independent house or villa

Is it better to buy an independent house or a villa


Each individual has a different preference when it comes to their lifestyle and the type of housing they choose. While there are different types of houses like villas, independent villas, apartment, etc., today we look at the comparison of an independent house and a villa. It is important to understand the benefits and shortcomings of the different types of houses available in the market before one decides which suits his needs the best.

The most important factor to consider is the safety and security that a villa comes with that an independent home lacks. Most gated communities and villa projects have top-notch security that includes a team of security personnel, CCTV cameras, etc. which ensure the safety of both the houses and the inhabitants. This is one of the main advantages of living in a villa as this facility is not readily available in an independent house.

If you are someone who wishes to enjoy health and leisure based amenities at your convenience, then staying in a villa would be more advantageous. Most villas come with a host of amenities like a gym, play area, etc. making it extremely convenient to use them at a very reasonable price at our convenience and within our very own housing complex. This is not a facility that you can redeem in an independent home.

Some people enjoy living in a niche neighborhood. As we all have a very busy life, often, we may not find time to socialize extensively. Living in a villa community gives one a chance to live amongst likeminded people thus creating a wholesome and engaging neighborhood that they can socialize with at their convenience. This may not be the case with most independent houses as they often come with a mixed crowd of individuals unless one specifically seeks out a locality where he might find likeminded people.

Often, villas come with a uniform design language, which means that all the homes are similarly designed. This, while it creates a pleasant experience for the viewer may not always be beneficial for the resident. One cannot expand their house or build it according to their preference, while the same can be done in an independent home. One has complete freedom to design their home as per their choice and choose any number of floors keeping the guidelines in mind.

Most villas come with play areas, landscaped courts and gardens and lot of greenery and open spaces dedicated to the purpose of recreation. This is not available in independent homes and one will have to depend on public parks and recreational areas to enjoy the bounty of nature.

Independent homes do not necessarily come with large wide roads that are well maintained.  This, however, is taken care of in a villa community as one can enjoy uniformly large roads, paved walkways, etc. that are maintained well and kept clean.

Whether it be ready to move in the villa or a villa bought while or before its construction, you can be assured of good quality workmanship and material if you buy it from a reliable builder like Victoria Realtors. You do not have to bother about overseeing every small detail or worry about being cheated on, as the builder takes care of everything. But when it comes to an independent home, one must constantly keep a watch and a lot of time and effort is spent on making sure everything is happening as per schedule. Irrespective of what kind of contract you give for an independent home, the amount of time dedicated to ensuring that your home is being built on schedule can be very high.?

These are some of the factors that you must keep in mind while choosing between a villa and an independent house. If you are looking for villas in Thrissur, look no further as Victoria Realtors offers Vrinthavan villas which are ideal for those looking to enjoy the many perks of living in a villa. It comes with a range of amenities and the trust and promise of authenticity that South India’s leading realtor offers.


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