Why is Location important when Buying a House

Why is location important while buying a house


There are varied factors that you must consider while buying a home. The reputation of the builder, style of architecture, quality of construction etc. play an important role in determining the worth of the property. Apart from these, location is a factor that carries utmost importance. If you wish to enjoy a well-rounded life of quality and comfort, choosing the right location is essential. You may find a beautiful home, but if it is not in a good location, it may not be an ideal option for you. Here are some reasons why location is an important factor to consider while buying a home. 1. Appreciation value The appreciation value of a property depends upon the location of the house. Some localities undergo tremendous development in terms of infrastructure, connectivity and facilities, which means that the value of the land will also increase rapidly. It is ideal to invest in a location that promises faster development in future. 2. Facilities While buying a new home, one should always check whether the property has easy access to grocery shops, hospitals, schools and other day-to-day facilities. If you are staying in a good neighbourhood within the city, you can lead a hassle-free life without wasting your time and money for the commute. A house which is located close to your workplace will let you enjoy more time with your family. 3. Connectivity Well-maintained roads and easy access to public transport services will enhance the value of a property. Your home must be conveniently located near your workplace and should facilitate easy commute to different parts of the city. Having good connectivity to major city landmarks, highways and business centres will ensure high returns in terms of rental income and resale value. 4. Neighbourhood A new home should ensure maximum safety and comfort for you and your family. Needless to say, one must choose a safe location that has a low crime rate and has an environment that is healthy, clean and well-maintained. If you choose to live in a gated community, you can enjoy many perks like 24 hours security by HOA, CCTV surveillance, etc. Nowadays, more & more people are opting to stay in villa communities to ensure the safety of their family members. 5. Water & Power Supply Many residential localities will have shortage of water and issues like frequent power cuts. So you must do a thorough study about the locality by interacting with local people to confirm the availability of clean water and electricity. We hope that now you have got a clear understanding of why location is a crucial factor to consider while buying a new home. If you are looking for a new home in Kerala, we would suggest you to consider buying a property in Palakkad. The city boasts of lush green landscapes and many famous historical attractions. You can lead a relaxed and carefree lifestyle by enjoying the scenic views of the Western Ghats. Palakkad is also home to many reputed educational institutions like IIT Palakkad, Government Victoria College, NSS College of Engineering, Government Medical College etc. You can also enjoy the rich traditions and culture of Kerala, as there are many Ayurvedic wellness centres and places of worship.

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