Points to consider while booking a tour to a sample Villa


A sample villa is a model villa constructed by the builder according to the floor plans they offer. The sample flat offers potential home buyers a chance to picturize the home they could be buying. Sample flats are usually fully decorated and equipped to give home buyers a visual idea of where they may live eventually. The sample villa tour It is part of the marketing activity that helps the builder showcase their construction quality, interior decor prowess, and the lifestyle they offer.

Visiting the sample villa is one of the first steps a home buyer could be making towards buying their home. A sample villa can either help bring you closer to your dream home or throw you off the track a bit depending on various factors. Some builders could carefully craft their sample villa for better sales, but may not follow through when it comes to the final delivery. And some builders may actually hand over a better home than your first impression from the model home. As it carries a lot of weightage, the sample villa tour or walkthrough needs to be carefully planned. So, here we offer you a few points to keep in mind before you head out for a sample villa tour.

Note down your expectations

It may be nice to go on a sample home tour with an open mind. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t keep a realistic idea of what you want in the first place. You may already have a basic set of expectations, like the configuration of your home, the size, and location. Aside from these, it would be good to have an idea of what would be a right home for you. It is important that the project you are visiting meets these expectations. This is important because sample villa walkthroughs can sway you if you don’t already have an idea yourself.

Do your research

Before you go for a sample villa tour, do your research about the builder, the project, their past projects, and their construction quality. You can find more about the builder from their website. Go through their portfolio completely to gauge your buying experience from them. If possible, talk to other home buyers investing in the project you have chosen. Also, most sample villas are made to cater to the most popular floor plans. But what if this doesn’t meet your expectations? A little research can help you find the answers to these questions too. You may also want to check if the builder would be willing to customize your villa if need be.

Ask to look at an undecorated sample flat

Sample flat tours are designed to impress; they could be designed to oversell. At the same time, a villa that could meet your expectations could be disguised in decor that you don’t identify with. To avoid disappointment either way,ask to visit an undecorate sample flat for a more honest idea of what you may be getting into.

Inspect construction quality

The sample flat tour isn’t just a look-see activity. It is an opportunity for you to get a closer look at the builder. With the model house you can gauge the builder’s construction quality, flooring, design skills, and their commitment to building good homes.

Ask questions (a lot!)

Ask as many questions as you can during your sample flat tour. We’ve put together a few queries you may want answered for a clearer picture of the home you could later live in.

1. Other available floor plans

Request the builder to show you the other floor plans too. If one floor plan doesn’t suit your expectations, then another one may be just right for you.

2. Find the actual price of your home

The final cost of a villa is the sum of the base cost along with the price you would be paying for the amenities, utilities, maintenance, interior decorations, and furnishing. So get a clear and final picture of what you may be paying.

3. Enquire about the possession and handover

If you are visiting a simple flat, then you are probably considering booking your home in an under-construction home. It is crucial to enquire about the possession date of your villa with the builder.

Explore the location

Take the time to drive around the locality of the construction site. Enquire with the locals about the proximity of schools, hospitals, and other leisure infrastructure. This can help you understand better if the location of the project will be convenient to you.

At the end of the day, trust your gut when it comes to booking a villa based on your model house tour. Take time to observe how the builder’s team interacts with you among other factors. Whether or not you book a villa right away, take time to explore and learn from your sample house tour experience.

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