6 Benefits of buying a new home over a resale


Buying a new home is never an easy decision. Most people buying their first home have a lot of questions and confusion about the location, price, loan procedure, and more. But one of the first questions soon-to-be homeowners ask themselves is whether to buy a newly constructed home or a resale property. The question can throw home buyers off their track completely because of the many options available in the market. To be confident in one’s decision to buy a new or a resale property is important.

However, any expert in the real estate industry will tell you how it is always a safer and better option to invest in a newly-constructed home over a resale property. We have put together 6 key benefits of buying a new home that any real estate expert will be happy to tell you.

1. Make no compromise in buying your home

From considerable factors like your preferred location to seemingly smaller preferences like the paint, when you buy a new villa you can enjoy a no-compromise purchase. When buying a newly constructed villa you also get to cherry-pick the right home for you. Your idea of a dream home is a very personal one, and only you can find the right home for yourself and your family.

Every homebuyer has a list of preferences that they would want their new home to meet. So finding a home unique to your priorities is possible when investing in a new home. For instance, if you are someone that likes to work out, it only makes sense that you want a home with a gym, a swimming pool, and running tracks. These are some of the things that many homeowners later ‘wish’ they had considered before they bought the property. The same applies to kids’ play zones and recreational amenities, location, the neighbourhood, and more. This is especially important learning that the pandemic has taught us - that you should live in a place that you like!

2. Customization options

Every home buyer’s preferences for their home could be different, and this especially holds true for the interiors. Home interior customizations are welcome by almost all builders at under-construction villas, and you can be involved in designing your home from the very beginning. Even villas with the same dimensions and square foot area can have very different looking homes based on the homeowners’ preference. Houses with two smaller bedrooms can be customized to have one large bedroom instead, and the interior decor can be done to your taste too. Customizing your home to your preference at the construction stage is a more economic and hassle-free thing to do than remodelling a resale property.

3. Easier to maintain

A resale property almost always comes with a host of repairs, reconstruction, and remodelling needs. Not only would you be altering the house to suit your style, but you could be spending almost half the cost of the home on repairs. Major issues like leaks could cost you lakhs before you finally settle into your new home. On the other hand, a newly-constructed home comes virtually maintenance-free. With brand new fittings and modern construction techniques, your newly constructed home is bound to be maintenance-free for a long time.

4. Better energy savings

There is a growing awareness surrounding energy conservation and the need to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This conversation has especially gained momentum since the pandemic confined us all to our homes. Running our gadgets all day has awoken us to the criticality of how much energy every house consumes. As mentioned in point 3, in a newly purchased home, you will hardly need any repairs. This is especially true for electrical fittings and connections. Your chances of saving energy, and living a more sustainable life are higher in a new house. Latest designs and architecture promote ventilation; this combined with more up to date electrical fittings, you are bound to save a lot on the electricity bills.

5. Simpler Loan Process

The loan process is a complicated one for any first-time homebuyer. But, it may come as a surprise that the loan application process for a resale property is furthermore complicated. For anyone who is looking to buy a home without going through the hassle of complicated loan processes, a newly constructed home should be a no-brainer.

6. Contemporary construction

All said and done, a newly constructed home is the smart way for a new homebuyer to invest their hard-earned money in.

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