Best Ways to Refresh Your Living Room


Giving a fresh new look to your living room doesn’t mean you have to shell out a large amount of money and wait for weeks to get the renovation done. With some simple and thoughtful design tricks, you can perform an inexpensive living room makeover in a day or two.

Are you bored of seeing the same old living room every day when you wake up? Let’s get this sorted out in the easiest way possible. Monotony in life is real and it gets even worse when you live in the same place without much change happening around. We all love to have a change, but fear that it may require a lot of our effort and time. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to spruce up your living room without burning a hole in your pocket. Swap some furniture from other rooms, hang a new piece of art or repurpose antique articles to re-define the style of your home. Get ready to fall in love with your living room yet again.

Here are some super simple and creative ideas to refresh your living room.

Change the window treatments

Nothing like a fresh pair of curtains to make your living room come alive. Go with the seasonal trend and pick up a floral print or a soft cotton one in a pastel shade. The options are endless when it comes to restyling the window treatments. Apart from curtains, you can also try stylish blinds that are elegant and functional at the same time. Every living room is defined by the colors combinations that you choose. So make sure that you choose prints and patterns that compliment your room decor.

Roll out a stylish new rug

The easiest way to refresh any space is to bring a statement rug to adorn the floor. Be it near your sofa or the TV unit, a rug can add more warmth and cosiness to the room. So if you are longing to dress up your living room don’t hesitate to experiment with area rugs that come in different colors and patterns. Nowadays hand-woven rugs made of cotton and jute are in vogue. These materials are easy to manage and clean, unlike the traditional heavy carpets that we used to have in our homes.

Create an accent wall

Everyone likes to have some pops of colour when it comes to decorating the home. Creating an accent wall is one of the most widely used methods to jazz up the living room. An accent wall refers to a wall that is different color, design or material from the other walls around the room. And the best part is that you can do it yourself at a minimum cost. Apply a fresh coat of colorful paint and decorate the wall with artworks or photographs of your family and then you are good to go. Another simple method you can try is sticking designer wallpaper on one of the walls. Removable wallpapers of different size and patterns are easily available in the market at an affordable price.

Restyle the cushions & throws

Throws and cushions are essential elements that make a living room complete and perfect. Just like the curtains, you can consider changing the cushion covers and throws every few weeks to match your mood and season. Decorate your couch or sofa with cushions in vibrant shades like yellow, blue or red. While changing the covers, make sure that you pick up shades that match the sofa color. Throws are also a beautiful addition to your living room as they enhance the aesthetics of the space and make it look more welcoming.

Swap the furniture and decor

One of the easiest techniques to redecorate your home is to swap items from one room to another. And this applies to the living room as well. Be it the furniture, plants or decorative articles, you can experiment a lot with swapping stuff. For instance, shift some of the plants from your garden to your living room to bring a zen vibe. Or you can also create a relaxing reading nook for yourself with a floor seating and a low table. You can switch and swap the decor according to your mood and yes it will feel really good.

Repurposed Wall Art

What’s a living room without a touch of art? Get creative with old stuff lying useless in your home to create a dreamy living room. With so many DIY ideas available on the internet, you can try repurposing things like wicker baskets, ceramic plates or even discarded fabric. Convert old handwoven shawls or saree pieces to beautiful wall tapestries that create a sassy vibe to your space. Another idea is to make beautiful wall frames with your favourite quotes. You can even create a gallery wall with vintage movie posters or photographs. All these little additions will help you transform your living room to a place you always dreamt of.

The conclusion is that refreshing your living room doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of investment and time. All you need is a creative mind and some prior planning. You can keep the costs minimum by using the stuff you already have at home. Also, ensure that you don’t clutter your room with a lot of unwanted materials. So why wait? Try these out and make your room look as good as new.

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