Eco Friendly Interior Décor Ideas

Eco Friendly Interior Décor Ideas:


The destruction to the ecology caused by mankind due to our raising demands in order to maintain a trendy lifestyle is increasing with every passing day. Here are some eco-friendly interior décor ideas you can use to do up your home by being more considerate towards nature. Reuse what’s easily available With the love for hoarding, we have innumerable amount of items that see no use after a certain period of time. Why not reuse them, and opt for a décor that is not only personalized but also nature friendly. From discarded or excessive concrete blocks to tiles, from that cashmere shawl that you barely use to the discarded old tire – there is use to everything. Use those barely used silken dupattas or warm shawls as throws on your furniture, or that old tire up-styled as a seat – the options are many, and fun to do too. Most of our home essentials come in bottles, jars and tins , which are mindlessly discarded after use. These items use a lot of resources to be made, hence reusing them will extend their lives and prevent the necessity to buy more items. Using them as storage essentials or with minimal effort these items can be enhanced to become not just utilitarian but beautiful as well. You can also use them to create your herb garden or plant low maintenance plants that will add serenity to the space. Add some candles, or fairy lights and you have your own unique lighting system that will envelope your home in a warm cozy glow. Pick clay and hand molded décor items Home essentials made of glass or metal are beautiful but they take abundant natural resources to be made as they are. Replacing these with alternate materials like clay, or items made out of wood, bamboo, or even paper are ideal choices to go green. However, sometimes having these items is inevitable, hence reutilizing them is a definite go to, as it is economic and eco-friendly, and simply outstanding when done right. Opting for clay molded items and hand-made décor essentials instead is an eco-friendly alternative as they are easy to decompose and use lesser resources. Choosing eco-friendly materials for upholstery. Though the synthetically made materials are extensively and cheaply available, replacing them with natural fibers will not only help you take a step towards being eco friendly but makes your lifestyle healthier. These materials will prevent skin eruptions often seen due to contact with synthetically produced materials. They are sturdy and long lasting and add a warm aura to your home, and when they reach a point beyond utility they are easily recyclable. Replace stone with wood To be very precise, both wood and stone are precious natural resources that are becoming more scant with every passing day. However, the mining of stone from quarries, and finishing them into products and stone slabs is an energy consuming process - not to forget the facts that it takes thousands of years for stone to form, all of which leads to disturbance to the ecology. Due to this, wood is a better replacement. With the advent of cultivated wood, which aims at producing wood for the purpose of making wooden items, it’s a better option to replace stone. With these simple tips, one can resort to being more eco friendly. It is a fun process to undertake and these ideas give you customized products that are uniquely crafted for your home! Hope you found this article on “Eco-Friendly Interior Décor Ideas" helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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