House Hunting Checklist

House Hunting Checklist for Home Buyers


As exciting as it sounds, hunting for a house is an equally hectic task. You would never want to end up in a house that lacks the important things you need. God forbid if you later have to deal with some serious issues that would make you regret your decision in the first place. Whether its manual or online house hunting, the rules go by all the same. Relax. All you need is a basic house hunting checklist, that would let you look at all the important things at once so that you can land on your dream house.

House Hunting Checklist for Home Buyers:

  • Analyse your budget

A very important and a basic start point. You need to carefully examine your budget. Look for all the possible aspects. Talk to the experts, search online and try to look for the best houses that lie under your budget. Even if you have to apply for a loan, be wise and prudent about it after consulting with various other factors.

  • Perfect Location

Let’s admit it, no one wants to experience long commutes from their home to work. We are already falling short of time by each passing day. While hunting for a house, make sure you choose a perfect location that suits all your needs.

  • What kind of home?

This will totally be your call. If you are single, a two-bedroom apartment/villa might be good enough for you. If you are a family with 2 kids, you might need a 3-bedroom apartment/villa, or maybe 4. The trick here is to decide how much will be sufficient. You don’t want to exceed your budget by owning an apartment/villa that is too big than what you’ll ever need.

  • Plumbing Systems and Wiring

While inspecting the house, check for all the plumbing systems. See if any of them have a leakage problem or blockage of any kind. No one would want to experience such petty issues after they move in. It is better to be thorough with these beforehand. You might also want to run a quick check on all the wiring systems. See for every switch and plug board, working correctly or not. When satisfied with everything, only then make your decision to move in the respective house.

  • Proper Ventilation

The atmosphere inside a house can get suffocating if there is no proper ventilation. While house hunting, look for the kind of ventilation system installed. A good exhaust fan at every other corner, a nicely installed chimney might be some things you’d require. Also, see that your house has a nice balcony or an inlet of natural light, to give a refreshing feel to your home.

  • A Backyard or the Terrace

Once in a while, you’ll need a place where you can relax, recreate yourself, maybe workout a bit in the open. Having a backyard in your house or even a good open terrace should be part of your house hunting checklist.

  • Good storage systems

While hunting a house, it will be very wise to check for intelligent storage systems. A block beneath the stairs or a storage area under the sofa which makes for a good space saving storage area.

  • Good Neighbourhood

To be able to reside for long at a location, you need a good neighbourhood by your side. While hunting for a house, run a quick check or survey through the neighbours. Try to know them. What they do and whether they are all good and employed people. This will help you adjust easily to the environment.

These are some very cool tips for house hunting you can follow to chase the perfect house of your dreams.

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