Construction Quality

How To Check The Construction Quality Of Your New Home?


A home is a major milestone in everyone's life, a living space people can call their very own. Buying a home is not a cakewalk as there are numerous factors to consider, like the location, connectivity, amenities and more. But there’s one aspect that needs a great deal of attention: the house's construction quality. When you buy a home, you envision living a lifetime in it, so it’s important to know if the property can withstand the winds of change, like heavy rain, change in climate or even natural calamities. The construction quality will tell a lot about the property, and it’s high time we understand a home's construction quality. Today many builders in India come up with residential properties that are smart, innovative and luxurious. They might look visually appealing but the inherent strength of the building is what matters the most.

10 Tips to Ensure the construction quality of your new home

Construction Quality

A visually appealing home may not be of the desired quality. As a result, you should avoid making a blind purchase without first validating the quality standards. Checking the construction quality is especially important if you are purchasing a residential property, especially a villa. Today smart homebuyers are well aware of how to analyze a home before they buy. Here are 10 tips to identify the construction quality of residential property.

Construction Quality- Understand the Soil Quality

The strength of a building's foundation relies on the type of soil it's built on. Before starting construction, builders and engineers typically perform a soil test. Make sure to request a copy of this test to assess the soil quality, and seek verification from an architect. Additionally, be cautious when builders mix sand with the soil to improve foundation durability, as this may not be suitable for clay or cotton soil.

Be sure to Verify the Design of the Building Structure

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the design of the building structure. The way a property is structured, including its walls, roof, beams, and columns, showcases the strength of the property. The design must involve security, safety, and rigidity to withstand natural hazards and harsh weather and be fire-resistant. If a property lacks these features, it's not advisable to invest in it.

Know the Quality of the Concrete Mix

The true strength of a property lies in the capacity to support a heavy load to avoid risks like collapsing which can be extremely dangerous for the residents. Nowadays, buildings use pre-made concrete mixes. The right ratio of concrete to sand must be used for durability. You can check with the builders on the brand of concrete that has been used or ask for a copy of the purchase receipt. There’s another simple method to check the concrete quality. You can simply test it by poking a nail into the concrete wall. If the nail easily goes in, the quality may not be reliable.

Verify the Plaster Quality

Assessing the plaster quality is another important step to consider if it is worth investing in the property. If there appear to be cracks on the plaster it tells you that there is water leakage and poor plaster quality. Before painting the walls check for the cracks. Plaster cracks are bound to happen after a few months of construction, so it’s wise to invest in properties by reputable builders. It’s better to wait for a few months before applying paint.

Check the Wall Thickness

Ensure that the thickness of your house walls aligns with the measurements in your property documents. It’s wise if a homebuyer could go along with a trusted architect and physically inspect the walls and assesses their quality by pressing against them or trying to insert a sharp object like a key. Additionally, tapping the walls with your knuckles can reveal whether they are solid or hollow inside.

Examine the Fitting and Fixtures

Even the minute details matter. So make sure you examine the smallest details like fittings and fixtures in the new home. Make sure the kitchen and bathroom fittings are delivered as promised without any water leaks or cracks. Thoroughly examine the drainage pipes, taps, washbasins, showerheads, and all other sanitary facilities to ensure they are in good working condition.

Verify the Quality of Sanitywares and Bathroom Fittings

The bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in a house and they should be fully functional. To assess the quality of sanitary spaces like toilets, washbasins, or bidets, examine their overall shape. High-quality fittings are comfortable to use. Tap them gently to check for cracks; a hollow sound may indicate damage. Also, ensure the mounting surface is even and smooth.

Check the Electrical System

Ensure that all electrical outlets and switches are functional. If there are any exposed wiring, and make sure the electrical panel is properly labeled and up to code.

Take Help from Third-Party Agents

Assistance from third-party agents can give you a clear picture of a new property that you’re about to buy, especially before signing an agreement. Don't hesitate to seek third-party assistance. Visiting the construction site and physically examining the walls with a trusted architect is the easiest way to check the building's construction quality.

RERA -Assuring a Verified Purchase of Property

According to Section 14 of the Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act, 2016, builders are required to fix any structural issues within five years. It's crucial to inform property owners of this provision beforehand. Note that this rule only applies to projects and buildings within the law's jurisdiction.


At Victoria Realtors our vision is to build homes that define quality, durability and functionality, so that families get to lead a life that is not only joyous and memorable but also safe and secure. With every thought and step we envision to hold the future strong for many for our potential homebuyers.

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