Confused Whether to Buy a New Home or Remodel Your Existing Old Home? Get Answers!



On a cost per square foot basis, remodeling may burn your pocket. But the decision should not be based only on construction cost, your personal needs, local zoning laws, the age of your existing homes and social reasons may influence your verdict.

Before reaching a decision to innovate your old home, check the following points to see whether you are on the track!

Answers for Your Query – Read Carefully!!

If you are thinking, Is building your home affordable than renovating your old one, then the answer is simple – because building a residence from the ground up, you begin with a lucid slate to build on. You can plan everything in advance i.e. firstly the foundations are dug and poured. Secondly, walls are framed and finally doors, windows, sheathing, roofing, plumbing, wiring and much more are installed.

On the other hand, when you go for renovation, the best builder is enforced to work in an existing structure which needs removal of walls, replacement of windows and doors if needed, closing the old openings on both exterior and interior etc… Moreover, the existing home problems such as cracks, drywall, poor plumbing, and wiring make the whole process a nightmare. Builders are forced to compromise to connect the old and new addition together. And when the whole remodeling project is completed, you have to live in a dwelling where you don’t really know what’s inside the wall. With a home renovation, you can only count on expensive surprises.

In addition, preferring remodeling gives you a chance to lack the benefits of latest technologies. Yes, you can have a new home with latest technological addition and trendy designs which are very rare to be added in an old home. You can’t able to enjoy a perfect get-together backyard, a BBQ area and a friendly firehouse in your old renovated home. Even though you try to have all those while remodeling, you’ve to spend lots of your hard earned money.

You should only go with a house remodeling when you love your neighbors -When you have an emotional attachment to your home, the value of your home is very low and when planning to make your home green!

And, you should go with a new home when the costs of remodeling your home will outperform its resale value, when building lots are available in your neighborhood and when you are looking for a change that can’t be added to your current home.

After grabbing all these knowledge, you must agree that the whole house remodeling is almost always far more expensive than constructing a new home, the cost of your home is only a part of the equation.


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