5 Smart Tips for Designing Your Home Office


With working from home being part of the new normal, most of the people have now adapted to the home office model. If you are a working professional, you know how challenging it is to get your job done from the home environment.

Are you looking for some inspiration to create a WFH set up for yourself? That’s exactly what you will find here. Whether it is a separate office room or just a corner of your living room where you wish to set up a home office, you can easily get it done without much effort and extra investment. Having a neat and dedicated work space is something that you must never overlook. A well-organized and comfortable work station will help you stay motivated and concentrate on your tasks. Sitting on a couch near the TV with your office laptop may seem to be very relaxing but in the long run this practice will damage your body. We know that you need a little help to get started and so here are some practical tips to design your WFH space.

1. Find the Right Spot

First things first, go ahead and choose a comfortable location for your WFH area. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or large independent bungalow, choosing the ideal location is of utmost importance. Make sure that the spot serves the purpose and gives you enough space to place your work desk & chair. Choosing the spot depends on the nature of your work and your personal preferences. For example, if you need some extra privacy it is better to choose a room which is not frequently used by other members of your family. Whereas if you are a working mother and would like to keep an eye on your children, then place your home office accordingly.

2. Ensure Good lighting

Good lighting will not only help you see better but it will also give you some energy boost to work better. A well-ventilated space emanates so much positivity and good vibes. Try to position your home office near a window facing your garden to ensure maximum lighting and a good view. WFH gives you the flexibility to choose natural lighting or artificial lighting. If your room doesn’t bring in enough sunlight, then consider installing a ceiling light or a floor lamp to do the purpose. If you have a habit of working late into the night, then a good quality table lamp will be ideal.

3. Good posture matters


We know that you may often feel tempted to sit on the sofa or the bed with the laptop. But is that good for you? No it is not. We recommend you to choose a work desk which is wide enough to accommodate your PC or laptop and other accessories like printer, keyboard, etc. Choose a desk with at least 48-50 inches width and 28-30 inches height. An height adjustable office chair is something you must consider buying if you don’t have one at home. A good sitting posture will save you from chronic back and neck pain, spondylosis, spinal problems, etc.

4. Clear the clutter

Believe it or not, a clean and clutter-free workspace can enhance your work productivity. Wires hanging around your work space, papers, stationary, etc can make your home office look crowded and messy. Such a messy workspace will create more anxiety and will cause a lot of distractions while working. So get rid of all the unwanted stuff and tidy up your WFH station before you sit down to work. A few smart organizing hacks can help you reduce this clutter and create a welcoming work station in your home.

Consider adding smart storage shelves and cabinets near your work desk to keep books, files and other materials out of sight. Choose wireless devices like keyboard, mouse & router to reduce the number of wires. Accessories like grommet, cord tamer, storage racks, desk organizers, etc can be used to put things in place and reduce visual clutter.

5. Add a Touch of Personalization


One of the biggest perks of having a home office space is that you can design it the way you like it. You can introduce a touch of personalization by hanging good photographs, art works, your favourite quotes, your awards or anything you fancy. Such personal decorations not only creates positive vibes around you but will also motivate you to work better. If you are a plant lover, don’t hesitate to bring in some indoor plants because plants add a lot of freshness and calm to the environment. While you are at it, don’t overdo and stuff a lot of things to the WFH station. Keep it simple and minimal for a classy look.

Home offices can be large or small depending upon what type of property you are living in. If your home is large and spacious you have a great opportunity to design a dedicated office room for yourself. The key to choosing the right home office space depends a lot on your nature of work as we mentioned earlier. Whether you want to modify your existing workstation or create a new space, then go ahead and start implementing these tips we have shared. We hope that you will make the most of these ideas to create your dream work space at home.

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