Kid-centric Homes: A Necessity of Urban Living


In this age of urban living, homes equipped with child-friendly amenities and spacious outdoors are more of a necessity than a luxury. Kids-centric homes ensure a safe and hygienic ambience for the growth and overall well-being of children. Hence while searching for a new home it is important to consider the need of your children also.

During the nationwide lockdown that happened due to COVID-19 pandemic, families living in small apartments struggled to manage kids staying indoors all the time. With no space or provisions to play outside or meet their friends, the kids were locked up for months without any entertainment or fun activity. In scenarios like this, living in a kid-centric home comes as a great advantage. Finding a kids-centric home is not that easy as it needs a lot of research and thought process. To make things easier for you let us take a look at the importance of choosing a kids-centric home and its distinguishing features.

Kids-centric homes: The need of the hour

Kid-centric projects is the latest emerging trend in the realty market which focuses on imparting a healthy atmosphere for child development. Most of the people staying in the cities have nuclear families with small children. Working parents are more worried about leaving their children at home while they are at work. Hence kid-centric homes with security and common play areas are the need of the hour as it allows children to step outside in a secure environment and enjoy their playtime. A happy childhood lays the foundation for a happy adulthood. Hence it is vital to provide a healthy and positive environment for children where they can participate in games and indulge in physical activities like cycling.

Features of Kids-centric homes:

Safety & security:

Safety is the first aspect that you need to consider while looking for a kid-centric home. Gated villas are ideal for families with small children as there will be round-the-clock security personnel and other safety measures like CCTV surveillance in place. Both kids and elderly people will feel comfortable and secure staying in gated villas as compared to independent homes. In a gated community, children can friendly neighbour families living next to their house.

Play & recreation:

Congested housing facilities and increased exposure to technology have made children stay away from games that involve physical activity. Popular games like cricket, football and basketball help in the mental and physical growth of children. However, when you are living in high rises chances are more your children get addicted to Television and gadgets. This is severely impacting their health as they are not getting enough daily exercise. Most of the children tend to eat a lot of junk food when they are inside the home watching cartoons and tv shows. If you are choosing to live in a gated villa community, your children can make use of the common play area and cycling tracks within the villa premises itself. Making friends of the same age group is also easy when your kids are part of a gated community.

Location near schools:

Another important feature of a kid-centric home is easy connectivity to schools and educational institutions. Dropping your kids to school and picking them up will go smooth and hassle-free if the distance between home and school is short. Also, travelling for a long distance every day will expose your kids to dust and pollution. So if you are out there looking for an ideal home, choosing a home near to reputed schools & colleges will make things easier for you and your kids. This is the reason why most of the realtors are now developing new villa projects with close proximity to schools.


Kids-centric homes are now trending in the real estate market and will soon be a big hit among home buyers. Investing in a home with tailor-made amenities for children is something that every parent should consider. Such homes meet the growing needs of the family with well-maintained premises, spacious outdoor play areas, strict security surveillance, pollution-free environment,etc. Living in a kid-centric villa makes a significant impact on the holistic wellness of your young ones. It helps to make life stress-life and joyful for kids as well as parents.

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