Why Remodel Your Old House When You Can Buy a New One?


Why Remodel Your Old House when you can buy a new one?

Planning for a house makeover? If you think your home looks old-fashioned and worn out, then you may consider remodeling your house to get a fresh new look. Weather, age of the property, lack of maintenance, etc. are some of the factors which affect the structure of a home.

Most of us choose to remodel the existing house due to budget constraints as buying a new house may seem to be difficult and expensive. But if you can buy a brand new home at an affordable price then why bother to remodel an old house? Yes, you heard it right! You do not have to go through the hassle of remodelling a house as we are presenting a range of budget-friendly villas in Kerala with modern amenities and features.

With many years of experience in the real estate industry, Victoria Realtors has been recognized as the largest gated community villa developer in Kerala. We create affordable homes without compromising on quality and space. All our projects feature ample greenery and open spaces to offer a peaceful living ambience to the residents. Our villa projects ensure high value for money as they are placed in some of the choicest localities in the town.

The Nellies is one of our latest budget villa projects located just 100 meters away from the National Highway in Palakkad. The price of this villa home starts at just Rs. 18.3 Lakhs onwards. Buying an independent home will often come with the burden of repairs and maintenance, however, if you buy a home at The Nellies, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Apart from the low price, there are many more reasons to own a new villa at Nellies.

Here are a few highlights of this villa project by Victoria Realtors:

• Comprising of 150 units, Nellies is one of the largest gated community developments in Kerala

• It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it a perfect haven away from pollution and the chaos of the city.

• It is located adjacent to the National Highway providing easy transport facilities and good connectivity

• The residents of this project are sure to enjoy a hassle-free life as they have quick access to some of the best educational institutions, healthcare institutions, supermarkets etc.

• The architectural style of these villas is modern, simple and visually appealing

• The homes are spacious and vastu compliant, ensuring a positive and nourishing environment for the residents

• Situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats, one can enjoy scenic views from the comfort of their home. You can live a healthy lifestyle by living close to nature.

• The residents can enjoy a carefree life as there is 24-hour security by HOA, which ensures the safety of the residents. CCTV cameras and the presence of a compound wall keeps unwanted intruders at bay, further enhancing the safety of the residents.

• Ample parking space is provided here for all villa homes

• Superior quality fittings and finishes are used to construct these homes

• Features homes with excellent quality of construction and workmanship

• If you choose to sell your home, then a brand new home is certainly going to fetch you a better price than older construction.

• With substantial experience in the real estate sector, Victoria Realtors choose locations that show great potential when it comes to appreciation in value. Thus, a home at The Nellies is not only a perfect getaway to lead a peaceful life, but is also an ideal investment.

• You do not have to go through the ordeal of repairing and renovating a used home to suit your needs as the brand new homes at The Nellies are crafted to suit your needs and requirements.

By considering all these advantages, we advise you to buy a new home at the same price that it would take to renovate your old house.

We are quite certain that you are all set to book a site visit to The Nellies. Book now, before the villas are sold out!

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