how to make a small room look bigger

How to make a small room look bigger. Designing tips and suggestions.


Rapid urbanization is leading to an increase in demand of homes. Due to this, the cost of land is increasing on a daily basis, and therefore the cost of construction might not be on par with the budget that you have. So, you might be stuck with a smaller house, especially in metropolitan cities. The real estate is one of the most expensive sectors. Due to this reason, buying a home to your liking might be an obstacle for you. Now, you have purchased a new house. It could be a small house but don't worry. With a little bit of creativity, you could make it look big and elegant. After all, the feel of the inside of a house should be such that, you feel welcome. Let's learn how to make a small room look bigger. Here are some interior designing tips that will help you make a small room look big :

Painting the walls and ceiling

One of the easiest ways in which you could make your room look bigger is by using light coloured paint on the walls and ceiling. It is better to use white colour for the walls and a cream colour for the ceiling. It gives the room brightness, added to that, light coloured walls will help in reflecting the sunlight as opposed to dark shades which absorbs the same, thus making the room look small. You could decorate the walls with decoration light to give it an elegant feel.  For the ceiling, you can use wallpapers. If it seems attractive enough for the person's eyes to be drawn upwards, then it will be great.

Open up the space

Opt for a window with no window bars or a mesh-like window bar. Big windows will give the room an "open feel" and thus, the space will look big. You could use either translucent or light coloured curtains and also, make sure that the curtains are long enough. Another important facet is cleanliness, keep the windows clean and clear all the time. Presence of dirt on the window or the sill will not only make the place look congested but also ugly.

Painted wooden shelves

You could use DIY wooden shelves on the wall and colour it with different shades. As a cherry on top, decorate it with similar coloured items to go with it. For e.g., in the orange region use an orange vase, orange books. Or you could make a wooden shelf and use items to decorate the same with it. Another method is to construct the rack close to the ceiling so that it will appear somewhat lifted and the room will seem relatively big.

Use a single sofa set

It is better to have a unique sofa set and similar coloured stools or chairs. Also, keep the sofa few inches away from the walls so that the room will look big. You can place a wooden console table behind it with decorative items like photo frames or flower vase on it.

Use large-sized paintings

This is one of the best ways you could use to decorate a living room. Putting up a colourful paint reflects positive energy, and at the same time, people could enjoy the art form. If you put a long frame featuring a colourful painting, then you will feel as if the room looks bigger.

Use mirrors

If you don't want to use paint you can use mirrors as it will help in reflecting light and make the space look relatively big. You could use either small round ones or a big square shaped mirror. Make sure that the mirror frames and curtain have similar colour tone. It will look ravishing.

Use mats

Apart from protecting our feet from the coldness of the floor, mats play a charming role regarding decoration. Using mats could be useful in two ways. Either you use smaller different rugs under furniture sets in your room, or you could cover the entire floor with a large mat. Use elongated strip mats so that the floor will look longer.

Multi-purpose furniture

People tend to buy a lot of furniture for their homes.

This is unnecessary.

One multi-purpose furniture is any day more economical than having a congested interior with too many furnitures. So, it is better to buy a single multipurpose furniture. There are sofa sets that could be used as beds or table and chair sets that have a versatile purpose, like storage. You can use them for decoration as well.


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