Bedroom Decorating Ideas

6 Simple bedroom decorating ideas


A bedroom is a special part of our home because it’s the place where we wake up every morning. None of us would wish to begin our days seeing a cluttered and messy bedroom. So you should pay more attention to keep your bedrooms neat and organized. You can even add personalized décor to modify the look and feel of the bedroom. If you’re looking for easy ways to decorate your bedroom without shelling out a lot of money, we got you covered. A little bit of your time and creativity is all you need for this activity. Here are 6 simple bedroom decoration ideas that are sure to make you fall in love with your bedroom every time you walk in.

  • Follow minimalist style
  • Use images to decorate walls
  • Make use of wallpapers
  • Add beautiful curtains
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Choose trendy bed linen

Follow minimalist style

Follow a minimalist style by giving more importance to your favourite essentials. Only keep furniture and accessories which are most essential for you. You can consider beds with built-in storage options and closets with sliding doors to save more space. Consider getting rid of heavy and outdated furniture that makes your bedroom look congested.

Use images to decorate walls

This is one of the most popular home décor ideas that you can consider while revamping your bedroom. Use artistic images or photographs to decorate the walls of your bedroom. Choose the images in such a way that they give a representation of your personal choices and lifestyle. It could be family portraits, visual of nature or framed pieces of your favourite quotes. In the kid’s bedroom, you can try innovative décor ideas using stickers of cartoon characters and animals. You can make stars out of colourful hard paper and hang them from the ceiling for a beautiful effect.

Make use of wallpapers

Using stylish wallpapers in your bedroom walls can make your space look more vibrant and attractive. Wallpapers are now available in varying designs and colours. Depending on the colour theme of the room, choose a design that matches with it. You can also consider beautiful wall stickers to give a fresh look for the bedrooms. The advantage will wallpaper is that when you feel bored of the pattern you can easily remove the existing wall pattern and replace it with a new design.

Add beautiful curtains

Colourful and decorative window curtains will add more elegance to the room. Give special care while choosing the colour and texture of the curtains. Light coloured curtains will let more light inside the rooms, while dark shades will keep the room cosy. You can also use curtains to divide the bedroom and dressing room.

Paint the walls and ceiling

The easiest way to change the look of your room is to simply paint them. Give a fresh coat of paint for the bedroom walls and ceiling with light colours. Use white colour to paint the bedroom to make it look big and spacious. If you want a trendy look, try dual colour tones of blue, grey or yellow. Painting an accent wall with bright shades like red or orange is another interesting décor trend you can consider.

Choose trendy bed linen

There is nothing like falling asleep on a fresh and brand new bed cover. Upgrade your bed linen set by introducing fresh bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets. You can look for fabric designs ranging from classic traditional ones to contemporary styles depending on your preferences. You can follow a seasonal makeover pattern by changing the bed linen to match with the changing seasons. For example, during the winter season you can choose an X’ mas themed or snow themed design. For spring, pick up fabric with vibrant floral patterns. Making such frequent changes would add more soul and life to your bedrooms.

We hope that these tips will save you time and money while attempting to upgrade your bedroom. So why wait? Give it a try and see how your dull space will look livelier than ever before.

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