Tips For Styling a Small Guest Room in Your Home


Are you a great host who likes to have guests coming over? Do you have an extra room that can serve the purpose of a guest room? With some creative design ideas, you can also make the most of your space to create a dreamy guest room in your home. It doesn’t matter whether your room is small or large, but it all depends on how well you style it. If you like to make your guests feel at home and give them a cosy space to sleep over, then read on these tips for styling a small guest room.

Less is More

Stick to minimalism, especially if your room is small. Never clutter your guest room with unnecessary furniture and decorative items. Keep a minimalistic approach while choosing the furniture for your guest room. A cosy bed, a side table, a sleek wardrobe, and a comfy chair are the basic things that can go in. Overall, the room should look airy & spacious without accommodating too many things.

Add a Bookshelf

Nothing like a good book and a quiet place to relax after a tiring day. It’s a thoughtful gesture to keep some books & magazines in the guest room to let your visitors know that you really care about their comfort. Invest in a good bookshelf for the guest room so that you can stock up some of your favourite reads in there. Another alternative is to mount sturdy wall shelves to keep books and other small decor pieces that you like.

Play with Colors

The guest room is a place where you can play with your imagination and experiment with colours. Jazz up the space by creating an accent wall with bright wall colour or designer wallpaper. Consider having white or neutral colour wall paint, as these shades will make the room look larger and more spacious. Or maybe throw in some colourful pillows and cushions on the bed to create a contrast. You can even add beautiful designer curtains which will enhance the aesthetics of the guest room and make it look absolutely gorgeous. The options are endless; it is up to you to choose whatever satisfies your mind.

Refreshing Greens

Who wouldn’t stop to admire the beauty of plants inside a home? Woo your guests by placing some charming indoor plants inside the guest room. Ideally, you can choose from the vast variety of air-purifying plants such as snake plants, money plants, spider plant, Lucky bamboo, Chinese evergreen, Peace Lily, etc. Plants make any dull corner look beautiful and they instantly create a positive vibe to the atmosphere. For larger pots, you can use a wooden or metal plant stand.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider while designing a room for your guests. Mood lighting is in vogue nowadays as it sets a hotel-like ambience in the house. With a variety of lighting options available in the market, you can also make your visitors fall in love with your room. Bedside table lamps, sconces and wall lamps are great choices for guest rooms. Besides these, pendant lamps, chandeliers and false ceiling lights can also look great in your guest room.

Keep these tips in mind while decorating the guest room, and we can vouch that your guests will never feel like leaving your home. Thankfully, all these ideas are affordable and practically easy. So the good news is that, without burning a hole in your pocket, you can impress your visitors.

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