How to create the perfect study room for your kids


With virtual learning and online classes being part of the new normal, life has become hectic and stressful for both parents and children alike. In most of the homes, kids are being confined to the four walls of the house while their parents are busy working. Creating a dedicated study room for children is the need of the hour and it is something many parents overlook. Young minds need a positive ambience at home conducive to learning. Every child deserves a neat and well-organized study room to attend classes and perform their routine learning activities. With some quick planning and restructuring, you can also create a perfect study room for your kids without much effort. If you are all set, follow these tips to create a room that your kids will fall in love with.

  • Pick the right furniture
  • Good lighting & ventilation
  • Colorful walls & decor
  • Keep it organized
  • Useful accessories

Pick the right furniture

Setting up a kids room starts with choosing the right furniture according to your child’s age. Instead of cluttering the room with heavy things, it is always ideal to pick only the most necessary things like a study table, chair, a cot and some storage cabinets. Nowadays you can find a lot of innovative and space-saving furniture models in the market such as a storage bed with drawers. While buying a study table and chair, ensure that it is the right height for your child. A straight and comfortable seating ensures the right posture for the child.

Good lighting and ventilation

Nothing is as important as the lighting in a study room. A well-lit space radiates positivity and creates an ideal environment for studying. While selecting a study room, always consider good ventilation and lighting. A room with many windows is ideal for children as it will ensure good air circulation and a healthy atmosphere. Bright lamps and lights are necessary for those little eyes to read and write comfortably. Studying and reading for long hours will create stress to their eyes. Consider placing a reading lamp on the table.

Colourful walls & decor

Light shades like pink, sky blue, off-white, etc are ideal for the walls of a kid’s room. You can also apply pastel shades which are soft on the eyes. Flashy and fluorescent shades are not suitable for little eyes. Introduce some pretty decorations like wall stickers, animal pictures, etc to jazz up the space. Temporary wallpapers and wall stickers are easily available in online stores nowadays. Consider placing some good photographs of the child to bring a touch of personalization.

Keep it organized

A messy room is synonymous with a messy mind. The more you organize, the more you feel good being in a space. Starting from a young age, children should be taught how to keep their room neat and organized. This will encourage them to continue this habit even when they are grown up. Having a clutter-free space motivates your child to learn without any distractions. Even if you do not have an entire room dedicated to your child, you can still make a study space in one corner of any other room. Get some desk organizers to keep the stationary in place. Store all the books neatly in book racks or shelves making it easy for your kids to find them.

Useful accessories

When you are almost done, don’t forget to add some useful learning accessories to the study room. Things like a whiteboard with marker, computer, pin-up boards, storage racks, etc are necessary for your growing champs. With the advent of online learning, gadgets like laptops and tablets have become indispensable for school children. Avoid giving children mobile phones and small-sized gadgets for learning. Instead, you can set up a desktop computer or a laptop with a widescreen for their online classes. Remember to keep the electrical outlets and wires out of children’s reach.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips were helpful for you and your family. Now that we have given you a good idea about how to create an ideal study room for kids, you can start implementing these at your home right away. A fun and lively study room will not only set the perfect mood for learning but will also make learning enjoyable for your little ones. A well-organized study room helps your children to develop a routine and daily habit of completing their assigned tasks. Give them the space that they deserve and you will see everything at home falling in place very soon.

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