5 Tips to Use Mirrors to Your Advantage in Home Decor


Mirrors have held the undivided attention of humans ever since they were invented. They are the well-kept secret weapon of every decorator. Mirrors are used to enhance a space, increase ventilation, bring an element of drama, and can change the perception of space with interesting frame views. Your home is no exception to the enchanting effects a mirror can bring. Before we delve into how you can use them, let us see why mirrors make an important part of our homes.

Mirrors and the mind

Other than making your home appear bigger and amplifying light mirrors have an innate connection with the human mind. Though mirrors are connected with vanity, they play a bigger role than we realize in our emotional and psychological functioning.

Mirrors help reduce instances of social anxiety, make us less socially awkward, and improve our confidence during social presence. Studying our reflection helps us sync with our emotions and ground us in our bodies. The face-to-face feedback we receive from our reflections offers a sense of comfort even if it may not be palpable.

Mirrors can give us a sense of perspective that we may haven’t had for a long time. Many psychological experiments using mirrors demonstrate that we gain perspective about ourselves, ultimately resulting in a boost in confidence.

Mirrors help us develop a sense of self Our reflections remind us of our sense of individuality that needs to be nourished and nurtured.

Mirrors and their usage in our homes have evolved. We have come a long way from using polished metallic surfaces to using mirrors in creating breathtaking living spaces. Mirrors aren’t just easy to install, but they are extremely budget-friendly ways to create beautiful homes. A willingness to experiment and boundless creativity can help transform your home into a piece of paradise with a few mirrors. Take a look at some of the interesting ways mirrors can give your home a facelift.

1. Make your room appear better

A cleverly placed mirror can make your room appear larger, brighter, and better. Mirrors can serve a lot of purposes when you use them right, here are some:

a. Brightens the space

Mirrors double any source of light in a room. To light up a large space, simply place a mirror opposite a window or door. You can also place a mirror close to a lamp to effectively receive twice the brightness cost-effectively. No matter how cloudy it is outside, a mirror can harness the light it receives making your space instantly brighter. Mirrors are especially great when you want to open up space without having to make major renovations or redesigns.

b. Light up dark corners

Mirrors can help light up even the darkest corners of your home that lack natural ventilation. Place a mirror above or behind a switched-on lamp to create a well-lit corner in any part of your home. Using slim mirrors at the end of long narrow hallways and passages that receive little light can make the space appear larger.

c. Enhance

To use a mirror effectively, all you need is a little creative thinking. Did you know? Mirrors placed in visitors’ rooms lift the spirits of the occupants by tricking the mind into thinking that there are more people in the room. There are well-known stories of businesses increasing walk-ins by the mere installation of mirrors. Mirrors can enhance your space by either drawing focus to a particular point in the room or deflecting attention when not needed.

d. Double the space

Using a mirror strategically doubles the existing space in your room. A small storage space or an alcove can be converted into a functional space by installing a mirror on the wall. Narrow living spaces can be transformed into appearing more lively with mounted mirrors. Small kitchens can also benefit from mirrors. Mirrors installed along the backsplash can make your kitchen appear larger and roomier.

2. Create focal points with mirrors

In rooms that don’t have a central mantelpiece or a focal point, mirrors can help dictate the center of the room. You can place furniture and carpets based on the space the mirror occupies. And in homes that already have a centerpiece, mirrors can be used to exaggerate the beauty of the space. Mirrors with ornate frames in living rooms can very well replace paintings.

3. Multifunctional mirrors

Mirrors don’t just have to be decor pieces at your home. They can serve functions of storage too. Choose mirrors with frames that offer vertical storage if space is a constraint at your home. Decorative mirrors that appear like windows are great for homes with rustic decor. Traditional window frames applied on mirrors create beautiful separated window-like mirrors that can beautify your home instantly.

4. Experiment with shapes

A rectangular or circular mirror is passe now. Experiment and switch things up with differently shaped mirrors. Study your room and choose shapes that would bring in a flood of light and create intense drama. If your room has many geometric elements, break the monotony with a not-so-traditional-shaped mirror. That said, the placement of the mirror still takes precedence.

5. Outdoor mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for the indoors anymore. Mirrors can help liven up dull basements, covered courtyards, and north-facing terraces. Mirrors are great for semi-open garden spaces; they multiply greenery and sustain a calm. Windows can also be installed with mirror glasses for a stylish outer facade.

Feeling inspired already? Before you go mirror shopping, just remember to explore the many frames available in the market. From terracotta and jute to brass and PU plastic, the options are exhaustive, and each of them is worth looking at.

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