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Why Choose Palakkad As Your Next Home Destination


Palakkad, often referred to as the Gateway to God’s Own Country, is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats. This quaint city has the right mix of urbanization and greenery. The growing demand for quality housing in Kerala has seen investors and real estate developers looking for exquisite locales to develop their properties for attracting potential customers, and the latest spot that has captured their attention is Palakkad. There are some unique villas for sale in Palakkad that you should look into.

If you are in the market to buy a new home and are not bound by any specific location, then investing in the picturesque expanse of Palakkad can be the right option for you. Here are a few factors as to why you should choose Palakkad to be your next home destination.

Great Value For Money 

Compared to cities like Kochi and Trivandrum, Palakkad offers a great value for money proposition in terms of real estate properties. The city has only recently garnered the attention of major real estate developers and the rates at which the abodes are being sold are comparatively low. This doesn’t mean that the quality of the houses is being compromised. The rates are low because the land and other associated costs remains realistic till date, as compared to other major cities.

Great Job Opportunities and Education Hubs

 Along with the development of major real estate projects, Palakkad is slowly transforming into a business hub with many conglomerates investing in office spaces. This has opened up a huge requirement in terms of resources. There is always a chance that you could land your next big job in Palakkad along with your dream home. Palakkad is also known for some of the most renowned educational institutions in the state, providing a great platform for higher education in varied fields.

Cultural Significance and Modernity

Unlike many cities in Kerala, Palakkad is still one of the only places which has the right balance of culture and modernity. There are a variety of places to visit in Palakkad that are of historical significance, such as the Palakkad Fort and Killikkurussimangalam -the birth place of Kunchan Nambiar. The city also boasts of various other tourist destinations like Malampuzha Garden and Dam, Kalpathy Temple, Tipu Sultan Fort, etc.

Resale Value

 As the real estate sector in Palakkad is undergoing rapid transformation in the form of many projects being developed at prime locations, investing in a project right now is sure to provide you considerable returns if and when you eventually decide to sell it. So make you move and invest in homes for sale in Palakkad.

Top villas for sale in Palakkad 

The city of Palakkad, owing to its distinct climatic conditions and nature-filled surroundings, has seen a range of interesting and affordable projects being developed. Victoria Realtors, one of the pioneers in guiding the transformation of the real estate sector in Palakkad has developed abodes that are based on the philosophy of luxury at an affordable cost. The team at Victoria Realtors has set a benchmark for others to follow with state-of-the-art quality and stringent European safety standard protocols. Here are a few villas for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors:


As mentioned before, if you are in the market to invest in a new home and are not bound by the constraints of location, then Palakkad is the best option for you. If you would like to receive more information on the villas for sale in Palakkad from Victoria Realtors, feel free to reach out to our representatives here.

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