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Festival Impact on the Kerala Real Estate Market


Festivals bring a season of joy, celebration and togetherness into everyone's life. It’s a time when culture and food deck the landscape, giving a vibrant hue to our nation. During this time of the year, people like to make big purchases for their families, especially in Kerala. As celebrations kickstart, they enjoy time with loved ones and vouch for new beginnings. But do you know festivals can greatly impact Kerala real estate? Onam, Vishu, Diwali, and Christmas greatly impact the real estate market, viewed as auspicious times for home buying. Explore the effects of festivals on Kerala real estate trends and the considerations of buyers and sellers during these festive seasons.

Kerala Real Estate - Increased Home Buying Activity:

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Festivals often serve as an apt time to buy a new home. The spirit of a festival coupled with auspicious sentiments inspire families to embark on a journey of homeownership. Good fortune and a new beginning are two critical aspects that come in favour, during the time of festivals, creating a conducive environment for real estate transactions.

Real estate agents and developers capitalize on this surge in interest by strategically timing property launches and marketing campaigns, creating a sense of urgency and excitement within the market.

Impact on Pricing:

The relationship between festivals and real estate pricing is quite intricate. There is a behavioural pattern that is witnessed during festivals that contributes to the Kerala real estate trends. Sellers usually vouch for higher property prices because good luck and positive energy are associated with festivals, leading to an optimistic outlook on property values.

Not just that! Potential homebuyers anticipate huge discounts and special offers during special occasions, leading to a delicate balancing act in the pricing strategy. The negotiation dynamics become more dynamic during these times, making the festive season a unique period for both buyers and sellers to strike favourable deals.

Festival-Specific Real Estate Promotions:

Real estate developers and agencies understand the potential that festivals hold for their business. As a result, they often roll out festival-oriented promotions to entice potential homebuyers.

These promotions feature limited-time discounts, exclusive offers, and value-added incentives like free furnishings, appliances, or customized interior design packages. Developers host events, open houses, or property tours during festivals to showcase offerings and connect personally with buyers.

Lending Offers:

Financial institutions like banks also play a very important role in the festival-driven real estate market. During these seasons, banks and mortgage providers may introduce special offers like lower interest rates, reduced processing fees, or extended repayment periods.

During the festive season, these attractive options aim to further motivate and provoke potential homebuyers to take the plunge. The combination of reduced prices and favourable financing terms can make the dream of homeownership more accessible and appealing.

Launching New Projects:

Real estate developers plan to unveil new projects during festive seasons to take advantage of the higher number of visitors. These projects usually include special offers, making it a great time for buyers to consider their choices. The demand for residential properties has seen an upsurge over the years, and festive seasons are the apt times to explore housing options.

NRI Investments:

During festival seasons, a lot of non-resident Indians (NRIs) come down to India to spend quality time with their families. It's an excellent opportunity for them to invest in real estate, as festivals often bring discounts and special offers on residential properties in India. Additionally, many NRIs have connections to the region and desire to invest in their ancestral land.


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