5 Reasons to Choose a Home Close to Your Workplace


Are you searching for a perfect location to buy a house? You would find hundreds of listings in your city, but how to find the right location that meets all your needs? While it is difficult to satisfy all the conditions, you can certainly look for the most convenient locality offering easy access to your work location. Living in a house just 5 minutes away from your office sounds like a dream, isn't it? It lets you save commute time and fuel expenses. You don’t have to drive for long hours in traffic and spend your energy on travel. Thankfully, builders now consider these aspects while planning to launch new projects. You can find various housing projects located near major IT parks, government offices and reputed educational institutions. The demand for housing near these landmarks is always high. Choosing to live close to your office has numerous benefits.

Let us see what are the major advantages of living close to where you work.

1.Save Time & Fuel Cost

2.More Personal Time

3.Enhanced Productivity

4.Good Work-Life Balance

5.Improved Health

1. Save Time & Fuel Cost

Commuting for long hours in traffic every day will take away a lot of your precious time. The longer the journey, the more time you will be wasting. When you stay next to your workplace, the travel time and the cost of transportation gets reduced. Thus by opting to live in a house near your work, you can save your time as well as fuel cost. You can forget the hassles caused by traffic jams during peak office hours and reach your office right on time.

2. More Personal Time

As already mentioned, living near your office can help you save a lot of time. This means that you can enjoy more quality time with your family and loved ones after work hours. Reaching back from work early gives you an opportunity to unwind and engage in some of your hobby activities. Investing time for self-care is very crucial for every individual’s personal development. Working parents can enjoy more time bonding with their kids and make life more meaningful.

3. Enhanced Productivity

It may sound surprising but it’s proven that having your home near to the office helps you to be a better employee. There are many factors that can directly impact your productivity and travel time to your office is one of them. Living a few blocks away from your office gives you the convenience of reporting to work despite bad weather conditions and roadblocks. You can also volunteer to work for a few hours on a holiday or a weekend in case of an urgent work requirement at the office. When you are available during critical times, the company will consider you as a reliable and valuable resource.

4. Good Work-Life Balance

It is not easy to strike a good balance between work life and personal life. Often we tend to get stressed when we don’t get enough time to relax and talk to our family. Work and family can go hand in hand if you are living near to your office. In such a case, you don’t have to wake up early in the morning to leave for work and you get enough time to prepare your meals and take care of your children. Everything will fall in place when you have some extra time for your personal work. So without a doubt, living near your workplace makes your life smooth & hassle-free.

5. Improved Health

Last but not the least, nothing is as important as living a healthy lifestyle. Reducing your travel time and exposure to environmental pollution will have a positive impact on your body. For instance, if your office is at a walkable distance from your home, you can have a daily walk which gives the added benefit of exercise also. If you know cycling, that’s another option to travel to your office. All these physical movements will help you to stay fit and healthy. Walking and cycling also have proven benefits for your mental wellness also. It is a good way of beating stress and anxiety. Another major advantage is that you can also consider coming back home for lunch and avoid eating processed food from restaurants.

Now you know how beneficial it is to choose a home near your workplace. Always consider the location aspect when you are searching for a property. The gated community projects launched by Victoria Realtors offer easy access to major city landmarks like offices, schools, hospitals, etc making it easy for working professionals to commute to work. You can browse through our latest range of villa projects here.

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