5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Compact House


With changing lifestyles and choices, compact houses are increasingly becoming popular among home buyers as they offer more flexibility and convenience.

Compact homes are back in trend in the real estate market as more people are now willing to compromise on size for a better location and attractive prices. Smaller homes in a well-connected locality are perfect for young millennials who are planning to buy their first home. Owing to today’s busy lifestyle, most of the working professionals are looking for homes with low maintenance and investment. Moreover, with the availability of small gated villas offering round-the-clock security, recreation spaces and other lifestyle amenities, you can now enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle without burning a hole in your pocket. While you may be wondering why compact homes are so trending now we have found some solid reasons that make it clear.

Let us now see what are the benefits of living in a compact house.

  • Smaller is affordable
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Better location
  • High rental demand

Smaller is affordable

It is always easier to start small when it comes to property investments. The major advantage of owning a smaller house is that you can cut down your investment burden. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time homebuyer or someone who is planning to make a second investment, a compact home is the best option as they are less pricey. People from lower and middle-income segments are always on the lookout for affordable homes. Owning a small budget-friendly home is better than paying monthly rent as you will get easy home loans with small EMIs. Realtors are now focusing more on the compact housing segment considering this growing demand.

Less maintenance

Living in a 2000 or 3000 square feet home can invite more expenses in terms of maintenance and repair as compared to small-sized homes. Whether it is the painting work, leakages or general upkeep, you will need to spend more money every time you call the service people. To be precise, a smaller home will have only fewer issues that you need to fix in the long run. So to save yourself from all these hassles it is better to invest in a good quality home with a lesser area. Compact villas are the best options as they also offer on the call maintenance services for the residents. Moreover, if you wish to have some modifications, the efforts will be minimal if it is a small home.

Easy to clean

The lesser the area of the house, the easier it is to manage the routine cleaning. We all know that house cleaning takes a lot of our time and energy. In smaller homes, you tend to store only the most necessary things due to limited space. Thus staying in a compact home saves you a lot of effort and helps you to effortlessly perform the decluttering. On the other hand, if you are living in a large house you will have more stuff stacked in your rooms and it becomes a menace to arrange everything neatly. This is the main reason why working professionals are preferring compact houses over larger houses.

Better location

Living in a spacious home in a remote location may sound very fascinating but when it comes to the practical side, smaller homes close to your workplace is always the most ideal choice. Especially if you are a nuclear family with small children living in a large independent house can become a disaster with a lack of social life and interaction with neighbours. Compact homes in a gated community are an ideal choice for small families as it promises an enjoyable lifestyle along with many like-minded neighbours. Both children and elders will feel more comfortable living in a secure gated community rather than in large secluded houses away from the city. Gated communities are strategically located near to day to day facilities like schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc ensuring maximum convenience for the residents.

High rental demand

Smaller homes in prime locations attract people looking for rental homes. Most of the tenants look for the convenience of travelling to work when they search for a rental home. There is a huge demand for homes or villas located close to offices, schools, hospitals and other landmarks. Investing in a small-sized house within the city will ensure you great returns in future as you can earn a good amount from the monthly rent. Smaller homes in a sought-after locality give you the flexibility to live or rent depending upon your choice.

Apart from these, other factors such as ease of getting a home loan, lower EMI burden and tax charges also encourage buyers to consider investing in a small house. With the growing demand in the compact housing segment, many realtors are introducing small homes at affordable prices. Being one of the largest villa developers in South India, Victoria Realtors offer a range of compact houses for sale in some of the best residential localities in Palakkad and Ottapalam. These gated villas are ideal investments for your future as they promise great resale value and value appreciation. If you are looking for a house below 1500 sq ft area, explore our various villa projects here.

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