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It was in 1934 at the World’s Fair in Chicago that humanity was introduced to the concept of ‘Home of the Future.’ Over the years and many technological advancements later, the world has embraced the concept of home automation in totality. Today, especially in Western countries, the idea of home automation is making strides into the abodes of the common man. Many believe that automation process is costly, and to an extent it’s true. That’s the main reason as to why many stay away. But, one has to understand that home automation, if done right, can help in saving money in the long run.

Let’s look at how this concept works and why you should make small strides into incorporating the same into your abode:

LIGHTING: We all forget to switch off the lights in a room when we step out or before going to sleep. Just imagine a scenario where we could use a mobile device or a tablet to switch off the lights. Wouldn’t that be excellent and highly efficient? The concept of home automation, when it comes to lighting, is so advanced that there are sensors attached to the fixtures to track your movements and shut off the lights if there are no activities registered during a pre-set time. You could also get the color changed/adjusted to suit your mood. All these put together, gets you a highly advanced yet convenient medium to effectively manage the entire lighting infrastructure of your abode.

HVAC SYSTEM: We all desire to live in an optimally conditioned environment. What if you are coming from a long and tiring day at work? Wouldn’t you prefer to enter your abode that is conditioned according to your liking? Home automation can help you with this. You could just take your mobile device, which obviously should be connected to the electronic module in your house, and set to switch-on 10 minutes before your arrival. This could also work in reverse, similar to the concept mentioned for the lighting modules; the HVAC system could automatically shut off if there is no activity in the room.

SECURITY: Home automation has a vital role in providing efficient and high-standard safety protocols for your abode. From state-of-the-art intrusion alert to fire related protective measures, home automation has literally saved lives and prevented robberies world over. Home automation keeps your home secure and safe, and it’s a fact no one can refute. You could also install cameras in difference rooms and remotely access the feed during your travels as well.

CONSTANT MONITORING: Getting a home automation system installed makes your day to day lives much easier. There are sensors available that could be fitted on all the appliances in your home. This facilitates the sharing of important information like for example, the date for changing the filter in the water purifier, filtration panel in the AC and other systems. The automated system could also provide information on the effective performance of all the appliances, thereby keeping you up-to-date on its efficiency. This has a direct result of the utility bills as any appliance not performing optimally could draw more current.

The costs involved with home automation are currently a bit on the higher side. But as every new technology, going forward, these state-of-the-art systems will become more affordable and friendly on your pockets. I strongly advise that you take small steps and start incorporating the concept of home automation into your home by making minimum investments. It will truly make a world of difference, and bring down your utility bills as well.

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