Tips to ensure electrical safety at home

Tips to Ensure Electrical Safety at Home


The safety of your home and its occupants should be on top of your list of priorities. One must constantly strive to make their home a safe place for the inhabitants so that they may lead a life of peace and tranquility in the safe confines of their home. One of the key things that you must take care is the electrical safety of your home. Here are some electrical safety precautions that you can take to make your home a safer space for your loved ones.

• Take care of any exposed wires:

Exposed wires are a huge threat to the safety of your family and must be taken care of immediately. If the protective coating is missing or the wire is damaged in some other fashion, make sure that you replace it or repair it right away.

• Keep electrical appliances and outlets away from water:

To ensure electrical safety at home, don't forget to keep electrical appliances away from water. It is also important to never touch electric outlets or appliances connected to power with wet hands. This can lead to shocks and one is prone to more danger if water enters electrical outlets. Thus, this is one domestic electrical protection that everyone must be aware of and every individual should be educated about its dangers in order to create a safe environment at home.

• Overloading electrical outlets:

Every outlet is designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity. It is frequently seen that many a time, people use extension cords and plug in one too many devices thus putting a lot of pressure on a single outlet. This can lead to a fire or an explosion and one must be extremely cautious while connecting multiple appliances to one source.

• Precautions with appliances:

Always remember to switch off an appliance after its use. It may be hazardous especially if you have kids or pets around and it is imperative to not only switch off the appliance but to also store it in a place that is not easily accessible by children to ensure utmost electrical safety at home.

• Check your cords:

It is commonly seen that chords are extended and run long distance. While if it's carefully done at an appropriate height and with the right precautions, it can be safe. Or, if you have an end to end carpeting, cords can be run underneath the same too. Otherwise, it can be extremely risky and best avoided. There is a risk of someone tripping over it or of children or pets reaching for it. Hence, it is important to take care of long cords and they must be treated as a serious threat to one's safety at home.

•Children's safety:

Additional precautions must be taken if you have children or pets around. As discussed above, no exposed wires, plugged in appliances or long cords should be within the reach of children. One must also make sure that outlets that are within reach of children are either safely secured or sealed off for good. Children tend to be curious and can insert fingers or use water around electrical outlets and appliances making it a severe threat to their safety. Constant supervision is the key to ensure the safety and well being of your little ones.

These are just a few of the many electrical safety precautions that one must practice to ensure that their home is safe for their loved ones.

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