Ideas to illuminate your home with ceiling lights

Ideas to illuminate your home with ceiling lights


The very basics of home interior design begin with lighting. Lighting is the key to beautifying a home. It doesn’t matter how luxurious the interiors, or how contemporary the designs and decor, without good lighting, your home interiors cannot exude the charm you expect. Lighting is also the designers’ secret tool that helps make any compact space look spacious.

Natural light aside, ceiling lights are now a key to home interior design. Ceiling lights are either directly installed into the ceiling or to a false ceiling. White tube lights have long been on their way out and ceiling lights have made a permanent stay in homes. They add a special touch to various rooms when used the right way. For instance, recessed ceiling lights can help create an atmosphere of calm. Recessed lights are extensively used in living rooms and bedrooms for the restful ambiance they create. On the other hand, chandeliers can add spark, create an energetic mood in the room and grab eyeballs for all the right reasons. Dining areas lit by pendant lights are ideal for cozy family conversations and create a warm and loving environment. To use ceiling lights to your advantage in the different parts of your home, let us look in detail at the types and how you can hack them to create beautiful home interiors.

Is a false ceiling necessary to install ceiling lights?

Ceiling lights like pendant lights, chandeliers, and strips can be installed directly onto the ceiling. However, the right false ceiling can enhance the lighting, create the right shadow play, and increase the impact of the illumination. Recessed lights and cove lights, which are recent favourites, can only be installed on false ceilings.

Types of ceiling lights

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the oldest ceiling lights to be created. Before even electricity was discovered, chandeliers were illuminated by candles and oil to create an effect of grandeur and awe. They were and still are centerpieces of many homes. Though the traditional chandelier has taken on many more shapes and forms, the charm of the chandelier remains unchallenged. Chandeliers installed on false ceilings bolstered by recessed lights are a look that can leave guests talking for years to come. One thing to remember when installing chandeliers is that your ceiling should at least be 10 feet high for the right lighting and also to avoid any contact.

2. Flush lights

Flush lights are perhaps the safest ceiling lights there are and are also suitable for all parts of the home. Flush lights are also widely used in offices where too many design elements are not preferred. They are perfect for homes and spaces with low ceilings. A huge advantage that flush lights are the unbelievable arrays of varieties they come with. From material to design, flush lights can be suited to any decor or theme. CFLs, LEDs, and halogen bulbs can be installed within flush light fixtures and they can come in many materials including copper and plastic. Semi-flush lights are another type that is a cross between pendant lights and flush lights. They can dangle at 3 to 8 inches from the ceiling and are great lobbies and rooms that need a little extra than flush lights, but where chandeliers or pendant lights are not suited.

3. Pendant lights

The hanging pendant light is a minimalist take on the chandelier, and their versatility doesn’t hurt either. Pendant lights suit every part of the house and can come in a range of designs, varieties, heights, and sizes. They instantly lift any space and can be quite easy on the eye. A stylish pendant light in the living room can serve as a centerpiece. In the dining room, pendant lights can bring about chatter and jor.

4. Track lights

Track lights use 3W to 9W bulbs and are used exclusively when you need to highlight a particular piece of decor or display. A painting, a picture, or even a textured wall can be further enhanced by track lights installed above it. Track lights installed above dressers can be a fashionista’s best friend. Other alternatives to track lights are focus lights, directional, and rail lights.

5. Recessed lights

Recessed lights or downward lights are considered a novelty in the design world and are pretty much like spotlights or broad floodlights. Recessed lights are placed within holes of a false ceiling and create luxurious ambient lighting. They are a minimalist way of lighting up the room without too much clutter. They shine down on a limited circumference from where they are installed but can offer complete room coverage when properly arranged, unlike other ceiling lights that can diminish with increasing room area. It is best when recessed lights are an added accessory or layer to an existing ceiling light like a chandelier or pendant.

6. Cove lights

Like recessed lights, cove lights are often used as an added source of light in the room. Cove lights are softer and exude a gentle glow as they are placed within the recess of a false ceiling. Cove lights add charm, luxury, and warmth to any room they are installed. However, they are ideal for hallways and entryways.

For many, home interiors are the final touch to creating their dream home. Lights play a crucial role in creating the ideal home and going the extra mile in finding the right for your home is important. Find the right ceiling light for your dream home and you will give yourself a pat on the back for it.

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