Questions to ask when buying a home

Buying a Home? Then You Must Not Miss These Questions!


Buying a house is a psychosomatic game of poker, with vast enticements to bluff, very extreme stakes and more. However, real estate agents are legally assured, to tell the truth, so you must ask the right questions to find out the real answers. Although the answers may scare you and make you reconsider your bid, they also make you feel more confident. A list of What, Why, and Where questions are given below. Now it is your turn to go through the following questions. As you prepare for your home buying process, you should ask these questions to your real estate agent. Here we Go!

Question #1 - What is the Market Worth of the Property You Choose?

For some ethical reasons, your agents can’t tell you the exact price but they will arm you with plenty of comparables including the prices of similar nearby homes that they have been sold currently. He/she might also inform you about the percentage of asking price and how long the homes are staying on the market.

Question #2What is the Condition of the Home?

Though listed as the second one, this is the primary question that should be asked. You have all the rights to know about the condition of the home which you are going to buy. This question will help not only to determine whether it is a worthy property but also help you choose a realistic offer. You can also include few questions under this or You can call it as few sub questions!
  • How old is the roof? By knowing this, you’ll be able to determine its longevity.
  • Does the house have insulation? Insulated walls increase the value of the house.
  • What type of foundations does the home have? New homes have slab foundations but raised the foundations allow access underneath the house making plumbing and electrical repairs less expensive and more accessible.

Question #3 - What Should I Pay for along with the Home Price?

There can be situations where you are okay with all the criteria, but the price! The high price can be because of some additional features. If the home price exceeds your allocated budget, confirm your agent about the high price. Ask about its uniqueness, advanced features, fixtures and fittings and much more. Make sure you inspect everything that you are getting.

Question #4Why the Owner is selling his/her house?

You should not avoid this question as this will help you understand the problems associated with the property if any. It may include a noisy neighbor, paranormal activities, relocating to another city or in need of money.

Question #5Where is the Seller’s Disclosure?

Even if you are appealed towards the beauty of any home, don’t be in love with it. A home is just a house at first and there are plenty of factors out there. Ask your agent for any seller disclosure before you sign the agreement. These questions can be kept as a reference. Apart from these five questions, you must ask whatever is disturbing you about the home. Knowing everything about your home gives you a leg up on surprises and gives you a complete satisfaction with your new dwelling.        

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