbing
  • Check The Water Supply
  • Electrical Safety and Functionality
  • Environmental Factors
  • Avail The Services Of A Certified Home Inspector
Let’s talk a bit more about each factor to be followed in the new home inspection checklist.

Check For Cracks – Interior and Exterior

Make it a point to thoroughly inspect each wall, both interior and exterior, to see if any cracks are developing. If you find any, then it may be because of two issues – structural distress or a finishing issue. You can try to get a clear picture of how the cracks have developed. The latter issue can be fixed without much trouble and is often not a deal-breaker. But stay away, if the cracks are due to structural distress.

Check For Leakages

If you are looking at an independent villa, then leaks coming from the roof can be easily fixed. It’s not a major issue. However, if you are looking to invest in an apartment, then fixing the water seepage may be difficult. Leakage from the flat above you may seep through the walls, and over time will leave an ugly mark.

Check The Plumbing

Plumbing is one of the major factors to check before deciding on a house. Make sure that you get the details of all the aspects related to plumbing like the pipes and drainage system. Check for leaks at all the joints and shut off valves. Make it to a point to also inspect the pipe materials used for water supply. You can also check the leaks near the sink and bathrooms.

Check The Water Supply

The supply of water is another key factor that needs to be looked into. Check if the water pressure in the home you are looking to own is optimum and would serve all the needs of daily living. Usually, a few upgrades would fix the issues related to water pressure. But, if the problem lies with the water authority in the area and/or due to the geographical location of the spot, then there is nothing much you could do. So make it a point to thoroughly inspect the available water supply system.

Electrical Safety and Functionality

The electrical system is another important aspect to check while conducting a home inspection. Check whether all electrical outlets are grounded and switches are functioning. Old houses will have an electrical panel with fuses while the newer houses and villas with have circuit breakers or have both. Wiring must be in good condition to avoid any possible danger. Check the functionality of the electric meter or else you may have to face issues with payments later on. Some modern villas and apartments will have power back-up systems also.

Environmental Factors

While inspecting a house, you must pay attention to several environmental factors such as bad odours or possible pollutants from nearby factories or manufacturing plants. Some aged and unused houses will have an unpleasant odour due to mold or mildew. Also living in a place where there is high air/noise pollution will not be good for you and your family in the long run. Another important point to note is to check for a good garbage disposal system. If there is no proper waste disposal system in the residential locality, people may throw waste in nearby places which will create an unhealthy living environment. If you wish to enjoy living close to nature, you can consider buying a villa nestled in a peaceful, green neighborhood. So, always pay attention to the environmental conditions while doing a house inspection.

Avail The Services Of A Certified Home Inspector

Home inspectors are your best option to get a detailed report on the status of the house that you are looking to invest in. They have expertise in all the major areas that need to be looked into. There will an expense involved with availing the services of a certified inspector. If you are willing to overlook that, then it is the best option available as all the work will be done by them. In short, you’ll be able to get professional feedback and is hassle-free.

Nowadays more and more people are opting to buy gated villas in Kerala as these communities offer good quality homes with no major defects or complaints.

We are proud to present a range of villas in Palakkad which qualifies all the criteria mentioned in this checklist, making it easy for you to find a perfect home at an affordable price. They are easy to maintain and has better resale value than independent houses. Moreover, these villas are situated in safe and healthy residential localities and are equipped with all necessary amenities.


Land Buying Checklist

For most people, owning a piece of land is their biggest dream and lifetime achievement. A handy land buying checklist can save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble in your quest for owning a plot, be it for resale or to construct your own home. In India, land prices keep increasing every day and it makes sense to invest soon if you have made up your mind. Before you take action, you need to be aware of a few basic and important facts related to land buying in India. For many, the lack of understanding of the basic procedures to acquire a piece of land is what makes them fall prey to illegal deals.

In this blog, we will be focusing on a few points that will make your journey towards owning a piece of land easier and hassle-free.

Here is a checklist you can refer if you are planning to buy land in 2020:

  • Confirm Whether The Land Is Owned By the Seller

One must be extremely careful when it comes to buying a piece of land. Many property agents in the market thrive on conducting false business deals. Make sure that you don’t be a victim to these rackets by verifying the land ownership documents. The first thing you must ensure before buying a piece of land, and the most important part of this ‘land buying checklist,’ is to figure out if the seller actually owns the piece of land. Ask for all the relevant details regarding the plot and whether he/she has procured the legal rights to own and sell the land. If you have any doubt regarding this, then there should be no hesitance in getting legal help.

  • Check the Floor Space Index (FSI) of the plot

In India, a majority of the people purchase plots to build their dream home. If you are among one of them, then make sure that you understand the concept of FSI (Floor Space Index). By definition, Floor Space Index is the amount of permissible area on a piece of land that could be used for construction. Even if you manage to get your hands on a vast piece of land, the FSI regulations for that particular region would determine the footprint of the structure that could be put up. FSI mainly depends on the location of the plot. For example, if you bought a plot size of 2000 sq ft and the FSI is 75% then you can build a house with an area 1500 sq ft.

  • Ensure that land has Non-Agricultural Order (NA)

You may not be aware that, all land plots in India are categorized as agricultural land by default. Agricultural land can be used for agricultural purpose, but if you want to use it for other purposes, then you have to get a non-agricultural (NA) order from the government. So a piece of land is either agricultural or non-agricultural (NA). Now non- agricultural land falls into different categories depending on the purpose allotted for it such as for commercial use, for residential purpose, IT parks, resorts, etc. So when you are searching for a new plot for housing, you should verify whether that particular plot has a NA order which permits it to be used for residential purposes.

  • Obtain the Sale Deed without fail

‘Sale Deed’ is a legal proof of sale and is an important document which proves that you are the owner of the land. Unless you have a registered sale deed, you do not have legal ownership of the land. Once you have reached an agreement with the seller/owner of the property, procure your sale deed by applying for the same at the sub registrars’ office. It is a legal document and proves that upon successful completion of all the required paperwork and payment, you’ll be the actual owner of the land. So always ensure that you have the sale of the property in your name registered at the sub- registrar office.

  • Location and type of terrain

The location is one of the vital factors that determine the worth of your plot. You should always choose a property which is easily accessible from the town and has good road connectivity. Whether you are planning to build a house in the plot for yourself or purchasing the plot for investment, it should be located close to all amenities like shops, schools, hospitals and transport stations. Also check if the plot is located on flat land, slope or hilly terrain. If the plot is uneven, then you might face issues while constructing a house later on. It is always advisable to personally visit the location and then make a decision.

  • Resale Value of the plot

It’s always good to be prepared for the future. The resale value of the land is highly dependent on the location and developments around the area. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, land rates are sky-rocketing on a daily basis. To get the best value for your piece of land, if and when you decide to sell it in the future, it would be a good idea to have a basic understanding of the nearby localities and the upcoming facilities in that region. You wouldn’t want to invest in a piece of land that doesn’t get you maximum resale value in the future, would you?

  • Evaluate the Annual Maintenance of the plot

Once you own a land, you will have to spend some amount annually to maintain the plot in good condition. If you are buying a plot in a gated community, there will be common maintenance charges for cleaning, security, etc. It is better to list down the type of maintenance work required for the plot on an annual basis and calculate the approximate amount. This will help you in making an informed decision. This is especially beneficial if you are living in another country and planning to buy a plot for investment. Generally, the maintenance cost is calculated based on the size of the plot.

  • Check for the Civic Amenities

If you planning to get a piece of land in the outskirts of a city, or in other words, a spot that is still undergoing transformation, making it a point to check if all the basic civic amenities like water, electricity, roads, etc. are in place. If the seller claims that all these aspects are in the pipeline, it is your duty to check with the local authorities to verify the claim. So always ensure the availability of these most necessary facilities before making the final decision.

If you have the basics covered, then owning a piece of land in India is not as difficult as it seems. Follow this land buying checklist and you should face no issues whatsoever in your journey to becoming a property owner.


Gated community villas to buy in Ottapalam

Looking for a new independent house in a calm and tranquil location? Ottapalam, a quaint town located close to Palakkad is an ideal location for those who are seeking eco-friendly living in a safe neighborhood. It has become one of the most sought-after destinations for homebuyers in Kerala.

Ottapalam is also a top favourite location among filmmakers owing to its rich natural beauty and pristine environs. The swaying palm trees, lush green paddy fields and the stunning view of the Western Ghats range make the perfect setting for any nature lover. Ottapalam is also called as The New Film City of Kerala as the Kerala State Film Development Corporation has proposed to develop a film city spread across 4 acres of land near Kanjirapuzha dam. Varikkassery Mana, a traditional style Kerala mansion in Ottapalam is a popular shooting location for movies.

Wake up to the sound of bird calls and breathtaking sceneries of nature by owning a new villa in Ottapalam. Victoria Realtors, one of the largest villa developers in South India have launched two exclusive luxury villa projects in Ottapalam. These villas are placed in choicest residential localities close to the town providing easy connectivity to all major landmarks. The residents can experience living close to nature while enjoying maximum privacy and a host of modern amenities. If you are looking for a good quality designer house at an attractive price, browse through our range of villas in Ottapalam.

Geetham Villas

Geetham Villas located near the Kendriya Vidyalaya school features 3 BHK villas in the heart of Ottapalam municipality. This villa project is just a 5 minutes’ drive away from the proposed film city. By choosing a villa in this project, you can live in one of the largest gated communities in Ottapalam.

The locality is well-connected to other neighboring cities via road and railways. Ottapalam Railway station is the nearest rail station which is just a 5 minutes drive from the villa. Each villa is built over 4 cents of land with an area of 1550 sq ft. The homes with well-ventilated living spaces are designed in compliance with the principles of Vastu. Starting at a price of 41 Lakhs this luxury villa is a perfect investment option for you in Ottapalam. The villa is located close to major hospitals, schools, shopping outlets and other day-to-day facilities.

Sayoojyam Villas

If you are looking for a designer luxury home in Ottapalam, Sayoojyam Villas is the ideal choice. A premium gated community villa which is located just 100m from the National Highway, this new project is all set to re-define luxury living in Ottapalam. Sayoojyam Villas feature 4 BHK villas in a secure gated community equipped with world-class amenities. Well-manicured gardens, walkways, large parking spaces and advanced security features make this villa a top favorite choice among homebuyers.

Starting at a price of Rs. 56.4 Lakhs,this premium villa will be an excellent choice for those who wish to experience modern living in a peaceful environment. Ottapalam town and railway station are just a 5 minutes’ drive from this villa. Each villa is built on 5.2 cents of land with an area of 2150 sq ft. The residents can enjoy hassle-free living in a well-connected neighborhood close to market, hospitals, schools and transport stations.

Ottapalam is well-connected to other major cities in Kerala via trains and buses. The Palakkad-Shoranur State Highway passes through Ottapalam town. Government buses, as well as private bus services operate between Ottapalam and other neighboring towns, such as Palakkad, Thrissur, Mannarkkad, Pattambi, Guruvayoor and Thiruvilwamala.

Due to the upcoming developments, the land prices are expected to steadily rise in the coming years. Now is the ideal time to invest in Ottapalam. If you are planning to settle down in Kerala, book a new villa from Victoria Realtors, one of the most trusted real estate promoters in South India.


5 Tips to Find a House on a Budget

Owning a house is most likely the biggest and most significant investment that you will ever make in your lifetime. So you should first understand your specific needs and then start searching for a matching property rather than blindly making a purchase. If you are from a middle-class background or buying a house for the first time you may want to invest in low budget properties. Are you someone who is confused about how to find a house on a budget?

Here are 5 tips to find a property that fits your budget.

  • Understand your needs
  • Decide your budget limit
  • Study the market rates
  • Be flexible about facilities
  • Under-construction projects

Now we can discuss how you can follow these aspects to find a budget home which is ideal for you and your family.

Understand your needs

A prospective home buyer should identify his/her requirements based on various factors like the number of family members, location and conveyance facilities, amenities you are looking for, the purpose of buying a house, etc. For instance, you are planning to buy the house as an investment, it is ideal to buy a house located in a well-developed locality near IT parks, hospitals and other major institutions. A centrally located property can fetch you a decent rental income. But on the other hand, if you are planning to stay in the new house, you might want to choose a calm and peaceful residential locality away from the hustle and bustle. Also, decide whether you wish to buy a villa or an independent house.

Decide your budget limit

Buying a house often means making a lot of compromises in your overall expenses. Before moving ahead to search for houses for sale, you must first analyse your financial status and decide your capable budget limit. Once you zero in on your requirements such as amenities, number of rooms, location preference, type of property, etc you can work out a budget that you will be able to invest in the property.

If you are planning to take a home loan, approach a bank to check the best interest rates and your eligibility for the loan. Often people may end up buying a property which is way too expensive for them and will struggle throughout to pay off the debts. Start saving in advance so that you can atleast afford to pay the down payment. This will ensure that your borrowings are limited to a manageable scale.

Study the market rates

Real estate market is ever-changing and the rates keep fluctuating every other day. This is caused due to the changing government norms and the upcoming infrastructural developments. Most of the house or villas located within the city are priced on the higher side when compared to those located in the outskirts. The rates will depend on the locality, living area, amenities, quality of fittings, etc. Then you can start by identifying a few reliable builders and find out more about the properties offered by them in your preferred city. By comparing the rates and other features you can get a clear picture of the prevailing property rates in the specific area.

Be flexible about facilities

We know that you don’t wish to compromise on certain amenities that you love, but if you choose a house with ultra-luxury amenities the price is likely to go beyond your budget. So be flexible with your choices and choose a house with the most necessary amenities such as play area, security services, waste disposal facilities, car parking, etc. Many builders are now offering beautiful gated community villas with all necessary amenities at affordable prices. Also, location is another factor that determines the price of a house. Look at places a bit away from the core of the city, where rates are still manageable. Compromise on factors that are not important to you at the present moment like a garage space or an extra bedroom. It will make a world of difference in your journey to find a home on a budget.

Under-construction projects

Nowadays, under-construction projects are in high demand among homebuyers as they are available at a much affordable price when compared to ready-to-move-in houses. If you are ready to wait for a few months before moving into the new house, then you can consider buying an under-construction villa project. Buying an ongoing project will also enable you to choose a spacious home at a lesser budget without compromising on the features. Gated villa projects are more popular as they are secure and offer a wholesome lifestyle to the residents with many common amenities. Most of the villas are located in calm and tranquil residential areas which ensures a healthy living environment.

We hope that this ‘checklist to buy a budget house’ was helpful. By doing good research keeping these factors in mind will assist you in finding a decent home that meets your budget requirements.

Many builders or owners may try to deceive you by offering properties at cheap price compromising on the quality of construction and durability of materials. Be extra careful when it comes to choosing a reliable builder or real estate agent as they are many frauds that are happening in the real estate business.

If you are willing to invest in a new villa in Kerala, choose from the various affordable villa projects offered by Victoria Realtors, one of the leading and most trusted villa developers in South India.


6 Simple bedroom decorating ideas

A bedroom is a special part of our home because it’s the place where we wake up every morning. None of us would wish to begin our days seeing a cluttered and messy bedroom. So you should pay more attention to keep your bedrooms neat and organized. You can even add personalized décor to modify the look and feel of the bedroom. If you’re looking for easy ways to decorate your bedroom without shelling out a lot of money, we got you covered. A little bit of your time and creativity is all you need for this activity. Here are 6 simple bedroom decoration ideas that are sure to make you fall in love with your bedroom every time you walk in.

  • Follow minimalist style
  • Use images to decorate walls
  • Make use of wallpapers
  • Add beautiful curtains
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Choose trendy bed linen

Follow minimalist style

Follow a minimalist style by giving more importance to your favourite essentials. Only keep furniture and accessories which are most essential for you. You can consider beds with built-in storage options and closets with sliding doors to save more space. Consider getting rid of heavy and outdated furniture that makes your bedroom look congested.

Use images to decorate walls

This is one of the most popular home décor ideas that you can consider while revamping your bedroom. Use artistic images or photographs to decorate the walls of your bedroom. Choose the images in such a way that they give a representation of your personal choices and lifestyle. It could be family portraits, visual of nature or framed pieces of your favourite quotes. In the kid’s bedroom, you can try innovative décor ideas using stickers of cartoon characters and animals. You can make stars out of colourful hard paper and hang them from the ceiling for a beautiful effect.

Make use of wallpapers

Using stylish wallpapers in your bedroom walls can make your space look more vibrant and attractive. Wallpapers are now available in varying designs and colours. Depending on the colour theme of the room, choose a design that matches with it. You can also consider beautiful wall stickers to give a fresh look for the bedrooms. The advantage will wallpaper is that when you feel bored of the pattern you can easily remove the existing wall pattern and replace it with a new design.

Add beautiful curtains

Colourful and decorative window curtains will add more elegance to the room. Give special care while choosing the colour and texture of the curtains. Light coloured curtains will let more light inside the rooms, while dark shades will keep the room cosy. You can also use curtains to divide the bedroom and dressing room.

Paint the walls and ceiling

The easiest way to change the look of your room is to simply paint them. Give a fresh coat of paint for the bedroom walls and ceiling with light colours. Use white colour to paint the bedroom to make it look big and spacious. If you want a trendy look, try dual colour tones of blue, grey or yellow. Painting an accent wall with bright shades like red or orange is another interesting décor trend you can consider.

Choose trendy bed linen

There is nothing like falling asleep on a fresh and brand new bed cover. Upgrade your bed linen set by introducing fresh bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets. You can look for fabric designs ranging from classic traditional ones to contemporary styles depending on your preferences. You can follow a seasonal makeover pattern by changing the bed linen to match with the changing seasons. For example, during the winter season you can choose an X’ mas themed or snow themed design. For spring, pick up fabric with vibrant floral patterns. Making such frequent changes would add more soul and life to your bedrooms.

We hope that these tips will save you time and money while attempting to upgrade your bedroom. So why wait? Give it a try and see how your dull space will look livelier than ever before.



Staying in the same home for a lifetime is not everyone's choice. Many people sell their old home and buy a new one due to several reasons like the need for more space or switching to a new job in a different location.

If you have decided to sell your home, the most important aspect you may consider would be - how to sell the house for a good price?

Here are 7 tips you can follow to prepare your home for sale at a better price:

  • Appealing exteriors
  • Clean the house
  • Keep the rooms organized
  • Complete pending repairs
  • Eliminate odors
  • Paint the house
  • Keep all your documents ready

Appealing Exteriors

The first impression that you can give to the buyer is always important. So you should make sure that the exterior look of your house is attractive and pleasing to give the buyer a good impression at the first visit itself.

  • Keep the housing plot neat
  • Paint the compound walls & main gate
  • Add good outdoor lighting
  • Maintain a garden & add more greens
  • Use new and attractive doormats

All these can be done to attract prospective buyers who are looking for a ready-to-move-in property which is visually appealing.

Clean the house

Ensure that you take time and thoroughly clean the place or at least spend some money on availing the services of a cleaning crew to ensure that the place looks as good as new. Take special attention to clean the windows, doors, appliances, cupboards, cabinets, etc.

Keep every room organized

It is important to keep the rooms in your house organized. Bedroom closets and storage cabinets can be organized in such a way that it gives the feeling of more space. If you keep the entire house well-organized it will give the buyer a good impression that you are taking good care of the house. Besides that, it will appear more clean and attractive to the buyer.

Complete pending repairs

A prospective buyer will be thoroughly inspecting your house to figure out if it is suitable for his or her family. They would be looking to steal a deal and move in as quickly as possible. This can only be possible if all the essentials like plumbing, electrical and other necessary aspects are working in top-notch condition. Make a dedicated effort to fix all the existing issues in this regard before posting the ad.

Eliminate bad odours

Bad odour is not a good impression since the buyer will be looking for a well-maintained and pleasing home to live in. Try and get a bit of nature into your house by introducing plants or freshly cut flowers and keep all the windows in the room open for that burst of fresh air. You can also use room freshers to eliminate unpleasant odours.

Paint the house

If there is enough budget, you can consider repainting the entire house. Repainting the house will give it a more fresh and clean appearance which will attract the buyer even more. You can consult a good interior designer to check the latest colour trends and ideas before painting the interiors.

Keep all your documents ready

Keep all the property-related documents ready to be legally transferred to the new owner. Complete all the legal formalities in advance so that both the seller and buyer can save so much time and effort while transferring the ownership of the property.

If you are in the market to sell your property, make sure that you follow the above-mentioned factors before even considering to post a home for sale ad. Ensure that you do your best to answer all the queries a prospect might have about your property. Have regular follow-ups with all the prospects who have shown interest in buying your property and keep a level of engagement active.

If you are looking to buy a new home, then do consider exclusive projects of Victoria Realtors :

Villas for sale in Palakkad

Ottapalam Villas

Villas in Thrissur

Villas in Coimbatore


Why is location important while buying a house

There are varied factors that you must consider while buying a home. The reputation of the builder, style of architecture, quality of construction etc. play an important role in determining the worth of the property. Apart from these, location is a factor that carries utmost importance. If you wish to enjoy a well-rounded life of quality and comfort, choosing the right location is essential. You may find a beautiful home, but if it is not in a good location, it may not be an ideal option for you. Here are some reasons why location is an important factor to consider while buying a home. 1. Appreciation value The appreciation value of a property depends upon the location of the house. Some localities undergo tremendous development in terms of infrastructure, connectivity and facilities, which means that the value of the land will also increase rapidly. It is ideal to invest in a location that promises faster development in future. 2. Facilities While buying a new home, one should always check whether the property has easy access to grocery shops, hospitals, schools and other day-to-day facilities. If you are staying in a good neighbourhood within the city, you can lead a hassle-free life without wasting your time and money for the commute. A house which is located close to your workplace will let you enjoy more time with your family. 3. Connectivity Well-maintained roads and easy access to public transport services will enhance the value of a property. Your home must be conveniently located near your workplace and should facilitate easy commute to different parts of the city. Having good connectivity to major city landmarks, highways and business centres will ensure high returns in terms of rental income and resale value. 4. Neighbourhood A new home should ensure maximum safety and comfort for you and your family. Needless to say, one must choose a safe location that has a low crime rate and has an environment that is healthy, clean and well-maintained. If you choose to live in a gated community, you can enjoy many perks like 24 hours security by HOA, CCTV surveillance, etc. Nowadays, more & more people are opting to stay in villa communities to ensure the safety of their family members. 5. Water & Power Supply Many residential localities will have shortage of water and issues like frequent power cuts. So you must do a thorough study about the locality by interacting with local people to confirm the availability of clean water and electricity. We hope that now you have got a clear understanding of why location is a crucial factor to consider while buying a new home. If you are looking for a new home in Kerala, we would suggest you to consider buying a property in Palakkad. The city boasts of lush green landscapes and many famous historical attractions. You can lead a relaxed and carefree lifestyle by enjoying the scenic views of the Western Ghats. Palakkad is also home to many reputed educational institutions like IIT Palakkad, Government Victoria College, NSS College of Engineering, Government Medical College etc. You can also enjoy the rich traditions and culture of Kerala, as there are many Ayurvedic wellness centres and places of worship.

Victoria Realtors, one of the largest villa developers in South India, offers a range of luxury and budget-friendly villa homes in Palakkad. We have chosen the best residential neighbourhoods in Palakkad that offers the above-mentioned location advantages. All our gated community villas have easy access to the city and major highways. You can choose a home that fits your budget as we have a wide range of projects with in-house luxury amenities. Contact us for more details.


Features of an Ideal Home

An ideal home is one which satisfies your needs and offers a comfortable ambience for you and your family. A home gives you an opportunity to express your aspirations and enjoy a lifestyle that you have always envisioned for yourself.

For most of the people buying a home is a lifelong investment, and it has to be a perfect reflection of everything that you dream. So when you choose to buy a new home, make sure that you consider all the features that make the home perfect for you.

Here are a few features that make a house an ideal home.

  • Size of the house

The size of the property is an important aspect to consider while choosing a new home. Your home should be spacious enough to accommodate the growing needs of your family. Choose a house with spacious and well-ventilated rooms so that it does not cause congestion.

  • Construction and Architecture

The quality of the construction and materials used is another significant factor to consider. An ideal home is one that needs little maintenance and is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Well-designed spaces that are optimised to offer maximum utility should be preferred. The architecture, spatial planning and master planning of the layout should be accommodative of your family's needs in the long run.

  • Location & Connectivity

Your home should be located in a prime location to ensure a hassle-free life for you and your family. Easy access to supermarkets, educational institutions, hospitals, etc. will be beneficial for you at any time. Apart from this, quick access to public transports facilities will be an added benefit. Also, try to choose a home located close to your workplace to make life more comfortable.

  • Safety and security

An ideal home offers it's residents a safe and secure living environment. Strong doors and windows, advanced lock system, burglar alarms, round-the-clock security surveillance, etc. will prevent the entry of unwanted intruders. Most of the gated community villas provide excellent safety features to offer a tension-free lifestyle for its residents.

  • Appreciation value

An ideal home should also be an ideal investment. This means that your dream home must offer a good appreciation to ensure value for money. Factors like location, facilities, development etc. determine the rate of appreciation. Some locations witness rapid growth which leads to the increase in property values, while some other areas develop slowly. So it is always better to find a location with good growth potential.

  • Amenities

The home that you choose to invest in must ideally offer amenities like children's play area, recreation zone, walking trail, etc. Having in-house facilities that promote physical activity will help you to stay healthy and fit. Most of the modern residential projects will provide a range of these complimentary amenities.

  • A good neighborhood

Living in a good residential neighborhood can help you lead a happy and content life. Friendly neighbours, pollution-free locality, ample greenery, etc. can contribute to your overall wellness. If you develop a good social circle in your locality, you can rely on them in case of any crisis. So do a thorough study of the neighbourhood before you decide to buy a new home.

  • Lifestyle

Your dream home must offer you a lifestyle that you wish to enjoy. Some people might want a life close to nature, while some others might look for a home right in the city. So depending upon your needs, invest in a home that gives you the freedom to enjoy life as you have always dreamt.

If you are looking for an ideal home with the above mentioned features, we have the right bet for you - Chaithram villas in Palakkad located adjacent to the National highway in Puduppariyaram road is a perfect choice for those seeking a life of comfort and convenience close to all facilities. These Vasthu compliant villas offer a hassle-free lifestyle in a tranquil environment. Built on 5 cents of land, these 3 BHK villas are built across an area ranging from 1230 -1500 Sq. Ft. Villas at Chaithram offers a secure lifestyle in a good neighbourhood close to schools, hospitals, transport hubs and shopping centres. The project site is located just a 15 min drive from Palakkad town and 12 min drive from Olavakode. If you would like to book a site visit or know more details, get in touch with -Victoria Realtors.


Why Remodel Your Old House When You Can Buy a New One?

Why Remodel Your Old House when you can buy a new one?

Planning for a house makeover? If you think your home looks old-fashioned and worn out, then you may consider remodeling your house to get a fresh new look. Weather, age of the property, lack of maintenance, etc. are some of the factors which affect the structure of a home.

Most of us choose to remodel the existing house due to budget constraints as buying a new house may seem to be difficult and expensive. But if you can buy a brand new home at an affordable price then why bother to remodel an old house? Yes, you heard it right! You do not have to go through the hassle of remodelling a house as we are presenting a range of budget-friendly villas in Kerala with modern amenities and features.

With many years of experience in the real estate industry, Victoria Realtors has been recognized as the largest gated community villa developer in Kerala. We create affordable homes without compromising on quality and space. All our projects feature ample greenery and open spaces to offer a peaceful living ambience to the residents. Our villa projects ensure high value for money as they are placed in some of the choicest localities in the town.

The Nellies is one of our latest budget villa projects located just 100 meters away from the National Highway in Palakkad. The price of this villa home starts at just Rs. 18.3 Lakhs onwards. Buying an independent home will often come with the burden of repairs and maintenance, however, if you buy a home at The Nellies, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Apart from the low price, there are many more reasons to own a new villa at Nellies.

Here are a few highlights of this villa project by Victoria Realtors:

• Comprising of 150 units, Nellies is one of the largest gated community developments in Kerala

• It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it a perfect haven away from pollution and the chaos of the city.

• It is located adjacent to the National Highway providing easy transport facilities and good connectivity

• The residents of this project are sure to enjoy a hassle-free life as they have quick access to some of the best educational institutions, healthcare institutions, supermarkets etc.

• The architectural style of these villas is modern, simple and visually appealing

• The homes are spacious and vastu compliant, ensuring a positive and nourishing environment for the residents

• Situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats, one can enjoy scenic views from the comfort of their home. You can live a healthy lifestyle by living close to nature.

• The residents can enjoy a carefree life as there is 24-hour security by HOA, which ensures the safety of the residents. CCTV cameras and the presence of a compound wall keeps unwanted intruders at bay, further enhancing the safety of the residents.

• Ample parking space is provided here for all villa homes

• Superior quality fittings and finishes are used to construct these homes

• Features homes with excellent quality of construction and workmanship

• If you choose to sell your home, then a brand new home is certainly going to fetch you a better price than older construction.

• With substantial experience in the real estate sector, Victoria Realtors choose locations that show great potential when it comes to appreciation in value. Thus, a home at The Nellies is not only a perfect getaway to lead a peaceful life, but is also an ideal investment.

• You do not have to go through the ordeal of repairing and renovating a used home to suit your needs as the brand new homes at The Nellies are crafted to suit your needs and requirements.

By considering all these advantages, we advise you to buy a new home at the same price that it would take to renovate your old house.

We are quite certain that you are all set to book a site visit to The Nellies. Book now, before the villas are sold out!


5 Best luxury villas/houses to buy in Palakkad

If you are looking for villas in Palakkad, it is likely that you have seen the wide range of villas offered by many builders. However, one must realize that there are some projects that are amongst the best owing to many factors like the builder's reputation, location, quality of construction, value for money, etc. It is important to shortlist nothing but the best for you and your loved ones, and we help you do just that. Here is a list of some of the best villas in Palakkad that you should definitely have a look at, for you might find your dream home amongst them. 1. Chaithram Villas Situated about 4.5kms from Palakkad railway station and adjacent to Puduppariyaram Main Road, Chaithram is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a life of comfort and convenience while staying close to all essential facilities. A perfect combination of superior quality construction, thoughtful design, and budget-friendly pricing, these Vastu compliant homes are a dream come true. Comprising of 3BHK villas, starting at just 35 lakhs, Chaitram is surely a great deal if you are seeking a spacious and luxurious home in Palakkad. You can enjoy a wholesome life in a safe and secure environment offered by one of the leading real estate developers in Palakkad. 2. Sobhanam Villas Located in Kozhinjampara, this endeavor by Victoria Realtors is envisioned to be the largest gated community infrastructure in Kerala. It comprises of 2 and 3 BHK budget-friendly homes that are built to offer a well-rounded life at an unbelievable price. Residents can enjoy a peaceful life in a pollution-free environment in which Shobanam is nestled. If you are looking for a home that is away from the hustle of the city while staying close to facilities like schools, hospitals, etc, Shobanam is the perfect option for you. Starting at just Rs. 25.58 lakhs, homes at Shobhanam are perfect for those who are looking for their dream home within a budget. 3. Amrutham Villas Amrutham is another exclusive villa project from Victoria Realtors located in the historic town of Kottayi in Palakkad. Lush green landscapes and a tranquil environment welcomes inhabitants at this villa project. Situated in close proximity to the NH, residents can enjoy easy access to the city. With 24 hours security and a host of other amenities in tow, this villa project from South India's leading realtor is sure to offer a wholesome life to its residents. If you are someone who prefers to enjoy a peaceful living environment close to nature, Amrutham is the ideal choice for you. With 3 BHK villas starting from just 27.5 lakhs, villas at Amrutham are well suited for those who seek a perfect home in a budget. 4. The Nellies Villas The Nellies is one of Kerala's largest settlement of gated community projects in Palakkad. Located in Vandithavalam, this project is ideal for those who are seeking a home away from the crowd. Choosing a home in this gated community gives you an opportunity to enjoy scenic views and a tranquil life amongst the natural bounty that it is surrounded by. Envisioned to offer a lifestyle on par with global standards, homes here are a perfect blend of quality construction, modern design, and affordable pricing. Starting from just 21 lakhs, the 2 and 3 BHK villas at Nellies offer a life of comfort and convenience to its residents. As it is located adjacent to the highway, commuting is not a hassle. Added to this, the presence of reputed schools, colleges, healthcare institutions, etc. further, enhances the appeal of this limited edition project. 5. Victoria Prarthana If you wish to reside in Pirayari, Victoria Prarthana is the right option for you. This unique range of 3BHK villas come with a host of world-class amenities. Crafted to offer a luxurious lifestyle, each villa in this project comes with a media room and a utility room. These luxury villas offer maximum privacy, safety, and security to its inhabitants and are sure to redefine luxury living in Palakkad. By staying here, you can relax in the lap of nature as Prarthana is cosily tucked amidst ample greenery and natural beauty. These homes are priced from 50 lakhs onwards. The superior quality construction, along with contemporary design, makes them all the more appealing for aspiring home buyers. If you are looking for a signature home, a villa at Victoria Prarthana is the perfect option for you. An ideal home is more than a mere shelter. It should offer an environment for the healthy and positive development of its residents. Privacy, comfort, and proximity to essential facilities should be on top of your checklist while looking for your dream home. The projects listed above are sure to offer you a wholesome life in a safe and serene environment. We are certain that you have already shortlisted one of the above projects for your dream home, if you haven't, hurry! It's time to make your dream of owning a villa a reality.


Top Things to Know While Buying a New Home in 2020

Buying a home is a 'dream come true' occasion for most of the individuals. But most often finding the ideal home is a big challenge as there would be so many properties listed for sale in the market. From finding a good builder to getting finances ready, the process can turn out to be extremely overwhelming. However, if you can identify the most important considerations before making a purchase, it is definitely going to help you to make the right choice.

So how do you choose the right property? What are the basic qualifiers you need to check before you finalize the investment decision? Here are some home-buying tips that will help you pick the right home this coming year. 

Location & Accessibility 

A property located at a prime location will have a high-value appreciation in the future. So, always ensure that you choose a property that has a high appreciation value. Proper roads that lead to your apartment or house are a must for safety as well as accessibility. Thanks to the rapid development in the real estate sector, now you can find comfortable housing options located close to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, etc. Staying close to your workplace and having easy access to facilities that you need on a day-to-day basis are top factors that you must consider while buying a home. 

Budget & Affordability

Your budget and affordability are important factors to consider while looking for a new home. If you invest in a property that is beyond your affordability, you will end up paying a high EMI and hence will get into trouble very soon. In that case, you may have to take further loans which will only increase your debts. So it is better to invest in a home you can afford for the time being and then as you progress in your life, consider buying a bigger house. Analyzing your expenses and zeroing in on a budget will help you streamline your choices. 

Reputation of Builder

Whether it is an apartment or a villa, it is always better to do a background study about the builder to be on the safe side. Since you will be spending a significant amount of your savings to buy your dream home, make sure that you are investing in a property that is built to last. We advise you to do a detailed analysis of the brand's history, quality of construction, customer feedback and past projects to get a fair idea about the builder's reputation. Reputed builders will always ensure good quality of fittings and provision of all modern amenities. Construction delays have become very common these days, and if you are buying a property under construction, this will be a concern. But if you are choosing a reliable builder, they will ensure on-time delivery of projects. 

Type of Property

Everyone will have a different requirement when it comes to their dream home. Depending on your preference for space, privacy, and other features, you can choose between an apartment or a villa. Apart from this, ample greenery, a pollution-free environment, clean water and convenient access to daily necessities should also be considered while choosing your dream home in the coming year. If you choose to have more privacy and space, buying a villa is the best option. Villa communities will offer perks like spacious car parking, garden and other common amenities like a pool, clubhouse, security, etc. If you like to socialize more and have a compact living space, then you can choose to buy an apartment. 

Age of the Property

If you are buying an already existing property, always check for the age of the property. The condition of the property, renovation costs if any are some of the factors that you must consider if you are buying a home from another owner. As the property gets older, the resale value recedes further. So when you are planning for a real estate investment, choose new constructions or those below 5-6 years of age. With reputed builders like Victoria Realtors offering villa homes at affordable rates, it is always better to go for a brand new home. 


Whether it is a gated community villaor an apartment, the basic facilities and amenities offered can influence its value and appreciation. Homes with modern security systems and recreational space fetch better value than those without these facilities. Apart from this, well-maintained roads, waste management facility, power back-up, kids play area, garden, etc. are also some of the amenities that you must look for to ensure a healthy and wholesome life for your loved ones.

Maintenance & Post-sales service

While the journey of buying a home can come with its ups and downs, the process of occupying it and residing it is a new experience by itself. Reputed builders offer great post-sales service and help you take care of any repairs or maintenance work that may be needed for your home after purchase. This is especially important in the case of NRIs who are either planning to rent the property or buy a home as an investment.

Our lives are getting busier, and in such circumstances, it is necessary to choose a builder who offers reliable post-sales services. 

Seek The Help of Home inspectors

Most people overlook the idea of conducting a home inspection before buying a property. A detailed home inspection will help you find structural defects of building, plumbing and leakage issues, cracks and damages if any. Water and power supply are two other important aspects to be checked while inspecting a home. So before you purchase a property, do a thorough inspection of the house with the help of a reliable home inspector. 

So, why wait? Make the most of all these tips and invest in your dream home this coming year!


Tips To Save Space In Your Home 

Be it a large villa or a compact apartment, proper planning and space optimization is essential to ensure that your home doesn't look small and congested. A well-designed home is one that is flexible to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the family that it accommodates. The architectural planning should be such that it ensures functional spaces avoiding the presence of dead spaces. You do not have to be an expert in the industry to do space optimization in your home. Follow these interesting tips to make the most of the spaces you have in your home.

Some areas in the house need special attention and the kitchen is one of them. Since it is a space that is most important for you and your family, you must ensure that you have ample space to work comfortably. If you feel that your kitchen is small and congested, consider these tips that will help to make your kitchen look large and spacious.

Colour palette and wall treatment

Irrespective of how big or small your kitchen is, we'd strongly recommend that you stick to a light colour palette. Lighter colours make the spaces look more bright and large thus making your kitchen look large and airy. Likewise, choose tiles with minimal and small designs in order to create an impression of spaciousness. Also, avoid too many contrasting patterns, textures and designs to make your space look large and tidy.

Opt for open shelves

Yes, we are going back in time, as open shelves are yet again replacing closed cabinets. Closed overhead cabinets create a sense of claustrophobia and make a space look really congested. Opting for open shelves will make your kitchen look larger and will also provide you with space that is unrestricted.

Include a kitchen island

If your kitchen has enough space, you should definitely consider getting an island. Having an island in the kitchen is a great asset as it not only provides extra workspace but it also comes with extra storage that you can use to store away things that you use frequently. Kitchen islands come in varied sizes and can be used as worktops and as breakfast tables too.

Keep it clutter-free

This is something that you must practice religiously to make your kitchen look clean, large and well maintained. Clutter is a real problem in every home, and not getting rid of unwanted things is often the biggest reason why your home may look messy and small. Sticking to a routine and getting rid of waste, not just in the kitchen but in every part of the home will help you make the most of the space that you have.

Now that we have taken care of the most crucial section of the home let us look at some tips that you can use in the rest of the home to save space.

Stackable furniture

We urge you to choose stackable furniture for your home. If you are a social person, you will understand the challenges you face to accommodate all your guests. This is where stackable furniture comes to your rescue. It could be stackable stools, chairs or even side tables- having these handy will help you add more furniture to your home when needed. As these are very easy to store, they can be stored away when not needed, thus making the most of your spaces.

Adjustable furniture

Adjustable furniture, another essential in today's times, is a great addition to every home. Items like sofa cum bed, expandable dining tables etc are great and help you optimize and make the best use of the space that you have. You can find many options that come in varied qualities, sizes and prices.

Choose wall storage

Having storage that occupies floor space is a big no if you are looking to optimize spaces. Wall-mounted shelves, hanging temporary racks etc. are your best options if you are looking to make your home look large and spacious. Replace that chunky shoe stand with a hanging shoe rack, choose wall shelves instead of a chest of drawers as they not only take up less space but are easy to assemble and dismantle too.

Choose minimal decor

You may have experienced a sense of suffocation or anxiety in rooms that are full of textures, rich colours and too many patterns. Another trick to optimize the space in your home is to go for minimal decor. Usage of a single colour- ideally a light shade with similar or same coloured upholstery creates an illusion of spaciousness. You could pepper this simple look with a splash of colour, but maintaining a single tone in your interiors can do wonders to your space.

You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to make your home look good and airy. We hope that these simple tips will help you make the most of the space you have in your home.


Advantages Of Living In A Gated Community

Buying a home is a dream which we cherish all our lives. It is an investment of a lifetime, and we are constantly working towards owning our dream home. So you should choose the right type of home that will cater to your needs of today and that of times to come

If you are an aspiring home buyer, you may be spoilt for choice with the many options that you see in the real estate market. Independent homes, plotted development, budget apartments, luxury apartments, villas - the list goes on. For most of us, safety and comfort are two top priorities when it comes to home buying. Keeping this in mind, builders are now focusing more on gated community villa projects. Homes which are enclosed in a gated community have many advantages as compared to standalone houses. More and more people in Kerala are now opting to invest in gated community villas. Let us discuss the benefits of living in a gated community.

1. Safety and security

Almost every gated community project comes with a strong security system to prevent the entry of unwanted miscreants or intruders. A reputed builder will offer a combination of ground staff and CCTVs that will offer better security, and you can be at ease knowing that your home and loved ones are in a safe environment. Be it your aged parents, or your children, the safety of your family and your assets will not be compromised upon in a gated community.

2. A reliable neighbourhood

If you choose to live in a gated community, you are not just choosing a home, but an entire neighbourhood. Living in a gated community gives you a chance to live alongside like-minded individuals who can go on to become good friends and people that you can count on. For example, if you choose to live in a high-end gated community, you will be living with people of similar social standing and of a similar mindset which helps you and your family to blend in comfortably. Your wife will surely find a friend to bond with, your children will have scope to make life-long friendships, and your parents will never get bored as they are sure to strike a bond with someone like them. Hence, living in a gated community gives you access to a good neighbourhood.

3. Quality of spaces

Gated community villas are often built on large plots which gives you a chance to live in spacious homes. Unlike apartments, villas are not compact and come with larger living spaces. You can enjoy maximum quality of living spaces as each house will be an individual entity and free from the influence of the other houses around. It is not just the indoor spaces, but the layout of the entire project, good internal roads, sufficient street lighting, hygiene etc. will also be taken care of in a gated community, making your life pleasant and peaceful.

4. Ventilation and open spaces

Gated communities come with lush landscaped areas, gardens and more open spaces compared to apartments or independent homes. You can enjoy enough set back around your villa, a large portico and even a garden space, apart from the common parks and green pockets. Since there are no shared walls or need to compromise on ventilation, you can have large openings and windows that provide plenty of natural ventilation throughout the day.

5. Land ownership

Irrespective of which home you buy, you are the owner of it, but living in an apartment may not give you the sense of ownership that living in a villa can offer. As it is built on your exclusive patch of land, you will feel more comfortable and have a sense of ownership of your home. This may not occur in an apartment where lots of people are staking a claim in the same parcel of land. Though you may have a claim on the land, it isn't same and as gratifying as owning a villa.

6. Privacy

Privacy is another major advantage you will have while living in a gated community villa. If you were to build a home independently, or if you lived in an apartment, due to lack of setbacks or due to sharing of walls, you may not enjoy complete privacy. But living in a villa gives you the luxury of having your own private space without the inference of the outside world.

7. Amenities

Gated communities give you access to many amenities that you may not enjoy while living in an independent home. You can enjoy unlimited access to facilities like gym, swimming pool, party area, etc. which are located in the premises of your home. Apart from this, you can also have access to kid's play area, outdoor game facilities, indoor game rooms etc. You and your family can lead a comfortable and healthy life if you are choosing to buy a gated community villa.

8. Good location

Reputed builders often do a lot of research before choosing a project location. They consider many factors like access to the city centre, road conditions, presence of other facilities like educational institutions, hospitals etc before they zero in a location. Hence, when you buy a villa from a good builder, you don't have to worry about the location or property appreciation value. This will reduce your burden of researching about the housing locality and concerned factors.

You can truly enjoy a life away from the hustle and bustle of the city by choosing to live in a gated community. Gated villa homes offer you a chance to lead a wholesome and well-balanced life in the lap of greenery and comfort. We hope these aspects have helped you gain more clarity about living in a gated community. Now it's time you find the right home for you and your family.


2020 - The Best Year to Buy or Build a House

Owning a home is a long-cherished dream for many among us. There is no denying the fact that time is a crucial factor for many of the decisions that we take in our lives. If you are a prospective homebuyer, the year 2020 is a perfect time to invest in a new home in Kerala. The following are a few tips that will help you decide whether it is the best time to buy your dream home.

  • It is important to analyze your personal financial status before investing in a new house. You should evaluate your capability of managing a home loan, property taxes, insurance, utility expenses, etc. to ensure that you are ready for the investment.
  • Economic factors including inflation, market conditions and cost of living affect interest rates. If you are taking a home loan, it is better to buy a home when the interest rates are low as it will reduce your burden of monthly installments.
  • Rental income is a significant source of income for homebuyers if you are buying a property for investment or tax exemption purposes. So choose a home in a good location which has a high demand for rentals.
  • Never plan to buy a home based on your future income. You should anticipate circumstances like a job change, business loss or other factors that may affect your income. The more amount you invest in a property, the more risk you will be facing. So, always make sure that you have a back-up money plan before investing in a new house.
  • When the real estate market is healthy, the builders will offer competitive prices for properties. It signifies that there is a good demand among buyers. So, keep a track on the real estate market trends and invest in the right property when you get a good price deal.

Why 2020 is the best time for homebuyers in Kerala?

Rapid industrial development

Kerala is home to many Tier-II and Tier-III cities that are now witnessing rapid growth in terms of infrastructure and property value. Infrastructural development in a locality brings about an increase in the values of property in and around its vicinity. Kerala is now home to various global IT hubs located across cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut and Thrissur. These technology centres has brought about a huge rise in demand for residential properties. The state is attracting a lot of realtors owing to the high demand for housing & rentals. Kerala is one among the top destinations in India for real estate investment.

Spacious homes at best prices

Realtors are launching exclusive luxury villas across many cities in Kerala. These independent villas are equipped with modern lifestyle amenities and are available at competitive prices. Moreover, these villa projects are set in a beautiful and eco-friendly environment and let the owners lead a comfortable and wholesome lifestyle.

Low-interest rates

More customers are investing in a new home as the banks are offering low-interest rates on home loans. Most of the banks currently offer loans at interest rates ranging between 8.3-9%. According to new RBI rules, banks have to link all new floating rate home, auto and other retail loans to external benchmarks from 1 st October 2019. So for borrowers whose home loan rates are linked to the repo rate, the EMIs will come down when the rates are reset depending on the change in repo rate. For home loan borrowers whose home loan rates are linked to the bank's MCLR rates, the EMIs are expected to fall as banks gradually lower their rates.

Favorable Government rules

RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development) Act and other favourable schemes introduced by the government ensures the credibility of real estate properties and related legal formalities. RERA has brought about certain rules to ensure the accountability and transparency of real estate transactions. This act has come to effect across many South Indian cities like Bangalore and Coimbatore. Much to the relief of homebuyers, we expect that RERA will soon be implemented in Kerala also.

Lower GST rates

The year 2019 has seen a reduction in the GST rates since April 1, which is an outcome of the 33rd GST council meeting. The GST rates were drastically reduced for under-construction projects to 5% from the earlier value of 12%. The affordable housing sector has now a reduced GST rate of 1%. This is indeed a positive sign for those who wish to buy properties in Kerala.

Best time for NRIs to invest

The state is also witnessing rapid growth in terms of infrastructure with the construction of new International airport terminals, Metro train services, Shopping malls and other road transport facilities. By considering all these factors, more and more NRIs are opting to invest in Kerala. NRIs can avail home loan facilities from any RBI approved bank at 80% of the value of the property. Besides these factors, the regulatory reforms of the government prove that the coming year is the best time for the NRIs to invest in Kerala.

We hope that you found this article beneficial. Now go ahead and invest in your dream home without any ado.

Victoria Realtors is one of the largest gated community developers in Kerala and offers exclusive villa projects in Palakkad, Ottapalam, Thrissur and Coimbatore. Please get in touch with us to schedule a site visit.


Villa Vs Apartment – Which One To Choose?

If you are an aspiring home buyer, you may be weighing the different home options that are available in your preferred location. Buying a home is no simple task and added to it the many options available might leave one spoilt for choice. While there may be many properties that are built to suit your budget, architectural preferences or to cater to different spatial requirements, there are predominantly two types of homes that you can buy from a builder - villas and apartments. Both may come with the same set of shared amenities, but various features set them apart. Here is a brief comparison of villas and apartments, which will help you pick the right home that suits your needs.


Many often, villas are located slightly away from the heart of the city. Since villa projects need larger space, they are often placed in the suburbs. Villas are individual homes surrounded by large open spaces. These homes let you lead a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Apartments, on the other hand, are more compact and can be found both within the city limits and in the suburbs. Depending on the kind of ambience you wish to enjoy, you can pick a villa or an apartment based on the location.

• Architecture

The style of architecture can also be a determining factor for many home buyers. While most apartments are contemporary in their design, you may find villas that are both traditional and modern in style. Villas can be built by adopting local indigenous styles that are reminiscent of traditional homes that we grew up in, while apartments come with modern and suave designs to fit the urban cityscapes. You can choose between villas and apartments as per your choice of design.

• Spatial planning

Quite naturally, villas and apartments come with completely different spatial planning. While apartments offer more compact spaces, villas offer large and more open spaces. Most of the modern home buyers seek compact homes for the ease of maintenance, but if you wish to enjoy a more relaxed and peaceful life, villas may be a better option for you. One can enjoy the luxury of having a garden space, ample parking area and large utility spaces while living in a villa. On the other hand, apartments greet you with swanky balconies and smaller utility spaces. Many villas are either single-storeyed or double-storeyed, giving one the feeling of living in an independent home. Apartments units are mostly restricted to a single floor, barring a few exceptions where you may see apartments which are designed in a duplex style.

• Privacy

No shared walls and sufficient set-back between homes allow residents of villas to enjoy complete privacy in their homes, as compared to apartments. Apartments do not assure a lot of privacy due to shared walls and close proximity between the homes. So, if you are looking for more privacy and personal space, you can consider buying a villa home.

• Community living

Due to the compact and cluster design of apartments, the residents can enjoy living in a more close-knit community as compared to independent villas. When you stay in an apartment, you can interact and bond with your neighbours easily. Hence, in an apartment, you will have more opportunities to socialize as compared to a villa community primarily due to the distance between the homes. Many often, the residents of villas will be busy in their own personal space and may not favour socialising with their neighbours. However, in both, the presence of common lifestyle amenities and house owners associations can help to encourage interaction between the residents.

• Safety and security

While both villas and apartments are gated developments and feature round-the-clock security services, apartments can be considered to be more secure than villas. Due to the close spatial arrangements, an apartment complex will have more people and activity around. A villa home will need CCTV cameras and additional security to have close-monitoring of each home.


You may enjoy larger parking spaces while residing in a villa as compared to an apartment. Most villas come with multiple parking spaces while apartments may come with a single or limited parking space in the basement. Of course, one can always request for an additional parking slot in an apartment at an additional cost while this may not be necessary in a villa as there is already sufficient space provided.

• Ease of alterations and expansion

Most villa projects and apartments come with a standard design in terms of spatial planning. Villa projects mostly adopt standard facade designs for the sake of uniformity; however, there is a larger scope for personalisation in a villa as compared to an apartment. Since a structural grid is in place in an apartment, there is very little or no room for customisation of spaces while no such restrictions are present in a villa. If you are choosing a plotted development, the restrictions are further relaxed as you can build a home completely based on your preferences, free of any fixed prototype.

• Lifestyle and symbolism

Apartments come at different prices and are built for different purposes. You may find both budget flats and high-end projects that promise a luxurious life while looking for a home. However, villas have always been recognized as a symbol of status and fine living. One can completely enjoy a private life in a villa which is not the case in an apartment. Thus villas are considered as a choice for the elite few. While many apartments may claim to offer a luxurious life, villas have always been considered as the ultimate choice for those who are looking for uncompromised luxury and comfort.

These are some of the major determining factors that you can consider while looking for your home. Each person's needs and aspirations vary, but the factors mentioned above must be considered irrespective of your personal preferences. We hope that this comparison between villas and apartments will help you make a more informed decision while buying your dream home.


Renting a House Checklist in 2019

Looking for a home for rent can be a tiresome task. Going through the many rental property listings, ensuring that they fit your requirements and your budget and then moving in can be a long process. However, having a checklist that comprises of essential factors will make this task easier and more efficient. Every person will have different requirements and what they seek in a home varies from person to person. We have rounded up some tips that will help you pick the best home to rent. Read on to make your own checklist for renting a home.

House Location

The location of the home plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of your family. From having access to everyday essentials like shops, schools and hospitals to having good transport connectivity, the location of the property is a major factor to consider while renting a home. If you are already aware of the best residential localities, it is ideal to make a list of preferred locations in the order of your choice. If you are unaware of the localities, it is better to interact with a few local residents to get a glimpse of life in these locations. While the owner might be full of praise for what he has to offer, you must ensure that you are choosing a home which is located in a safe and well-facilitated neighborhood.

The reputation of the Builder/Owner

If you are opting for a rental apartment or villa, doing a background check about the builder and the owner is important. A good builder offers quality construction and well-planned spaces that you can live in and enjoy a hassle-free life. While you tick off the builder from your checklist, you must also check the reputation of the property owner. Factors like the owner's temperament, behavior with tenants, his past record with respect to renting properties and his authenticity must be verified through reliable sources. This background verification will help you to avoid unnecessary disputes related to money and home maintenance.

The legal status of the property

This is one of the most important factors to consider while you are renting a home. You may not be buying the property, but a home that comes with any legal issues can be an unpleasant affair. Making sure that the home you wish to rent is legally clear of any ambiguities must be on top of your checklist. Once you have zeroed in on a property, it is advised to seek legal help to verify the property status to ensure a pleasant stay in the home.

Maintenance and amenities

If you are planning to rent a home in a community housing project, it is important to check the amenities and maintenance services they offer. Most often, the addition of the maintenance cost can make the home more pricey. You must be informed about the various amenities offered in the house and whether you require them all. Some of the amenities may not come to your requirement, but you will still be liable to pay for the same. Hence it is strongly advised to add the amenities you prefer to the checklist and tick them off while looking for a rental home.

Electricity meter reading

This is another major factor that must be on your checklist while you are looking for a home to rent. The different meter readings for water, electricity etc. should be up-to-date and free of any dues. You should ideally check all pending monthly bills for the home to understand their authenticity. If you notice any concerns, you should inform the owner immediately to get it clarified.

Planning and construction quality

While you may have ensured that you are choosing a home from a good builder and a genuine owner, the structural factors of the home should also be considered. The quality of living spaces and natural ventilation should be looked into while shortlisting different homes. Apart from this, construction quality, finishes, age of the home, fittings used etc. should be checked to make sure that the home offers a comfortable living atmosphere. If you have any concerns or find any damages, it should be brought to the notice of the owner immediately. This will help to avoid any accusations that may arise at a later date. Apart from this, the strength of locks, sound wiring, water supply etc. must be checked to ensure that your home is safe and well-equipped.

Agreements and other documents

Now that you have gone through the points that you need to add to your checklist, the last and most important point to add is the verification of documents. Seeking legal help to understand the rental document and its finer nuances is essential. Understanding the rental clause and signing the documents will help you move into a home with much ease and peace of mind. Any ambiguities or terms that do not suit your preferences can be worked upon based on a discussion with the owner.


Insurance is another factor that must appear on your checklist that will help you find the perfect rental home for you and your family. You must choose trusted rental insurance that will ease your burden in case of any damages or accidents. You can compare different insurance policies and choose what works best for you and your family.

Renting a home does not have to be tiring and time-consuming, and this can be achieved by making a checklist, as discussed above. The factors listed above are some of the core factors that determine the credibility of a rental home and more points can be added based on your individual needs and requirements.


8 Simple Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019

Good food is what brings a family together and that’s why we say that the heart of a home lies in the kitchen. Kitchen is not merely a room to prepare food but a special gathering place for the family. From quick bites to heart-to-heart conversations, many good memories are made in the kitchen. It is probably the most used area in your entire house.

If you are looking for kitchen remodel ideas it can be confusing as you may not know where to begin, or what to change. Even though your kitchen is one of the most loved spaces in your home, you might not want to spend too much money on a renovation. The good news is that kitchen renovation will not cost you much unless you are planning to have a complete makeover. You can go for easy kitchen remodelling solutions like a fresh coat of paint on the walls, adding some cute planters or a new artwork. So whether you are renovating an existing kitchen or planning to deck-up a new one, here are 8 simple kitchen renovation ideas you can try without burning a hole in your pocket.

1.  Wall Art

Spruce up your kitchen walls with some vintage paintings or a few personal artworks. Take advantage of those empty kitchen walls to display your creative work or favourite family pictures. You can also create your own canvas art with a favourite phrase or quote to bring a positive vibe. Hanging ceramic designer plates is also another new trend in kitchen décor. If you like to have a wall clock in your kitchen, pick up a fancy or vintage designer clock.

2.  Open shelving

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your kitchen is to replace wooden cabinets with open shelves. These open shelves can be made of wooden slabs or glass. You can utilize the open shelving in your kitchen to display fancy utensils and collectibles. Add a personalised touch by arranging photo frames, flowers and your favourite cookbooks. So if you have some vintage crockery or precious souvenirs, don’t hesitate to show it off in your kitchen.

3.  Glass cabinets

If you love transparency, replace solid wooden or metal cabinets with designer glass cabinets for a stylish new look. The benefits of having glass cabinets are many. The first advantage is that you will be able to see the contents and so it will help you to locate things easily. Modern glass cabinets give you the privilege to safely exhibit your precious glass and kitchenware.

Using accent lights to highlight the contents enhances the overall appeal. If you like to have some privacy, you can also opt for frosted glass or tinted glass doors which doesn’t reveal the stored contents.

4.  Paint it

Adding colour is the easiest way to remodel your kitchen. So, if you had been longing to have a kitchen revamp, simply go for a fresh coat of paint. White, ivory, yellow, red, green, blue and grey shades are all popularly used for kitchen walls and accents. If you would like to go trendy, choose colour pops for the kitchen cabinets and wall shelves. If you wish to make a small kitchen look more spacious and elegant, try an all-white kitchen theme. Yellow colour can make the room look bigger and brighter. It goes well with white and grey shades. It is believed that warmer colours such as red stimulates the appetite and are best suitable for kitchens. Green is a soothing colour that can present an earthy vibe to a kitchen when paired with wooden accents.

5.  Indoor plants

Add more life to your kitchen by introducing cute planters with indoor plants. Growing herbs and leafy veggies will not only bring an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen but will also present edible stuff to add in your recipes. You can try growing mint, basil, parsley, spinach and curry leaves. Keep the pots near the window sill to ensure a daily dose of sunlight. If your kitchen sink is facing the window, keep the planters near it so that you will never forget to water your plants.

6.  Backsplash trends

Kitchen backsplash is the space between the countertop and the bottom portion of the wall cabinetry. Backsplashes protect your walls from splashes and spills. It is a space which is often overlooked while considering a makeover. Getting a new tile backsplash is one of the most cost-effective ways to style up your kitchen. The options to experiment with colours, patterns and texture here are endless. You can introduce materials like natural stone, glass, patterned tiles, coloured glass or wood to pep up the overall appearance of the kitchen. Ceramic, glass tiles and porcelain are ideal choices for kitchen backsplashes because these surfaces are heat-resistant and easy to clean.

7.  Use bar chairs

All modern kitchens are now integrated with a functional dining space. If there is an existing island in your kitchen, you can introduce a few bar chairs to create a stylish dining area. Bright coloured bar chairs will add some personality to a neutral kitchen.

 You may also choose a colour which is in contrast with your kitchen walls. These barstools come in a variety of designs and materials. Rustic wooden stools and colourful metal bar stools are in vogue nowadays.

8.  Bring Patterns

If you like to play with patterns, go for a designer rug sporting geometric or floral patterns. You can also try bright and patterned wallpapers for the kitchen walls. When you choose the wallpaper, make sure that it pairs up perfectly with the colour theme of your kitchen. If you are planning to revamp the floors, try patterned tiles to add a vintage touch.

Hope you will try these simple kitchen renovation ideas to bring a new look and feel to your kitchen. If you are planning to buy a new house, look for homes that feature a spacious and well-ventilated kitchen layout. If you have any custom design ideas or colour choices, it is better to speak with the builder beforehand. Victoria Realtors, one of the leading builders in Kerala, has a range of luxury villas in Palakkad. Drop into our project site to get a glimpse of our architectural designs and complimentary amenities.


Smart ways to save electricity at home in 2019

Worried about your rising electricity bill? Being mindful and making some changes in your day to day habits can bring about great savings on your monthly electricity charges. Saving electricity is the need of the hour as it takes up a significant part of our monthly savings and also leads to global energy wastage. Thus energy saving is not only an individual requirement but is also essential for our planet.

The first step towards saving electricity is to prepare your mind for the same. You don’t necessarily have to spend too much money on buying energy-efficient products to reduce household electricity usage. There are a few simple and smart ways to save electricity free of cost. You can start by adopting a few useful daily habits, such as turning off a light or home cooling unit when not required. If you are planning to buy a new appliance, choose products which are energy efficient. Even though the initial cost will be a bit on the higher side, it will pay off in the long run. Installing a home energy monitoring meter can help you understand which appliances are using more electricity on a daily basis.

Following are a few practical and cost-effective ways to reduce your electricity bill.

Use air-conditioning wisely

Home air-conditioning units contribute to a major part of the household electricity bill. If you are using A/c in your home, make sure that you switch them off when the outside weather is pleasant. During summer, you can use large screens or dark curtains for your bedroom windows to block sunlight and keep the rooms cool. Whenever you use the A/c, close all windows and doors tightly for faster cooling. Closing the room doors when you step out of the room helps to retain the air-conditioning effect even after switching it off. During the night, try to switch on the A/c for one or two hours, let the room cool and then switch if off. You should also consider replacing old air-conditioners with better energy-efficient systems to save more electricity.

Minimal use of heating appliances

Hot water geysers consume a large amount of electricity as compared to other appliances. Even though you will be tempted to take long hot showers, try to minimise their usage time to enjoy great energy savings. Avoid the habit of switching on the geyser before taking bath. Switch it on when you are ready for bath and switch it off immediately after the use. Even if you are using a geyser with auto-off features, practice this habit to stop wastage of electricity. You can consider installing solar water heaters if you live in a place where you receive ample sunlight. Are you regularly using a hairdryer to dry your hair? You can save more power if you choose to let your hair dry naturally after a shower.

Adjust the home lighting

Let in natural light during the day and minimize the use of overhead lights. Avoid using porch lights and garden lights during the night. Instead, you can consider installing lights that switch on automatically with motion sensors. Avoid using incandescent bulbs and shift to CFL bulbs or LED lights. Also, use LED tubes or T5 fluorescent tubes for better energy savings in common areas like the kitchen, living room, etc. Thus you would save a major portion of your electricity bill by installing low energy lighting systems in your home.

Unplug all devices

Most of the home appliances like televisions, set-up box, speakers, cordless telephones, computers, and charging devices draw power even when they are switched off. This energy loss is called as standby power or vampire power.  Stand by power accounts for 5 to 10 % of household energy usage. So instead of switching off these devices when not in use, unplug them from the power outlet to save electricity.

Adjust your washing habits

Avoid using the washing machine daily with half-load, instead, wash clothes thrice a week or wait till you have a full load. Skip the drier, if you have provisions for hang drying the clothes. If you are using a dishwasher in the kitchen, make use of the economy cycle and ensure that you are operating it only when it’s full. These are effective methods to save water and electricity.

Save energy while cooking

If you are looking for ways to save electricity bill at home, you must know how to save it in your kitchen. You can enjoy great savings if you are ready to change a few kitchen habits. If you are using an electric oven for baking, try to do batch-cooking to avoid pre-heating the oven several times. Whenever possible, cook in a microwave instead of an electric oven. Microwave ovens use much lesser electricity than conventional electric ovens. While using an electric stove, use lids to cover the top of your cooking vessel, which will reduce the cooking time and also electricity.

Refrigerator power saving

A refrigerator accounts for 15% of the total household power consumption. Keep the fridge about half feet away from the wall to allow continuous airflow. This will help heat generated by the motor and compressor to escape quickly and save power. Never place the fridge near heating sources like direct sunlight, oven, cooking range and radiators. It is advisable to keep the fridge full to retain the cooling inside. However, do not stuff it with a lot of food items as it will block free air circulation. However. Allow warm or hot food items to cool down well before placing them in the refrigerator as otherwise, it will take more power for cooling. Avoid opening the fridge door frequently to maintain optimal cooling inside. Regularly defrost the freezer to prevent the accumulation of ice. Ice acts as a layer of insulation and will increase the cooling time. During winters, set the cooling to minimum to save more energy.

Use of computers

Your desktop computer draws a lot of power, especially if you have activated screen savers. During idle time, adjust the setting to sleep or hibernate mode to save power. This helps to reduce energy costs by approximately 40%. Pull the power cables and laptop chargers out of the power socket when the device is not in use. It is ideal to use a laptop computer as laptops use up to 80% less electricity than desktop computers. Typically a laptop consumes about 60 Watts of power or even less while desktops can use up to 200 Watts of power.

Finally, if you are buying any new appliance for your home, go for energy-efficient products to increase power savings. We hope that you will try these simple tips to save electricity at home.


Best Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

The health of a human being is highly influenced by his/her home and surroundings. The nature itself is a treasure trove of nutrients required by humans to lead a healthy and balanced life. Sunlight is one such gift of nature that is packed with vitamin D essential for our bodies. Unfortunately we overlook the significance of sunlight in our daily lives. It is high time that we analyse the amount of sunlight that we are exposed to while we are indoors. However it is refreshing to note that people are increasingly looking for ways and means to improve natural light in their homes. Here are a few techniques and tips to keep in mind for getting natural light into a dark room.

1. Too much greenery can block the natural daylight

Trim the plants, bushes and trees outside your home that have especially grown big enough to cover the doors and windows. This is because these plants block the sunlight from entering your house. Having green cover near your home is good for you and your family but it should not prevent sunlight from coming through.

2. See that your windows and doors are spic and span

Ensure that your doors and windows are clean and dust-free. The more dirt the windows accumulate, the less sunlight passes through them.

3. Experiment with mirrors in your home

Surfaces that reflect off sunlight create an illusion of more light in your room. Mirrors bounce off light falling on them and hanging them at strategic locations will help you spread sunlight in your house. You can either opt for a single large mirror or play with an array of small mirrors to illuminate your space with natural daylight.

4. Choose a white or neutral colour palette for your home

Walls of your home will reflect more light if painted with a light colour. It helps to use soft shades of white paint as shimmery white paint can make the space feel cold. An off-white shade can create warmer effect. Also, another way to increase sunlight is to paint the ceiling one or two shades lighter than that of the walls which will create a wrong impression of height and space.

5. Go metallic with your interior decor

Introducing glittering gold and silver showpieces or artwork in your home will not only add a touch of luxury but will also brighten up your rooms. Since these metals reflect light, they bring about a remarkable change when placed in a dull gloomy room of your house.

6. Ditch your hefty curtains and large paintings

Replace your hefty, dark and opaque curtains with translucent ones that let in sunlight into your rooms. It is advised to use light shades of colours for your curtains and blinds. Also, it is high time that you bid adieu to the large paintings sprawling on the walls of your house as they absorb all the sunlight that penetrates into the room. Thus your attempt to beautify your room will unknowingly deprive itself of the much-needed daylight. Avoid heavy curtains and large paintings for getting more natural light into a dark room.

7. Embrace French windows and skylights

Though expensive, installing skylights or roof windows in your ceilings works wonders when it comes to trapping natural light. They are windows built facing upwards towards the roof. This is a method that is gaining popularity in order to bring in more sunlight. You can also construct large windows or French doors that allow huge amounts of sunlight into your home. Both these remedies involve huge cost and they are time consuming too.

8. Location of Bookshelves and room partitions matters

It is recommended that you place the bookshelves or partitions perpendicular to the wall that has windows in your home. This is because they hinder the passage of light if kept parallel to the window. Furniture that disturb the flow of light should be placed in strategic locations.

9. Use frosted or tinted glass and bi folding doors

Using frosted or tinted glass for windows and doors can amp up the level of sunlight passing through them. Frosted or tinted glass makes them translucent and therefore lets in more sunlight without compromising on privacy. Using Bi folding doors is a great idea to gather more sunlight inside houses. Also known as folding sliding doors, these are made of glass and can transform your room with glass doors that spread across an entire wall. Apart from offering breath-taking views of the surroundings, it facilitates a lot of sunlight to stream into the room. Moreover it is an excellent option for those who do not have any constraints of budget.

10. Opt for furniture/accessories in lighter shades

No rooms in your home are devoid of furniture and accessories. Therefore special attention needs to be paid while choosing the colour palette of your furniture. Ensure that you buy furniture that come in lighter shades so that they reflect more light which in turn brightens up the room.

So hope you have learnt how to brighten up the dark corners of your home after reading this article. If so, share the above mentioned tips with your friends and family. Getting natural light into a dark room not only lights up your space but also provides you with optimal health as sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, a key nutrient required by human body.


Best Residential Neighbourhood In Thrissur

Are you wondering about the best residential area in Thrissur? Then this blog post is for you. Ever since the real estate builders discovered its potential, Thrissur has never looked back. The city has seen umpteen number of housing projects mushrooming in varied locations over the past few years. Thrissur is gifted with many good residential localities. So, how do home-buyers rate the location of a property? Safety, accessibility, and infrastructure are the prime concerns among many others before deciding on the location of your dream home.

Kuttur, located 6 km away from the city of Thrissur ticks all the right boxes when it comes to an ideal real estate location. For those in search of villas in Thrissur, Kuttur is undeniable, the perfect location to own one. Victoria Realtors has therefore chosen one of the best residential neighborhoods for its premium residential project called ‘Vrinthavan Villas’which is located in Kuttur.

Historical Background of Kuttur:

Located in the Kolazhy Grama Panchayath under the Puzhakkal Block, Kuttur lies approximately 7 kilometers to the north of Thrissur. Situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from the famous Vadakkunnathan Shiva Temple, the city is surrounded by a lot of Shiva temples. The old Kuttur village had strong links with the erstwhile Royal family of Cochin during their reign. It is said that the regional deity of Kuttur at the Neithalakavu temple had the sole authority to open the Thekke Gopuram (South Gopuram) of Vadakkunatha Temple for Thrissur Pooram. It is a place with great cultural and historical significance.

‘Vrinthavan Villas’: The ambitious project of Victoria Realtors:

We at Victoria Realtors are more than happy to present to you, one of our exclusive projects – the ‘Vrinthavan Villas’ right here at Kuttur. Sprawling over 2100 square feet and prized at 70 lakhs, the project follows the European model of gated villas and complies with Vasthu standards of architecture with 4bhk specifications.

Why should you own a home at ‘Vrinthavan Villas’?

· Excellent Location:

Since the project is located near Thrissur city, it has very good infrastructure in transportation, education and health. The place maintains its rich culture and tradition despite witnessing rapid development. The land value especially in residential localities of Kuttur is on the higher side. The location is an excellent choice for those investing in real estate. Kuttur as a location does not disappoint real estate investors or property owners as it is bound to fetch excellent financial returns for them when it comes to resale of their properties. The place will also attract those who seek accommodation on rent due its close proximity to the city. So your property can double up as a source of income. You can even rent out one or more rooms to your tenants. Undoubtedly ‘Vrinthavan Villas’ has an excellent and strategic location.

· Price:

The prospective buyers will enjoy an advantage when it comes to the pricing of this project. The project priced at Rs 70 lakhs offers one of the best in class carpet area to per square feet rates especially as a location close to the city. ‘Vrinthavan’ has a rate lower than the apartment projects within the same locality. Owners of this project stand a golden chance to live a villa life among a host of amenities at this price. Among the villas in Thrissur, it offers the most attractive price.

· Safety:

Victoria Realtors has followed the much famed European model of gated villas. Living in a gated community is extremely secure for your loved ones. The presence of a security gate and a guard along with 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance will prevent the entry of illegal intruders.

Victoria Realtors are one of the most trusted real estate builders in South India. We have proven expertise in the real estate sector across various locations especially in Palakkad where Victoria Realtors have made a strong footprint. With state-of -the art architecture and design, all our ambitious projects have earned us a large customer base. So hope this article has shed light on why Kutturis a promising location for home-buyers looking for villas in Thrissur. Come to Kuttur and invest in a life filled with happiness and luxury.


5 Best Locations in Palakkad to Buy a Villa

Palakkad is one of the most ideal cities in Kerala to buy a home and settle down. With lush green paddy fields, forests, and the mountains making a perfect backdrop, anyone would easily fall in love with the place. If you are searching for a new home in Palakkad, consider these beautiful and well-connected localities in town for investment. 

Here are the best 5 localities in Palakkad to buy a new home.  


Pirayiri is a scenic locality in Palakkad rich in culture and traditions. It is home to many traditional Brahmin settlements and is one of the most beautiful locations in Palakkad that retains its old-world charm. The place is famed for its traditional vegetarian snacks and sadya. Located nearly 7 kilometers from Palakkad town, Pirayiri offers beautiful views of the surrounding rivers and mountains. The famous Chembai Memorial Government Music College established in 1957, lies at a distance of 8 km from Pirayiri and is a favorite destination for students passionate about music. 

The beautiful scenic locations in Pirayiri have also been featured in visuals of many songs in movies. Palakkad Town Railway Station and Palakkad Junction are the nearest railway stations. Of late Pirayiri has seen fast development with more and more realtors exploring its potential. It is a perfect destination for nature lovers to lead a healthy and peaceful life amidst greenery. 


Kodunthirapully is a laid-back locality nestling in a picturesque landscape in Pirayiri, Palakkad. It is an area that houses many Tamil Brahmin settlements called Agraharams and is famous for its temple festivals. The region attracts plenty of visitors during the 9-day long Navaratri celebrations. The annual festival is conducted with much pomp and fervor in typical Kerala style with a colorful procession of caparisoned elephants, fireworks, traditional orchestra - Panchavadyam and Chendamelam. During this season, visitors throng the two famous temples of Lord Adhikesavaperumal and Lord Ayyappa in Kodunthirapully. 

If you like to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle while having access to all modern amenities like shops, hospitals, and schools, Kodunthirapully is a perfect place to invest. You can find gated villas in Kodunthirapully which provides a wholesome living experience to the residents with top-class amenities. 


Kozhinjampara belongs to the Chittur block of the Palakkad district at a distance of nearly 23 km from the city. Kozhinjampara has reputed government institutions in the field of education and health. The Government Arts and Science College, Government Hospital Kozhinjampara, and Government Veterinary Hospital are some of the major institutions located here. KINFRA Integrated Industrial & Textile Park is located at a distance of 9 km from Kozhinjampara. The place is home to a few temples including Mariamman Temple and Sree Murugan Temple. 

Kozhinjampara has easy access to Walayar check post and prominent towns in Tamil Nadu like Coimbatore and Pollachi. Kanjikode is the nearest railway station located 14 km from Kozhinjampara. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Malampuzha Dam, Siruvani Waterfalls, and Dhoni Waterfalls are some of the tourist attractions easily accessible from Kozhinjampara. The State Highway passes through this locality and the nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport which is 56 km away. As it is a locality well-connected by all means of transport, Kozhinjampara is a very good destination for people looking to invest in real estate. 


Puduppariyaram is yet another location in Palakkad that is witnessing rapid development. The locale is all set to transform into a major real estate hotspot in the near future. This potential has given rise to many state-of-the-art villas with a host of features and conveniences. If you are in search of villas in Palakkad with the highest potential in value appreciation then investing in a home located in or around Puduppariyaram is simply the best option. 

Residents in Puduppariyaram can enjoy staying near the National Highway and easy access to Palakkad town. You can be assured of great connectivity with Government and private buses plying across this locality round the clock. Palakkad Junction Railway Station is just 2 km away from Puduppariyaram. Sai Hospital, ESI Hospital, Welcare Hospital, Dr.Menon Hospital are some of the reputed hospitals located near Puduppariyaram. 


Kottayi is a scenic village located at a distance of 18 km from Palakkad. Kottayi is the birthplace of the renowned Carnatic musician Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar who was born in 1896. Come February and March, the whole village turns into a festive mood with the annual Chembai Parthasarathy Ekadasi Music Festival. The festival is a tribute to Chembai Bhagavathar and attracts scores of singers who perform at the festival.

Kottayi was a buzzing marketplace even in the olden days during the reign of Hyder Ali who had built a fort called Kottanchantha here. The IHRD College and College of Applied Sciences are two prominent educational institutions near Kottayi, located at a distance of 3 and 3.5 km from here. Mankara and Parli are the nearest railway stations located at a distance of fewer than 11 km. Kottayi offers its residents a perfect combination of traditional and modern lifestyle.

Hope you found this article on the beautiful locations in Palakkad to buy a villa helpful. Get in touch with us today if you wish to invest in your dream home in Palakkad. With projects starting from just 29.5 Lakhs, you can now choose from a range of villas in Palakkad from the most trusted villa promoters in South India, Victoria Realtors.



7 Tips to Improve The Air Quality of Your Home

We often find ourselves whining about the polluted air outside, be it the smoke emitted by the vehicles plying on the roads or the bad odour sent out by a chemical factory. And if you think you are in the safe zone as soon as you enter your home, you might be wrong. You need to know that your home cannot always guarantee you good quality of the air that you breathe. For example, people especially in Kerala use coconut oil extensively in cooking. Coconut oil which has a comparatively low smoking point can leave your kitchen filled with smoke, not to mention the smell of burnt oil. Similarly, there are many other factors that contribute to polluting the air we breathe at home. To improve the air quality in your home, we have some exclusive tips listed below that can be easily followed so as to ensure you breathe pure air at home.

1. Ensure proper airflow in your home

Without even spending a penny, you can breathe fresh and pure air by increasing the airflow within your home. This can be achieved by simply opening the doors and windows of your home. Proper air circulation will refresh the air inside by removing stagnant air. If you live in a city, it is advised that you choose a time either early in the morning or late in the evening when the pollution levels in the air are very low.

2. Your Air-conditioner doubles up as air purifier

The air-conditioner at your home can also act as an air purifier with its in-built filters that trap pollutants like dust particles. So as it sucks in the air to pump out cooler air, it also makes it clean and pure. Anyway, it is up to us to clean the filter system of the AC regularly, so that it can serve the purpose of an air purifier.

3. House-Plants are a natural air detoxifier

All of us know it for a fact from childhood that plants inhale carbon- dioxide and exhale oxygen. So there can’t be a better option than placing some indoor plants in your home to improve the air quality. Apart from making your home look beautiful, the additional oxygen from these plants will rejuvenate the air around you. Some of the commonly used indoor plants in India are aloe vera, bamboo and spider plants.

4. Keep your bed linen clean

Keeping your bedding clean and dust-free along with the sofas, cushions and curtains is very important to ensure that you breathe in air of good quality. Dust mites often stick to the fabric of bed linen and cushions that can expose you to allergies and respiratory infections. Also it is recommended to keep pets off your bed and sofas to get rid of pet fur and dander which can further aggravate already existing illnesses including breathing problems.

5. Substitute room fresheners with essential air oil purifiers

You might think that you are embracing modern life by using room fresheners for your home. But it is high time you realised that these store-bought room fresheners that contain harmful chemicals will only pollute the air you breathe. To combat health issues that arise from reckless usage of these products, you can substitute them with natural essential oil air purifiers. A blend of essential oils has anti-bacterial properties and help in disinfecting our homes. These essential oils curb the amount of bacteria and viruses in the surroundings and help cure illnesses like common flu, sinuses, insomnia and bronchitis. Apart from lending a sweet and pleasant aroma to the air, these oils that include clove oil, eucalyptus oil and tree oil serve as very good stress-relievers.

6. Use natural cleaning products

Many house-hold cleaners that you buy from the supermarket are loaded with chemicals that can be toxic when they come to direct contact with our eyes and nose. It can irritate the throat and lungs paving way for many illnesses. You can replace such cleaners with their natural counterparts. For example, you can prepare your own cleaning lotion using ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda. If you insist on using the store-bought cleaners, make sure that you open the windows and doors to release the toxins.

7. Choose furniture made of natural materials

Did you know that the furniture at your home can entrap dust mites? These furniture often contain certain glues, resins and other synthetic materials that release toxic substances into the air. The paints and fabrics used in the furniture have volatile organic compounds (VOC) like toluene and benzene that have poisonous effects on the surroundings. To minimize the slow-poisoning effect of these substances, it is advisable to keep your newly purchased furniture in an open space like a garage before you start using them. However, opting for antique wooden furniture and those made of solid wood will be healthy and sustainable.

It is indeed our responsibility to maintain clean and healthy air at home. Breathing clean air is key to the overall health of our bodies. We hope that all the tips that are mentioned above will help you improve the air quality when you are indoors.


Top Four Carpet Materials to Use in Your Home

There are many different ways to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. While some people opt for beautification through paints, wallpapers etc, some others opt to add interesting upholstery to their home for the same purpose. Using carpets at home is not only a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your space, but they are also quite useful when used in an appropriate manner. There are different types of carpets for home and careful placement of these can help you make your home more beautiful and functional. Bedrooms, children's rooms, stairs and parts of living rooms are the ideal places where you can use carpets. They provide warmth  and comfort making them a preferred upholstery in living rooms and bedrooms. Apart from this, they are used in children's bedrooms, play areas and staircases as they provide cushioning and a soft landing spot in case of a fall. There are different materials and different styles of weaving in carpets. You can get both natural fibres and synthetic fibres in carpets depending on your budget. Basically, there are many types of carpets for home and today we are going to discuss four types of carpets that you can use based on the needs of your home.

1. Loop pile carpets Loop pile or berber carpets have fibers that are formed into  small loops which are  then stuck to the backing. This type of carpet can have tall or short loops that are tightly or loosely constructed for different finishes, depending on the size and number of loops. Loop pile carpets are best for hiding dirt and very durable. These are ideal for foyers, staircases etc.

2. Cut Pile carpets Unlike loop pile, cut pile carpets have no loops.  The frayed fibers are sticking straight up on the backing. Cut pile  carpets are typically much softer and more plush than loop pile carpets making them a good choice for living rooms, children's rooms or bedrooms.

3.  Cut loop carpets This type of carpet is a combination of both cut and loop styles. This makes them more plush and comfortable, making them more suitable for colder places or ideal for those who seek a plush footing in their living rooms.

4. Carpets made of different materials  There are different types of carpets for home based on the material used. You can find carpets that are made of wool, olefin, acrylic, polyester, etc.  Here are some ways in which you can choose the right material for your carpets.

Stain Resistant materials: Acrylic, polyester, loop pile.

Durable materials: High density & weight, twist style construction in loop pile made of nylon.

Fade-resistant materials: Olefin, acrylic, polyester.

For a comfortable and plush finish: Medium density & weight in cut pile style made of wool.

For a Sleek appearance: High density & weight, twist style construction in a loop pile.

For a Textured appearance: Medium density & weight, cut-loop or cut pile in wool.

We hope that this concise guide helps you pick the right carpet for your dream home.


Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety at Home

The safety of your home and its occupants should be on top of your list of priorities. One must constantly strive to make their home a safe place for the inhabitants so that they may lead a life of peace and tranquility in the safe confines of their home. One of the key things that you must take care is the electrical safety of your home. Here are some electrical safety precautions that you can take to make your home a safer space for your loved ones.

• Take care of any exposed wires:

Exposed wires are a huge threat to the safety of your family and must be taken care of immediately. If the protective coating is missing or the wire is damaged in some other fashion, make sure that you replace it or repair it right away.

• Keep electrical appliances and outlets away from water:

To ensure electrical safety at home, don't forget to keep electrical appliances away from water. It is also important to never touch electric outlets or appliances connected to power with wet hands. This can lead to shocks and one is prone to more danger if water enters electrical outlets. Thus, this is one domestic electrical protection that everyone must be aware of and every individual should be educated about its dangers in order to create a safe environment at home.

• Overloading electrical outlets:

Every outlet is designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity. It is frequently seen that many a time, people use extension cords and plug in one too many devices thus putting a lot of pressure on a single outlet. This can lead to a fire or an explosion and one must be extremely cautious while connecting multiple appliances to one source.

• Precautions with appliances:

Always remember to switch off an appliance after its use. It may be hazardous especially if you have kids or pets around and it is imperative to not only switch off the appliance but to also store it in a place that is not easily accessible by children to ensure utmost electrical safety at home.

• Check your cords:

It is commonly seen that chords are extended and run long distance. While if it's carefully done at an appropriate height and with the right precautions, it can be safe. Or, if you have an end to end carpeting, cords can be run underneath the same too. Otherwise, it can be extremely risky and best avoided. There is a risk of someone tripping over it or of children or pets reaching for it. Hence, it is important to take care of long cords and they must be treated as a serious threat to one's safety at home.

•Children's safety:

Additional precautions must be taken if you have children or pets around. As discussed above, no exposed wires, plugged in appliances or long cords should be within the reach of children. One must also make sure that outlets that are within reach of children are either safely secured or sealed off for good. Children tend to be curious and can insert fingers or use water around electrical outlets and appliances making it a severe threat to their safety. Constant supervision is the key to ensure the safety and well being of your little ones.

These are just a few of the many electrical safety precautions that one must practice to ensure that their home is safe for their loved ones.


Flourishing City - Palakkad

Palakkad derives its name from the combined words “Pala” and “Kaadu”.”Pala” is a tropical tree commonly known as the devil tree whereas “kaadu” means forest. It is believed that the region was once densely covered with these trees and thus got its name. It was one of the last districts to have formed when the state of Kerala was created and was part of the Malabar District of Madras Presidency during the British rule.

Also known as the “Rice Bowl of Kerala”, Palakkad serves as the gateway to Kerala from the north. Palakkad is especially famous for its rice variety known as the “Palakkadan Matta”.The district is the largest in Kerala with a total area of 4480 square kilometres. The district has several dams of which the Malampuzha dam is the largest in the whole state. Built in 1955, it is located in the foothills of Western Ghats and a must-visit picnic spot. Malampuzha Gardens near this region was developed by renowned artist Nek Chand and is the only rock-cut garden in South India. The garden also houses a massive sculpture called the “Malampuzha Yakshi”, built by the reputed sculptor Kanayi Kunjiraman which attracts huge number of visitors to this place.

Dams namely Mangalam Dam, Parambikulam Dam and Pothundi Dam are a few other dams in the district that are also tourist destinations. The Silent Valley National Park, Mailadumpara, Kottayi, Attapadi, Thunchan Gurumadom, Kunchan Smarakom and MeenVallam are a few among many tourist attractions in the district. Kalpathy Cart Festival, Ottapalam Nercha Festival and Retholsavam at Kodumba Subrahmanya Temple are a few unique festivals native to Palakkad that bring in huge number of visitors from across the country.


Palakkad lies near the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats and it connects Kerala to the plains of Tamil Nadu in the east. It is located around 350 kilometres north of Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital. It shares its border with Malappuram and Thrissur districts on the western side and the Nilgiri Hills on the northern side.

Growth of the city:

The heritage city of Palakkad has witnessed a humongous growth over the years. That the Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA) has established five of its industrial parks in this district alone stands testimony to this fact.

As part of boosting the industrial infrastructure in the state, KINFRA has launched five of its parks in the district namely Defence Park, Industrial Park, Mega Food Park, Integrated Industrial and Textile Park and also WISE Park. Out of these parks, WISE Park is a joint venture of KINFRA and Kalpakka Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, located at Kanjikode in Palakkad. The food park is a sector-specific project for the food processing industry. In fact the Kanjikode-Pudussery-Walayar industrial belt in Palakkad claims to be the most developed industrial area after Kochi. Palakkad also witnessed the setting up of premier educational institutions like the IIT and IIMS in the year 2014.The city is therefore increasingly becoming a favourite location for those who are looking for quality housing projects including villas in Palakkad. Here, Victoria Realtors, as one of the premier real estate developers in the state, will guide you through some of the best reasons for choosing Palakkad as your hometown.

1. Connectivity:

Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport to Palakkad located at a distance of 62 kilometres from the city. The two main railway stations nearby are the Palakkad Junction Railway Station and the Palakkad Town Railway Station. Palakkad junction is around 4 kilometres from the main town and the Palakkad Town station is located right at the centre of the town. Train services to cities like Pollachi, Din Digul and Madurai pass through this station. The Pollachi Railway station in Tamil Nadu is located at a distance of 60 kilometres from Palakkad town. The railway stations in Palakkad also connect people to prominent cities like Erode, Coimbatore, Ernakulum, Kollam and Trivandrum. The National Highways NH47 and NH213 pass through the district. It is well connected by roads to major cities and towns in the district. All our projects are in locations with very good connectivity to roads and railway stations for those looking for villas in Palakkad.

2. Civic Infrastructure:

The city has a commendable history of development in the fields of health and education. Palakkad recently got one of the five recently proposed IITs. Though it started operating from its temporary campus, it has been functioning from its new transit campus in Kanjikode. Palakkad also received a Government Medical College also known as the Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences in 2014 located at a distance of 7 kilometres from the city. Government Victoria College established in 1888 is one of the oldest and reputed institutions in the Malabar region offering courses in Science, Arts and Commerce subjects in Palakkad and is located at a distance of 1 kilometre from the town. Palakkad also has one of the renowned engineering institutes in Kerala called the NSS College of Engineering in Akathethara, located 7.5 kilometres from the Palakkad town. Palakkad offers quality education in terms of schools and other skilled training centres across the city. All these facilities are sure to attract many people especially those who are interested in buying villas in Palakkad.

3. Climate:

Palakkad has a tropical wet and dry climate and the temperatures remain moderate throughout the year except during the summer months which are extremely hot.

4. Great Investment Option:

Villas in Palakkad will offer you the best resale value. Besides, these villas offer you enough privacy and are a better choice than apartments. Since villas are more spacious there is a scope of even renting out the unused space as well.

As one of the top-notch builders in the housing sector, Victoria Realtors is all set to redefine luxury in Palakkad. Starting from 21 lakhs onwards, we have our independent villas built in locations like Puduppariyaram Main Road, Chandranagar, Pirayiri, Kottayi, Vennakkara, Kozhinjampara and Vandithavalam in Palakkad.

Apart from offering state of the art facilities, these villas are situated in strategic locations and are also vaastu compliant. With projects that are set amidst prime locations Victoria Realtors provide an exclusive range of villas tailor-made for prospective buyers who want to own villas in Palakkad.


Eco Friendly Interior Décor Ideas:

The destruction to the ecology caused by mankind due to our raising demands in order to maintain a trendy lifestyle is increasing with every passing day. Here are some eco-friendly interior décor ideas you can use to do up your home by being more considerate towards nature. Reuse what’s easily available With the love for hoarding, we have innumerable amount of items that see no use after a certain period of time. Why not reuse them, and opt for a décor that is not only personalized but also nature friendly. From discarded or excessive concrete blocks to tiles, from that cashmere shawl that you barely use to the discarded old tire – there is use to everything. Use those barely used silken dupattas or warm shawls as throws on your furniture, or that old tire up-styled as a seat – the options are many, and fun to do too. Most of our home essentials come in bottles, jars and tins , which are mindlessly discarded after use. These items use a lot of resources to be made, hence reusing them will extend their lives and prevent the necessity to buy more items. Using them as storage essentials or with minimal effort these items can be enhanced to become not just utilitarian but beautiful as well. You can also use them to create your herb garden or plant low maintenance plants that will add serenity to the space. Add some candles, or fairy lights and you have your own unique lighting system that will envelope your home in a warm cozy glow. Pick clay and hand molded décor items Home essentials made of glass or metal are beautiful but they take abundant natural resources to be made as they are. Replacing these with alternate materials like clay, or items made out of wood, bamboo, or even paper are ideal choices to go green. However, sometimes having these items is inevitable, hence reutilizing them is a definite go to, as it is economic and eco-friendly, and simply outstanding when done right. Opting for clay molded items and hand-made décor essentials instead is an eco-friendly alternative as they are easy to decompose and use lesser resources. Choosing eco-friendly materials for upholstery. Though the synthetically made materials are extensively and cheaply available, replacing them with natural fibers will not only help you take a step towards being eco friendly but makes your lifestyle healthier. These materials will prevent skin eruptions often seen due to contact with synthetically produced materials. They are sturdy and long lasting and add a warm aura to your home, and when they reach a point beyond utility they are easily recyclable. Replace stone with wood To be very precise, both wood and stone are precious natural resources that are becoming more scant with every passing day. However, the mining of stone from quarries, and finishing them into products and stone slabs is an energy consuming process - not to forget the facts that it takes thousands of years for stone to form, all of which leads to disturbance to the ecology. Due to this, wood is a better replacement. With the advent of cultivated wood, which aims at producing wood for the purpose of making wooden items, it’s a better option to replace stone. With these simple tips, one can resort to being more eco friendly. It is a fun process to undertake and these ideas give you customized products that are uniquely crafted for your home! Hope you found this article on “Eco-Friendly Interior Décor Ideas" helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


6 Key Real Estate Terms You Should Be Aware Of

If this is the first time that you have forayed into the world of real estate, it is important for you to understand and know a few terms in order to make the best of what is available to you. It is extremely important to know a few important terminologies in the realm of real estate as the lack of knowledge of the same can land you in a lot of trouble. One can conveniently misguide you or you may misinterpret the wrong things which may land you an incompetent deal. In order to find a property that is best suited for your needs, you must familiarise yourself with the workings of this industry. To get started on that, here are some important real estate terms to know that will help you a lot in the long run too.

· Per square foot rate:

This is the most basic term that you may have heard extensively in the process of looking for a property. The cost of the property is often calculated on square feet basis. The saleable area or the super built up area is taken into consideration while determining the rate of a building. Usually, developers use per square foot rate on the super built-up area to determine the value of the building.

· Super built-up area:

The super built-up area or saleable area is yet another term that you must understand. It is the built-up area combined with common areas like lobby, lifts, stair cases, corridors, walkways, terrace of the house, etc. Often, the super built-up area is 15 to 25 percent more than the built-up area. Generally in cases of flats and apartments, common areas like gymnasium, swimming pool, garden and clubhouse, etc. are also considered while calculating super built-up area.

· Carpet Area:

Carpet area is nothing but the actual space which you can use in a house. It is the area that does not include the thickness of the walls or common spaces. It is basically the enclosed space within the walls which is used to lay a carpet. Often, the area for terrace and balconies are considered as half of the main area while calculating the carpet area.

· Built-up area:

Built-up area is the area that is inclusive of the carpet area, the thickness of the outer walls, inner partition walls and the balcony area. The terrace area is considered as half of the built-up area. In simpler terms, it is the actual area of the house that comprises of the area covered by the walls. Built-up area is usually 10 to 20 percent more than the carpet area.

· Allotment Letter :

This is a letter given by the developer which allots a specific piece of land, villa or apartment unit to the buyer. It could be an empty land, under development or a project that is completed.

· Certificate of occupancy :

This is an important document that ensures the authenticity of the builder and the project. It is issued by the local municipal corporation to the owner of a house and it can only be obtained after ensuring that the building complies with all permissible construction plans and local laws. A good builder will adhere to the byelaws and a home from a trustworthy builder always comes with a certificate of occupancy.

These are just a few terms that will help you take your first steps in the world of real estate. One must understand the legalities and the finer nuances of buying a property and seeking the help of a legal expert is the best way to ensure that you are getting a deal that is not only beneficial but is authentic as well. Hope you found this article on real estate terms helpful. Do share your feedback in the comments section below.


Tips To Set Up Indoor Garden At Home

We all are well aware of the many benefits of surrounding ourselves with greenery and plants. There are hundreds of plants that we can use in our gardens that suit the weather conditions that we experience outdoors. However, setting up a garden inside your home is a little more challenging but extremely beneficial. There are a plethora of plants that can be grown indoors where some require complete shade, and some others require a little sunlight. It is important to understand which plants are suited for your home to have an indoor garden that is not only beautiful but is safe and beneficial for the occupants. We are listing some simple facts and tips that will help you create your own indoor garden without much hassle.

• There are three different kinds of plants that one might find while building a garden. Some plants require lots of sunshine and are best kept outdoors. These plants are ideal for gardens and balconies as they need to be exposed to the sun for a longer duration of time. The second type of plants is those that require partial sunlight and can be kept close to windows or in those parts of your home that receive ample natural light during the day. Lastly, there are some plants that demand gentle light and can be grown in complete shade. One must visit their local nursery and go through the various plants under the aforementioned categories in order to source what they need. If you do not have much experience in gardening, it would be best to go for plants that are sturdy and easy to maintain.

• If you have children or pets at home, you should be extremely cautious to not choose plants with thorns or plants that are poisonous in nature. Succulents and cacti are seen to adorn homes extensively, but if you have a pet or a baby, you must ensure to opt for succulents that don’t have thorns. Avoid flowering plants indoors as they attract bees and also come with a risk of allergies. Flowering plants, though extremely beautiful, are best suited outdoors.

• There is a range of plants that are known to enhance the air quality by purifying it. It would be ideal to add those along with other plants that you may include for aesthetic purpose.

• It would be advisable to place the pot in a container as sometimes when plants are watered, they tend to release excess water. This can be dangerous as one may slip and fall when not observed carefully.

• If a particular space in your home is going to be defined by the garden you wish to create, then it would be ideal if you followed a certain theme while choosing pots for your plants. You can go for the earthen pots, or opt for colorful ones. There is a wide range of hand-painted pots that you can find quite easily that are just as charming and make space look a lot more beautiful. You do not have to get your plants repotted in these containers, but instead, use them as an outer container- this comes with a dual advantage. One being that these outer containers trap excess water and dried leaves. It also evades the need for repotting.

These simple tips should help you take the first step towards building your indoor garden. Each home has a unique character, and one must understand their home and their needs to create a garden that is best suited for them.


Essential features of a luxury villa

We all dream of a perfect home and each of us have different ideas of what our dream home should be like. Owning a villa is always the first choice for many aspiring homeowners. There are many options in the market today across various price brackets. If you are a prospective buyer looking for villas in Thrissur, here are some qualities that you must seek in your tranquil abode :

- The most important factor is space. Spaciousness is what sets villas apart from other types of home. If you are buying a villa, make sure that it is large and airy with abundant natural ventilation and open space around it.

- Villas are often considered a symbol of luxury. An ideal villa is one that offers ample parking for more than just one car.

- Large landscaped gardens, walkways and abundant greenery is yet another feature of an ideal villa. Make sure that there is plenty of open space that ensures a peaceful and tranquil life in the lap of nature.

- Top end amenities for the benefit of you and your family are an important feature that you must seek in your villa community. Play area for kids, paved walkways, etc. are some of the amenities that are seen in many villa projects.

- If you are looking for villas in Thrissur, ensure that your villa comes with round the clock security. An ideal villa must allow you to stay carefree without having to worry about the safety of your family or assets. CCTV cameras and a team of security personnel is essential in a good villa community.

- While all the factors listed above are essential, a well-planned home and sound construction with the best finishes are the most important factors that you must consider. The strength of the structure and the quality of spaces in your home are the key elements that determine the quality of the villa.

Keeping these points in mind will help you choose an ideal villa for you and your family. If you are searching for villas in Thrissur, then Victoria Realtors has the best option for you. The Vrinthavan is an exclusive limited edition project based on the European concept of design located in the most sought-after residential neighborhood of Kuttoor. With just a few luxury villas on offer, we invite you to experience the finest range of homebound with the perfect mix of comfort and convenience.

With over 1500 satisfied customers and more than 25 years of expertise, Victoria Realtors is today one of the most reputable real estate brands in Kerala with projects across multiple locations. From budget-friendly homes to uber luxurious bungalows, Victoria Realtors offers homes for all aspirations. The Victoria QSP (Quality, Service & Pricing) advantage is another unique proposition offered to customers to ensure a wholesome and comfortable living experience. The best quality of materials, top-notch pre and post sales services and affordable pricing makes owning a home with Victoria Realtors even more fruitful and hassle-free.


Is it better to buy an independent house or a villa

Each individual has a different preference when it comes to their lifestyle and the type of housing they choose. While there are different types of houses like villas, independent villas, apartment, etc., today we look at the comparison of an independent house and a villa. It is important to understand the benefits and shortcomings of the different types of houses available in the market before one decides which suits his needs the best.

The most important factor to consider is the safety and security that a villa comes with that an independent home lacks. Most gated communities and villa projects have top-notch security that includes a team of security personnel, CCTV cameras, etc. which ensure the safety of both the houses and the inhabitants. This is one of the main advantages of living in a villa as this facility is not readily available in an independent house.

If you are someone who wishes to enjoy health and leisure based amenities at your convenience, then staying in a villa would be more advantageous. Most villas come with a host of amenities like a gym, play area, etc. making it extremely convenient to use them at a very reasonable price at our convenience and within our very own housing complex. This is not a facility that you can redeem in an independent home.

Some people enjoy living in a niche neighborhood. As we all have a very busy life, often, we may not find time to socialize extensively. Living in a villa community gives one a chance to live amongst likeminded people thus creating a wholesome and engaging neighborhood that they can socialize with at their convenience. This may not be the case with most independent houses as they often come with a mixed crowd of individuals unless one specifically seeks out a locality where he might find likeminded people.

Often, villas come with a uniform design language, which means that all the homes are similarly designed. This, while it creates a pleasant experience for the viewer may not always be beneficial for the resident. One cannot expand their house or build it according to their preference, while the same can be done in an independent home. One has complete freedom to design their home as per their choice and choose any number of floors keeping the guidelines in mind.

Most villas come with play areas, landscaped courts and gardens and lot of greenery and open spaces dedicated to the purpose of recreation. This is not available in independent homes and one will have to depend on public parks and recreational areas to enjoy the bounty of nature.

Independent homes do not necessarily come with large wide roads that are well maintained.  This, however, is taken care of in a villa community as one can enjoy uniformly large roads, paved walkways, etc. that are maintained well and kept clean.

Whether it be ready to move in the villa or a villa bought while or before its construction, you can be assured of good quality workmanship and material if you buy it from a reliable builder like Victoria Realtors. You do not have to bother about overseeing every small detail or worry about being cheated on, as the builder takes care of everything. But when it comes to an independent home, one must constantly keep a watch and a lot of time and effort is spent on making sure everything is happening as per schedule. Irrespective of what kind of contract you give for an independent home, the amount of time dedicated to ensuring that your home is being built on schedule can be very high.?

These are some of the factors that you must keep in mind while choosing between a villa and an independent house. If you are looking for villas in Thrissur, look no further as Victoria Realtors offers Vrinthavan villas which are ideal for those looking to enjoy the many perks of living in a villa. It comes with a range of amenities and the trust and promise of authenticity that South India’s leading realtor offers.



How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most significant part of any home. In earlier times, kitchens were larger as homes accommodated larger number of people and meal preparations were elaborate. However, now the space crunch has lead to smaller kitchens. Here are some ways in which small kitchens can be utilized to their utmost potential without losing out on aesthetics.

Spatial Planning:

While in a closed kitchen, parallel counter space works best, followed by an L shaped counter, it is very essential to keep the kitchen in close proximity to the dining. It is important to include large windows to bring in more light and to ensure good ventilation, however they should be placed strategically so as to not lose out on precious storage space.

In an open kitchen, it is always recommended to include an island, as it is a great way to enhance the functionality of the kitchen. It should not be in direct view of the living room and should ideally open into the dining area. In both cases, the organization of spaces and storage should ensure that it is user friendly, making preparation of meals a less arduous experience.

The kitchen should be provided with both sufficient natural and artificial task lighting, artificial exhaust system and a well laid sanitation layout. Apart from providing sufficient storage, one must ensure that it is appealing to look at without looking unhygienic and uninviting.

Colours and finishes:

If the space is small, it is always recommended that one opts for lighter and brighter colours to create an impression of a breezy, open space. One must always opt for cheerful and appetizing colours and stay away from shades of blue, green or grey as they tend to make the space look cold. However, adding too many colours will make the space look smaller, hence using a monotone palette or opting for different shades of the same colour will help in making the kitchen look larger, and seamless.

Using metallic and reflective surfaces is another way to create an illusion of space. Using metallic surfaces and finishes also gives the space a sleek and clean look, and more people are opting for this look as it is minimalistic and very classy in its appearance and looks wholesome with the inclusion of smart kitchen gadgets in the same finish.

Storage and counters:

The two main things that one must take care of in the kitchen are – sufficient storage, and functional counter space for meal preparation. In kitchens that are small, having too many overhead closed storage units can be a bad idea as they often close up the space, making it look smaller. Instead, you can opt for open shelves, smart vertical storage ideas and resort to hanging kitchen essentials, while having closed storage below the counter. The counter space should be planned for washing, drying, meal preparation and cooking.

It is highly recommended to use the insides of cupboard doors, underside of shelves, etc. to hang light kitchen essentials. It is also a good idea to use organizers instead of large boxy storage cabinets that will take up large amount of space.

Including an island in a small open kitchen is a great way to optimize space. Islands are accessible on all four sides making them very functional and they can also be used as breakfast counters, making them a great option to create a smooth transition between the kitchen and dining areas. You can either opt for an island with closed storage on all sides, or a combination of open and closed storage where you can store your kitchen essentials without a hassle.

These are some ways that you can use to make the most of your kitchen. The size of the kitchen should not hinder you from having a beautiful space where you bond with your family over a quick meal or during the preparation of a lazy brunch.


How to make a small room look bigger. Designing tips and suggestions.

Rapid urbanization is leading to an increase in demand of homes. Due to this, the cost of land is increasing on a daily basis, and therefore the cost of construction might not be on par with the budget that you have. So, you might be stuck with a smaller house, especially in metropolitan cities. The real estate is one of the most expensive sectors. Due to this reason, buying a home to your liking might be an obstacle for you. Now, you have purchased a new house. It could be a small house but don't worry. With a little bit of creativity, you could make it look big and elegant. After all, the feel of the inside of a house should be such that, you feel welcome. Let's learn how to make a small room look bigger. Here are some interior designing tips that will help you make a small room look big :

Painting the walls and ceiling

One of the easiest ways in which you could make your room look bigger is by using light coloured paint on the walls and ceiling. It is better to use white colour for the walls and a cream colour for the ceiling. It gives the room brightness, added to that, light coloured walls will help in reflecting the sunlight as opposed to dark shades which absorbs the same, thus making the room look small. You could decorate the walls with decoration light to give it an elegant feel.  For the ceiling, you can use wallpapers. If it seems attractive enough for the person's eyes to be drawn upwards, then it will be great.

Open up the space

Opt for a window with no window bars or a mesh-like window bar. Big windows will give the room an "open feel" and thus, the space will look big. You could use either translucent or light coloured curtains and also, make sure that the curtains are long enough. Another important facet is cleanliness, keep the windows clean and clear all the time. Presence of dirt on the window or the sill will not only make the place look congested but also ugly.

Painted wooden shelves

You could use DIY wooden shelves on the wall and colour it with different shades. As a cherry on top, decorate it with similar coloured items to go with it. For e.g., in the orange region use an orange vase, orange books. Or you could make a wooden shelf and use items to decorate the same with it. Another method is to construct the rack close to the ceiling so that it will appear somewhat lifted and the room will seem relatively big.

Use a single sofa set

It is better to have a unique sofa set and similar coloured stools or chairs. Also, keep the sofa few inches away from the walls so that the room will look big. You can place a wooden console table behind it with decorative items like photo frames or flower vase on it.

Use large-sized paintings

This is one of the best ways you could use to decorate a living room. Putting up a colourful paint reflects positive energy, and at the same time, people could enjoy the art form. If you put a long frame featuring a colourful painting, then you will feel as if the room looks bigger.

Use mirrors

If you don't want to use paint you can use mirrors as it will help in reflecting light and make the space look relatively big. You could use either small round ones or a big square shaped mirror. Make sure that the mirror frames and curtain have similar colour tone. It will look ravishing.

Use mats

Apart from protecting our feet from the coldness of the floor, mats play a charming role regarding decoration. Using mats could be useful in two ways. Either you use smaller different rugs under furniture sets in your room, or you could cover the entire floor with a large mat. Use elongated strip mats so that the floor will look longer.

Multi-purpose furniture

People tend to buy a lot of furniture for their homes.

This is unnecessary.

One multi-purpose furniture is any day more economical than having a congested interior with too many furnitures. So, it is better to buy a single multipurpose furniture. There are sofa sets that could be used as beds or table and chair sets that have a versatile purpose, like storage. You can use them for decoration as well.



How To Choose A Home Builder

Getting your dream home done just like the way you need it can be a daunting task. Buying a home or buying a site and building your home is one of the most important decisions of anyone's life and you can’t afford to get it wrong. While there are a plethora of home building agencies, who could help you construct the home you dream of, choosing one of them can be quite challenging. If you're struggling to finalize your decision about finding the right home builder to build your home, this blog is for you. Read on and discover the best tips on how to choose a home builder.

Let's get started!
1) Know your needs well in advance:

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is to define your needs precisely. What type, size, structure, and style of home you're looking at. You need to have a concrete understanding of all these needs because you'll never find the right builder until you are aware of your needs in the first place!

2) Experience is not to be neglected:

Although we cannot deny that every builder was once a new builder, it is still imperative for builders to have a good experience. With so many building agencies out there, the new builders are less competitive both in terms of their prices and quality of work. However, if you do find a builder who is new to the industry but has some exceptional portfolio of projects completed which are in tandem with the kind of designs you're eyeing at, there's no harm in trying your luck.

3) Is your builder the right fit for your plan?

Regardless of the number of years of experience one has, you have to note that the builder you'll be choosing has to be the right fit for your design. A builder who's got an exceptional portfolio of building traditional homes might not be able to make the contemporary style of home you're looking at or vice versa. Therefore, it's important for a home builder to fit in the right for the kind of design you're eyeing.

4) Check for the testimonials:

Many home builders offer testimonials and references of their old customers to newer ones. If your builder hasn't provided it, then, ask for it. Feel no hitch in asking your builder for good testimonials from their previous customers. Ensure that you ask the right questions to the previous customers like "Would you get another home built by this builder? What were the challenges you faced while working with the builder?" and so on. Testimonials are one of the most significant ways to be ensured about the quality of the work of any home builder.

5) Look deeply for the signs of quality:

Not every home builder is going to tell you all the details about the quality of the materials used for construction, the warranty that comes along with the fittings to the home and so on. So, you can take up the responsibility on your own and look deeply for signs of quality. Before you close the deal with your home builder, you must ensure that the materials used in the construction of your home are of the best quality. Doing that gives you a peace of mind about not having to bother about any major repairs for at least a good two to three years.

6) Go on a stroll to have a look at the buildings built by this builder in the past:

It's a great idea to go on a tour to check out the structures built by your builder of choice till date. You'll get a clear idea about the quality of work. These homes can serve as models and you'll also get an idea about the variety of designs your builder has worked upon.

These were some of the tips how to choose the right builder for your home. Remember that it's always better to invest enough time in making your decision because it's essential for you to get this decision right! So, do your research and homework and find the right builder for your dream home.


Factors That Increase The Value Of Your Property

In the business of real estate, some people 'just get lucky' all the time and some people don't get lucky for a long time. You'll often hear comments like, "Luck is on your side and so your property value is increasing consistently". But the question is "Is it really the luck factor that is influencing the appreciation in the values of certain properties or is there something beyond that?". The answer is NO. It is not really a matter of luck. There are a plethora of reasons for why the values of certain properties increase consistently and why some others do not. Here's a comprehensive list of such factors that increase the value of your property. Read on and bust the myth about the luck factor having an influence on the increase in the value of the property. Let's get started.

Factors that contribute to an increase in the value of your property:

Number 1 - The infrastructure:

The physical and the social infrastructure of a particular location has a great influence on the appreciation of your property. All the changes in and around the property will contribute to a better livability quotient to the residents, causing an increase in the value of real estate properties in that particular location. Certain infrastructural developments like flyovers, schools and colleges, hospitals, new shopping malls, new workspace etc will increase the livability quotient and will increase the value of the property. The better the infrastructure gets, the higher the value of properties will be!

Number 2 - The population growth:

The population growth in a particular locality has a direct impact on the value of the properties. The bigger the population gets, the higher the demand for the real estate properties which translates to a direct increase in the value of the properties. It follows the fundamental principle of economics - The higher the demand, the higher the price! There can be various reasons responsible for an increase in the population growth like a new workspace, new industry set up and so on. So, the infrastructure of the locality has a major influence on the population growth which in turn has a direct impact on the increase in the value of your property.

Number 3 - Changes in the nearby properties:

The upward or downward trends in the value of properties around your property also influence the price of your property. Let's say there is great economic development in the adjacent locality which led to an appreciation in the value of properties around. This will have an indirect impact on the value of properties in your locality. Thus, the infrastructural developments happening in the neighbourhood localities also influence the value of your property.

Number 4 - Inflation:

Inflation is caused by the excessive circulation of money which leads to the fall in the value of money. Inflation often becomes responsible for an increase in the value of almost all the commodities including the construction commodities. The increase in the value of construction commodities in turn leads to an increase in the value of properties. Thus, it is a good time for real estate investors who're looking to sell their properties. Inflation is often referred to as the best time for investors to close transactions. In a nutshell, inflation has a direct impact on the increase in the value of properties.

Number 5 - The demand and supply rule:

The demand and supply concept is often influenced by human behaviour. Some localities have increased demand simply because its livability conditions are very high. Especially when one is talking about the residential properties, some localities have high demand because they are liked by people in general. It is for this reason that some of the localities manage to have high property values despite poor infrastructure. Higher the demand for the property gets, higher the value of the property.

These were some of the primary reasons behind the increase in the value of properties. However, it's worth noting that there are far many factors influencing the value of properties which may not be very evident or in other words, direct. There are plenty of indirect reasons for the value of properties to increase. A closer and deeper look into the overall economic development of the locality alone can provide answers as to why there is an increase in the value of certain properties.

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How RERA Impacts Property Buying for NRIs

Many NRIs wish to have a property back in India due to various reasons including wanting to have roots back in the country they were born. The Indian real estate market has been very kind to such NRIs who wish to purchase properties in India. While some of them only wish to upgrade their existing property so that they can provide better lifestyle to their parents, some of them go aggressive on having a beautiful property built where they plan to live after relocating to India. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority or the RERA has had significant impact on such property investments for NRIs and here's all you need to know about it. Read on!

Impact of RERA on Property buying for NRIs:

Many NRIs often back out from their plan of buying a property in India due to the non-transparent and fraudulent activities done by many real estate agents in the past. The lack of standardized processes for buying properties, untimely completion of projects done by local constructors and the non-availability of legal recourse for property buyers are the major reasons behind NRIs backing out from buying properties in India. However, RERA has made significant changes in the way real estate operations happen and is trying to regain the confidence of NRIs looking to invest in India. This blog is an overview of how RERA is going to transform the real estate industry in India

1) Increased transparency:

One of the biggest reasons behind NRIs backing out from investing in real estate properties in India was the lack of transparency exhibited by the property owners or real estate agents. The days when builders concealed relevant information regarding the property space or the project completion details are gone for good with the RERA Act. RERA has now made it mandatory for all property builders to publish relevant information about the property on their website including the number and types of home available for occupancy, layout plan of the construction, status of the title and so on. This step of making it a mandatory rule to remain transparent by publishing all the relevant data online is a great news for all the NRIs out there dreaming about buying their property in India.

2) Assurance about the timely delivery:

In a pre RERA scenario, property buyers often felt disheartened due to the untimely delivery of projects. The builders often delayed the completion of their projects at hand either because they re-routed the funds that were allocated for completion of a particular project to other projects as an advance or they sold the projects without obtaining the required permissions from the government. Post RERA, such fraudulent acts have almost reduced to zero as RERA has made it mandatory for builders to deposit 70% of the money collected from property buyers in a separate bank account and the usage of such funds is strictly restricted. Thus, the NRIs can now rest assured about the timely delivery of their real estate properties.

3) Regulations to specify the exact property area:

Pre RERA, many unscrupulous builders often deceived property buyers by specifying flowery property area including the common areas like balcony, terraces and the verandas as part of the overall layout. The result was that many owners ended up with properties much smaller than the portrayed picture. Post RERA, there have been regulations which makes it mandatory for the builders to specify the exact property area by providing the break-up of carpet area, balcony area, bathroom area and so on.

4) Builders need to pay penalties for delays caused:

Delays in the completion of building projects was a common deal pre RERA and the builders often easily got away by giving lame and weird excuses and investors were almost always on the losing side. Post RERA, such issues have significantly decreased due to the clause that builders will now have to to pay huge penalties for delays caused. This particular clause has made builders directly responsible and more importantly accountable to customers.

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RERA Impact On Builders

The Real Estate Regulatory and Development Act passed in the year of 2016 by the government of India is proposed to put an end to various issues in the real estate sector with a promise of protecting the interests of the home buyers. RERA includes many policies that will increase the transparency of transactions in the world of real estate. Lack of transparency is one of the major reasons to many fraudulent activities and RERA has created a hope for better and a more systematic way of dealing with the real estate transactions. Post RERA, there have been significant changes in the way things are carried out in the real estate industry. The impact of RERA is seen not only on the home buyers but also on the builders. Home buyers can now confidently invest in real estate without having to bother too much about scams and frauds. This blog is an overview of RERA's impact on builders. Read on!

RERA impact on builders:

1) Full and complete disclosure on the website:

RERA has made it mandatory for every property builder to post information of projects on their websites. Builders are also required to clearly specify all the relevant data and specifications about the property on their website. Information concerning the title of the deed, co-owners, details about common area space like the parking lot, gardens, gym area, club area etc must be clearly specified as well.

2) Approval of a 2/3rd majority of allottees is now needed to make alterations to the property:

Gone are those days where builders made minor or major alterations to the property layout without seeking the approval of the respective allottees. RERA has now made it mandatory for builders to get a formal approval of 2/3rd majority of the property allottees before they proceed with any minor or major alterations.

3) Specifying the exact carpet area is mandatory:

A lot of home buyers had various issues with the fraud or scam made by the builders with regards to the carpet area. The total area of the house specified by the builder or agents were quoted after including the area occupied by the balcony, store room, veranda and so on. This resulted in huge disappointment in the buyers as they ended up having homes smaller than what they had expected. RERA has fixed this issue and regulations have been made to ensure that builders specify the exact carpet area of the home.

4) 70% of the funds collected from the property allottees must be deposited in a separate bank account and will be treated as a reserve account:

Pre RERA, builders had no legal restrictions on the application of the amount collected from the property allottees. This often led to delay in the project deliveries as builders often allocated the money collected from property allottees for various other projects. RERA has now made it mandatory to deposit 70% of the total amount collected from the property allottees once it is collected. This ensures the right usage of funds and minimises the chances of delay in project deliveries.

5) Withdrawal of funds must be in proportion to the completion of a project:

The amount withdrawn from the reserve account must now be in proportion to the project completion as per the law in RERA. Such withdrawals must also be audited by professional statutory auditors, accountants or chartered accountants. Thus, the builders cannot withdraw money for purposes other than the completion of the project.

6) Interest levied for delay in the completion of projects:

Delays in the project deliveries had become a common deal in the world of real estate. This had diminished the hopes of many buyers. But with the RERA, there's going to be a huge downfall in the trend of delay in project deliveries. The builders are charged extra interest and penalties for the period of delay.

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Is buying house a good investment?

Buying your first home can be a daunting task. Deciding whether or not investing in a home is a good idea is more or less complicated task! There are many people who can help you with what type of properties suits your requirements and budget or where and how to get things done to own your first home, but taking the call of whether or not you need to invest in a home is totally your decision. Investing in a home is one of those things where you should not make a wrong decision! Buying a home or investing in your first property can be a good or bad idea depending upon a lot of factors including the intent of the investment, the time horizon of your investment, the liquidity factor and so on. Put it simply, there's no hard and fast rule which will tell you whether or not buying a house is a good investment for you. But there are certain circumstances where buying a home make perfect sense to you and might help you increase your wealth. This blog is an overview of such situations where buying a house is a great idea. Read on!

So, Is Buying A House A Good Investment?

You need to ask yourself 3 questions to know if buying a home is a good idea for you.

Question # 1 - What is the intent of your investment?:

The intent behind your investment is the first thing you need to know before you jump into the bulsiness of buying your first home. Do you want to invest in a home because you want your own place to live in without being answerable to any landlords? Or do you want to invest in your home because you're hoping to make more money after 3 to 5 years by selling it off? Answering these questions is very important because they determine the kind of properties you must be looking for and whether your whole idea of investing in properties makes sense to you or not.

If you want to buy a home because you wish to live in a property that's your own, the owning a home is a great option for you. But on the other hand, if you're looking to make profits in the future by selling the property, you should better be looking at commercial properties with high value appreciation potential. So, depending on your intent of purchase, you can determine whether buying a home is a good investment for you.

Question # 2 - The time horizon of your holding of the property:

If you plan to live in your home for a couple of years and later sell it away, investing in a home might not be a great idea. In this case, you could rather invest in more profitable property deals like commercial real estate investment. On the other hand, if you wish to hold your home without selling it for a long period of time, say 15 to 20 years, you're in for great profits. Investing in land or properties for long period of time is a great idea as the value of land and properties almost always increase and do not come down, except in special circumstances. So if you're looking at your home as your residence for more than 15 years and then sell it away and make a fortune out of it, buying a home is a good investment for you.

Question # 3 - What is the liquidity of funds you have?:

Investing in a home means setting aside a major portion of your earnings. It's an equity investment and converting this investment into cash takes a long time and lots of processing. Thus, before you lock your funds into investing in a home, you must be sure of your financial conditions where you still have other sources of income or other investments that are more liquid-able in nature. If you already have enough liquid-able assets or investments, then buying a home is a good investment by all means.

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New Construction Home Buying Process

Some people don't wish to settle down for homes that were used before by someone else and want to have their own newly constructed home for themselves! If you belong to this particular group who wants their home to be super new and clean, here are some tips that'll make your new construction home buying process an easy one! Buying a brand new home from a builder may involve various challenges you don't want to face. Hang in tight to make your new construction home buying process a simple one by following the tips below.

1) Hire your agent before you meet new construction home builders

Hiring your own agent even before meeting the new construction builders is always advisable because it saves you a lot of money and time. If you choose to meet builders without your agent, chances are high that you can be tricked by builders into committing to things you may not even need. To avoid such hassles and have a smooth run throughout the process, hire your own agent and let he or she introduce you to the builder. That way, you're covered from a lot of risks!

2) Get legal advice before you make your final decision

Getting legal advice from real estate agents or lawyers would keep you out of unnecessary hassles. Don't sign on any contracts without exactly understanding about the terms and conditions specified. Ensure that you totally comprehend what you're signing up for. Most of the purchase agreements are designed to keep you out of court but it doesn't mean that the basic purchase agreement is all you should be looking out for. It might not save all your interests. Thus, taking legal advice from professionals is not something you'd regret later!

3) Managing Finances

Often, builders recommend you to use their own lenders to finance your home loan but you must wait before you jump into any conclusion. Getting your finance raised from the lender arranged by the brand can be dangerous because the lender will easily know how you're progressing. So, it's always safer to opt for lenders who do not have any relationship with your builder.

4) Verify the reputation of the builder

Verifying the reputation of your builder is important to know their manner of operation so that you'll not face any troubles with your builder in future. If a buyer has had a bad experience with any builder, more often than not, it spreads like wildfire within the community. You need to check if such bad repute was a one-time thing or if the builder is consistently doing bad work. For this, you need to talk with the neighbours and ask them about how the builder operates. This'll give you better insights about your builder.

5) Price of upgrades

One of the most important questions to ask when buying a new construction home is about the money required for upgrades. You need to note that a lot of builders charge bare minimum costs for selling the property but their major chunk of profits comes from the upgrades they make to your property. The upgrades might be very small but they're going to be charged high. You might end up signing the agreement without taking note of this and might end up paying high prices for tiny upgrades.

6) Take help of a home inspector

Before you decide on the property you're going to buy, approach a home inspector and get your property inspected. Examining the kind of materials used while constructing the building is a task that requires great amount of technical knowledge and let's admit it, most of us don't have that knowledge. Even though we do, it's still better to take expert help to avoid future problems. You won't regret paying the charges for your home inspector because you can rest assured that you won't face any problems in the future due to the poor construction standards of your builder.

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Home Loan Tips For First Time Buyers

Buying a home can be a nerve-wracking experience for many. The reason is that there are hundreds of things that needs to be taken care of before one can finally buy a home! Applying for a home loan is one of the most common ways of home financing and this is where it all gets trickier for most people! If you're in the same place, this blog is going to be very useful for you! Here are the top home loan tips for first time buyers that'll prevent you from landing yourself in a soup! These tips are especially useful for first time home loan borrowers in India. Let's get started!

1) Plan on how much amount of loan is affordable for you:

You might be totally in love with that luxurious 2 BHK villa close to the heart of the city, but you need to consider your affordability to pay the monthly loan EMI. You might end up paying 80% of your total monthly income just for the loan EMI and this will leave you with a shoe string budget to manage other expenses. Ideally, whatever you pay for the loan EMI must constitute less than 50% of your total monthly income. Most of the banks consider this factor too but private money lenders might lend you more than that leaving you in an ocean of debt! Thus, the first step would be to plan how much loan is affordable for you.

2) Raise your down payment:

Banks usually provide only 80% of the total property value as loan. This means that the rest must be raised by you as down payment. The next step would be gather the amount of down payment. This may be through savings or hand loans. Ensure that you arrange for down payment first before you apply for the loan.

3) Get your basics about loans right

Getting the basics right becomes important especially if you're a first time home loan buyer. Do your homework before approaching your bank. Know how much time banks would take for processing your loan, what are the documents you'd be required to submit to banks, how the banks will run a legal scrutiny and so on. This way you'll be prepared well in advance for the things you'd be required to do which will save you good amount of time and unnecessary trouble and delays.

4) Maintaining a good credit score:

Banks always look at the credit score before approving your loan. You can check your credit score through various online platforms and ensure that you'll get your loan approval. A credit score above 700 is excellent and banks would be more than willing to approve your loan. But it'll be very troublesome if your credit score is less than 500. Cracking your head over gathering of documents and wasting time in the banks makes no sense when you already know beforehand that your credit score is low.

5) Compare different banks to get best rates!

At the end of the day, loans are all about numbers and lessening your costs in the process of loan borrowing should always be on your cards. Compare the rates offered by different banks in order to get the best rates. Doing a little homework on the tie-ups builders have with certain banks which might waive you off a good percentage of interest is always beneficial!

6) Fixed rates V/S Floating rates:

Many people might advice first time home loan buyers to opt for fixed rates loans. But that's not always the best option for anyone. If you settle down for fixed rates, it means that you'll be paying the same rate of interest throughout the tenure of the loan. On the other hand, floating rates varies according to the market. So opting for fixed rate loans might not allow you to enjoy the low rates when the market's down.

7) Claim your tax benefits:

First time home loan buyers can always claim the maximum tax benefits on their first home loan. Do your research about such tax benefits and ensure that you get the best deal for yourself!

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Things To Buy For A New House

Shifting to a new house is always exciting! It means adapting to the changes in a lot of things ranging from neighbors, rooms, the structure of your home, the market around, new friends and so on. One of the first things you'd think about when you move into a new place are the things you would need to buy. Right? Here's a blog on things to buy for a new house. Read on and make your personalized checklist before grabbing your wallet to go shopping! So, here's the first home essentials checklist!

Things To Buy For A New House:

1) The living room furniture:

The living room furniture is the first thing you need to buy. Living room furniture has transformed by the day and you can check out the coolest stuff online which will make your new house ultra-modern. Looking at the furniture designs in a catalogue and getting it done by the carpenter is definitely not an old-school idea! It is an evergreen trend and exists till date. Get your living room furniture carved suiting your own tastes and preferences. So this is one of the first things every house should have!

2) Kitchen items:

One of the most important things to include on your shopping list is the kitchen accessories checklist. It needs to have everything you require for cooking, storing and serving. Having an extra dozen of plates and spoons is a must because of guests or friends who might come home to dine. Make a list of everything you'd need and don't forget to buy a refrigerator and an oven if you use it. To get updates on the latest kitchen gadgets, you can just enter a mega store and see the home appliances section where I'm sure you'll be finding the newest kitchen tools that'll make your life easier and more comfortable.

3) Home decorations, curtains and bed sheets:

The very look and feel of a home is influenced a lot by the décor it has. Even a simple home can look retro or modern according to the owners taste with the usage of the right kind of home decor. Getting the right one won't be difficult at all. All it requires is a good taste or a good hold on best blogs available. These blogs can help you know the latest trends of home decorations. The curtains you purchase again must be in contrast as compared to the colour of the walls.

5) Electronic appliances and gadgets:

Necessary electronic gadgets like Television, oven, AC, refrigerator, washing machine, water purifier are also some of the primary things to buy for a new apartment. These can however, be bought at a later date if your financial conditions are not too strong! But of course, they have to be considered to make your life much simpler!

So, these were some of the basic essentials that you should invest in before moving into your new house.

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Why 3BHK Houses Are Preferable Than Conventional 2BHK Houses

Times have changed now, and everybody realizes the importance of doing some research before spending loads of money on properties. Staying in your home makes the world of difference to your life for sure. The most prominent dilemma that many people face at this point is the decision of buying a 2 BHK house or a 3 BHK house. Which one's better? We would say buying a 3 BHK is more preferable than investing in conventional 2 BHK houses. Here are the reasons:

1) The timeless beauty of luxurious space:

We have to agree that the biggest advantage of buying a 3 BHK home is that extra room you have. If you are a couple, you probably might argue that 2 bedrooms would more than adequate for a comfortable living experience. You would feel so initially until there are some guests at home or when your relatives come for a visit. So buying a 3 BHK means getting access to that extra room and this fact makes all the difference.

2) No pain of going through paperwork:

There are many people who buy a 2 BHK and later would want to shift to a 3 BHK due to the space crisis faced at home. These people are often seen running from one government office to another in order to get all the documents and finish the entire documentation process at ease. This occurs mainly because there is a different set of formalities and legalities for 3 BHK when compared to 2 BHK homes. You can avoid all such future contingencies by simply investing in the 3 BHK in the first place. Because the space crisis is most likely to occur to most families.

3) Serves the purposes of family expansion:

Right now, maybe it's just the two of you who want to move into a new house. But if you have any plans for future family expansion, the best thing to do is to buy a 3 BHK. You're only investing a little extra than what you would when you buy a 2 BHK, and this will give you great satisfaction and peace of mind. If you later fall short of space and want to shift to a 3 BHK, the rates of houses might have exponentially increased! So why take a risk when you know that you're going to expand your family in a year or a two or five? Make a wise decision!

These were some of the reasons why we say that buying a 3 BHK is a smarter decision than buying a conventional 2 BHK house. At the end of the day, note that it is your income inflow and outflow that's going to count the most here. If you cannot bear the extra amount of cash outflow which you might incur if you decide to switch your decision from 2 BHK to 3 BHK, then you shouldn't get into it at all! So, weigh your priorities before taking a final call!

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Reasons Why People Buy Luxury Homes

Regardless of the economic conditions in the country and high inflation rates, one thing that does not change is the demand for luxury homes. And why not? Luxury homes are always desired by the rich and the established sections of the society like successful business owners, high position corporate personnel, scions of the traditionally rich family and so on. Is it only the comfort or the luxury of these homes that makes such people buy them? We argue to differ. Here are reasons why people buy luxury homes. Read on!

1) Security is at its peak:

One of the primary reasons why people invest in luxury homes is because of security. It can be the trained security personnel outside the building or other types of installations like CCTV cameras. The rich sections of the society would always prefer a home that has a high level of security for them and their family. ( And of course, for their expensive assets as well)

2) Matter of pride and status:

Many rich people wish to buy a luxurious house mainly because it gives them a sense of pride and high status. They want to show to the world that they are living and experiencing the best possible lifestyle. They have loads of money and what better way of spending it than buying that luxurious home in which everybody has an eye on? They aspire for a house that shouts out their rich lifestyle to the world rather than just a postal address which is very conventional and mainstream.

3) Comfort at its best:

Luxury homes these days are more than just a place to dwell. It's a package of many world-class features that help in leading a luxurious lifestyle. The swimming pools, gyms, meditation centres, manicured lawns, basketball courts, internal board room area are just some of them worth mentioning in this list. All this provides for a comfortable and fun-filled place to live in. Many of them own homes with such lavish facilities in the middle of high-profile localities as well.

4) Best investment:

HNIs or the High Net worth Individuals deem luxury abodes houses as a great investment opportunity. The most important reason behind this is that luxury homes are performing assets which means that these assets increase in their value over a period of time. Owning a luxury home for them is like a secure investment. If they have to sell the property after a while, they can be sure of getting a high return on their investment.

5) A modern lifestyle:

One of the most attractive aspects of buying a luxury home is the modern lifestyle of the people occupying the space. IT has bought a lot of changes in this regard. From electronic security systems to remote controlled window shutters, everything adds to the lifestyle wanted by the rich and the influential. So for those of you all who desire for an ultra modern lifestyle, buying a luxurious house is the best decision!

These were some of the reasons why people love to buy luxury homes. At the end of the day, what we need to remember is that there are thousands who dream of owning a luxury villa or apartment but not everybody can have it. Owning one by taking heavy loans and regretting later serves no purpose. Only invest in such luxury homes when your income generating capacity can support such expenses!

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Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Gone are those days when homes were built for its most basic purpose - living! The generations have rolled and today homes are not just cover for living, but they reflect the tastes and styles of the people who live in them! Many people spend a fortune to create that perfect look for their home by hiring the best interior designers and purchasing expensive materials. But who says that a perfect look can only be achieved by best designer and expensive things? It's all about the creativity and a little bit of thinking! So if you're looking for some best interior design ideas without costing a fortune, then you're in luck.

Interior design ideas for living room:

If you're a lover of antiques, you must definitely buy them and make sure that you don't keep them at a shady corner where no one can see them. Try keeping these antiques right in the center of your living room. When there's good sunlight, the shine on these antiques will surely make it worth the effort. Using weaved handicrafts is also a great idea to decorate your living room. You can find many weaved wall hangings! Choose the shades that go with you’re the overall color scheme of your house.

Usage of mirrors in the living room is a trend these days! Using large mirrors in your living room can make your space look appealing and charming! So yeah...time to buy those large wall mirrors to give your wall a perfect look!

Interior Design Ideas for bedroom:

A bedroom is a place where you relax, and you don't need to make it "appear" beautiful to others. It should be totally customized according to your own tastes and preferences. Die heart fan of a superhero or a movie star or a TV show or a movie? Why don't you get that poster painted on your wall? Yes, I'm not kidding. There are some really talented artists who'd be willing to do that for you. Time to give it a try! Also, lighter shades of curtains for your bedroom windows.

If you're a person who loves to read a lot, then check out some really cool furniture for keeping your books! The designs currently available in the market are so perky. Get them; it'll add a touch of elegance to your room for sure! Using bean bags is yet another way to decorating your bedroom. And if you're a fan of DIY crafts, there are plenty of wall hangings and rooftop hangings that you could work on based on your requirements. It’ll make your room even more classy and lovable! Time to get those pair of scissors and get creative!

Interior Design Ideas for small house:

So what if you've got a small house? You can still make your home look very beautiful. The best interior design idea for a small house is to use short-sized furniture ( short sized chairs and tables) in the living room. This makes the living room of your small house look big in size. Using long curtains is yet another amazing idea. Use creative themes for your curtains or just keep it simple and classy by choosing cotton silk material in silver, bronze or even ones with shades of gold. Oh! You'll love gazing at your curtains then! Usage of large mirrors is also a very good idea to make your small house look big and beautiful! This tip holds good for interior design ideas for small flats as well.

If you’re looking to redesign your space with elements in sync with Indian tradition, then investing in antique furniture would be a good idea. You may also opt for antique-looking flower pots and place it at various points in the room along with decorative paintings and wall hangings. Usage of silk material pillow covers for Diwan and Sofa with patterns reflecting Indian tradition is also a great option.

So, these were some interior design ideas which are simple yet elegant, and at the same time easy on your pocket. Try them out today!


What To Look For In Your First Home

Owning a home is one of the most satisfying experiences in life. However, the present market conditions have made it a tad bit challenging to own a home. Rising prices and interest rates have put off many prospective buyers looking to invest in their first home. But there is a workaround here. You just have to be realistic in your quest to own a property. What many fail to understand or realize is that owning a dream home doesn’t necessarily mean spending over and above your limits. A dream home is not a place with the best in class features; a dream home is a place where your family is happy. In this blog, let’s look at a few aspects that would help your quest to own your first home.

What To Look For In Your First Home: Important Factors To Consider


How much can you afford? Once you start your journey with a set budget in mind, the whole process becomes a lot easier. More often than not, the price of a property doesn’t match with the expectations of your dream home. This is where certain compromises will have to be made. There is no point in buying a luxury home if it’s going to put you and your family in financial turmoil. The key here is to look for the perfect balance. If your budget does not get you a villa, then it’s totally fine to invest in an apartment. Don’t keep putting off your plans of owning a new home. The rates are never going to subside.


Where you live is often more important than what you live in. Looking for an apartment or villa in a safe and secure neighbourhood makes all the difference to the quality of life. Not just your quality of life, but also when you decide to sell the property, you can rest assured to get the best possible deal. There is a common misconception that buying the worst property in a top-notch neighborhood can get you the best deal. Your house is not just a place where you live, but an investment that should get you great returns when you decide to sell it. Also, there is a good chance that the property in question will have a lot of maintenance work to be dealt with, taking your expenses even further.

Once you have shortlisted a few neighborhoods, to ensure that you take time out to look at all the facilities available in the vicinity. What is it like on the weekends? Do you and your family have everything that you’ll need close by? Make a list of pros and cons and then proceed with the neighborhood that suits you the best.


While schools and healthcare facilities form part of an ideal neighborhood, I’ve decided to mention these separately to emphasize their importance. Schools and healthcare facilities feature on the top when it comes to prospective homebuyers looking for their first home. Simply put, it’s part of our daily lives, or they will be one day or the other. If you have (or plan to have) children, wouldn’t it be best for them and your family as a whole to have a proper schooling facility in the neighborhood. Same is the case when it comes to healthcare facilities. If you have old parents living with you, wouldn’t it give you a lot of peace of mind to know that a top functioning healthcare facility is in the vicinity to deal with an emergency? Make it a point to ensure that these two facilities feature on top of your priorities when it comes to the locations you’re looking at. Trust me; it would do you a world of good.


Don’t we all love to live in a property set amidst a sprawling compound with spacious rooms and top quality amenities? To be honest, we really don’t. If you have the money to invest then go for it by all means. But if you are on a budget, you’ll have to settle for more realistic options. Do you need a cosy apartment or a villa? How many bedrooms do you want? Every bedroom or bathroom adds to the overall cost of the house. Look at options that suit your exact needs. An extra bedroom for the guest that will never arrive is not worth your time or money. If a 2BHK apartment would suit your family, then stick to the plan and go for it. If it’s a must to have a 3bhk apartment, do accordingly. Understand your priorities and invest accordingly.

The challenge for any individual who is searching for their first home is to think which type of homeowner they would like to be. It’ll be in your best interest to look at options based on the amount of money you are willing to spend and the realistic necessities that cannot be compromised in order to find an abode that is ‘close’ your dream.

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Benefits Of Buying A Ready To Occupy Apartment

A house is a place that people call home. The term ‘home’ signifies warmth and comfort. Many construction companies are building apartments to cater to the new working class. As the number of companies that venture in this sector has risen at a stark rate, there is a huge pool of choices for the customers to choose from. Apartments can be classified into two broad categories:

1. Finished Apartments

2. Unfinished Apartments

Finished Apartments are the ones that have the interior done. All the wooden work (almirah and kitchen work) is done. The owner of the flat just has to take possession of the flat and move in. The company would also provide the owner with few basic amenities. There are many benefits of buying a ready to occupy apartment. Unfinished Apartments are those which lack the finishing. Such apartments are highly customizable. So the owner can get, for example, the wooden work done according to his taste and budget.

People often buy flats for two purposes:

1. Investment- Buying an apartment and later selling it.

2. Move in- To live in the apartment for a prolonged period.

A ready to move in apartment has its own advantages. There are various reasons to invest in a ready to occupy home. One can straight away rent the apartment. The new tenant would pay the rent, which would be higher compared to an unfinished flat. Also, as the flat is loaded with basic amenities, it increases the USP (unique selling point) of the apartment. If a person buys the apartment by taking a loan from the bank, then the rent of the apartment would itself pay the EMI of the bank. Also, the rates of properties rise rapidly in metropolitan cities. So the cost of the apartment would increase over time. Hence, if needed, the apartment can be sold off after some time for a higher rate. This is one of the best options if you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio.

For those who want to buy the apartment for their own personal use, ready to move apartments is a bliss. The owner can straightaway buy the apartment and move in. As basic amenities are already installed, it is quite convenient for the owner to move in. The process takes less time as the owner would only have to add a few other extra items. Also, ready to move apartments have the amenities installed by the company, so the owner can be sure that the flat is top notch and the amenities are of decent quality. These were few of the benefits of buying a ready to occupy apartment. If you are in the market for a new home, then enquire with Victoria Realtors today. The group offers a range of projects at various locations and is renowned for designing and developing homes that are affordable and infused with a host of modern-day amenities.

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Things To Avoid When Buying A House

There are many brands that have come up in the recent years which deal with construction and real estate development. As there are many competitors, it is vital that you as an owner make the right decision while buying a house. There are many mistakes first-time home buyers make. This article focuses on things to avoid when buying a house. Let's take a look.

Not Reading The Agreement Carefully:

It is one of the fundamental mistakes that first-time homeowners make. People often don’t read the contract carefully. The contract has many loopholes, which should be made clear by the seller. Hidden details include the power (electrical) given to the flat, maintenance costs etc. As these details are not known initially to the owner, there is a chance that it may cause problems later on.

Paying Money Before Moving-In:

Paying the entire money before moving in is one of the most common home buying mistakes. One should seldom pay the entire money upfront. Only do so if you know the contractor or seller personally. Often people can be fraudulent, and the money would be lost. The best practice is to pay a little ‘token’ money upfront. This establishes a trust between the buyer and seller.

Moving Into A Less Populated Locality:

Moving into a less populated area is one of the things to avoid when buying a home. It is not advisable to live in a less populated area. As the area would look deserted, chances of robbery and theft are quite high. Also, one likes to know their neighbours. Living in a less populated area would mean lesser or no neighbours. Also, as the area would be less developed, services are bound to be expensive in that area. For example, the person delivering your groceries would charge you extra.

Buying a Raw Home When You Prefer A Finished One:

Buying a raw flat is not always a good idea. Although a raw flat is highly customizable, one should opt to look for finished or ready to move in flats. Such flats are usually equipped with basic amenities. And as such amenities are installed by the construction company, any repair would be done by them. However, if you prefer to buy a raw flat, make sure that all the work (finishing) is done before you move in. As doing any work after you move in will mean a lot of hassle and will make you uncomfortable in your own home.

Only Buy If You Intend To Stay:

Only buy a house if you intend to stay in it for at least 10-15 years. If you have a job that sees frequent transfers, then buy a home for investment purpose. You’ll get a good return on your investment when you eventually decide to settle down and will be able to reinvest the same to buy a home that suits your needs.

These were some of the more common home buying mistakes that one must be cautious of and at the same time avoid before investing their hard earned money. Make sure that you are fully satisfied with your choice of a home before committing.

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How to decorate your home on a budget

Every one of us wants our home to look beautiful and a total knockout. However, some people think of home decor as a thing for only houses with large spaces and big backyards. But that’s not always the case. Even if you have limited space, you can decorate your house like any other. Next, comes the budget. Oops! Don’t worry. Even with a limited budget, you can do wonders when it comes to decorating your space. Follow the low-cost home-decor tips given below to learn how to decorate your home on a budget, and you'll see the magic enroll.

First things first: Get Organised

The best option to begin your quest is by getting organized. Build a simple shelf, or a nightstand with the wooden waste logs lying in your storage and organise your clutter. A free space will automatically bring up freshness to the room.

A cool headboard

We have some very nice and cheap decorating ideas for the bedroom. Headboards always look good. You can build one for yourself with the help of cardboard or wooden planks and decorate it with any low-cost beads and shimmers to suit your room.

Make use of unused furniture

Have some good furniture stuff lying around in storage? Bring it out and put your creativity in the driver seat. For example, if you have two waste mattresses, cover them up with a clean sheet and have them placed in your living room. Pair them up with normal cushions and fluffy backs to form a sitting space which can be doubled a sleeping space too. This is a great and cheap decorating idea for living room.

Divide large spaces

A big room can be divided into two parts. You can decorate a house with a minimum budget by placing a cheap and easy shelf in between the room. You can fill it up with some home-made artwork or books. This will add a good look to the large space instantly.

Illuminate the spaces

Did you know that you can easily decorate your home with waste materials? Build up some great lights using the unused papers and charts in your home. Use some spray paints on them to create a lamp shade. This will add a good look and an enhanced lighting set-up to your space.

Decorate the ceiling

This is a great tip for home décor. Step up and paint the ceiling of your rooms with designs that resonates with your lifestyle. For example, you can make stars out of colorful hard paper and hang them from the ceiling for a beautiful effect. This is what you call how to decorate home without spending too much money.

So, these were some of the cheap decorating ideas for your home. You can easily come up with your own home decor ideas and blend them with some creativity to make your space a beautiful place to live.

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Tips for Furnishing your First Home

Moving into your first home is always a moment of great joy and happiness. Almost every homeowner thinks long and hard when it comes to furnishing and decorating their new home. This blog, titled “Tips For Furnishing Your First Home’ is aimed at first time home buyers who are looking to furnish their new home. How to furnish a house from scratch? There are so many things that need to be taken care of, and the most important aspect is the budget. Owning your first home itself requires an enormous investment. So, be extra careful when it comes to managing your budget. Check out the 'tips for furnishing your first home' given below to know what all to take care of.

Try to keep it simple:

All you need is a good start. Try to opt for more neutral elements. A combination of black and white colour patterns for the furniture would be classy as well as elegant in looks. You can go for timber tones and other neutral shades. Opt for inexpensive floor rugs and small cushions which would never go out of style.

Important things first:

Don’t end up buying everything at once. First, go for only the important stuff. Then, give it some time and thought to figure out what other items you would like to purchase. You need to plan wisely so as not to miss out on important things. Make a list with all the items that are absolutely necessary. Prioritize them according to their necessity and shop accordingly.

Well-defined bedroom:

Your bedroom needs to be well furnished to make your house look great overall. Think about investing in a good quality bed and nightstands to give your bedroom the look and feel it deserves.


Having a great paint job is one of the most affordable and impactful ways of transforming your home. Make sure that you decide on a pattern that reflects your lifestyle and attitude. However, ensure that you don’t go overboard with this. Be sensible; it’s your home – a place that you would be coming back to every single day.

Examine the rooms:

You need to take this seriously. Analyze and know the dimensions of your rooms and only then invest in heavy furniture. You don’t want to bring home a piece of furniture that doesn’t even fit in your space. To avoid wastage of time and money, analyse the dimensions first.

Take it slow:

Consider furnishing your first home as a massive assignment. What happens when you receive a big assignment or task at work? You look at it and prepare a schedule to get all the work done. Same is the case with furnishing your first home. Keep the list you have prepared handy. Buy things that are important first. You don’t have to purchase everything at once. It’s always a time-consuming endeavor when it comes to furnishing your first home. So relax, and take it slow.

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These were some valuable tips for furnishing your first home. Hope you found this blog helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


House Hunting Checklist for Home Buyers

As exciting as it sounds, hunting for a house is an equally hectic task. You would never want to end up in a house that lacks the important things you need. God forbid if you later have to deal with some serious issues that would make you regret your decision in the first place. Whether its manual or online house hunting, the rules go by all the same. Relax. All you need is a basic house hunting checklist, that would let you look at all the important things at once so that you can land on your dream house.

House Hunting Checklist for Home Buyers:

  • Analyse your budget

A very important and a basic start point. You need to carefully examine your budget. Look for all the possible aspects. Talk to the experts, search online and try to look for the best houses that lie under your budget. Even if you have to apply for a loan, be wise and prudent about it after consulting with various other factors.

  • Perfect Location

Let’s admit it, no one wants to experience long commutes from their home to work. We are already falling short of time by each passing day. While hunting for a house, make sure you choose a perfect location that suits all your needs.

  • What kind of home?

This will totally be your call. If you are single, a two-bedroom apartment/villa might be good enough for you. If you are a family with 2 kids, you might need a 3-bedroom apartment/villa, or maybe 4. The trick here is to decide how much will be sufficient. You don’t want to exceed your budget by owning an apartment/villa that is too big than what you’ll ever need.

  • Plumbing Systems and Wiring

While inspecting the house, check for all the plumbing systems. See if any of them have a leakage problem or blockage of any kind. No one would want to experience such petty issues after they move in. It is better to be thorough with these beforehand. You might also want to run a quick check on all the wiring systems. See for every switch and plug board, working correctly or not. When satisfied with everything, only then make your decision to move in the respective house.

  • Proper Ventilation

The atmosphere inside a house can get suffocating if there is no proper ventilation. While house hunting, look for the kind of ventilation system installed. A good exhaust fan at every other corner, a nicely installed chimney might be some things you’d require. Also, see that your house has a nice balcony or an inlet of natural light, to give a refreshing feel to your home.

  • A Backyard or the Terrace

Once in a while, you’ll need a place where you can relax, recreate yourself, maybe workout a bit in the open. Having a backyard in your house or even a good open terrace should be part of your house hunting checklist.

  • Good storage systems

While hunting a house, it will be very wise to check for intelligent storage systems. A block beneath the stairs or a storage area under the sofa which makes for a good space saving storage area.

  • Good Neighbourhood

To be able to reside for long at a location, you need a good neighbourhood by your side. While hunting for a house, run a quick check or survey through the neighbours. Try to know them. What they do and whether they are all good and employed people. This will help you adjust easily to the environment.

These are some very cool tips for house hunting you can follow to chase the perfect house of your dreams.

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Importance of Property Insurance

I am pretty sure that in a country like India, hardly anyone even thinks about the importance of property insurance. Many are occupied in their journey to own a home, and by the time it becomes a reality most are left with hardly any amount to even think about insuring their home. In this article on the importance of property/home insurance, I’ll try and share with you a few factors that can help you go the extra mile and invest in a good property insurance package.


Property Insurance is mainly two-fold – Structural and contents insurance. The structural coverage deals with issues or damage to the structural side of your home and the contents part take care of damages that may arise to your household items like a refrigerator, television, washing machine, furniture set, etc. If you are a homeowner or even a tenant, both these policies can help you get a lot of peace of mind. For example, Natural Calamities cannot be predicted, any structural damage arising due to a natural disaster will be covered by your insurance policy; saving you a lot of money which would have otherwise come from your pocket.

Likewise, insuring the household items is again important as it gives your protection in case of a burglary and items being stolen. The disclaimer here is that you may not be eligible for coverage if the house has been unoccupied for over a period of 30 days or in the case of items that were stolen by the maid you have employed.


The simple answer to this question is that it depends on the property insurance service provider. The key here is to understand that the amount is calculated differently for structural insurance and contents insurance. Structural insurance policies are derived mainly by considering the cost of rebuilding the house and contents insurance is calculated based on the future depreciation value of the item under cover.


Having mentioned the importance of property insurance, let’s now look at the factors you should consider before applying for one. Property insurance providers have diverse sets of rules and regulations. The important factor for homeowners to consider would be the time taken to settle the claim in terms of an emergency. Search for providers who are flexible in this regard. The value of the overall coverage will be determined by the service provider after you share all the relevant documents relating to the property in question. The simple logic here is to find a service provider that takes less of your money in terms of yearly premiums and gives you the maximum coverage. The ‘value for money’ concept applies here as well.


If you are a homeowner, then starting looking for a good property insurance provider now. Do not wait, as one small damage to the structure of your house can result in a huge amount being spent to repair it. Buying a home can definitely be a dream come true for many, insuring your property on the hand ensures that the dream doesn’t turn into an unforeseen nightmare.

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Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist

More often than not, real estate developers aim to lure young individuals to invest in their properties by providing all sorts of modern amenities like fitness center, Jacuzzi in the restroom and many others. However, many real estate developers today are aiming at developing properties for senior citizens who intend on purchasing a home after retired life or a couple of years before retirement.

Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist

This blog titled, Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist lists out a few points that senior citizens must look for prior to purchasing a home.


For senior citizens, it is vital to keep in mind the budget criteria before investing money in buying a house. Financial institutions provide loans when one has a consistent circulation of revenue, however, for senior citizens, they are mainly depended on a pension plan. Only look at properties that you can manage financially. You shouldn’t be taking extra financial burdens to invest in a retirement home. Look for homes that are affordable and has all the quality aspects in check.

Dimensions of the property

Look for small to medium sized properties. There are many real estate developers who provide great value for money options for their medium sized properties. If you are ultra-rich and can afford to buy a luxurious house and employ people to ensure its overall maintenance, then go for it. If not, it would be wise to invest in a medium sized home so that it is a manageable proposition for you in terms of its upkeep.


Some home builders give bar doors at the entryway as well as support handles throughout halls and also washrooms to reduce the mishaps that take place. Keep in mind such aspects to ensure that accidents do not happen.


Travelling can be a hassle. For senior citizens, it would be ideal to invest in a property that is in close proximity to vital healthcare institutions and other important facilities that can be accessed easily for everyday purposes.


While walking is good for health, it may not be apt for senior citizens that don't have elevators or lifts in their apartment. Make sure that you only invest in an apartment project if it has elevators/lifts to assist you. This should be stressed even further for those individuals who suffer from certain heart ailments or other health issues.

Dedicated Open Spaces

As senior citizens spend most of their time indoors, it would be a refreshing experience to step out and socialize in dedicated open spaces that are part of the overall community. If you have sufficient budget at your disposal, then look for community living projects that provide such a feature.

Serene Locale

Youngsters can handle the hustle and bustle of a city. The same cannot be said for senior citizens. If you are looking to invest in a retirement home, then make sure that you choose an area that is a bit away from the city and located at a pristine and pollution free environment. It would further assist you in having the peace of mind that you are looking for by owning a home.

Hope this blog on Senior Citizen First Time Home Buyer Checklist was of help. If you are looking to invest in unique and affordable retirement villas in Palakkad, Thrissur or Coimbatore then do to contact our representatives.


Why Choose Palakkad As Your Next Home Destination

Palakkad, often referred to as the Gateway to God’s Own Country, is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats. This quaint city has the right mix of urbanization and greenery. The growing demand for quality housing in Kerala has seen investors and real estate developers looking for exquisite locales to develop their properties for attracting potential customers, and the latest spot that has captured their attention is Palakkad. There are some unique villas for sale in Palakkad that you should look into.

If you are in the market to buy a new home and are not bound by any specific location, then investing in the picturesque expanse of Palakkad can be the right option for you. Here are a few factors as to why you should choose Palakkad to be your next home destination.

Great Value For Money 

Compared to cities like Kochi and Trivandrum, Palakkad offers a great value for money proposition in terms of real estate properties. The city has only recently garnered the attention of major real estate developers and the rates at which the abodes are being sold are comparatively low. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the houses is being compromised. The rates are low because the land and other associated costs remains realistic till date, as compared to other major cities.

Great Job Opportunities and Education Hubs

 Along with the development of major real estate projects, Palakkad is slowly transforming into a business hub with many conglomerates investing in office spaces. This has opened up a huge requirement in terms of resources. There is always a chance that you could land your next big job in Palakkad along with your dream home. Palakkad is also known for some of the most renowned educational institutions in the state, providing a great platform for higher education in varied fields.

Cultural Significance and Modernity

Unlike many cities in Kerala, Palakkad is still one of the only places which has the right balance of culture and modernity. There are a variety of places to visit in Palakkad that are of historical significance, such as the Palakkad Fort and Killikkurussimangalam -the birth place of Kunchan Nambiar. The city also boasts of various other tourist destinations like Malampuzha Garden and Dam, Kalpathy Temple, Tipu Sultan Fort, etc.

Resale Value

 As the real estate sector in Palakkad is undergoing rapid transformation in the form of many projects being developed at prime locations, investing in a project right now is sure to provide you considerable returns if and when you eventually decide to sell it. So make you move and invest in homes for sale in Palakkad.

Top villas for sale in Palakkad 

The city of Palakkad, owing to its distinct climatic conditions and nature-filled surroundings, has seen a range of interesting and affordable projects being developed. Victoria Realtors, one of the pioneers in guiding the transformation of the real estate sector in Palakkad has developed abodes that are based on the philosophy of luxury at an affordable cost. The team at Victoria Realtors has set a benchmark for others to follow with state-of-the-art quality and stringent European safety standard protocols. Here are a few villas for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors:


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In India, the number of Solar powered homes are slowly but steadily increasing. The use of solar power gained prominence due to the growing concerns of climate change along with the ever increasing energy costs. The use of solar energy to power homes in India is vital as the country is devoid of an efficient power management system with many areas still lacking electricity.

Typically, a solar powered home will have Photovoltaic Panels installed on the roof at an angle to absorb maximum sunlight. The system comprises of mainly four units – The panels, a controller to regulate the flow of electricity, batteries to store energy for later use and an inverter to convert DC to AC power. Using solar energy reduces your energy bills significantly and also lowers the Carbon footprint generated from your property.

If you are in the market to install an efficient solar power system, then there are certain factors to take into account:


FREE ENGERY – The most positive aspect of installing a solar unit is that that energy generated is totally free. There are no bills to be paid as you’ll be making use of natural resources to generate energy. The initial costs involved in setting up a solar unit is still a bit on the higher side in India, but in the long run, it will make a significant difference to the money being spent on metered electricity from state-run suppliers.

CLEAN ENERGY – As the source for generating energy is natural, there are no harmful emissions coming out of the whole process, significantly reducing the overall Carbon footprint.

SUBSIDY FROM GOVERNMENT – The Govt. of India has initiated a subsidy plan to promote the use of solar power in residential and commercial spaces. One could reach out to the MNRE and fill out an application form to apply for the subsidy. The only catch here is that you’ll have to avail the services of the government approved provider.

WORKS INDEPENDENTLY – We have all faced random power outages and blackouts. The use of solar energy means that you are not dependent on state providers anymore as you’ll be generating your own electricity by using the installed solar panels.


HIGH INITIAL INVESTMENT – As the concept is still fairly new in India, there is a high initial investment involved with installing a solar unit. An investment of at least 1.5 lakhs is required to power a modern-day home.

EFFICIENCY CANNOT BE GURANTTED – As the main source for generating power is sunlight, the efficiency of the solar unit cannot be guaranteed round the clock. The sun does not shine 24/7, and it gets even worse during monsoon season. Also, the location at which your property is situated plays a vital role as well. If your house is surrounded with tall trees or high-rise structures, the solar unit will not be able to perform optimally.

MAINTAINANCE – Maintaining your solar unit setup is an integral part for it to perform optimally. For this, one has to ensure periodic cleaning of the solar panels as the installation is constantly being exposed to dust. If your area is prone to serve weather conditions, then any damage occurring due to natural causes like a storm or heavy rains will also have to addressed, and they are not cheap.






Solar units are a great option if you are in the market for an alternative source of energy. As mentioned in the article, the initial investment is on the higher side but is going save you money in the longer run. If you are willing to take time for the upkeep of the different components of the solar unit, then it’s a great option for you.



It was in 1934 at the World’s Fair in Chicago that humanity was introduced to the concept of ‘Home of the Future.’ Over the years and many technological advancements later, the world has embraced the concept of home automation in totality. Today, especially in Western countries, the idea of home automation is making strides into the abodes of the common man. Many believe that automation process is costly, and to an extent it’s true. That’s the main reason as to why many stay away. But, one has to understand that home automation, if done right, can help in saving money in the long run.

Let’s look at how this concept works and why you should make small strides into incorporating the same into your abode:

LIGHTING: We all forget to switch off the lights in a room when we step out or before going to sleep. Just imagine a scenario where we could use a mobile device or a tablet to switch off the lights. Wouldn’t that be excellent and highly efficient? The concept of home automation, when it comes to lighting, is so advanced that there are sensors attached to the fixtures to track your movements and shut off the lights if there are no activities registered during a pre-set time. You could also get the color changed/adjusted to suit your mood. All these put together, gets you a highly advanced yet convenient medium to effectively manage the entire lighting infrastructure of your abode.

HVAC SYSTEM: We all desire to live in an optimally conditioned environment. What if you are coming from a long and tiring day at work? Wouldn’t you prefer to enter your abode that is conditioned according to your liking? Home automation can help you with this. You could just take your mobile device, which obviously should be connected to the electronic module in your house, and set to switch-on 10 minutes before your arrival. This could also work in reverse, similar to the concept mentioned for the lighting modules; the HVAC system could automatically shut off if there is no activity in the room.

SECURITY: Home automation has a vital role in providing efficient and high-standard safety protocols for your abode. From state-of-the-art intrusion alert to fire related protective measures, home automation has literally saved lives and prevented robberies world over. Home automation keeps your home secure and safe, and it’s a fact no one can refute. You could also install cameras in difference rooms and remotely access the feed during your travels as well.

CONSTANT MONITORING: Getting a home automation system installed makes your day to day lives much easier. There are sensors available that could be fitted on all the appliances in your home. This facilitates the sharing of important information like for example, the date for changing the filter in the water purifier, filtration panel in the AC and other systems. The automated system could also provide information on the effective performance of all the appliances, thereby keeping you up-to-date on its efficiency. This has a direct result of the utility bills as any appliance not performing optimally could draw more current.

The costs involved with home automation are currently a bit on the higher side. But as every new technology, going forward, these state-of-the-art systems will become more affordable and friendly on your pockets. I strongly advise that you take small steps and start incorporating the concept of home automation into your home by making minimum investments. It will truly make a world of difference, and bring down your utility bills as well.

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Must Follow Legal Document Checklist Before Buying A House

It’s always a matter of great pride for an individual to own a house. Many do it by means of acquiring a loan, and a few does it by means of ready cash generated of years of hard work. The fact is that buying a house is not just a matter of deciding on a price and buying it, but to ensure that all the documents are in order before you invest in the same. This blog mainly focuses on the must follow legal document checklist before buying a house that a prospective owner should keep in mind before making the final investment.

Must Follow Document Checklist Before Buying A House

Sale Deed – As part of the Registration Act, a sale deep is one of the most important documents while considering to buy a property, both for the seller and the buyer. The sale of a property is not considered legal if a sale deed is not registered. The buyer should ensure that the seller has cleared all the statutory payments like maintenance, tax, electricity bills, etc. are paid before finalizing the sale deed. The buyer should also ensure that the property has a clear title. All the pages of the sale deed are to be signed by the parties concerned in the presence of two witnesses. All the documents must be presented within four months from the execution date for registration.

Mother Deed – Mother Deed is another important document to possess while transferring or buying a property. A Mother Deed is a document which enables the buyer to trace the ownership of the property in relation to the seller. The seller should be able to validate the factors as to how he got possession of the property and the documents should be arranged in chronological order before submitting to the authorities. In case any of the data is missing from the chronological order then it is mandatory to collect them from the relevant registration office.

Building Approval Plan Certificate - The Building Approval Plan is a mandatory document to possess. The owner of the property must get the building plan registered to with the jurisdictional commissioner or an appointee authorized by the commissioner. This certificate authenticated the footprint and design of the structure and the fact that it follows all the rules and regulations specific to the area. A few supporting documents are needed to get the approval certificate and they are as follows – Title Deed, Property Assessment Extract, Property PID number, City/Panchayat survey sketch, Up-to-date tax receipt, Earlier sanction plans, Drawings of the property, Demand drafts, Foundation certificate and Land use certificate.

Conversion Certificate – If the property falls under an authorized agriculture zone, then it is important for a Conversion Certificate or an NOC to be obtained. This is needed to convert a piece of property meant for agriculture purpose to non-agriculture purpose. The documents required to be submitted are as follows - Copies of the R.T.C extracts, Village map, land sketch, certified copy of the land tribunal, zonal certificate, Title deed, no-dues certificate by village accountant and a copy of the mutation records.

Commencement Certificate – This certificate is provided by the local authorities to builders who would want to start their development in an acquired piece of land. The Commencement Certificate is a green signal for developers to begin construction from the authorities and that their proposal meets all codes set by the administration.

Encumbrance Certificate - This certificate is important as it gives the seller an idea of the baggage in the form of loans or pending taxes that has to be paid for the property in question. The EC is a vital document for the seller as it gives him/her an overall idea about the land is it has a free title or not.

Power of Attorney – The POA document refers to the rights given by the actual owner of the property to another individual to perform the sale or any other transaction that he/she might deem fit. The actual owner has to register the POA with the authorities for the same to be valid.

Tax Receipts - A buyer should ask the seller for up to date receipt for the taxes paid for the land. The buyer should also directly enquire with the local land authorities and cross verify if all the taxes are paid and that the receipts are authentic. Make sure to check any remaining dues like electricity and water bills to ensure that no dues are being charged to the new owner after buying the property.

Completion and Occupancy Certification – The completion certificate literally means that the authorities are happy with the final footprint of the structure and that the builders have followed all the norms to the core and the Occupancy Certificate is give after the final inspection of structure giving the go ahead for the occupants to move in and that the structure is officially legal.

Even if you have all the above-mentioned documents, there are chances that new laws will be introduced from time to time and updates being made to the existing formalities. It is always wise to consult a professional real estate agent or even a lawyer specializing is real estate laws and sanctions to verify all the documents before committing your hard earned money. Hope this blog on the must follow legal document checklist before buying a house was helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.



Located in Palakkad, the village of Kalpathy is known for its rich cultural significance. Known around the globe for its many festivals and unique architectural marvels called the Agraharams, Kalpathy is one of the most preferred tourist destinations down south. Commonly referred to as the Dakshin Kasi or the 'Varanasi of the South, Kalpathy has predominantly been occupied by Tamil Brahmins for centuries. If you are a frequent traveller and is looking for your next travel destination down South, then Kalpathy may just be the right locale to explore as it provides a refreshing ambiance filled with rich heritage. If you are game for it, then we have a few suggestions which could make your experience in Kalpathy even more special.


  Commonly, the houses inhabited by Brahmins in Kalpathy are referred to as Agraharams. These unique looking abodes have an element of architectural ingenuity attached to them. These abodes were conceptualized based on the cultural ethos of the place and can be found lined on either side of a street with common walls. Each settlement of Agraharams are unique in their own way, but a few common factors can be found in all the units. Almost all the units are aligned in the east-west direction and are in close proximity to a temple. The Agraharams are distinct in their own way with many traditional construction materials forming the core part of the design language. Kalpathy agraharam Houses


  Divided into various segments, the Agraharas are colonies inhabited by the Tamil Brahmins. There are four distinctive Agraharas in Kalpathy – Chaaththappuram, Govindarajapuran, Old and New Kalpathy. The colonies are identified mainly based on the temples it accommodates. It’s a great option for travellers to explore as each of the temples in the area are distinctive, and the architecture is in resonance with the principles it portrays. The Agraharas in Kalpathy still falls under the concept of ‘timeless architecture’ as they can still be found in its original state of construction when compared to the many other Agraharams in Kerala that were modified or completely destroyed due to rapid urbanization. Kalpathy agraharam building and settlements


  Locally known as Kundu Kovil, the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy Temple is the ultimate edifice of faith in the region. Located on the banks of the serene Kalpathy river, the temple is the site for the world famous Kalpathy Ratholsavam festival. The temple dates back to the 15th century and is surrounded by many Agraharams. The 10-day annual chariot festival, Kalapathy Ratholsavam, at the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy Temple, is conducted in the month of November and is truly an extravagant atmosphere to be a part of. Over the ten day period, a large procession of chariots from the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy Temple and from the nearby satellite temples fill the streets, making for one of biggest festive processions down south. Kalpathy Ratholsavam in palakkad - Palakkad Kalpathy Temple


If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then a trip to Kalpathy is your best option. The place is filled with an array of options to explore, and a visit to the divine locale of Kalpathy takes your back in time where life was about unity, and the lifestyle was that of simplicity. To know more about Palakkad settlements and houses ,please visit, Villas in Palakkad


Frustrated With Property Tax? Know How to Deal with High Tax Rates

The fact is that home prices are going down, and at the same time, property taxes are going up. We all wish for roads to be more accessible  and our children to get a better education, but no one wants to pay more taxes than needed, specifically when our neighbours are paying less for a property similar to us. But the good news is that there are ways to efficiently deal with the situation. Thinking how? Let me help you. Keep reading to learn few simple tricks that can aid homeowners to be at ease when it’s time to pay the taxes.

Limit Curb Appeal

When it comes to the actual evaluation process, tax assessors should follow a strict set of guidelines. Conversely, the assessment contains a definite amount of subjectivity. That means more attractive and elegant homes often receive a higher assessed value than homes that are less appealing. Remember, during the evaluation process, your dwelling is fundamentally compared to your neighbour’s home. If possible, don’t make any improvements or alterations to the house such as an addition of counter tops, basement finishing, kitchen extension, etc.until the evaluation is finished.

Check Out Similar Homes

This doesn’t mean that you should interview your neighbours. Property tax bills are public info and can be accessed online in many jurisdictions. Make sure you compare the property with others in the same tax classification which cover similar age and size. This helps you to know how your local government determines the taxes to be paid towards the home property. Some jurisdiction takes into account 100% of market value and others only a fractional amount i.e. 60%. So, check each home for assessments and plan accordingly when it’s time to pay the taxes.

Be Good with the Assessor

Every house owner might think that assessors are shadowy figures trying to make a dent in their account to generate more money in the form of taxes. But that’s wrong. They do what they have to. Keep in mind that inflating the property values too high doesn’t benefit anyone. However, it overvalues the market. Make sure, you talk nicely with the assessor during an interaction with them. A lot of assessments are done without actually checking the property, but when they request a walkthrough, be there and explain everything lucidly.

Check the Deadline

There are no set dates for assessments to take place, it occurs unexpectedly. But the onus is on you to make it hassle free by determining when yours will be. By doing this, it will be much easier to lodge petitions or catch errors, if any, early on. We agree that it is hard to balance the desire for an elegant property with the desire to pay as little property tax as possible. But following few things and holding up on improvements till your house is due to be evaluated can help you lower the amount to be paid towards property taxes.    


Buying a Home? Then You Must Not Miss These Questions!

Buying a house is a psychosomatic game of poker, with vast enticements to bluff, very extreme stakes and more. However, real estate agents are legally assured, to tell the truth, so you must ask the right questions to find out the real answers. Although the answers may scare you and make you reconsider your bid, they also make you feel more confident. A list of What, Why, and Where questions are given below. Now it is your turn to go through the following questions. As you prepare for your home buying process, you should ask these questions to your real estate agent. Here we Go!

Question #1 - What is the Market Worth of the Property You Choose?

For some ethical reasons, your agents can’t tell you the exact price but they will arm you with plenty of comparables including the prices of similar nearby homes that they have been sold currently. He/she might also inform you about the percentage of asking price and how long the homes are staying on the market.

Question #2What is the Condition of the Home?

Though listed as the second one, this is the primary question that should be asked. You have all the rights to know about the condition of the home which you are going to buy. This question will help not only to determine whether it is a worthy property but also help you choose a realistic offer. You can also include few questions under this or You can call it as few sub questions!
  • How old is the roof? By knowing this, you’ll be able to determine its longevity.
  • Does the house have insulation? Insulated walls increase the value of the house.
  • What type of foundations does the home have? New homes have slab foundations but raised the foundations allow access underneath the house making plumbing and electrical repairs less expensive and more accessible.

Question #3 - What Should I Pay for along with the Home Price?

There can be situations where you are okay with all the criteria, but the price! The high price can be because of some additional features. If the home price exceeds your allocated budget, confirm your agent about the high price. Ask about its uniqueness, advanced features, fixtures and fittings and much more. Make sure you inspect everything that you are getting.

Question #4Why the Owner is selling his/her house?

You should not avoid this question as this will help you understand the problems associated with the property if any. It may include a noisy neighbor, paranormal activities, relocating to another city or in need of money.

Question #5Where is the Seller’s Disclosure?

Even if you are appealed towards the beauty of any home, don’t be in love with it. A home is just a house at first and there are plenty of factors out there. Ask your agent for any seller disclosure before you sign the agreement. These questions can be kept as a reference. Apart from these five questions, you must ask whatever is disturbing you about the home. Knowing everything about your home gives you a leg up on surprises and gives you a complete satisfaction with your new dwelling.        


Confused Whether to Buy a New Home or Remodel Your Existing Old Home? Get Answers!


On a cost per square foot basis, remodeling may burn your pocket. But the decision should not be based only on construction cost, your personal needs, local zoning laws, the age of your existing homes and social reasons may influence your verdict.

Before reaching a decision to innovate your old home, check the following points to see whether you are on the track!

Answers for Your Query – Read Carefully!!

If you are thinking, Is building your home affordable than renovating your old one, then the answer is simple – because building a residence from the ground up, you begin with a lucid slate to build on. You can plan everything in advance i.e. firstly the foundations are dug and poured. Secondly, walls are framed and finally doors, windows, sheathing, roofing, plumbing, wiring and much more are installed.

On the other hand, when you go for renovation, the best builder is enforced to work in an existing structure which needs removal of walls, replacement of windows and doors if needed, closing the old openings on both exterior and interior etc… Moreover, the existing home problems such as cracks, drywall, poor plumbing, and wiring make the whole process a nightmare. Builders are forced to compromise to connect the old and new addition together. And when the whole remodeling project is completed, you have to live in a dwelling where you don’t really know what’s inside the wall. With a home renovation, you can only count on expensive surprises.

In addition, preferring remodeling gives you a chance to lack the benefits of latest technologies. Yes, you can have a new home with latest technological addition and trendy designs which are very rare to be added in an old home. You can’t able to enjoy a perfect get-together backyard, a BBQ area and a friendly firehouse in your old renovated home. Even though you try to have all those while remodeling, you’ve to spend lots of your hard earned money.

You should only go with a house remodeling when you love your neighbors -When you have an emotional attachment to your home, the value of your home is very low and when planning to make your home green!

And, you should go with a new home when the costs of remodeling your home will outperform its resale value, when building lots are available in your neighborhood and when you are looking for a change that can’t be added to your current home.

After grabbing all these knowledge, you must agree that the whole house remodeling is almost always far more expensive than constructing a new home, the cost of your home is only a part of the equation.



Why Live a Rented House , when you can Buy it?

A very common dilemma faced by a majority of salaried people in India! Compared to rural areas, it is a grave concern in cities due to the unending living expenses. If you are a working professional and are expecting transfers every couple of years, then investing can be a little difficult as you have to consider paying for your house rent also apart from the housing loan EMI since you may not be living there. There’s also the EMI and the interest you have to pay until the time you get the booked apartment or house in a living condition, after which you can give it on rent in the case you are not going to live there.

Many people, particularly in India, are emotionally attached to owning a house. It is a matter of pride and prestige to own a house, no matter how much you earn and how much it costs. Here, in India, people get settled only when they have their own home! It definitely is gratifying, to own a house, in any part of the world. You can always go back there at the end of the day, no matter what happens to your work or career. But is that as rewarding as people think it is? .Here’s an account of the pros and cons of buying a house and living in a rented one.

The Leased Life

The first point to clarify is leasing a home is much cheaper than renting one. Though I use the word interchangeably, I basically aim to mean living in a house which is not owned by you and where you have to pay the rent or lease whichever the case may be. So, living in a rented house comes with its own comforts and difficulties. It’s all in one’s mind, people may say! But we all live to satisfy our mind only, and hence, what it thinks matters a lot too.

Rented House - Leased Life

  Let’s check the main issues faced by those living in a rented house.
  • Keep shifting if the owner wants you to move.
  • There’s nothing ‘yours’ in the house where you are staying. So you have to be extra careful handling the furniture to fixtures. Moreover, if you have your own furniture, you have to fit it in somehow in the different types of houses you get to stay on rent!
  • If it is an apartment, you are only second-hand citizen there! More than often, the tenants are treated ignorantly only in the apartment societies.
  • You have to wait for approval for doing any major repair! Sometimes, you may have to bear the charges too if it is essential to you even though you will benefit from it only so long as you stay there.
  • Rentals have to be renewed and are hiked every year even though the apartment and the facilities remain the same. More than often, the tenants staying in the cities pay almost as much as the housing EMI as the rent and they don’t even own the apartment.
  • You have limited rights in the apartment society you live in since most of the society’s rules benefit the owners only.

The Owned Life

One major aspect of owning an apartment or house is the mental satisfaction and the security it gives to the owner and the family. Nothing in the world would matter, as long as you own a house. But here again, you have to choose between a villa and an apartment, a firsthand house and a second-hand house, whether to take a loan or buy it out of your investments and the list goes on! Owning a house or apartment definitely comes with some advantages.

Owned House - Owned Life

  So let’s see some of the advantages associated with owning a house:
  • It is truly gratifying to own a house. An own house means more freedom, and better security for most of the people.
  • It improves your status in the society.
  • You get tax benefit on the housing loan.
  • If you are staying in your own house, you can invest the monthly rental as your EMI and you will have the house all yours within a matter of some years.
  • You can remodel, renovate and refurnish it anytime in any way you want.
  • As an owner, you will benefit more from the apartment society
  • It is an investment, though not as liquid. You can sell or lease it later when you are in need of money


If you can afford a house, consider its value, the amount of interest you will be paying over the 20 years and also what kind of tax benefit you get out of it and the alternatives you have, before making the buying decision. Many times, we tend to heed to the emotional instincts rather than the practical ones and end up investing in a house which burns a hole in our pocket. If you have enough liquid savings, can afford the EMIs and are emotionally attached to owning a house just go ahead to buy one. Last but not the least one more point I want to put forth is that, if you are spending the same amount which you give as rent on EMI, then after some years you will be an owner of your dream home. All the money you pay as rent will be futile as the years pass by. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to sleep in your own house no matter how small it is!

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Buying a resale flat? Are they the best? Check out this Checklist

 Buying a resale flat has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. But considering the advantages, sometimes I feel we can forego some of the disadvantages and get a property on resale. For the seller, it is a resale and he will sell it to whoever pays him more. But as far as you are concerned, you are probably buying it for staying there. So you need to be cautious about the condition of the property. Generally, people resale flats or apartments that have completed construction and are at least 2 to 5 years old. Though there are advantages and disadvantages to this, you can use the advantages to your benefit and consider whether or not to buy it. Some of the major points to consider before buying a resale flat are:

Age of the Apartment or House

Though most of the apartment owners put their investment property for resale after 2 to 5 years of purchasing it, people who are selling their home may be doing it after 5 to 10 years. Ideally, if you can afford it, buy an apartment or house on resale within 2 to 5 years range. Never buy an apartment which is more than 10 years old. You may find it difficult to resell it after a few years. Moreover, after 7 to 8 years, the wear and tear will start showing up and a lot of maintenance will be required.

buying a resale flat checklist - age of the apartment or house

Verify the Construction

As far as a resale property is concerned, the construction would be over and mostly it will be a used apartment. So you know what you are investing in. This is a big advantage when you consider the risks associated with just-launched or half-built fresh properties you would normally invest on. You can see the construction and make sure it is good quality and appeal to your interests. In case you are looking for an individual house, it will be better to get a civil engineer to check on the construction quality.

Buying a resale flat checklist - verifying the construction


Builder's Reputation

Builder’s reputation matters since it will affect the resale value when you plan to sell it. Moreover, reputed builders will ensure a minimum standard of construction which will keep the house or apartment good for living at least for 10 to 15 years.

buying a resale flat checklist - builders reputation


Check the Association Rules

Check the rules and regulations of the Association in the case of apartments and gated villas. If you will not be able to cope up with those, there’s no point going further. Some associations have ‘No Pets’ rule and some others have a ‘No Smoking’ rule! So ask for a copy of the association’s rules and regulations before committing the buy.

Know your Neighbours

If you are planning to buy an apartment, check with a couple of neighbours on the association, maintenance, and the neighbourhood. Look around the premises and check whether the exteriors look good and are well maintained. Check for the amenities and facilities as you are paying for that too. Try to have a casual talk with a couple of neighbours to know whether they are like-minded people and whether the building is well maintained. Skip it if you are not ok with both.

Buying a resale flat checklist - know your neighbours


Verify the legality of Title Documents

Get a copy of the title documents and verify them with a lawyer. Getting an expert legal opinion is a must when investing a huge amount. If you plan to buy it on a bank loan, the bank will verify it with a couple of legal advisors in their panel. Check whether the property is kept on lien somewhere or else you will have to take the additional liability.

Eligibility of property for Loan 

If you plan to take a house loan to buy the property, make sure the property is eligible for a loan. You can take copies of the property documents and ask the bank to verify its eligibility. Properties built by reputed builders would normally be eligible for bank loans. That’s another advantage of brands!

Buying a resale flat checklist - Eligibility of the property for loan


Check if the owner owes any dues to the Association before buying a resale flat

This is important or else, you will have to pay up for someone else! You can also ask for copies of last paid electricity, maintenance, water bills etc. and verify them for dues.

Compare the cost

Compare the cost of buying a resale flat against that of a new apartment in the locality. If you can buy a new apartment for another 5 lakhs more, it will be better to go for a new apartment. Property value will not appreciate much after its first resale, whereas for a brand new apartment or house, the resale value will enhance a lot depending on the location and brand.

Buying a resale flat checklist - comparing the cost of houses


Furnished Apartments

Used furniture and equipment do not have much value at all. Consider the quality of the furniture and fixtures like the doors, windows, grills, cabinets, sanitary ware etc. These need to be of good quality or else you may regret the buy sooner than later.

buying a resale flat checklist - furnished resale flats or not


Consider the stamp duty, registration charges and cost of other formalities.

Registration charges for a completed apartment will be much higher than that of an under-construction building. So be prepared to bear the higher costs. You can check with local agents on the rates for registration, stamp duty, and the associated formalities.


At the end of the day ,you need to think long term while buying a resale flat or a villa and if you somehow find a new apartment which cost slightly higher than the resale apartment then do check it out first before going for a second-hand apartment.

So start your research by checking out the brand new apartment offerings in your locality  or else you can check out Victoria Realtors affordable apartments or villas  at Palakkad

If the above points proved helpful in your apartment research process, then do share your suggestions and opinions in our comment section below.



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