9 Ways to Make Your Home Colorful Without Using Paint


Want to do a quick home makeover? We’ll tell you how to add some colours without picking up a paintbrush. Most of the people staying in rental houses will have limited options to redecorate the home as they are not allowed to change the existing wall colours or change the flooring. However, choosing the right decorative elements and furnishings can transform your dull home to a vibrant one. Incorporating bold colours also help to make a smaller space look bigger.

So if you are wondering how to add some vibrant hues to the boring white spaces, try out these simple and budget-friendly ideas shared by home décor experts.

Deck up the walls with large colorful art

A plain white wall in your living room or bedroom can look quite unappealing to the eyes. Bring some life to the walls with a large piece of art which defines your taste. It can be a work of art by your favorite artist or a replica of a popular painting which you admire.

Fill empty spaces with plants

Plants always help to bring freshness and charm to an empty space. Place beautiful indoor plants to redecorate your rooms with shades of green. Choose easy and low maintenance plants which also purify the air inside the home. You can consider using colourful planters as it enhances the beauty of the space.

Make use of temporary wallpapers

We know that sticking wallpaper isn’t an option when you are staying in a rental house. This is why we suggest you go for temporary wallpapers to spruce up your living space. Using peel-and-stick wallpapers available in the market you can create a bright accent wall with floral designs or geometric patterns. The major advantage is that they are easily removable.

Colorful tapestry for the walls

Tapestry refers to a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving colored weft threads. Installing bright and colorful tapestry on the walls is another great alternative to hanging artwork. Nowadays you get plenty of handmade tapestries for sale in home décor shops and online stores. Tapestries add a splash of color, texture and pattern to your rooms.

Introduce colorful lamps

Lighting is one of the most important factors that determine the beauty of your home. If you home features a neutral color tone, try to install vibrant colored pendant lamps or fabric patterned table lamps to brighten up the room. You can choose bright color tones such as turquoise, yellow or red to match with the furnishing.

Roll out a statement floor rug

Bored of seeing the same old flooring? Don’t worry! It’s time to introduce a designer floor rug to enhance the look and feel of your home. Rugs create a cozy and stylish ambiance to a rather boring living room or bedroom. Handloom rugs with geometric patterns and printed designs are trending now. Try to choose the right color that blends in well with other elements in your room.

Choose colorful cushions & pillows

When it comes to decorating your bedroom and living room spaces, cushions and pillows are unavoidable elements. While choosing the covers, don’t think of neutral color tones but rather choose vibrant hues like blue, orange, yellow or red. You can pair up a pastel-colored bedcover with bright, patterned cushions & pillows.

Go for accent furniture

Accent furniture is in vogue nowadays. So if you can’t paint the walls, go for bright painted furniture. If you are planning to buy new furniture, don’t go for the boring brown and beige tones. Investing in a new pair of accent chairs or a sofa for your living room is definitely worth it. This type of furniture not only adds pops of color but will create a contemporary look for your interiors. You can also consider painting your existing chairs or shelves with a bold color to have a quick home revamp.

Bright and Airy Curtains

Last but not the least; a home is incomplete without the right set of curtains that complement well with your furniture. Changing the curtains is a great way of breaking the monotony of a neutral space. Pick curtains made of bright and airy fabric that allows natural air and light to flow in. Curtains are available in all shapes and sizes or you can get them tailor-made for your home.

Revamping your home isn’t a big deal when you can rely on these pocket-friendly and simple home décor hacks. These are perfect for those who are looking for temporary styling techniques for the home. Instead of waiting for many years to change your wall paint go ahead and try the above-mentioned ideas. Following the above hacks gives you the flexibility to alter the setting every time you feel like having a fresh look. We hope that this article was insightful and informative for you.

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