things to avoid when buying a house

Things To Avoid When Buying A House


There are many brands that have come up in the recent years which deal with construction and real estate development. As there are many competitors, it is vital that you as an owner make the right decision while buying a house. There are many mistakes first-time home buyers make. This article focuses on things to avoid when buying a house. Let's take a look.

Not Reading The Agreement Carefully:

It is one of the fundamental mistakes that first-time homeowners make. People often don’t read the contract carefully. The contract has many loopholes, which should be made clear by the seller. Hidden details include the power (electrical) given to the flat, maintenance costs etc. As these details are not known initially to the owner, there is a chance that it may cause problems later on.

Paying Money Before Moving-In:

Paying the entire money before moving in is one of the most common home buying mistakes. One should seldom pay the entire money upfront. Only do so if you know the contractor or seller personally. Often people can be fraudulent, and the money would be lost. The best practice is to pay a little ‘token’ money upfront. This establishes a trust between the buyer and seller.

Moving Into A Less Populated Locality:

Moving into a less populated area is one of the things to avoid when buying a home. It is not advisable to live in a less populated area. As the area would look deserted, chances of robbery and theft are quite high. Also, one likes to know their neighbours. Living in a less populated area would mean lesser or no neighbours. Also, as the area would be less developed, services are bound to be expensive in that area. For example, the person delivering your groceries would charge you extra.

Buying a Raw Home When You Prefer A Finished One:

Buying a raw flat is not always a good idea. Although a raw flat is highly customizable, one should opt to look for finished or ready to move in flats. Such flats are usually equipped with basic amenities. And as such amenities are installed by the construction company, any repair would be done by them. However, if you prefer to buy a raw flat, make sure that all the work (finishing) is done before you move in. As doing any work after you move in will mean a lot of hassle and will make you uncomfortable in your own home.

Only Buy If You Intend To Stay:

Only buy a house if you intend to stay in it for at least 10-15 years. If you have a job that sees frequent transfers, then buy a home for investment purpose. You’ll get a good return on your investment when you eventually decide to settle down and will be able to reinvest the same to buy a home that suits your needs.

These were some of the more common home buying mistakes that one must be cautious of and at the same time avoid before investing their hard earned money. Make sure that you are fully satisfied with your choice of a home before committing.

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