Tips to Make Your Home Monsoon Ready


Rains bring great relief to the scorching summer heat and it's a much-awaited season for most of us. The smell of wet earth and refreshing greenery after a shower fills our hearts will joy. However, it’s a season which causes a lot of damage to our homes. Be it leakages, waterlogging, fungus or other structural defects, there are many challenges that homeowners encounter during the rainy season. Excess water and dampness can create a favourable environment for the growth of algae and mold inside the home. These can in turn cause many health problems like allergy, asthma, skin irritation, bronchitis, etc for you and your family. So it is better to be informed about the possible challenges so that you can take the necessary precautions before the season starts.

Whether you are living in your own home or a rental home, there are certain things you can do to minimize the damage caused by the rains. Here are some practical tips to make your home monsoon ready.

  • Inspect your drainage system and if you find any leakages, get them fixed immediately.

  • Ensure that all the doors and windows are closing properly without any gaps through which water may get inside.

  • Clear the debris from all drainage holes regularly to avoid water logging in areas like terrace and balconies. You can also make use of drain cleaning chemicals for this purpose.

  • If you notice dampness on the walls or ceiling, get professional help to find the cause and fix it immediately.

  • High moisture content in the atmosphere can damage your wooden furniture. You can apply a fresh coat of varnish to protect them during the monsoons.

  • Most of the wooden doors get swollen during the rainy season due to excess moisture absorbed by wood and this issue can be resolved by seeking help from a carpenter

  • Heavy floor carpets look beautiful in your room but during the rainy season it is not advisable to keep them as they absorb a lot of moisture and allergens. So roll up these carpets and store them away during the rainy season.

  • Inspect the electrical system of your house well in advance and make sure that the wires and sockets are properly insulated. If you find any damages, get help from an experienced electrician.

  • Protect your clothes from dampness by keeping camphor balls or moisture absorbing sachets inside the wardrobes.

  • Wipe off the mold and fungal growth from interior walls and cupboards regularly with a dry cotton cloth.

  • If you are planning to paint your house, choose a waterproof paint solution that can prevent water seepage. It is ideal to finish off the painting work prior to the onset of monsoons.

  • Inspect the roof of your house and if you find any cracks in plastering get it repaired without delay.

  • If you have a terrace garden, ensure that the drainage hole is clear and allows proper flow of water through the pipes. Water accumulation on the terrace can damage your house badly.

  • Consider installing shades for areas like balcony, verandah and windows to prevent excess rainwater from getting inside the house.

  • Consult an expert to carry out waterproofing for your house which can help you to save cost on repairs and maintenance works. It is better to prevent the damages than to pay a hefty amount of money for frequent repairs.

Listening to the sound of raindrops and watching the evergreen beauty of our land in the rainy season is a beautiful experience in itself. By taking the above precautions you can also make your home look welcoming and cozy even while it's pouring heavily. Moreover, it helps you to be prepared for the season change and save a lot of money in the long run. Sit back in your favourite place and enjoy the rains!

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