Budget Friendly Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious


When you come home after a long and tiring day, the one place you would want to relax and unwind in is your bedroom. However, when you think about decorating your home, bedrooms come almost last on the list. Our living rooms and patios take precedence over bedrooms as they are frequented the most by visitors. Also, the fact that you are pretty much done with everything else when you hit the bed doesn’t help the cause. Though bedrooms are not privy to visitors, there is no reason to not have your bedroom look and feel luxurious as the rest of your home. After all, bedrooms are where you go to recover from the strain of the day and recharge for the next day. Fortunately, it is easier than you think to create a luxurious-looking bedroom on a shoestring budget.

Ways to make your bedroom luxurious on a budget

1. Invest in a good wallpaper


A good wallpaper can do miracles for your home when you are on a limited budget. The advancements in printing and installation techniques make wallpapers great alternatives to wall paint. Wallpapers also break the limits you may face with painting. You can choose from a range of patterns, textures, and sizes. Floral, abstract, geometric, mural, tropical, retro, etc. are some themes you can set for your bedroom through wallpapers.


2. Pay attention to the details


When it comes to making a space luxurious, small details can bring about big differences. Curtain rods, doorknobs, handles of wardrobes, etc. can set your bedroom apart on a budget. For instance, crystal pull ons on drawers can instantly give your bedroom a facelift. Though it may seem like a minor thing that could get missed, the sum of small changes can bring elegant opulence to your bedroom.


3. Dress your pillows


Run a simple internet search for luxury bedrooms and notice how every image has throw pillows in it. Throw pillows are a simple and budget-friendly way to make your bedroom look more luxurious. Find pillow covers that match the decor and theme of your room. Good throw pillows can tie bedroom decors together in an elegant way. It is why most hotels invest in throw pillows so their guests can have a restful and memorable experience. Use less conspicuous pillows against stand-out throw pillows and you will have a luxurious-looking bed in no time.


4. Bedsheets matter


Now that the pillows are out of the way, time to focus on the bedsheets. A soft and comfortable bed sheet is an absolute must-have for every bedroom. Make sure to choose bed sheets to choose the current theme of your bedroom for a collected finish. However, duvets and comforters are big investments that you may not be able to make too often. In such cases, choose a nice and chunky throw blanket that you can place at the foot of the bed so the focus is drawn towards instead of your tired bed sheets or duvets.


5.Play with textures


Mixing textures and creating an artistic finish can render a luxurious touch to your bedroom, especially when you are on a budget. This allows you to use what you may already have at home. A chunky rug against a brass-finish stool could create an interesting mix of textures that would also look great. Get creative and bring in texture through materials like rattan and copper. You can also add a dash of fun with embellishments.


6. Get a fun nightstand


Nightstands don’t have to be boring and color-coordinated to your bed anymore. Your nightstand could become your statement centerpiece of the bedroom with a few tweaks. Chalk painting your existing nightstand to an exciting color can transform your bedroom. Keep the things on your nightstand to a bare minimum and regularly clear it off any junk. You can also use your nightstand to display plants, a nice lamp, or family pictures.


7. Mirror your style


Mirrors are a must-have in all bedrooms; they open up space and can make your room appear bigger and brighter. So use the mirror in your bedroom to your style advantage. Do away with the boring mirror and add luxury to your bedroom with a statement mirror. Mirrors studded with crystals, or an ornate metallic frame can bring in an element of luxury to your bedroom. If you are vested in choosing decor items with functionality, then choose dressers that come with vertical storage options alongside mirrors. These can very well fit in your budget with the many options for cost-effective materials and styles available in the market now.


8. Lighting is everything


Good lighting can instantly make any room appear larger and more luxurious. Pay attention to how much light you let into your bedroom. At the same time, it is important to remember that too much light can interfere with your sleep. Put to work large curtains that can control the light in the room effectively.

Though you may have plenty of natural light in the room, lamps are a great way to introduce an element of luxury in the bedroom on a small budget. Invest in a lamp that ties in the design elements of the bedroom, and they might as well be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Pretty pendant lamps hung towards the center of the room can grab the focus away from everything else.


9. Bring art into the bedroom


Another sure shot way to make your bedroom appear luxurious on a budget is to invest in statement art pieces. A good frame can make a piece of art look like a luxurious add-on to your room.

Transforming your bedroom into a luxurious space shouldn’t cost too much as long as you don’t bring in too many elements. Ensure that most pieces of decor you choose serve a functional purpose for an elegant room that you would return to every night.

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